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In Every Form, I Will Know You.

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Heimdall watches as Thor gets banished from Asgard, the All Father's anger roaring in his ears as he banishes his heir. Heimdall watches as the other son, Loki hides his grief behind white-faced fury and looks to his father. The All Father says nothing. He only gives his remaining son a look before he walks away.

Loki stands there, his eyes still fixed on the closed Bifrost. His hands clench into fists, the only sign of his rage and despair. He stands there for a long time before finally walking away. His face is dead white and his expression is as if it was carved out of stone. 

It is only then that Heimdall wishes he didn't see all.


Jane, Darcy and Eric see what they think is a shooting star and rush towards it, curious to see if it's the last piece of Jane's puzzle.

What they find is a wreckage of sand and stone and a broken woman covered in blood, dust and bruises. 

Darcy is the one that calls for the emergency services while Jane tries to give what little first aid she can in her state until she gives up. She knows if she does anything more, she can end up severely hurting the woman. So she steps away and tells a shocked Darcy to call an ambulance.

Eric is the only one that notices the black cars and the suited man that steps out of the first one.

He is determined to get questions, especially after a short conversation, there are vehicles everywhere. Men are coming with a stretcher and medical paraphernalia and shove the girls away. Darcy fought back, but Jane went with barely an argument. 

When they took the woman past Eric, he could see why Jane had acquiesced so easily. 

The woman had been strapped down and bandaged and it was a miracle that she was still breathing, even with the aid of the oxygen they had hooked up to her. 

It was a miracle that the woman was still alive.

She wasn't human, that was now all too painfully obvious. 

And it was also obvious that someone wanted her and all that she presented. She came from another realm and the government wasn't going to let her go so easily.

That was when it all clicked and Eric understood why the agent introduced himself as Agent Coulson of SHIELD and offered them all jobs on the spot. 


Agent Coulson stands outside the plexiglass walled room and watches the medical personnel work on the woman that had tripped their radars as she had crash landed in the desert. 

Tripped them up was an understatement, if he was being honest. For some reason, her presence had fried quite a bit of their mainframe and weapons database as well as disrupted satellite feeds all over Western  North America. They had quite a bit of work ahead of them and even though Stark Industries and Stark was good, he was still human and had his limitations. 

That was the main reason why SHIELD had gotten involved and dragged the physicists and their assistant along for the ride. They needed all the information that they could get from this intruder and figure out the best way to shore up their defences. Just in case another being that wasn't as messed up as she was.

The medics all cleared out of the room and the head of the team pulled him aside to explain that they had done their best, but only time would tell whether she would even wake up. And if she did wake up, there were a host of other complications they would have to deal with later. 

He didn't have time to ask what else the complications could have been since his phone rang.

Another crash landing had been reported and this time, it wasn't human.

Coulson was on his way to see what it was, leaving the woman in the hospital bed with equipment monitoring her vitals and keeping her alive.


Loki was hiding in the library again. The book he had been trying to read for the past hour was open, but he  had read the same paragraph three times and not absorbed anything at all. 

He was trying. Trying with every ounce of his being to find Thor and bring him and Mjolnir back and start dealing with the fall out the revelations had caused in Asgard. Already, their father was starting to fail. It had cost him quite heavily to send his son away. Despite his personal revulsion at Thor's supposed crime...

Thor was still his son. The supposed heir to Asgard.

"You are my heir now, Loki."  His father had said days after both of them had enough time to deal with their emotions and meet on a civil level. 

"Thor is the oldest." Loki had replied, his tongue clumsy for once in his distress. His father's eye had narrowed and he had shaken his head.

"Thor is no longer fit to rule. Nor is Thor worthy. Of anything that allowed him to be called an Odinson. You are my only son and heir now."

That should have been the end of the conversation, but there was something about that phrasing that kept bothering Loki. It just wouldn't leave him, the double meaning behind those words and the exact phrasing that was used to negate the familial link that Thor had to them. 

There was also how the memory of Thor had been allowed to fade from Asgard's collective memory. Even the Warriors Three and Sif had long stopped talking about Thor. It wasn't because of their disgust of Thor's fall from grace. 

But rather because there was a sorrow so deep that they could only bury it with their silence. 

He could understand sorrow. He was grieving for his brother too.

But he wasn't going to simply let his memory fade away and forget him.


He was going to look for him. To bring him back and damn the consequences. 

He was the heir now and would use his silver tongue to justify his reasons. 

Despite having finally gotten the praise and adoration that he had craved for so long after living in Thor's shadow...he couldn't live without his brother. Despite resenting him and loathing him at times, he was still his brother. His other half. Their connection was much too tangled and complicated to ever be severed.

He had fought against that knowledge for far too long and was now inherently ashamed that after all the times he had wished Thor gone and gotten all that Thor had...he didn't want it since it had come from the complete defeat of his brother at their father's hands.

And it wasn't as sweet a victory as he had once hoped it would be. 

In fact, it was downright bitter.

And that was not something he had foreseen.

Nor had he foreseen how limited and trapped he was in his new role as the favoured son, having to shoulder all the expectations and pitfalls alone. 

