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The Urinal

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 It was the first day of shooting The Boondock Saints, as well as their friendship, but Sean and Norman already liked each other a lot. Sean really enjoyed Norman’s company on set and loved his harsh sense of humor. Norman liked Sean’s sexy v-neck, broad shoulders and, of course, his crotch bulge. The sight of his muscular arms made Norman swoon and he, once again, felt like a sixteen year old locked up deep in the closet. Usually he found hitting on men easy but all his sexual harassments were taken as friendly teases and by the end of the day, Norman was helplessly watching Sean become best friends with himself.

 “Have you read the whole thing?” Sean asked Norman as he flicked through the screenplay, legs resting on the table the cast members were gathered around. “We’ll have to run ‘round with blood stained bathrobes,” he said, laughing. Norman felt his cock twitch in his pants at the thought of Sean in a bathrobe- oh, fucking hell, he’d have to see that himself, eventually. Actually, there were a lot scenes that included the two men almost naked, wich made him more nervous than excited. He's never been able to control his erections and if Sean kept being this attractive, some hardships awaited Norman.

 “I have,” he said, trying desperately to share Sean’s laughter. “There’s also a scene where you carry a fuckin' toilet bowl in that bathrobe.”

 The whole room bursted out laughing. 

 “Oh, speaking of toilet bowls, I have to pee,” announced Sean loudly. Enjoying the friendly environment, few of the crew members found it funny and kept laughing, but Norman had something different in mind.

 “Me too,” he said, getting up almost as if he was synchronized to Sean. He glanced at Norman for a second but Norman acted like he didn’t notice, like absolutely nothing was awkward, like there wasn’t a big fireball in his stomach. Surprisingly, the long walk to the men’s room wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Sean kept making his funny remarks on literally everything, and Norman kept giggling like a schoolgirl. He held the door for Sean and watched him take one of the four urinals, all of them unoccupied. He directly went for the one right next to Sean’s, and was surprised when he saw a faint hint of a smirk on his beautiful mouth.

 “I’m excited about all those gunfight scenes, man,” Sean said, enthusiasm dripping from his voice. He looked over, waiting for a response but what he saw was Norman staring down at his penis.

 “Nice dick,” he said without thinking and immediately regretting it. After a few milliseconds that felt like weeks to Norman, Sean snorted. Norman wanted to kick himself in the balls. Fuck, why'd he have to say that? Amongst all the times he has hit on straight men, he has never been this much of a faggot. He was feeling like crawling in a toilet cabin and weep, and perhaps jack off, yet Sean seemed to be perfectly comfortable with the situation. Norman turned around to wash his hands and did it as slowly as possible to avoid eye contact with Sean, who was probably flashing that gorgeous smirk to himself, still standing at the urinal with his dick hanging out.

 Norman was ready to flee as fast as he could when his insides melted into a puddle upon hearing the words that came out of Sean's mouth.

 "That's funny. I thought yours was the nicest I've seen."