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You Don't See Straight

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He could feel the moment he gave in. And it was insane. He knew it was. This wasn't something you were supposed to give in to. You were supposed to run. You were supposed to scream or kick or…anything really. It wasn't that he was too tired. He was acutely exhausted. But it wasn't that he couldn't fight anymore, it was that he didn't. Thoughts were short and rapid in his head as he dropped down into the leaves and let his hands fall beside him. The monster between his thighs paused, blue eyes glowing as it took in the sudden change. A second passed in silence, and then the wolf tilted its head back and howled, announcing a claimed mate.

Yesterday afternoon Stiles had a normal, okay semi-normal life. Practice let out and he went for coffee just like he did every Tuesday afternoon. He felt stupid now. Raised as a sheriff's son he should have known when he was being tailed. Especially by three supernatural creatures. But he hadn't had a clue. Not even an inkling of the changes that were coming. Then again…most humans would have been as clueless as he was. Maybe even more so.

He'd fought. Sure he'd fought. But he'd always been a bit scrawny. Not to mention all the lacrosse skills in the world couldn't have helped him. Stiles thought a black belt wouldn't have helped either. No they had it down to a system and when the two wolves grabbed him, one holding a fleshy palm over his nose and mouth, they simply carried him down the street, even kicking and flailing as he was. The van took off before the door was closed and Stiles was released, scuttling backwards like a deformed crab. He panted for air desperately, eyes moving over every inch of the van. He purposely didn't look at his kidnappers. If you saw their faces your chances of dying skyrocketed, there was statistical proof. So he ducked his chin to his chest, examining his shaking knees and wondering if he'd ever catch his breath.

"Well this one's interesting," one commented, clearly amused.
"He just doesn't want to die," another answered, laughing too loudly. At least, Stiles thought it was too loud. It could have been too loud. His ears were ringing.
"We're not going to kill you," the first one offered, still amused, as if this was all just a game or something. "In fact, unless things go well you'll be back home in no time at all." Stiles slowly risked a glance to them, mind swirling.
"G-Go well?"
"Aw," the driver, a woman, let out, "he's kinda cute…in like a squirrely way."
"Thank you?" Stiles questioned, voice shrill.
"Just try to relax," she added, "Ross will explain everything to you when we get back."
"Where are we going?" he had to try. The three shared a laugh, none of them bothering to answer.

Stiles lost track of time as they drove. His phone was still in his pocket but he didn't want them to know that. Not to mention they were being pretty civil so far and Stiles didn't want that to change. Not yet at least. They drove and drove. Then they drove and drove. The sun was well on its way to setting when they finally broke through trees to stop at a gate. A shiver ran down Stiles' spine.

Through the gate were several more miles of trees before the van emerged in what appeared to be a town. The van pulled to a stop outside a large brick building and the door was opened by the man closest. Stiles wasn't hauled out as he'd been expecting, instead they simply gestured for him to get out under his own power. Briefly he debated staying in just to spite them but they were still being civil. Taking a deep breath and shaking his head quickly, Stiles climbed out. He was ushered into the building before he saw anyone else. It was a twisting trail of hallways before the two people in front of him stopped, leaving a door in Stiles' path. Stalling for a moment, contemplating his impending death, Stiles turned the knob.

He had to admit, he didn't expect his murderer to be a horologist. Or at least, the office he'd stepped into looked like it could belong to one. Stiles hurried another glance around the room. It was an office, just covered in lush green life from almost every angle.
"Mr. Stilinski," a voice called pleasantly, "please, take a seat." Stiles glanced at all the plants again before carefully picking his way to the chairs. He took the one that didn't have a rotund cactus already sitting on it. A plant behind the desk swayed and a man emerged, brushing off his suit jacket quickly. "I'm Ross Ramsey. It's a pleasure to meet you." He took a seat and folded his arms on the desk, offering Stiles a smile.

Stiles found himself staring. Ross' blue eyes were kinder than they should have been. At least, he reasoned they were. The hair on the top of his head was gray but his beard was orange and Stiles thought that even in a normal situation he would find this man, his beard mainly, creepy. Most of the lines on his face looked like they were from laughing and Stiles imagined the Joker's maniacal laugh before he could stop himself.
"Um…" he croaked, "hi?"
"Ah yes I'm sure you're a bit," Ross paused to wiggle his fingers, "thrown right now. I am sorry about all the intrigue but I am afraid it was necessary." Stiles stared at him some more.

