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My Dream Boy

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Hey! Welcome to the story about me and my adorable neighbor. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Jay, 20, 6’5” and I've been the school’s basketball team leader since I was in middle school. I’ve been living in the same town since I was born (and I’m now living in a small apartment near my college). It was really boring living in such a small town, seeing the same old faces every day no matter you wanted to or not. Until one day, when I was 10, the Lambert family, a single mom and her only boy, moved to the vacant house next to mine.




It amused me because that house had been famous for its midnight visitors from the underworld, you know what I mean. I was like “You doomed” and was really looking forward to see that red head boy crying and running and blaming his mom for choosing that damn house. But the Lamberts not only didn’t seem to see anything, but they were also being extremely well, happy and healthy… and kind too. The day when the red head boy brought me back my lost cat, I admitted to him that I was such an asshole for wishing to see him cry.

“Haha, really?” He chuckled, “Maybe that’s why your cat came to my room! Cats can see ghosts you know?”

Damn it… This smartass 8-year-old red head made me scared of my cat… Then he went on saying his name was Adam, and that his mom didn’t like my cat coz it had sneaked into their house stealing food and chewing their couch several times. Since that day, we didn’t talk much as my parents had a fight with Mrs. Lambert because of our cat. But, friendly Adam would still smile at me when we met.





Time flew, it was already the last week of my last summer holiday before going to college, and that was when my first love story began.

I could never understand why the hell my classmates were all so keen on watching porn and getting girls while I was sitting there, thinking of what to major in college. Well, when it comes to porn I prefer the ones with boys only, girls… ugh, I kind of hate boobs to be frank, thanks to my mom who always told me how inconvenient it was to have huge boobs like hers. I told no one about my interest in boys, if I did, I was afraid I would be too busy dealing with my admirers and I might have no time on my study. We all had to work hard for our future, seriously.

But that evening, when I drew the curtain for some fresh air after reading for a whole day, damn it, I saw my future

Who the fuck was that?! That dark-brown haired boy in grey tee and royal blue short shorts…

Did the Lamberts move out? Was it their relative? But why was he cleaning the room? When he stood on the tip of his toes to clean the top of the closet, damn that ass! You would never believe how lovely an ass could be, not even could you see such an ass in porn – round and firm, in a really nice shape and moderate size, like it really took miles of jogging every day to have that fine ass. Those shorts were one size too big for his waist, they kept falling down as he stretched his arms, but as they fell the view was blocked – his black boxers covered him up from his waist down and those damn shorts covered down to half of his thighs… Boy, wearing double layers on that ass should be a crime.

I lost my mind appreciating the brunette pulled up his shorts, jiggling his ass around the room. I didn’t even know I should move away as he walked to the window, towards me.

“HEY! Jay! Good evening!” He greeted in a friendly manner. I recognized that voice… which suddenly sounded like an angel singing in my ears.

“Adam?” I asked. Of course… I totally forgot it was Adam’s room right opposite to mine.

“Yes. It's me.” He smiled, lighted up the evening sky. Then I could hear nothing, I saw his lips moving and his eyes blinking though… I blame the distance between our rooms. “Are you alright? You look tired!”

“Yes, I’ve been studying since this morning.” I lowered my eyes, and I could see two little peas standing under his thin grey tee. From the color of his lips, I guessed they were pink and freckly, and… sensitive. Well, it was highly inappropriate to greet your neighbor in such a thin fabric though.

“Okay, so, I’ll see you then!” Oh hell, again? I didn’t hear what he said. See me then? When? He turned and was about to leave.


“THANK YOU! BYE!” Finally, he managed to utter every word nicely and clearly.

Nice hair? That was a lie – the dark color instantly brightened up his light grey-blue-green eyes, the fringe lying on his forehead framed his face nicely. His face looked kind of crowded with his thick eyebrows, big eyes with thick, long lashes, the crazy straight, big nose and those plump lips. His new brunette look was just fucking fuckably sexy. I couldn’t stop thinking of him the whole night.

