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The Beginning Of The End

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Hesitating at first, his own lips barely brushing against hers, she felt the midnight dark hair curtain around her face as Orochimaru leaned forward deepening his kiss against her.

To say that time stood still would have been imprecise. There was no time. There was nothing but the two of them and the kiss.

Orochimaru pulled back. Tsunade found she was pained by the look in his eyes, almost as if he were afraid he'd break her. Or them.

"Yes," she whispered in answer to his unasked question. Frantic now, she began tugging at the knot of his obi, "Yes!"

Yes, take me now, make me scream, the thoughts tumbled through her head and a sharp little gasp escaped her open lips as he grabbed her hips and jerked her up against him, trapping her hands at his waist between their bodies.

Other than the same bittersweet taste of him, this kiss was nothing like the first one. Hard and demanding like his body crushing hers up against the wall. Trying to wriggle her hands free her fingers stroked across him. She felt the jolt of electricity again between them as he arched at her touch into her hand.

"God, Tsunade," he mumbled and she did it again just to hear the ache in his voice and feel him respond to her touch, just to know the power she had over him now.

Take me now, make me scream, fuck me hard, make me yours. It became a mantra inside her head.

She found her purchase on the knot of his sash again and this time made short work of it, jerking it free in frustration. Tsunade whimpered as his own hands slipped inside her tunic and she felt him tugging it loose, pushing it off her shoulders.

The garment puddled in the floor at her feet and for an insane second she thought of it pooling and dissolving with the tears and the liquor and the blood from earlier.

But his hands were stroking over her skin now and she could think of little else. Electricity. Chakra. Zinging through her body at his touch. Making her knees so weak that if he wasn't holding her against the wall she was sure she couldn't stand. Tsunade lost all thoughts of anything from earlier in the day, wanting only to be absorbed in what he was making her feel.

There was still offending cloth in the way. She yanked his tunic off him, and rested her hands on the cool angular planes of his chest before tracing them on down and scooting his hakima over his hips.

And he stood before her.

Tsunade's breath caught in her throat.

Silk and marble Orochimaru stood before her. Ebony hair and alabaster skin like some goddamned classic sculpture cut from living marble, alive and divine.

God he was beautiful!

She stroked one hand along his cool hard flesh, watching his eyes closed to half slits in enjoyment. Long, slender fingers gripped her hair tightly, white among the gold, urging her against him. His desire echoed her own, ratcheting hers up a notch, slow knot of tension coiling inside her.

With soft kisses she found herself tracing, trailing, learning and exploring him. He murmured softly something that sounded like 'good'. She found she wanted to learn everything about him, about his body. What would make him groan like that again? What would make him tangle his fingers tighter in her hair, gripping her to him? What would make Orochimaru want her so?

Hands against his back, imagining her own red lacquered nails splayed across his bare flesh, she slipped down to explore his most intimate self, scent of him in the air around her. Like the forest at night in summer, dark and deep and sensuous the scent of him filled her.

She felt him stiffen even more under her now more confident ministrations but what she wanted was... not yet. .

Tsunade smiled at the power he gave her over his own self. She rose kissing back up his chest to meet his mouth with her own, circling one hand firmly and making a tight grip, prolonging his desire. "Not yet," she whispered, teasing.

The sound he made this time was not entirely one of pleasure. Orochimaru's hands left her hair, lifting her under her arms. She started to stand and he pushed her back up to the wall.

Danger flickered behind his eyes and a thrill ran up her spine. "I can assure you, princess," he growled softly, "that you don't want to be playing any silly little anatomy games with me." He paused and smiled in a deliciously cold kind of way. "At least... not yet."

Turning her words around. A threat. Dangerous. But with a promise of delight. Coy smile still playing at the corners of his lips. Malevolence and mirth, he was seduction itself.

Take me now, make me scream, fuck me hard, make me yours, shrieked in her head.

Her own fingers had seemed clumsy and hurried as she'd tried to remove his clothes but his were deft and sure as they slid easily under her hakima, slim hands slipping beneath the waistband to slide them off her hips, pausing at the curve of her ass to pull her to him.

Her pants skittered down her legs, catching at her ankles. She fluttered them off as he lifted her, hands cupping her ass, turning so his thigh was between hers, pressing her own silken ones apart.

"Now, Oro-Orochimaru," she panted between his kisses. "Do it now," finally giving voice to the mantra that had been spiraling through her consciousness. Fever-pitched and delirious, she closed her eyes as he sheathed himself inside her. One quick motion and he was touching somewhere high and fine and deep within her.

It was everything she had imagined a moment earlier. She clung to him, one leg wrapped around his waist as he held her pinned against the wall. Long, sweeping strokes then thrusting deep to that sweet, sweet spot only to repeat the motion all over again.