"Is this a joke?" Ross' head tilted to the side as he smiled uncomprehendingly. "Aren't you going to like kill me?" Stiles demanded. "Or maim me? Are you going to plant me to death? What is this?" This was not what happened to kidnap victims in the movies, or comic books, or ever really. He was mostly sure. Ross simply smiled again in response.
"No need for anything so dramatic. You'll simply be staying with us for a little while."
"Us?" Stiles questioned, blinking rapidly.
"Werewolves," Ross said simply, his grin showing all of his teeth, "the lot of us."

There was a beat of perfect silence before Stiles laughed.
"Yeah," he muttered, laughing as he spoke, "yeah okay. Who put you up to this? Scott? Jackson? Where even are we? Oh wait- where are the cameras? Behind the plants? They are aren't they? Ha! This is too good. Man. Hey how much did Jackson offer to pay you? Ross Ramsey by the way? You sound like the new host of Blue's Clues." He swiped at a plant, checking for recording equipment.
"Neither your best friend nor your," Ross paused, flicking open a folder, "team captain had anything to do with this."
"Oh right. It's no fun if I figure it out that fast huh?" He shoved out of his chair. "You want me to go out and come back in? We can just edit that part out huh?"
"Mr. Stilinski," Ross called sharply, "sit. Now." Frowning, Stiles sat back down slowly. "You meet a very specific criteria Mr. Stilinski. One that we have trouble finding." Stiles nodded, mostly to play along with this maniac who somehow had a following of people willing to do what he said.

He gaped at the next words out of Ross' mouth, "No sexual activity and a higher than average interest in bestiality. Quite a bit higher I would say." Stiles had only managed a few choking sounds before he continued. "Nothing to be ashamed of Mr. Stilinski. It's a good thing here. Better chance of you being claimed. Much better chance."
"Claimed?" Stiles squawked, mortification thrumming through every inch of him. He wouldn't say he was interested. He just found it oddly fascinating, that was all. Wasn't it? Okay so he'd had one or maybe two dreams but he couldn't control that could he? Of course not.
"Tomorrow's the full moon," Ross explained simply. "We have mating runs four times a year."
"Mating runs? What? Wait how do you even know all this stuff about me? What does werewolf mating have to do with me? Are you clinically insane?" the words spilled off his lips rapidly as he struggled to drag in enough oxygen to keep talking.

"Mr. Stilinski do we need to sedate you?" Stiles gave a choking huff at that, eyes bulging. "If you are not claimed, if you do not agree to be claimed, nothing will happen. You will be returned home."
"Yeah you're just going to let me go. Sure. I buy that. Yeah."
"Who would believe you?"
"S-Someone," Stiles muttered petulantly.
"Good luck with that," Ross smirked. Stiles crossed his arms over his chest, thinking of the Joker again. "Now," Ross continued, "You can go meet the other humans and get settled in."
"Other humans?"
"You didn't think you were the only one, surely?" Stiles began shaking his head back and forth.
"No," he exhaled. "No you cannot be serious right now. No. I refuse for you to be serious."
"I assure you, I am perfectly serious. We have a small community here. Animals does not mean inbreeding."

That left Stiles with absolutely nothing to say. Ross blinked at him a few times. "They'll show you where to go," he added finally. Stiles rushed to stand when he realized he was being dismissed, the toe of his sneaker hitting a tiny pot he hadn't even seen and sending it skittering across the floor. He stared at it for a moment before rushing out, not daring a glance at Ross. Stiles wondered if he thought he'd actually explained everything. He still had a million questions. He'd only have a billion more once he actually accepted whatever the hell was going on around him. What even was going on? He ran a hand over his head quickly. This was insane. He fell into step between the three…wolves that had brought him, letting them guide him wordlessly.
"Have fun," one offered, stopping in front of two giant doors. The man on the other side of him pulled one open and Stiles stepped through. Eight heads turned to him. He took a deep breath. Humans. Right. They could figure this out.

Two hours later Stiles was ready to scream. No one had any hope of escape. At all. Logan, a redhead dotted with freckles, didn't even want to escape. He couldn't wait to meet his werewolf soul mate. He couldn't wait to 'take the knot' either. Stiles felt sick at that, especially the dopey look in his eyes when he said it. Didn't he realize that shit was going to hurt? Stiles shook the thought off. It wasn't like he'd agree to anything. They said if he didn't agree… But they could be lying. Kidnappers and cults lied all the time. Stiles focused on the people around him again, before he could go off on a tangent about cults in cloaks and possibly Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Along with himself and Logan there was one other boy and five girls. From what Stiles could tell they were all around the same age. Which made this all kinds of illegal. But no one here seemed to care about that either. Taylor might but he barely spoke and rolled his grey eyes a lot. Stiles crossed him off his alley list. The girls were all grouped together and Stiles was still trying to figure out the best way to approach them when he remembered his cell phone. They hadn't even searched him. He grinned stupidly and shot a glance to Logan, wondering if the boy would tell on him. Stiles could be covert about this. He knew he could. Everything was going to be fine.