I failed to sleep. It was way too hot that night, and the newly brunette was haunting my mind. I turned on the air-conditioner, rolled out of bed to shut the windows. Some strange wind blew hard on my face and it blew at Adam’s open windows at the same time, blowing his grey curtain up into the air, forcing my bleary eyes to explore right into his room… I had a moment saw some naked skin lying on his bed…

Fuck! Did he sleep naked? I hated that damn wind stopped blowing all a sudden and his room was back into the dark again. I took my fan off the wall and put it against his windows – well, I wasn’t a pervert, it’s not good to sleep naked even when it’s summer. What if a thief broke into your room? How could you fight when you’re au natural? As a good neighbor, I got to remind him this. But before doing so, I should prove that he really did sleep naked. I turned my fan up to the maximum and it worked just as I expected – his curtain was blown up, all the way up to the ceiling.

My jaw dropped, awestruck. He was sleeping on his chest, his both hands under the pillow, his face turned at me and his lips puckered against me, begging for a midnight kiss. Uncontrollably, my eyes were pulled to his bare, slender legs, they went on for decades. I could have them on my shoulders and worship them for a week. Then I went back to his adorable face, to his freckly shoulders, his arms, his back, his waist… A white blanket wrapped around his ass, streamlined over the shape and the curve. His pale ass was so visible under the light weight fabric. It was obviously waiting for my arrival. As he budged, folding his left leg against me, the white, lickable inner thigh of his right leg exposed, his ass arched up even more – what a voluptuous position… Moonlight fell through the windows, kissing softly and hugged the arch of his naked torso, his insanely soft skin glowed in silver, giving the appearance of the finest silk or the smoothest over-priced vanilla ice-cream.

I hadn’t even thought about how good it was to have him right opposite to my bedroom. How dumb of me. What had happened to this red head kid though? His face didn’t change since he was twelve, since when had he grown this tall? And… yeah, he would be in high school in a week… I was in love. I couldn’t wait to run my hands all over his body and flick my tongue on every inch of his skin to show him how much I was in love with him.




I finally found the one and only ladder in my home useful – I quickly threw it out and it attached to his window perfectly. Grabbing a camera, some tape, a pack of condom and a tube of strawberry flavor lube, I was ready to go. It took less than a minute of climbing, I was in his room.

His room was filled with his scent – sweet and a babyish. I stood by the bed for a minute or two, inhaling his intoxicating scent deep into my lungs. It was impossible to tolerate him. I got naked and climbed onto his bed. I felt hot waves of pleasure crashing all over me… I ran my hands over his back, all the way down his ass… feeling his youthful skin, so smooth and tense. I was rock hard. I pressed my naked body against his, this sleeping beauty didn’t even notice till my mouth was on his shoulder, sucking and licking on his tender skin.

He opened his eyes and turned to me, I instantly taped his mouth to stop his scream. “Hmmm…” He looked at me as I flipped him over and taped his wrists. I so straddled over his waist and pressed his taped wrists down to his stomach. From our current position, it was rather clear that we were predator and prey. My beautiful Adam was still a bit too sleepy to react.

I shoved my face to the crook of his neck. His heated skin smelled absolutely amazing. I darted out my tongue, relishing the taste on the sweet, delicate curve of his neck, I could feel he nervously closing his thighs underneath me. Slowly, I moved to his earlobe, sucking and nipping the lovely ear, earning some hums from his taped mouth. “Adam,” I whispered, “Didn’t your mama tell you it’s so dangerous to sleep naked?” As I said, my hands moved to his chest, brushing my fingers on his sensitive nipples. He shivered when I was playing with his nipples like switching on and off, and I continued teasing him. “Now I should teach you a lesson.” I bit gently on his ear one more time, and bent down to greet his chest.

He was really pink, like a new born baby, but there wasn’t any freckle on the pink, how lovely. His nipples were really sensitive – they were already semi-swollen, long before I worked my tongue on them. I took his left nipple in my mouth, sucked it and rolled my tongue around the half soft pink. He whimpered, his legs wiggled under my hip. I went on tonguing his sweet nipple, licking it, drawing circles on it, my lips made loud squeaking noise as I smacked on it a few times. I took it out of my mouth and gave it some loving kisses, squeezing it with my lips. My eyes never moved away from his little baby face which was then blushing with shyness, his eyes shut tight. Then I stuck out my tongue, flipping it over the little pea. I pulled up, feeling so proud to see the nipple was then erected and hardened, standing up on his chest, glistening with my affectionate saliva. I moved to the right, giving it the same treatment I had given to the left, while I kept pinching his left nipple between my fingers. He arched his back but it only pushed his nipple deeper into my mouth. He whimpered even louder, so intense, his body wriggled and shivered with need. This was the first time I realized he must be a little bitch inside.

