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Darkest Before Dawn

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Shawn shifted slightly and the minor, barely noticeable movement sent a shock of pain right through his body. He groaned in agony at the pain coursing through him, setting his nerve endings on fire. Every part of him hurt, from each strand of his unruly hair to each individual skin cell, and everything in between.

"What the hell... hit me?" Shawn groaned; his voice rough with pain.

A small trickle of... something kept dripping into his left eye and distorting his vision. It didn't take him long to realize that it was blood – his blood. Shawn went to wipe the blood away only to have a tremendous amount of pain tear its way through his right shoulder, which refused to move. In fact, Shawn couldn't move either of his arms or his feet.

"Okay... Not going to be moving that arm anytime soon..."

Shawn blinked the blood out of his eyes – or at least he tried to – and tried to figure out where the hell he was. Or more importantly, what the hell had happened.

The room he was sitting in was nothing to write home about. He searched for something, anything that would help him figure out where he was. There were no windows, no unique architecture, no special sounds that would indicate the particular area where the room could be located. Absolutely nothing. It was just a run-of-the-mill warehouse.

Perfect, Shawn thought sarcastically. My first kidnapping and the guy doesn't even take me anywhere special.

The sound of the door opening from somewhere behind him, startled Shawn. He kept completely still and silently hoped that whoever had just opened the door would think he was still unconscious and leave. It was hard not to move since he was full of nervous tension and wanted to do something that would allow him to escape. Shawn kept his rigid posture until the door creaked shut and no immediate footsteps followed once the door had closed.

Once he was sure he was alone, Shawn let out a breath and continued to look for some way to get himself free from the chair he was bound to. But besides himself and the chair that he was secured to, there was nothing in the room. And the only door that he was aware of was somewhere directly behind him.

He tried to carefully move his uninjured arm, just to see how tight his bonds were. But he only succeeded in dislodging his injured arm from it's moderately pain free position.

Shawn cried out in agony once more. "Fuck! That hurts." He took a few deep breaths and waited for the agonizing pain to fade. "Def-definitely dislocated," he gasped. "Okay, now that I've figured out that moving even slightly will hurt like hell... How the hell did I get here?"

The last thing that Shawn could remember was waiting for Gus to get back to the Psych office with his pineapple smoothie...

"Come on, Gus," Shawn whined into his cell phone. "How long does it take to get me my smoothie?"

"Long. Considering you sent me during the busiest time of the day!"

Shawn could hear Gus' irritation and it brought a smirk to his lips. "Aw, come on, Gussy! You know I can't divine anything without a pineapple smoothie."

"Well, I hope you'll be able to divine my foot up your ass."

"So harsh, buddy. Where's the love?" He could hear Gus' angry grumbling and incoherent threats. Shawn was just about to say something in response to Gus' grumbling but his phone dinged, alerting him that he had a new text. "Gotta go, Gus. See you in a few." He hung up before Gus could reply.

Shawn practically started to glow when he read the text.

We're still on for tonight? – C.

Even though they'd been together for almost a year now, Carlton still seemed a bit doubtful that Shawn was committed to their relationship and wasn't about to take off at a moment's notice. It was quite endearing actually, since it was Shawn who kept thinking that Carlton would come to his senses at any moment and dump him.

Of course! I said so this morning didn't I? See you at six. – S.  Shawn texted back.

Tonight was their date night. Or at least that's what Shawn liked to dub it as. At least once a week, one of them made sure that they spent the night together, just the two of them; no cases and no psychic-ness. It still kind of amazed Shawn that they had managed to last so long without getting fed up with each other or with anyone finding out. Granted, Gus knew but not because Shawn had told him. Gus was Shawn's best friend after all so if hadn't taken much for him to put two and two together and get four.

Shawn was still smiling dopily when the door opened behind him. Without turning around he started talking happily. "It's about time, Gus. I just divined that I am going to have a fantastic evening. Now, hand over my smoothie."

There was no movement or sound. Usually by now, Gus would have slammed the smoothie down on his desk and would be grumbling about being Shawn's lackey, while slurping on his usual Tootie-Fruity smoothie. But there was nothing, not even a single breath. It was eerie and shivers were starting to creep down Shawn's spine.

"Gus?" Shawn asked worriedly as he spun his chair around.

Just as he came to a stop, now facing the door, something incredibly hard connected with the left side of his skull and he crumpled out of the chair and onto the floor. Soon darkness was creeping along the edges of his vision and pulling him under.

Just before he was pulled completely under, Shawn heard a sinisterly malice voice say, "Goodnight, Shawny boy."

Then everything had gone black...

That sinister and malice filled voice seemed to follow Shawn back to the present. He hadn't gotten a good look at the guy but he knew that his fantastic evening had taken a drastic turn for the worst.

A soft sound reached Shawn's ears, footsteps and they were heavy, determined, and headed his way. He tensed, completely terrified about what was going to happen to him. He'd been knocked unconscious, abducted, had his shoulder wrenched from his socket and was tied to a chair in a dingy warehouse. What could be next?

The same malice filled voice drifted to Shawn's ears as a gangly haired, sunken eyed man came to stand in front of him. "Hello, Shawny. It's time to get acquainted."