Stiles didn't move immediately. First he glanced around the room again. It was mostly a big empty space, two sets of doors in the front and back and bathrooms to the right of the front doors. The tables were off to the left side. He laid his hand over the rectangle in his pocket, giving it a squeeze and sighing in relief. He had already known it was there but the actual feel of it was still reassuring. He let several moments pass in silence, listening to the murmur of the girls' voices. Finally he pushed out of his chair and crossed to the back left corner before sinking against the wall. His right thigh was pressed into the corner and he dropped his right hand down casually. It was going to be fine. He could do this. He pressed his back against the wall and scooted forward, letting his legs loosen. Ever so slowly he inched his fingertips forward, grasping at the corner of his phone. He pulled it out just as slowly, looking at his chest rising and falling rather than his hand. Only when he had his phone resting squarely in his palm, hidden by his leg, did he glance down. It was the same relief as before, shooting through him and blooming in his chest. He unlocked it with his thumb quickly, taking in the lit up screen with eager eyes. Stiles' entire body froze as he stared at it. No service. No. No this couldn't be happening. But it was there in plain white letters in the upper corner. No service.

He let his head fall back to the wall with a heavy 'thunk' of sound. Of course. Of course they wouldn't search him because they didn't need to. Wherever the hell they were they were far enough into the wilderness to not have any cell service so it didn't matter that he had a phone. It was about as useful as a rock. A thin, not even heavy enough to hurt someone rock. It was a long time before Stiles shoved his phone back in his pocket and managed to get to his feet.
"No service," Taylor muttered as he sat down, shoving golden waves out of his face. Stiles rolled his eyes quickly.
"No shit Sherlock." Taylor smiled slowly.
"Surfed one too many bestiality sites huh?" Stiles felt heat rise in his cheeks.
"Guess so. You?"
"Vet was a poor career choice," Taylor returned before falling silent again.
"Sounds like an excuse," Stiles muttered honestly.
"I got written up at the kennel I work at and nearly fired for trying to separate two dogs too early. I was trying to determine the average time before…they could be separated."
"Couldn't you have just asked?" Taylor scoffed, crossing his arms and shooting a glance to Logan. He winced before looking to the floor.
"I thought doing my own research was the better choice."

Stiles didn't expect himself to laugh and after a few seconds he honestly felt bad.
"Looks like you learned that lesson the hard way."
"Either that or I'm about to," Taylor said darkly. Stiles somehow couldn't gather the courage to ask him what he meant so they sat in silence until Taylor decided to elaborate on his own. "I don't know anything about werewolves," he murmured very quietly, "but I know wolves don't take kindly to animals below them not submitting." This sent an abrupt shiver over Stiles' skin. He already had the thought that maybe Ross was employing a bit of deception. "Bad enough if a Beta decides not to submit but you and I are not Betas. We're Omegas at best."
"The lowest of the low. An Omega offering anything other than total submission is asking for death."
"So if we're claimed…" He couldn't finish the sentence. Taylor met his eyes directly and had no trouble.
"Submit or die."

Stiles settled back into the chair, blowing out a huge sigh. He ran his hand over his head hard, wincing as he did.
"Well this sucks ass," he exhaled shortly.
"Could always stick close to Logan and trip him when the time is right." Stiles gasped and laughed at the same time, nearly choking.
"Be doing him a favor really," he managed after a moment.
"If I was Mary Sunshine over there," Taylor added, jerking a thumb towards one of the blondes, "I'd be thinking that a super hot female was going to claim me and we'd live happily ever after."
"Are females running?" Stiles questioned quickly, hope inflating in his chest.
"Don't know. I don't think they can breed with humans though." He shrugged quickly. "Maybe they can. But I have the feeling they wouldn't be bringing humans in at all if they didn't have to. Maybe they're desperate."
"Most likely? There aren't enough females around. The males would fight over what few there were and it would be bloodshed. So they bring in more…options."