His whimpers were angelic – it could even bring the dead back to life. It was a sin to have his mouth gagged. I went to his face and grabbed his chin. “Listen, I’ll now remove the tape. Don’t scream.” He looked at me with his teary eyes, breathtaking… and he nodded. But just as I removed the tape, he screamed, “MAMAAAA – ” I grabbed his small face in my large hand and shut him up. “You dare scream one more time your naked pictures will be all over the internet before your mama arrived!” Tears dripped from the corner of his eyes, awww my poor baby. Actually there wasn’t any naked picture of him, not yet, I would definitely want to have some though. I removed my hand, and he gasped, no screaming.

“What do you want…” he sobbed. What the fuck? He really had to ask this stupid question?

“I want… let me think… Your pocket money. Give me all.”

“I have twenty dollars left – ”

“That means you have no money!” Maybe I was too rude interrupting him, he cried like a kid. “GOSH! You’re in high school. Grow up!” It didn’t help. Well, the best way to help him grow up overnight, was to take away his virginity, it was my pleasure to help.

I held his face in place and took advantage of his opened mouth – I slid my tongue pass his plump lips, thrusting and rolling in his sweet tasting mouth. Our tongues met, I didn’t know whether he was trying to escape or what, he kept moving his tongue left and right and somehow made our tongues intertwined. I lowered my head, and covered his mouth with mine, I marveled the extreme softness my lips had landed on. I just couldn’t stop rubbing my lips on his while tasting his soft, wet tongue with my mouth, he kept me busy. He was still wriggling underneath me, his breaths hitching in his throat, I bet he wanted more.

Soon, our mouth parted and we were still panting. I kissed my way down, my tongue stayed at each inch of his skin. The lower I went, the more desperate I was, and I finally arrived at his belly where an inch below was still wrapped in a white blanket. “no… please…” Grabbing hard on the blanket, he whimpered with a high voice like a sick puppy. I shoved his hand off. “You want your classmates see your slutty dirty pictures? Right now?” I threatened him again and caused him to weep. It didn’t matter, coz later, he’d be crying with tears of pleasure.

I unwrapped the present from heaven… “You are so beautiful…” But I wanted to see more. I grabbed his knees, pushed his thighs upwards. “NO!” He knew exactly what I wanted to see, his hands went between his thighs automatically. “Shhh…” I commanded, “Spread your legs.” He didn’t move. “I said Spread – Your – Legs.” He complied. “More. Wider.” His legs spread wider and wider as I ordered. “And your hands?” His hands twitched once, and moved out of the way.

I stopped for a moment to appreciate his beautiful private – he was SO PINK, he was too cute to be true. That cock, teenage cock, the cock of a half-grown gentleman… its head was dripping wet with the leak of excitement. That tight, never-been-fucked rosebud was clenching in anticipation. The private area of this hot 10th grader was barely covered with a faint trace of very fine ginger hair. It was almost bald, displaying his cock and anus to the utmost. Ravishing. I could have them in my mouth forever.

I bent down to the floor, fished out my camera from my pants, videotaping him. I tried to capture his face through his thighs so I could watch his expression when I devoured his cock and his ass. “Adam, should I eat your cock or your anus first?” I really couldn’t make my decision. As he looked down at me, he saw my camera. “What are you doing?” He palmed his lovely face., “No…” His voice cracked.

So I hoisted his long legs onto my shoulders. I slumped down on him with the camera shooting right at his face. “Take your hands off your beautiful face, Adam Lambert.” With that, my tongue dived into his ear. Instead of obeying me, he shook his head madly.

“Adam Lambert, you want me to eat your cock or your anus first?”

“Stop it!”

“Answer me, Adam Lambert, your cock or your anus?” I pulled up and took his hand off his face, kind of forcefully. Finally his tear-covered face was all captured by the camera. He was blushing in shame from his neck to his forehead, that was the cutest thing I had ever seen. “Adam Lambert? Look at the camera.”


“Answer me. Your cock or your anus? Adam?”

“mama… ”

“That’s not an option. Cock or ass – ”


“Huh? Should I eat your cock first, Adam?”


“Then I’ll eat your ass first.”