Eyes closed, head thrown back, biting her lower lip she felt his teeth graze her neck, nipping at the tender flesh above her collar bone as he drove into her over and over.

Coiling tension, knotted, aching for release she gripped his hips desperately trying to hold him there to keep him there where she needed him to be...

But she felt him flex and harden, jerk straight up harsh and hard. Hoarse cry from his throat and the pulsing powerful rhythm was almost enough to push her over the precipice herself. Almost but...

"Not yet," she wanted to plead in protest but his lips were already against hers, covering hers, claiming her in another kiss. Tongue in her mouth once more, coaxing, tasting the sake and the impending tears. Trying to steady his breathing, still coming down from his own climax he nuzzled sweetly up along her cheekbones to where those tears pricked at the corners of her eyes.

Dammit. She ached for release. She needed oblivion. She needed to share it with him, to be consumed with him, pass through the fire and come out purified.

His fingers in her hair, he tucked golden strands behind one ear and kissed her there. Breath steadier he murmured, "I'm not finished with you. Not yet."

He carried her to the bed as she wrapped both legs around his slender waist. Depositing her on the bed she did whimper at the loss as he slipped from her.

Taking her hand from his shoulders she skated it down her body, intending to seek her own release. But Orochimaru caught her wrist and straightened her arm, pulling it over her head as he knelt above her on the bed. Taking her other arm he stretched it out too, manacling both her dainty wrists in one marble hand, pushing them back into the pillows above her head.

Tsunade lay stretched out beneath him as he looked at her in the deepening twilight of the room. She studied him herself, watching how his gaze traveled up and down her body, eyes glittering, drinking in the sight of her.

He gazed at her for some time, thrilling in its own way to simply have him watch her, observe her in that same deliberate, detached manner of a researcher with a curious specimen.

Tentatively she wriggled her wrists testing his hold but he only smiled in the low light and tightened his grip at her wrists. Lowering his head to her chest, silken strands of his hair brushing over her he took one tender bud in his mouth, rolling his tongue over it. She felt him smile as she squirmed beneath him. Felt the corners of his lips pull back, sucked in her breath hard as his tongue was replaced by teeth, sharp, nipping at her delicate flesh.

He moved his mouth to her other side. Briefly she felt the cool of the evening air as his warmth left the first and covered the second. But the fingers of his free hand pinched the first between thumb and forefinger. Pinched hard while he nipped at the other.

Too much. She was too sensitive and it almost hurt too much. Almost. In a good way. In a mindblowingly good way he was torturing her. Killing her with the pleasure from his lips and fingertips.

Tsunade's squirming turned to writhing, her heels scuffing uselessly against the sheets. He kept his attention focused, lipping, nipping, tugging, pinching. The ache inside her was unbearable now, downright painful and she craved relief from it.

Her thigh brushed against his him, harder than when they'd first lain on the bed, as hard as when he'd taken her against the wall.


"Not yet," damnable joke between the two of them now, she cursed herself for saying it in the first place.


For an answer his one hand left her, skimming down her body and brushing between her legs, fingertips dancing across her.

She cried out and bucked hard against him, her hands still pressed into the pillow by his own but her hips lifting up off the bed. She was so sensitive now it hurt to have him touch her like that.

He relented, turning his hand so it was his palm now against her, pushing, soothing steady pressure.

Orochimaru withdrew his hand, pressing her thighs apart as he settled between them. Tsunade expected the same quick thrust as last time but he just barely pressed against her, exquisite torture.

Arms still pinned she snaked her legs around his waist, soft little heels at the small of his back urging him forward. He complied but slowly, inch by delicious inch.

"Let me go," she whispered wriggling her fingers, "Let me hold you."

"No," he whispered back, "just feel...alive."

He finished sinking into her and then withdrew just as deliberately. Smooth, perfect, full strokes. Delicious. Endless. Awash in the pleasure of his motion.

Hot breath at her shoulder, kissing, asking, "How does this feel?"

"Good," she gasped for an answer.

He changed his rhythm now, more side to side, plundering her. "And this?"

"Yesss," she hissed through gritted teeth.

Increasing the pace, he was rougher, greedier. "This?"

Tsunade couldn't answer, she simply moaned her reply. She thrust her hips under him, rolling them, matching his quickening rhythm.

He released her hands then and they flew almost of their own accord to clutch his hips, greedy themselves to hold him tight against her.

Orochimaru raised himself up on one arm and snaked the other hand to the small of her back raising her body to meet his own.

It was the simple possessiveness of this act that sent something tripping over in her head, freeing her, giving her permission to let go.

She was nothing.

But his.