His head fell into his hand again.
"So there aren't females running."
"If that's the case," Taylor muttered. It was clear he thought it was. "I haven't seen a single female since I got here."
"I saw one," Stiles offered. Three to one wasn't a great ratio anyways.
"Mm," Taylor added noncommittally. The conversation more or less died off after that as Taylor resumed his silence. Stiles tried to keep the buzzing in his head down to a minimum. He tried to be glad that at least Taylor appeared sane, unlike the rest of the humans around him. He tried to do a lot of things but mostly he was scared. He couldn't help a rather sick sense of dread. Yeah he was a virgin and while that had always seemed like something he'd wanted to get rid of…it had never seemed like it was going to be taken from him. Forcefully, painfully taken from him. He didn't want to think about it but his mind kept circling back, sending a shudder down his spine each time.

Not even the sight of food being wheeled in for them could comfort him. It smelled wonderful and Stiles realized he'd only had an apple for lunch. He was starving but still, the whole kidnapped and soon to be 'claimed' put a bit of a damper on it. The whole situation was kind of a damper actually. He dropped next to Taylor again as the scraps were wheeled back out.
"We just stay here?"
"They'll wheel cots in soon. Want us nice and rested for tomorrow."
"Tomorrow?" Stiles questioned, dread inching higher.
"They've been running us. Like dogs," Taylor said, looking away as his lips twisted.
"Guessing again," Taylor let out, "but the further we run the more exciting the hunt is."
"Fantastic." Stiles blew out a heavy sigh and settled his hands on his knees. "So what if we just don't run?"
"Big ass wolves chasing you and you're just going to sit down?"
"Yeah I guess not," Stiles muttered.

Taylor was on point yet again as cots were wheeled in for them before Stiles had totally lost his mind. "This is so surreal," Stiles grumbled, dropping down onto a cot that was still folded. Taylor spared him a glance before yanking his cot to the far side of the room.
"Isn't it great?" Logan sighed, smiling. Stiles scrambled back to his feet and followed after Taylor, not daring to glance behind him.
"I actually want to sleep Stiles."
"I'll shut up Taylor."
"You talk more than my kid step brother."
"Thank you," Stiles huffed. Stiles thought that would at least earn him a chuckle but Taylor remained silent. "Okay I'll seriously shut up," he added after another moment.
"Promising to shut up is not shutting up," Taylor allowed dryly. Stiles literally had to bite his lips to keep from replying but he managed it. Somehow.

It took Stiles a long time to sleep and then he only woke with a nudge from Taylor. He sat up and wiped his eyes, following Taylor's gesture to a table with food on it. Stiles sighed and rubbed his head, giving himself a few more minutes before he forced himself to move. They were given plenty of time to eat and use the bathrooms before they were ushered out the back doors. Stiles stopped as soon as he saw all the people-werewolves gathered behind the building. Taylor slammed into his back before sighing and pushing him forward. "We don't want to find out what happens if we don't run. They won't bite. Yet."
"Yeah thanks," Stiles hissed in response, his air supply threatening to cut off.
"Alright!" Ross called out, clapping his hands together. Stiles wondered if he was even trying to contain his joy. "Go on then."
"Which direction?" a brunette girl asked.
"Whichever direction you please," Ross said, smiling broadly. "The wolves," there were howls at this, "are released at moonrise. You all," he paused to chuckle, "are released now." They all remained where they were, staring at him. "I would advise to use your energy wisely but the more you make the wolves work the more tired they will be when they find you." Stiles roughly translated tired to less rabid in his head. By the wary shifting of the people closest to him, they did too. "So you should at least start now," Ross told them slowly, smile finally falling. Stiles was the first to move forward, Taylor was right behind him, grabbing his elbow.
"Walk," he breathed in his ear, "don't give them the satisfaction."
"Not yet at least," Stiles agreed.

Stiles didn't know how night had fallen so quickly. He remembered splitting apart from Taylor, which must have been mid afternoon. Staying together just seemed like a bad idea all the way around so they hadn't. Stiles kept to the left, towards a giant hill where he was hoping to find reception, and Taylor went right. Stiles was trying to move faster now, picking through the trees at what was almost a jog. He pushed worries for Taylor away firmly and kept going. A chorus of howls hit the air and Stiles noticed the moon on the horizon for the first time. He realized something rather suddenly then. Even if he got reception up on the hill, 911 would never believe him. His father was still hours away, an unknown amount of hours away. Not to mention he had no idea how a whole settlement of werewolves would react to one squad car rolling up. His father would be outnumbered. That was such an understatement. He couldn't call for help. Even if he could, he couldn't. Stiles' feet stopped and then he was lost in more ways than one. He didn't have a plan. He didn't know what direction to go in. He was completely screwed. More howls sounded, disturbingly closer, and Stiles flew into action. It was difficult to see in the dark and he couldn't stop in time to avoid falling into the stream. He choked on a gasp as his body surged back up in an effort to escape. The water was frigid. They must be much further north than Beacon Hills. For a moment he wondered if they could have crossed the border. He shuddered again before forcing himself through the stream and onto the other side.