I set my camera on the bedside cabinet, I had to get all of this recorded so that I could jerk off to this hot tape for the rest of my life. Without another word, I turned him over. I hauled him up and he was then on his knees, with his elbows supporting his upper torso. To restrain his moves, I taped his ankles together. His super long thighs raised his spectacular ass up in the air. I teased my hands along his snow white inner thighs, sliding up and down, his body twitched desperately. I found myself kind of perverted watching his buttocks clenched as he tried to stay balance. No one had ever set me ablaze like this. From his ankle, my tongue trailed along his calf, his knee pit, to his thigh and ended on his butt cheek, celebrating his uncharacteristically smooth and fine legs.

At this point, my baby Adam realized the fact that he wasn’t going anywhere and he couldn’t escape from my rape. He just pressed his face on the pillow, sobbing hysterically and crying out loud. All his tears and screams only drove my sex drive higher. “CRY FOR ME BABY! I’M GONNA FUCK YOUR ASS WITH MY TONGUE!” I was going to devour that ass and fuck him to coma.

My mouth stopped at his butt cheek, suckling hard till a fiery red mark was left on his creamy skin. I moved to the other side and did the same. With the two red marks on both of his cheeks, his ass looked like blushing and it was fucking adorable. “I know you want more, don’t you?” I could tell from his purrs.

After my tongue ran over his butt, I slid to tease up and down his crack which was squeezed by his plump and firm cheeks. My hands on each cheek, I spread them outward till his tight asshole was staring right back at me. Cuteness overloaded. His pink twitching hole was calling me, begging for my tongue, my mouth, my fingers and my cock to fuck deep into him. “It’s so beautiful.” Adam was still sobbing on his pillow in hysteria, he didn’t respond to my compliment. No matter how lovely his butthole looked, I was not giving him right away. My tongue worked gently in circular strokes on the smooth flesh around his hole, a circle after another on the edge around it, avoiding touching right on the rosebud. When his sobs turned to kind of lustful pants, I flattened my tongue and gave him a soft, warm and wet lick on his hole. “Ahh…” He moaned, finally, brought me to heaven. I didn’t know how much time I spend on rubbing my tongue on his anus, anyway then I took it into my mouth and gave it a prolonged French kiss. Adam the little bitch raised his head and moaned softly into the air to encourage me to go further. I wriggled my tongue on his hole while it was in my mouth. Intentionally, I slurped him loudly, telling him how captivating his little tight hole was to me. He was moaning, whimpering and kind of mixed with sobbing as I tried hard to bury my tongue into him. My tongue drilled and plowed, even my hands were busy spreading his cheeks wider, still, his hole was too tight to force into. “Relax, baby, relax. You’re too tight.” Again, he shook his head madly. This little bitch was too shy to admit that he was enjoying the abuse on his ass. I stretched my tongue the farthest, massaging this lovely hole with my tongue tip while staring at it – it was all wet and moist, I felt like I would skip sucking his delicious-looking cock – he better got ready for his whole new adventure, which might cause a whole lot of anal pain, coz I was about to tear him apart.

“Relax your baby asshole, Adam.” He didn’t seem to submit to my demands. I ran an index finger along his crack till it was shinning with my saliva. I stopped near his anus, “Relax and open it up for me.” He didn’t. His body shook as I place my finger at entrance, his muscle pulsating on my finger tip. I spat to moisten it up, a push, and my finger tip was in. Such a tiny hole. “AAAAHHHHHHH” He screamed in his pillow and clenched his anus, I felt the ring of muscle hugging my finger like a glove. “Open up! It hurts more if you clench it this way.” With that, I dug deeper till my whole index finger was inside him. The spasms on his hot muscle were indescribably amazing. I went on rubbing in and out of him, all that filled my mind was his angelic screams and the tight squeeze on my finger. He lost his balance, his body was shaking left and right – my finger then supported the weight of his lower part. I wasn’t letting my finger break, and so I inserted another finger into him. His tiny hole was so packed inside. “STOP… IT HURTS!” I had told him to relax, but he still chose to squeeze on my fingers, what a stubborn boy. While finger-fucking him, I told him the truth, “I’ve told you to relax your ass. It’s only two fingers, my cock is way larger that them.” I shoved his legs open with my free hand, spreading his butt cheeks, “Now it’s better. Spread wider. Or, I’ll punish you.” Spitting one more time on his crack, I pulled out and when I pushed in again, my ring finger joined the fucking team. “IT HURTS! AAAAAHHHHHHHH” I fucked him inhumanely fast with three fingers, expanded him to the maximum, and he finally obeyed and spread his legs the widest. Seeing his cute balls and half-flaccid pink elephant bouncing underneath his ass, I regretted that I didn’t have a better rape routine, I should have tasted them first and left his asshole as the grand finale. Now it was too late to resist fucking his hole.

