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what would you say if i told you this was fate?

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Clark hates it when Lex talks about destiny.

Lex pontificates on it, on Naman and Sageeth and how they were always going to end up like this. Their fate was to be the bitterest of enemies and Clark just wants to scream at him. They had chosen this. True, maybe they hadn’t know where they were going back then, but Clark had prioritized his secrets over their friendship and Lex his curiosity. It wasn’t fate, just the paths they had chosen.

Clark knows it isn’t really Lex at his shoulder, just a specter going on about inevitability. But Clark had chosen this, had decided that he and the Justice League needed to be the strong hand holding down the criminals and force peace on the world.

Lex watches Clark in his Kryptonite cage and Clark wishes he had the strength to tell him that there was no higher power at work here, that Lex had chosen this.

Clark had chosen to lock Lex up in Belle Reeve “for the safety of himself and everyone around him.”

Lex had chosen to let his brilliance go to waste on criminal plots.

had chosen to play along with their father’s game.

had chosen to blame Clark for something that wasn’t his fault.

had chosen to believe delusions he knew weren’t real.

to let his jealousy get the better of him.

to become the Alien Overlord Jor-El wanted him to be.

 to disregard his morals for profit.

to destroy the world.

Sometimes, when Lex is feeling particularly deep, or when he just feels like teasing Clark, he’ll stand looking out at Metropolis’s skyline from the window of the penthouse and talk about how the two of them were fated to end up here together. Clark will then, somewhat huffy, tell him to stop being stupid, that fate had nothing to do with it. They had chosen to take a chance on each other, decided that love was worth the risk. Lex will then quirk that sly little smile of his and press, but what if it did? Then Clark will kiss him, which Lex says is just rewarding bad behavior, but it does achieve Clark’s purpose of getting Lex to shut up.

Clark hates it when Lex talks about destiny.