Time was running out and he knew it but Stiles couldn't help but give himself a few moments lying on the ground, panting for air as his entire body shuddered so hard his vision shook. The creature was so quiet he hadn't even heard the approach. The hand on his shoulder earned a shriek that Stiles would deny later. He rolled to his hands and knees, chest constricting as he stared something that was definitely not human. It was huge. Its mammoth body caught somewhere between human and wolf and somehow both and neither at the same time. Green eyes stared at him unblinkingly and then the beast shifted forward. Stiles shoved to his feet with energy he hadn't known he had, adrenaline he supposed, and ran. He ran without fear of falling. He ran without even paying attention to the branches slapping and snagging at his body. He ran like he'd never run before, unable to keep from wondering if he ran like this at practice if he'd still be on the bench. This was such a great time to be thinking about lacrosse. Another time he would have huffed out a laugh. As it was he kept running.

He didn't see it until it was too late. It was dark and the second beast slunk from the shadows much too quietly. In a pure panic he tried to skid to a stop, falling painfully as his ankle twisted. His left shoulder hit the ground first as he pitched forward, unable to even lift his arms to protect himself. The only thing he was able to do before it was too late was flop onto his back. The first wolf was at his feet, eyes still glowing green. Stiles risked a glance up to the second wolf. It could have been smaller. His dark hair blended too well with the night and Stiles couldn't tell. The thing he was caught on were the striking blue eyes. He laid there panting for several moments, not even thinking enough to try and plan. He'd been worried about getting caught by one wolf, what was he supposed to do now? He wondered if one would wait until he was done fighting the first to try and claim him. A shiver worked through him. A growl erupted above him and he flinched, covering his ears and crying out as his shoulder throbbed. The wolf at his feet edged back before tilting his head to the side oddly. Another growl sounded and the green eyed wolf ran. Ridiculously, Stiles panicked seeing him go.

He didn't move, still panting for air as his body tensed. It was suddenly too quiet and all he could hear was his own shuddering breaths and pounding heartbeat. He craned his neck up to look, wincing at the resulting pain. The twisted face was mere inches from his own. An unwilling sound, nearly a whimper, slipped out. He scrambled against the ground, moving slowly and clumsily. He knew there was no chance of escape. His body hadn't caught up yet. The wolf let him go and he made it to a sitting position before stopping again. Heat flared into his shoulder oddly and he groaned before looking to the wolf again. Of course, the wolf was watching him. He moved forward smoothly, even though the posture was totally alien to Stiles. The wolf crouched right in front of him, limbs caging Stiles' legs.

He stopped there, just watching him. Stiles couldn't help the hope that he would change his mind, that he would decide he didn't want him after all. But when had he ever been that lucky? The wolf leaned forward, nudging at his chin, forcing his head up and back. Stiles remembered the other wolf tilting his head back. It was a sign of submission. Stiles blanched, shoving at him and trying to force his head back down.
"No," he managed shallowly, "no get off me." The wolf issued a quiet growl and Stiles' breathing stuttered. He nudged Stiles' chin again. "N-No," Stiles protested. He shoved at the impossibly broad shoulders, the sinews and muscles sliding under his hand, the body immobile. Stiles cursed his total lack of upper arm strength. "Get off me!" This protest was returned with another growl and nip at his jaw.

Stiles yelped before pushing at him again. There wasn't any pain from the bite; it was more surprise than anything. There was another soft growl. "No," Stiles repeated sternly. "Get off." He smacked at a shoulder, recoiling from the fur he encountered. "B-Bad dog!" he hissed desperately. "Bad dog! Off!" The next growl was deeper. Dog references were not a good idea then. "Fine, fine, just get off." Another growl. He had the feeling the wolf was getting impatient with him. Good. "Not happening. No. Absolutely not." A clawed hand settled on his hip before pulling him closer. Stiles managed to pull a leg up before kicking whatever he could reach. In the tiny gap that was created he managed to stumble to his feet, desperate adrenaline fueling his body. He tried to run, groaning when he fell into a tree instead. He gripped at it uselessly as the wolf stepped in front of him. He had a few inches on Stiles upright, of course he did. For a moment, just a moment, Stiles wondered what the human underneath looked like. "Look buddy this is not happening. I'm injured and c-cold and you are not g-getting laid tonight!" The wolf smirked down at him, crowding him even further into the tree. "No." Did that sound weaker? Was it just him?