My fingers pulled out, poor Adam sighed in relief, he might think this rape was over. I stopped to watch his virgin anus contracting back to it used to be, so tense and elastic. I giggled, kissing on his painful little hole. “no… please…” Knowing my cock was on my way, Adam shuddered. “I wanna see your face,” I whispered, blowing hot breaths on his ass. Quickly, I flipped him over and spread his legs open. Now he was lying on his back, with his wrists bound, and his lower part spread-eagled.

“No… please… I beg you…”

“Beg me what? To fuck you fast?”

“NO… don’t do that – ”

“Beg me to fuck you deep or I will send your tape to all porn websites so the whole world will see you.”

“eeehhh…” He cried, like a scared child.

“You will make a good porn star, making big money.”


“Say ‘Fuck me deep, Jay’. Say it.”

I was sick of this teasing game. I lifted his legs on my waist and started to poke at his hole with the tip of my cock. I planned to gently, slowly shove into this cute virgin, but after my head forced its way in, his tight wall just sucked my whole length deep into him like the black hole, it almost sucked my cock off! As I entered him, his scream was deafening, it was enough to wake the whole fucking town up. I didn’t care anymore – just put me to jail for raping this little boy, anyway I could proudly tell everyone that I had fucked the cutest boy in my life. I moved slowly for a moment, feeling his hot muscle wrapped and sucked on my cock, could I just stay in him forever?

I then hoisted his legs over my shoulders, giving him in depth penetration. I lowered myself to have a closer look on his stunning face – his mouth opened wide, screaming out in horror and shame, crying for help; tears kept running through his thick lashes and messed up his beautiful face with his sweat. I had one of my hand covered his mouth, as much as it turned me on with his tight ass squeezing on my cock, it was even more amusing to hear his muffled screams. I fucked him viciously deep and rough and started to realize I had forgotten the lube. I was literally splitting him open and destroying his tiny asshole. I fucked his hole so fucking fast and deep and he started to lose his voice.

Lambert Mama didn’t appear, no one did. What a lucky night. I thrust in and out, in and out of his fucking tight virgin asshole, well, he was not a virgin anymore. I felt his cock bouncing flaccid between our bellies. While I was groaning in delight, either he was too scared or his ripped ass was too painful, he just wouldn’t get hard again. I got close to climax inside his hot tunnel, and spurted inside of him. It felt real fucking good. With the lubrication of my cum, I gave him last few comfortable fuck before I pulled out. Hot creamy semen leaking out from his tight anus – damn it, I had forgotten the condom too.



What?... Who?...


I opened my eyes. Oh good morning my angel… with fluffy hair… “Good morning!” I said.

“Morning! You slept like this the whole night?”

Fuck… I fell asleep while fantasizing him as the twinky porn star in My Friendly Neighborhood, one of my favourite hardcore raping porn movies… I jizzed my pants… Quickly I turned to my right – the fan had dropped onto the floor, luckily, he wouldn’t know what I had done to his curtain. “Yea, I guess I fell asleep while watching the stars…”

He smiled, as bright and warm as the early morning sunshine. As he opened his plump lips and was about to say something, there came his mom’s voice from down stairs. “COMING!” He turned back to me, “I gotta go. Bye! Nice day!” And so he left. I watched him getting on the car with his mom, and went out of sight.

Sigh… Mom said they were heading to the beach and to visit Adam’s grandparents. I wouldn’t see him for a week. Well, the good thing was I would have some good uninterrupted sleep before the new school year began… And, he might come back with nice, sun-kissed caramelized skin.



School started. It was the last year I had to wear this damn boring and old-fashion school uniform, what a relief. The only thing I looked forward to at school, which was more like a prison, was my friends – I used to feel this way. Till that morning, a present from heaven broke me free, without a notice.


I turned to my back. “ADAM?” He rushed at me, panted, “Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“Wait… for you?...” I was confused. OH FUCK! That’s what he meant 'See you then'? “Oh! I – I’m sorry.”

I didn’t hear what he said afterwards… I was quite sure he was a vampire and that was why I was so mesmerized every time I looked into his eyes.

Wait… What was he wearing? He was in uniform, THE SAME FUCKING UNIFORM AS MINE!


~ End of Chapter 1 ~