Tsunade cried out, rough and ragged as she felt her release begin low in her belly carrying them both over the edge of sanity this time. When Orochimaru joined her, it prolonged her own oblivion, every pulse caused an echoing vibration through her body.

This time it was both of them who needed to steady their breathing.

Orochimaru started to shift off of her, but the simple movement caused aftershocks of pleasure to ripple through her body. Mouth forming a tiny 'o' of satisfaction, Tsunade closed her eyes as it played out. Bemused, Orochimaru stirred again, just to watch her face.

With a sigh of satisfaction of his own he rolled off her, onto his back, pulling her limp body to his so that her blond head now rested on his chest. Tsunade closed her eyes, her head rising and falling in time with his steady breathing. With one hand Orochimaru's fingers toyed lazily through her golden hair while the other he draped across her waist.

And two of the three legendary sannin fell asleep in each other's arms.

Later, Tsunade opened her eyes to slits in the darkness. Waiting a moment to give them time to adjust she sat up in the bed and looked down at her sleeping teammate. How many nights had they spent together over the years? And yet...never like this.

Avoiding the inevitable decisions she knew she would have to deal with in the morning she got out of bed and padded silently to the window. Peering into the darkness she saw that the clouds had rolled back in. Weak moonlight tried to pierce the thickening cover but was gradually failing as bank upon bank of heavier clouds scudded in front of it. The rain would start up again soon. By tomorrow morning the landscape would be drenched.

Directing her attention away from the window she studied the dark-haired young man sleeping peacefully in the faltering moonlight. She wondered if any one else on the planet had ever seen Orochimaru that much at ease before. Probably not. Tsunade reached down to the floor and retrieved what she thought was her tunic. When she tugged it onto her shoulders she realized it was far too large, the sleeves dropped down over her hands.

But the silk felt soft and smooth and the scent was Orochimaru's. Smiling faintly she pushed the sleeves up and knotted the sash loosely about her waist. Then she went to the adjoining bathroom to take a shower.

The water was tepid and the pressure low but Tsunade still spent a long time in there just allowing it to sluice over her body, washing all her sins away.

Turning the water off and toweling herself dry she saw the tunic laying there. Realization stabbed at her.


What had they done?

Shrugging into the pale silk like a bathrobe she opened the door a crack and saw that the bedroom was no longer in darkness. Orochimaru had slipped back into his own black pants and was reclining on the bed, one knee propped up, one of the by-now infamous scrolls unfurled across his lap.

The blond Senju heiress now took her own opportunity to study him. Toned chest and well muscled arms, black hair back over one shoulder but hanging forward over the other as he leaned toward the scroll. She caught a glint of silver from his earring as he reached and tucked the falling strands back in place.

Suddenly overcome by the enormity of the change in the nature of their relationship Tsunade grew bashful, unable to even think about how to approach him now. Dan was the only other man she'd ever been with and Dan was...Dan. Orochimaru's word echoed in her mind, Dan was safe. Jiraiya resented but tolerated him, Orochimaru treated him with disdain. And now she understood precisely what Orochimaru had meant by that term safe. Dan was safe. Tame as a gelded pony.

"Tsunade-chan, you turned off the water quite some time ago," Orochimaru murmured without looking up from the scroll. "I should think you would be dry by now."

Half-shrugging and shy she stepped forward from the doorway of the bathroom. Orochimaru turned to look at her.

"Well," he continued softly as he lay the scroll aside, "I can see my written works aren't the only things you've developed the habit of taking from me."

Tsunade padded across the room and knelt on the bed beside him, one hand on the mattress, leaning toward him. "Sorry. In the dark I thought I'd picked up mine," she said unable to think of anything else.

Their eyes locked again, Orochimaru reached for her, one cool hand closing over the wrist of the arm she was bracing herself on. Tsunade ached to kiss him, for him to kiss her. But there was hesitation on both their parts. A kiss now would purely be based on want, not need.

"I don't mind," he whispered, one slender finger tracing her jawline to her chin. He trailed the finger across her throat, dipping on down her chest where his tunic hung open and loose on her body. "As a matter of fact, I think it suits you."

Orochimaru shifted slightly beneath her, pulling her to him. The hand at her breasts was now back at one shoulder, slipping the cool silk off as he pulled her down to him. Butterflies danced in her stomach in a ridiculous school-girl kind of way. It was not like they hadn't just been together, she thought to herself, it's just that this would be...different.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head down to kiss him as he reclined against the pillow. And now it was her own golden tresses that fell forward, tickling across his shoulder when...

"Hey, Tsunade!" her name rang out boisterously as the door to the bungalow slammed open. "Hadn't seen you in a couple of days and I saw your light on and..."

Tsunade's head whipped around, yellow hair fanning around her shoulders.

Jiraiya stood in the doorway.