But how could you even argue with someone who just growled at you? In any case it wasn't even arguing, it was just Stiles saying no in every way he could think of. "S-Seriously. No." The wolf growled again, low in his throat, leaning even closer. "I have to agree," Stiles exhaled shakily, "and I d-don't." The wolf didn't seem to be listening because he ripped Stiles' shirt wide open. Stiles started to protest, cutting off as his back slammed into the tree. He whimpered when he had enough oxygen to. The wolf paused, breaths sliding over Stiles' exposed throat. He moved back slowly, eyes on Stiles' face. His hand reached out, tilting Stiles chin up almost gently. "Don't," he protested weakly, fear finally sliding into his system. The wolf tucked his face rather neatly into the juncture of Stiles' neck and Stiles went perfectly still. The beast stilled too, standing pressed against him, breathing into his skin. For a moment everything was turned upside down. The moment was quiet and intimate. Their bodies lined up together were nothing like Stiles could have imagined they would be. He was so warm. Stiles relaxed automatically, rigid muscles loosening. The hand slowly slid from his chin and the wolf pulled back again. Stiles stayed as he was. A howl sounded in the distance and while Stiles flinched, the wolf turned towards the sound, lips curving in a snarl.

It wasn't his brightest move. Stiles ran. He was half naked, freezing, and in pain, but he ran. The wolf growled the loudest yet and for a second Stiles thought he was going to cry. He was tackled from behind, hard. Gritting his teeth Stiles struggled onto his back, half surprised when the beast let him. He didn't have time to catch his breath before a heavy hand was on his throat, limiting his air. The wolf loomed over him, snarling teeth inches away. Evidently, he'd lost his patience. Stiles squirmed, pushing at the wolf's chest with his right arm. He received another snarl and then the wolf's other hand was shoving at his forehead, pushing his head back into the dirt and exposing his throat. The hand there moved down to the top of his chest and the wolf watched as he struggled to breathe. Stiles squirmed again and found himself unable to move. He closed his eyes and sighed. There was no other outward sign of it but he supposed it didn't matter. He struggled a bit longer, maybe just on principle, lifting his body as much as he could and trying to move. He was done fighting.

The howl was still ringing in his ears and he couldn't think straight. Things started moving too quickly for him to keep up. The wolf manipulated his body easily, needing no help from Stiles as he was positioned on hands and knees. His jeans were torn away and his thighs were shoved further apart. Stiles whined unwillingly, toes curling. He'd already known this was coming; it shouldn't be affecting him like this. More than anything he tried not to think of the videos he'd watched. There was no way this wasn't going to hurt…no way. He bit at his lips as he cringed. There was a soft touch at his thigh and he jumped, whining again. A huff of breath at his tailbone had his spine curving down as he sought escape. Stiles closed his eyes and there was a touch at his spine, it didn't feel like a hand…it was a kiss. The wolf pressed over him; head halfway up his back, chest at his thighs. For several moments nothing happened. Stiles' mind swirled. He tried to think of wolf behavior, not that he knew much. He couldn't come up with anything. Why stop? What was this? The pad of a thumb skated half up his ribs before disappearing. It repeated the motion before vanishing again. That was when it clicked in his head. The wolf was trying to soothe him.

He rejected the idea almost immediately. That couldn't be right. It really couldn't. This was an animal. A creature. He wasn't human. He couldn't be stopping for him. The thumb stalled before slowing, as if he was reading Stiles' mind. Or he was checking on Stiles' vitals. That seemed much more reasonable. And he was half human. So it was…possible he supposed. It was possible. Stiles wished he hadn't had the thought at all. He was softening, not just his body. He thought that the wolf actually cared. It didn't just want sex. There was no way for him to know for sure. But he couldn't take back the thought. There was suddenly a tongue sliding down his spine and Stiles jumped, gasping. The thumb that had been on his ribs skated down, down, down, until it was teasing at the cleft of his ass. He gasped again, unable to stop it. The wolf growled but this was more of a pleased sound and Stiles liked it. He liked it more than the others at least. It seemed like an important distinction. Cold slid over his skin as the wolf pulled back and Stiles' legs were pulled even further apart. There was only one exhale against him in warning before something hot and slick was pressing right against his hole.