He had to get his brother back.


Heimdall knew why Loki was coming to see him after such a long absence from his sight. 

"I cannot see him, Prince Loki."

Loki frowned.

"Has my father forbidden you to seek him? Is that why?"

Heimdall shook his head.

"Only the All Father can see Thor now."

"How is that possible?"

Heimdall sighed. 

"He not only banished Thor. He stripped Thor to his most basic essence and flung him into the universe. I can see far, but even I have my limits."

Loki nodded and took his leave from Heimdall, who knew that Loki would find some way to see what was hidden even from him. 

Once the prince had gone, Heimdall turned his gaze back to the world, but his sight was directed towards Midgard. It was a faint spark, so faint that he imagined it and moved his great sight onto the other reaches of time and space.


Darcy clutched her coffee cup and took a sip as she slowly walked past the ICU room that the woman they had found was in. She felt a bit weird at coming to see the blonde woman, but the pity she felt at overshadowed anything awkward she might have felt at regularly visiting a comatose alien, if Coulson was to be believed. 

She didn't believe it herself. Not when the alien in question was hooked up to several machines and had tubes and wires running in an d out of her. Not to mention the casts and braces around her battered body. If the woman ever woke up, she would be lucky to even be able to sit up by herself. Yes, she had survived the landing...but there had been damage. 

And something else. But that she wasn't really supposed to know about, so she didn't speculate.

It wasn't that Darcy wasn't curious, but rather she was more pragmatic than anything else.

Not only was it NOT her business to speculate, but she figured that the woman had enough problems that weren't a mystery or theoretical, so what was the point in wondering?

She took another sip and entered the room, careful to not get too close to the ventilator or lines. 

"Hey. You're looking better, Blossom." Darcy commented as she put her coffee cup down on the nightstand and took her usual seat beside the bed. 

Jane hadn't liked it when Darcy started calling the woman that. It made sense to Darcy though. Since the woman really did look like Sleeping Beauty to her, with her long gold hair and strong, but beautiful features once the bruises and contusions had faded. 

"Besides, she technically IS sleeping and we're just waiting for her to wake up." Darcy concluded, making Jane shake hear head and laugh ruefully at the logic. 

(And also due to the fact that she was surprised that Darcy, of all people, knew the name of a Disney Princess)

Darcy had found it odd to talk to her, but in time, it got to be a routine. She liked having someone to talk to about anything that was going on in her mind and not be interrupted. Or be worried that she wasn't being listened to or that the other person thought she was stupid and strange. 

There was comfort in that and she had also read somewhere in a long forgotten psych class that talking to the comatose actually did help in stimulating the brain and hopefully help in bringing back the person to consciousness again.

So it wasn't just selfishness on Darcy's part and besides, she really hoped that the woman would wake up and be okay. Even though the evidence was there that it was more than likely not going to be the case. Blossom may have survived the fall, but even she must have some limits. 

Darcy shook her head and looked closely at Blossom again. It wasn't just her imagination. Blossom was looking much healthier. Her skin had lost that pale waxiness and was looking almost healthy. Her eyes had started to move behind her closed eyelids. Darcy frowned and moved closer to her and realized that even though the ventilator was breathing for her, Blossom's breathing would occasionally hitch before smoothing into that mechanical breathing pattern again.

"That's not right." Darcy murmured to herself as she stood up to take a closer look. In the last two months that she had been coming, she hadn't seen this happening. She knew she should get a nurse or a doctor in there, but she also knew that it could just be an autonomous response. 

She waited to see if anything else would happen, but when nothing did, she sat back down and grabbed her coffee. Her fingers had just closed around the cup when the loud sound of the ventilator beeping filled the room.

She whipped her head around to see Blossom's eyes were wide open and shocked as she fought the ventilator and her hands scrabbled weakly against the tube. Darcy forgot her coffee and pressed the nurse's call button to get help and once the nurses and doctors started flooding in, got out of the way.

Once she was in the hallway and watching the medical personnel work, she went straight to the nurses station and picked up the phone, dialling the number by memory.


"Jane, get over here! Blossom's woken up!"



Loki's eyes open at the sound of his name and he gasps when he sees who has woken him up.

Thor is lying in bed next to him, looking like the last time they had shared the bed together: messy hair spilling over his shoulders, bite marks all over his neck and upper chest and mouth swollen from kissing.

He knew it was a dream. There was no way that Thor himself was in his bed. He was gone not just from Asgard, but from all the other realms. 

He had tried to look for him with every spell and trick at his disposal. 

But he was gone, It was as if he hadn't ever existed and although part of him wanted to give into despair and stop...the larger part of him was still determined to find Thor and bring him back.

"Where are you, brother?"

Loki asked, sitting up and looking at his brother.

"You know."

Loki scowled. 

"I've looked everywhere for you, Thor! If I knew, do you think I'd be asking you?"

Thor shook his head.

"You aren't looking properly Loki. Try again."

Thor replied, his shape shifting and blurring before it disappeared into nothingness.

That was when Loki woke up and cursed himself for being so obtuse.

"Well played, brother. I didn't think you had it in you."