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A Different Perspective

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A Different Perspective


He hated shopping. Very few people could share the level of hate he felt for it, but my God, did he hate shopping. It was the most annoying thing in the world. Sadly, he had to be that one guy who was forced to go along. No one ever made his brother go, and Emil actually enjoyed shopping.


Lukas just did not care at all.


“Hey, Luke!” Exiting from the lingerie store (where the light haired Norwegian refused to even glance at), the wild haired Dane smiled, handing the pink bag over to him. “Hold this for a minute, will ya?”


Following in suit was a slightly taller female with long, blonde hair. Crystal blues eyed Lukas, an amused smirk on her face. “Don’t say a word, Svea.” In the year he had dated the female who was a year younger than himself and the Danish female, he had endured shopping trips with her numerous times.


She still owed him three favors for each one, and she had just owed him another for making him come today.


Tugging at the end of her athletic shorts, the Dane smiled and turned to Svea. “Okay, so where to now? You wanna hit up the dress store and see if they have anything for like, Homecoming?”


“Mathilde, it’s July and Homecoming is in September.”


“Yeah, but it’s better to plan ahead.” Lukas groaned as he picked up the various bags (most of them Mathilde’s, as Svea – even though a compulsive shopper – often did not get as into it as her stepsister) and the dirty blonde turned to him. “Right, Lukas?”


“I’m probably not even going.”


“Emil says you have to go if he goes,” Mathilde snapped, leading the two off to the dress store across the mall.


“Emil won’t ask anyone.” The Norwegian rolled his eyes. “And you know I hate the appeal of school dances, Thilde.”


“What if someone asks him? I mean,” the Dane looked at her stepsister, smirking. “I asked Jan freshman year.”


“Didn’t he turn you down?” Svea asked, rolling her eyes and adjusting her glasses.


“Shush, he still went with me.”


Lukas clenched his fists and hissed. “I don’t care, I’m still not going. Emil will have to deal with it.” Mathilde rolled her eyes and latched onto his arm. “Hey! Wait a minute…”


He was suddenly whisked away into the store.


* * *


“No dark colors!” Mathilde shouted at the Swede as she held up a dress. “They’ll make you look pale.” Taking the navy blue dress from her hand, the Dane placed it back on the rack. “Come on, Svea! You don’t wanna look like a ghost!”


“Julchen wore a black dress last year and she’s an albino!”


“Julchen got a better complexion for a dark colored dress. You can’t pull it off.”


Lukas didn’t understand a word of this. For all he cared, they could be speaking in Swahili. He groaned and looked around the store at the rows of dresses. Mathilde began to flutter around him, holding up various fabrics to her stepsister before shoving a light pink dress at her sister. “You might have to tan a little for this one.”


“I don’t tan.” Mathilde grabbed a dress for herself, rolling her eyes.


“Well, start learning how to!” The two females entered a dressing room and Lukas groaned, rubbing his temples. He stood there arms crossed and bags surrounding his feet, unsure of what he had gotten himself into.


“I told you it was Lukas!”


He froze, turning on his heels and hissing. There was a short, Asian male, gnawing at the straw in his slushie and smirking. Golden eyes examined him and the Thai spoke. “Did Mathilde drag you into it?” He nodded sheepishly. Next to the Asian, a tall Dutchman snorted and crossed his arms.


“Better you than me.”


“What are you two doing here?”


“Kiet needed new swim trunks,” the dull, blond male with the brown lowlights mumbled. “Jake ripped his old ones.” Kiet nodded, smirking. Lukas rolled his eyes and adverted his attention to a rack off dresses.


“Hey! Luke! Look at Svea!” Pushing the Swede from the dressing room, the Dane stepped out. “Ain’t she pretty? Do a li’l turn for him!”


Picking up the short, flowing skirt of the dress, she did as her stepsister said. The dress looked stunning on her – Lukas had to admit – and suited her well. The straps crossed in front, bedazzled in jewels, and her tall, lithe frame made the dress look stunning.


“That’s a great color for you, Svea.”


However, Lukas’ eyes were drawn to the older female.


Mathilde had picked a beautiful, strapless light blue dress. The skirt twirled as she spun around and the top of the dress was covered in sequins. Kiet whistled and Mathilde stopped spinning, smiling at the Thai. “You look awesome, Tilly.”


Lukas’ cobalt eyes scanned over her muscular frame and began to feel a blush creep up to his cheeks. “I agree.”


Mathilde bit her lip, looking down. Svea chuckled darkly, slowly walking back into the dressing room with the Dane in tow. “She looked hot.”


Lukas turned to face the two spiky haired males. “What? Got a problem?” Jan hissed.


“She’s not someone you can toy with.”


Jan snorted, rolling his dull green eyes. “And I don’t care. Isn’t that what you’re doing, Lukas?”


Lukas growled, picking up a bag with shoe boxes tucked into it, and swung his arm back, hitting the Dutchmen in his shins. Kiet stepped back, holding up one hand and trying to calm them down. The girls exited the dressing room just in time to see Jan get up and tackle Lukas, prompting a fight.


* * *


“So… why did you get into a fight with Jan, again?”


“He’s a douche.”


Mathilde chuckled, holding an ice pack up to the Norwegian’s stomach. Lukas flushed, and pouted, trying to pretend he was annoyed by the Dane trying to nurse his wounds. She giggled at his face and flicked his nose.


“What did he do or say?”


Lukas frowned. He wasn’t about to admit he fought her best friend because he didn’t like a comment he made about her (and it was a compliment if you know Jan well). Shrugging in response, he ignored the question and the Dane didn’t ask again.


“Well,” Lukas yawned. “Who are you going to take shopping now that I’m banned from the mall in six months?”


She gave him a wicked smile, before saying, “Lukas, I can turn even Alfred F. Jones into a woman. Once I’m through with you, the world is going to be eating out of the hands of Lucy Thomas.”


Lukas really hoped she was joking.