Stiles tried to pull away, inhaling sharply in the wolf's hold. The wolf's tongue slipped inside and okay that was definitely weird. His toes curled in his sneakers again as the tongue seemed to inch even further inside. A high whine slid from his teeth and Stiles wasn't even sure which of the emotions shooting off in his brain had prompted it. The tongue pulled out and Stiles could feel his muscles start to give off spasms in reaction. He felt colder, shockingly so. It was nearly a relief when the tongue returned. Stiles winced even as he had to whine. It was terrible to think that. Wasn't it? Maybe it wasn't terrible maybe it was- "Fuck!" he yelped as the wolf nipped his behind suddenly. The pain was soothed by several licks and Stiles' hands dug into the leaves as he tried to catch his breath. "N-Not cool okay?" There was no response, not that he'd really expected one. The wolf nipped again and Stiles jerked before reaching back to try and swat him away. His breath cut off as his wrist was caught firmly in a very warm hand. He gave a cautious pull, blowing out a sigh as he was held. "Oh my god! What are you doing?" Stiles yelled as the wolf's tongue lapped over his fingers, wet saliva dripping down the digits. Stiles was yanked back by his arm, in the wolf's lap before he fully realized his body was in motion. The wolf's blue eyes, drilling right into him, watched him as he continued licking over Stiles' fingers, teeth gliding against them briefly.

Stiles shivered in his hold, face heating. This was definitely…weirder. The wolf used the hand that wasn't keeping Stiles' wrist prisoner to finish ripping away his jeans and boxers. He lifted Stiles' left leg and hooked it over his lap, pulling Stiles open in front of him. Stiles' cheeks burned hotter and he was intensely glad he couldn't take his eyes off the wolf's. At least he wasn't cold anymore. The wolf was so hot, literally radiating heat, that Stiles' muscles couldn't choose between tensing and relaxing. Nearly everything the wolf did had him tensing but once Stiles had accepted the new action, he relaxed again. The wolf guided his hand down, away from his mouth. Stiles shuddered, taking in the claws on the wolf's hands for the first time. He dropped Stiles' hand between his legs and Stiles' eyes dropped down to his naked lap. It took a few seconds. "I-I've only once…" he babbled before biting his tongue. And it hurt he added mentally. The wolf pushed his hand closer to his body. Stiles glanced to his claws again. He supposed he didn't have much choice.

He took a deep breath. He could do this. He could totally do this. What virgin didn't know how to finger themselves in front of a werewolf? "Oh my god," he breathed, resisting the urge to slap himself. The wolf nuzzled at his neck for just a second before taking hold of his hand. He scooted closer, spreading Stiles' legs further in the same motion. For a moment all Stiles could hear was his own breathing as the wolf guided his hand forward. His fingertip pushed past the tight ring of muscle and he couldn't help a muffled groan, free hand digging into the dirt, clutching at it. The wolf held his hand tightly, pausing. "This isn't going to work," Stiles mumbled, "p-please…this won't work." The wolf simply blinked a few times as he regarded him. He leaned forward and licked at Stiles' throat, grazing his teeth along it in a way that could have been teasing or threatening. Stiles couldn't decide. He huffed out a breath, sagging into the heat in front of him. A surprised whimper pushed out of his lips as the wolf shoved his finger the rest of the way in, holding his hand still. Stiles' body tensed again and he whimpered again at the resulting pain. The wolf went back to his neck, licking and even sucking small patches of skin. Stiles let his head fall to the wolf's shoulder, surrendering to the strangeness of the situation. It was impossible to know how much time had passed before his body relaxed. It didn't hurt so much and Stiles managed to stay quiet when the wolf withdrew his hand and pushed it forward again.

It was still painful and it still definitely felt strange but Stiles realized he should be glad that the wolf was taking so much time with him. Maybe it was normal? Stiles doubted it for reasons he couldn't identify. Werewolves were still animals. It didn't make sense. Yet he was doing it. He tilted his head slightly, sneaking a glance. Again he wondered about the human beneath the wolf. He had to be strong to control the wolf. He had to be kind. Stiles lifted himself slightly, wincing at the change in position. The wolf nuzzled him again, licking once. Stiles pulled his head up, meeting the wolf's gaze once again. He blushed. He wanted…he almost wanted to thank him. And how stupid was that? He managed the tiniest smile, feeling ridiculous for that too. The wolf reached a hand up to his chin and Stiles felt his chest tighten. He thought it was probably a bad idea; he tilted his chin back anyways. The wolf growled before moving to Stiles' throat and biting. He only bit hard enough to hold on; growling again and making the skin vibrate as goose bumps shot up. The wolf moved his hand again and Stiles fell against him. It was achingly slow the way the wolf used his own hand to stretch him open. Stiles was the one who added the second finger, growing impatient with the wolf, ridiculous as that was. He didn't have to convince himself it felt good. After the initial pain pleasure actually began to spark under his fingers. He began rocking his hips into his hand, breath hitching. His eyes squeezed closed and he realized with a start, as his cock brushed against his stomach, that he was hard. "Oh," he managed quietly.

