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It's Bad

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As John Winchester sits in his favourite recliner chair in the living room; his favourite as it was the first thing he brought when he moved into his new house with his new wife - Mary. Its brown material has more holes in it the moons crater, it doesn’t go with any of the décor and it annoys the hell out of Mary ‘it’s the damn ugliest thing I have ever seen, John, it needs to go’ ‘It’s not ugly’ john would reply in a fake hurt voice ‘it’s got character’. No way would he throw it away, it’s perfectly placed in that he can watch the TV but also join in conversation without seeming rude. It was the only piece of furniture that saw every memory in the house, good and bad. It was the place where Mary informed him she was pregnant – both times, where Sam took up the nerves to ask him how he should propose to Jess (the first and only serious conversation they had ever had) and the announcement of both of his sons had successfully completed university. It was the place John had spanked his kids on several occasions, the place he sat waiting for his eldest to sneak back home after stealing the car, getting drunk – driving said car on the night he was grounded and not allowed to leave the house. John remembers that memory well. Dean was only 16 and John was furious – after sending both Sam and Mary to bed (both unable to sleep with worry) John spins his favourite chair around and sits, staring at the door for his son to arrive. Which he did- closing the door with an added ‘shh’ when it made a banging noise, shoes in hand perfecting his sneaky walk, gently putting the keys back so no one would notice they had gone missing and making a bee line for the stairs on his tip toes trying not to make a sound. John had to conceal his amusement when he cleared his throat to inform of his presence. It’s a story John loves to tell at family parties – hilarious now but not at the time and it still to this day humiliates Dean who groans when the words ‘when Dean was 16’ are spoken.

John sits there grinning at the memory. He looks round his house and his is content with what he sees. He never pictured his life like this when as a spotty 14 year old lad, walked straight up to Mary Campbell and asked her if he could take her out on a date ‘If you don’t want to that’s fine, I completely understand’ he remembers rambling on. Heart hammering in his chest so loud he misses the ‘yeah I’ll go out with you’ that he has to ask her to repeat it. He is the luckiest guy in the world he thinks, when he was able to turn that date into a relationship with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He thought he blew it when he announced at 17 he was going to join the marines on his 18th birthday, Mary had been devastated but had backed him up every step of the way. Especially, on his return from Vietnam – the things John had seen would give him nightmares, but Mary got him through it all and it was that moment when he would stare into her emerald eyes as she stroked his sweaty hair away from his forehead that John realised this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

What a life it is, he spins round taking in his living room. The bookshelf on the back wall has little books; it’s covered in head to toe in family photos. Baby Sam and Dean, Deans first football team photo, Sam’s first ever ‘A’ paper is framed there too, slightly yellowed in age – entitled ‘my hero by Samuel Winchester aged 4’, both graduation photos of his boys are on there, Sam’s wedding day photo, baby Jack cradled in Jess’ arms with Sam beaming from ear to ear at the hospital – a photo Jess always moans about as she says she is a horrible mess after being in labour for 9 hours to have Mary taking a million and one photos of her new grandson. Jack has his own shelf dedicated to just him – floppy blonde hair, Jack is the spitting image of Dean when he was 4, which annoys Sam to no end when this is pointed out ‘his mother is blonde what do you expect?’

Yeah John was happy. He had a brilliant house, a fantastic wife (who’s 30 year anniversary was just around the corner), raised two beautiful boys. Sam graduating from Stanford with full honours at the top of his class and now a fully qualified lawyer has a family off his own. Dean was just happy working along his old man and ‘uncle’ bobby as a mechanic until his history teacher at school informed him he had the potential to go to university if that’s the direction he wanted – he would excel in a history degree. He didn’t think anything off it until Sam started filling out applications for him and several universities replied showing interests, Dean buckled down and went further and got a teacher qualification, Dean always considered himself ‘not smart like Sam’ which John would forever shout at him for. If anything Sam was a little strange – school had always come easy for him. It embarrassed Dean when instead of him helping Sam with his homework; Sam had turned round at 10 years of age and helped the 15 year old Dean with his. They had not seen him work harder when he decided he wanted to become a teacher, it had gotten hard at times, but he pushed and succeeded. It had been one of John and Marys proudest moments when Dean informed he had managed to get a teaching job in New York. True Dean didn’t have a family of his own but he loved his Mom, Dad and little brother – Jess was immediately like the sister he never had and Jack believes Dean is batman – mainly for the fact Dean told him he was and off course whatever Uncle Dean says must be true. That’s when Johns eyes finally see his favourite photo – a big family picture, him, Mary, Jess, Sam, Jack and Dean. All in All John hadn’t done to badly.

A cough behind him gets his attention

“What are you grinning about?”

John looks into the eyes of Mary and he realises he loves her more and more each day – if that’s possible.

“How perfect my life is”

“You had a few too many, Mr Winchester?”

“Mrs Winchester, what an assumption”

“Well, Mrs Winchester is very lonely upstairs. Are you coming to bed” John had got home quite late from Bobby’s house after having ‘one drink’ which led to several which led to
John walking in at 3am.

She holds out her hand, he grabs it and stands up. At that moment the phone rings. They both stare at each other.

“It’s 4am – who is calling at this time”

John gives Mary a reassuring smile, the last time they got an early morning phone call it was to inform Mary’s mother had passed away, so calls like this always put Mary on edge.

Holding Marys hand and he answers the phone with his other


“ It’s Dean” came a croaky voice on the other end of the phone which sounded nothing like his eldest

“Dean” he looks at May with a confused look “what are you doing calling at this time son”

“I know it’s late and I am really sorry to ring. Ooooo” a pause “I know Mom hates these calls oooo” A pause “I really need your help Dad”

“Dean you are panicking me now, what’s wrong”

There isn’t a reply but John can hear breathing on the other end, he looks at Mary who is still holding his hand, she mouths ‘what’s going on’ John shrugs and responds the only
way he knows Dean will reply – he turns Corporal .

“Dean I need you tell me what’s going on son”

There is defiantly crying at the end of the phone now, John turns to Mary and mouths ‘he crying’ Mary reaches for the phone and places it so both John and her can listen

“Deano, its Mom – What’s going on sweetie?”

There’s an intake of breath. “Mommy? No no please, I can’t tell you. Please, please give dad the phone.”

John takes the phone “Dean I’m here” Mary is staring eyes wide with fear, chewing on her nails. Dean hasn’t called her Mommy since he was 15 when he suffered terrible migraines.

“Dad…I’ve been arrested”

“What? Why”

Deans talking fast now as if to get it out quicker will hurt less

“The police broke into my house a few hours ago. I was asleep. They dragged me out. God Dad. All I was wearing were my briefs. They took things from my house as evidence.

"Dad I don’t know what to do”

“Dean, why? Why have you been arrested?”

Mary's hand grabs on to Johns arm

“There’s…there’s been an accusation at school by one of the students dad” Deans crying hard now “O god, dad, one of the students at school has said I…said I”

“Said what Dean”

“It’s…bbbad dddad. The student said I raped her ddddad…Dad they’ve arrested me for sexual abuse and rape charges”

“O my god”

“Dad I need you please, I didn’t do this. I didn’t. Please you have to believe me…dad Please”


“No Dad it’s not ok, their calling me a paedophile”

“Dean I’m coming for you ok…Dean ok”

“I need you to believe me. I’m not…I didn’t…please dad…please believe me. I am not a paedophile”