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Sun and Moon

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A shining sun. Its' light make the ocean look that much brighter.

She sat in the front of the boat, holding a single picture. Her mother and father smiled up at her as she looked down at the photograph, worn of being held for so long.

Dad and Jessica were surprised, to say the least. Why would she want to spend her fifteenth birthday on Blood Edward Island?

She had replied simply. She had to see someone.

"Thank you Captain. I should be back before sunset. If not, I'll be here in the morning," she said after they landed at the dock. He just shook his head in response.

She turned and ran to the old mansion. The Edward's mansion. It was still unlocked.

Her run slowed to a walk as she retraced her steps from one year ago. She walked through each room, remembering was she had done, what puzzles she solved, what she had learned about this place.

Soon she stood in front of Trace. Her DTS still remained in the same spot as it did when she released her father's memories. Picking up the handheld machine, she turned it on. She clicked on the picture icon, scrolling through the images, remembering. She stopped on one.

A ghost floated in the frame.

A tear made its way down her face.


She found the hidden entrance down into the caves. As she walked, she remembered hearing about his death. A small smile appeared across her face as she remembered her father, thinking that she was talking to herself. It wasn't her fault that he couldn't see him…

Her feet settled at the bridge. Looking over, she said a silent prayer to Bill and him, both whom died here, fifty-eight years apart.

As she left the caves and walked along the beach, she could have sworn to have heard hisvoice. But that's impossible, she reasoned. He left for the afterlife a year ago.


No. He wasn't here.


It couldn't be possible!

Ashley, turn around!

She followed the voice's orders...

…and came face to face with a fifteen year old boy. Only inches away from her face.

With a cry, she leapt back. He let out a small chuckle.

She froze, not believing it. He grinned and held out his hand, just as he had done a year before.

She touched his hand. He was solid.

"I don't know how, but I'm alive. I can't find my shoes, however," he drawled.

"D…? Daniel is that you?" Her voice shook. He was dead! He was a ghost! He couldn't be here! Her mind said. Who cares? He is here! Her eyes and heart argued. She smiled and hugged him.

"You're alive?"



Behind them, the moon rose. And what a beautiful moon it was.