The wolf nudged at him, nearly knocking him over. Before Stiles had managed to say anything he nudged at him again, harder. Stiles fell backwards, hand slipping free as he did. He managed a slight sound of protest as he was rolled onto his stomach and pulled up by the hips. He immediately tensed up. He wasn't ready. Not nearly. He couldn't be. Something pressed against him and he squirmed, struggling to take a breath. The wolf pressed forward slow, his hands firm on Stiles' hips, the only thing keeping him from falling to the ground. Stiles squeezed his eyes shut again and clutched at the ground. He tried to breathe. It hadn't been so bad once he relaxed, he just needed to relax. It would be fine. It wouldn't but he was allowed to delude himself for now. A pained sound slid from Stiles' teeth as what must have only been the tip slid inside. It felt huge and his body tensed up without his permission. He couldn't help a whimper at the burn that began. The wolf paused again, panting above him. Stiles took in a few shallow breaths. He just had to get used to it. He just had to relax. Stiles dropped to one elbow, exhaling as he moved his free hand to wrap around his cock. He stroked quickly, exhaling again in surprise. Okay that didn't feel terrible. He stroked again and groaned, biting his lip when the wolf pushed in further. He gritted his teeth as the entire lower half of his body tensed again. The wolf paused again and Stiles huffed out another sigh.

This seemed like a horrible way for him to lose his virginity. Not that he hadn't had the thought before but now it seemed especially unavoidable. He started stroking again, fast and desperate, the way he knew he liked. The wolf just kept rocking against him, inching forward slowly. Stiles paused as he finally felt thighs pressing against his own. "Thank god," he exhaled. The wolf growled against his neck, pulling back and thrusting in. Stiles cried out as he came, every muscle tensing as his breathing cut off. He couldn't help tremors running through him as he dropped down to his elbows. The wolf growled again, stopping after a few thrusts. Stiles would have questioned it but he didn't have to, something started pressing inside him. The wolf was swelling. He pulled in a breath and gritted his teeth. The wolf leaned onto his back, licking at his neck. Stiles let his eyes close as a few more tremors ran through him at the feel of the wolf's tongue. A hand landed on top of his right and Stiles jumped slightly. He hadn't been expecting that. The wolf's other hand landed on his hip and as the wolf started moving back he pulled Stiles with him. He didn't have much choice, he went with him. The wolf moved him slowly and Stiles couldn't help a few whimpers as the knot pulled at his unwilling flesh. Eventually he was settled in the wolf's lap again, the wolf's arms wrapped firmly around his back. The wolf panted into his skin, exhaling sharply before biting his throat. Stiles jerked under him, jerking again as he felt heat shooting into his body.

"Oh my god," he managed on a whisper. It just kept coming, spurt after spurt. It was hot inside his body, higher than his own temperature. His body started shuddering again as pleasure started rolling through every inch of him. The wolf released his throat and warm blood was trickling down his neck and Stiles should not be aroused right now. But he was. Whatever was happening was just fine with his body. Maybe more than fine. His hands clenched and unclenched as his cock twitched, threatening to fill again. "Nn," he managed, "god…" A smooth tongue was at his neck, lapping up the blood. A hand skated around his back and down into his lap. Stiles looked down in shock to see a human hand. He looked up to blazing blue eyes. The wolf, a bit more of a man now, smirked at him, blood drawing the lines of his teeth dark. He'd evidently been paying more attention than Stiles thought because he stroked along the too sensitive flesh mercilessly, faster than Stiles ever could. "Fuck, please-god," Stiles panted brokenly. It was only a dizzying handful of moments later before he was coming again, unable to breathe with the intensity of it.

He wasn't sure how long it was before he managed to move. Lifting himself off the wolf's shoulder wrung a groan from him and he blinked a few times before looking to him again. The wolf's lips twitched and Stiles realized he was back to human form. Only the blue eyes remained. They still glowed or Stiles would have thought they were his normal color.
"Hey," he breathed. Stiles wanted to laugh but he didn't think he had the energy.
"Hi," he returned instead. He leaned into the man wrapped around him, too tired to feel awkward or embarrassed now. A hand crept up his neck and cradled the back of his head.
"Fuzzy," the man muttered. Stiles smiled slightly.
"Nah I like it…feels good." Stiles managed a soft chuckle and the man pulled him closer. He drifted off, brain buzzing with questions about who this man was.