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Awkward and Unexpected First Times

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The sun shown through the small cell window, waking Daryl abruptly from his deep sleep. He rose and cracked his knuckles, prepared to take on a day filled with walkers and supply runs.


He ushered himself out of bed and heard quiet cooing sounds from the stairwell. Daryl gathered another shirt and began to make his way out of the small room where he made his home. Beth was at the stairs, holding Judith and slowly bouncing her up and down.


"Mornin' Beth." Beth looked up, not surprised at his early arrival.


"Morning Daryl" Her southern twang rang loudly in the silent cell-block.


"How's my baby girl this morning?" Daryl walked over to Judith, laid down his extra shirt and began tickling her belly. Beth blushed and smiled.


"Judy’s good. Woke me up a little earlier than usual but it was all right. "


"Yeah she's doing that lately huh. I wonder what that's about" Judith giggled and grabbed Daryl's finger. Daryl smiled one of those rare smiles he only shows to Judith.


"Well I'll see you at breakfast Beth. I'm also going on a run later if you need anything."


"Thanks Daryl. I'll make a list for ya. "




Daryl nodded and went downstairs to the designated shower room. He turned the water on and began to strip his clothes off.


Stepping under the water, he sighed and scrubbed his greasy hair with what little soap he could conjure. As he was washing his hair, he didn't hear the knocking on the door or the turning of the handle.


"Daryl? Daryl you forgot your shirt." Beth said as she entered the shower area. She looked up to see Daryl, fully naked under the light stream of water. Daryl looked up, shocked and quickly recovered, trying to cover himself with a pair of dirty pants.


"Christ Beth. What're you doin'?"


"You just forgot your shirt." She stuttered, looking at the ground. A warm blush spread across her pale cheeks.


"Just uh set it down over there on the uh bench. " Daryl awkwardly gestured towards the door as Beth stood there, speechless and unsure of what to do.


"Beth." She looked up from where she was staring at his bare chest. Beth looked up, her blue grey eyes meeting his bright blue ones. She shakily walked towards the bench and set his shirt down.


"I uh better check on Judy. " Beth said and left with the door banging behind her.




Beth stood outside the door to the shower stall and laid her head against the wall. She could hear the water hitting against the concrete floor and she imagined Daryl standing under its spray. She thought about his broad chest and the toned muscles that left no need for a creative imagination.


How perfect would it be to run her hands over those toned abs? Beth thought to herself. No, no, now is not the time for that. She shook her head and the thoughts dissipated as she slowly walked away.


He is quite nice though, when he does talk to me and he’s always sweet to Judy, Beth thought. Beth had to admit though, she had a bit of a crush on him ever since he arrived at the farm.




Daryl sat underneath the fading stream of water and sighed. He wasn’t expecting Beth to walk in like that but who can blame her. He left this shirt there and she, of course, was a Good Samaritan.


I just hope she didn’t see my back, he thought angrily to himself. But seeing her, all flustered and all, had him thinking. Her delicate blond hair, her vibrant blue eyes… She was beautiful and she had this delicate way about her, fragile but strong, stronger than anyone he ever knew. A pang of sorrow for her drove through his heart and for what reason he did not know. But with her innocence and power, something had resonated within him.




After breakfast, Daryl was gathering up his various weapons in his cell when there was a slight knock on his door. He looked up to see Beth, standing in the doorway, and holding a scrap of paper in her hand.



"Beth, what are ya doin’ here?"



"I came to give you a list of stuff Judy needs." She offered the crumpled paper and looked apologetically at Daryl.



"You know that offer applies to you too, right Beth?"



"I don't need anything Daryl. Honestly I'm fine with what I've got."



"Alright Beth. If ya say so then. " He said dismissively. Knowing that gruff edge to his voice was a sign to leave Beth dropped the paper on his bed and turned to leave.



“I’m sorry about what happened this morning. I didn’t know what I was doing.” She said. "I'll see you around Daryl. " Her shoulders hunched as she turned to leave with an air of disappointment.



"Ah hell. Beth wait." Daryl grabbed her tiny wrist and pulled her back into his cell. Beth looked up at him with surprise in her eyes.



"What it is Daryl?" She sighed.


"Ah hell," he said again, looking around his cell. He bent down leaving Beth with no option to answer and kissed her. Beth stiffened then relaxed into his warm embrace letting his tongue explore her pliant mouth. She let her hands wander under his shirt, grasping at the muscles that were imprinted in her mind.


Daryl stiffened fully aware of the scars that covered his back. Beth broke the kiss and looked into Daryl's panicked eyes.


"It's okay Daryl. I saw them. They're nothing to be ashamed of, it's just something from your past, nothing more." In that moment, Daryl never felt so at ease and safe than ever before.


He kissed her with such passion that was unbeknownst to him or Beth. All responsibilities were forgotten as Daryl led Beth to his small bed. She rushed to take off his leather vest and stained shirt.


Her hands traced light over the skin and scars. Daryl's hands traced her sides, grasping at the hem of her shirt and yanking over her head. Her blond hair fell apart as Daryl dragged his fingers through the delicate, gold strands.


Lips bruised and aching for more, Daryl began sucking a sweet spot on Beth's neck. Beth moaned softly then yelped as Daryl lightly nipped her soft skin. Beth toed her boots off as Daryl unbuttoned her jeans. She reached for Daryl's jeans but he gently took them away.



"But I wanna-" Beth began to protest.



"There'll be plenty of time for that later." Daryl said with a raised eyebrow. He again took her lips and Beth sat down on the edge of his bed.


"I wanna touch you Daryl, all of you." Beth said wantonly, her big blue eyes pleaded with his.


“Alright, Beth, alright." He groaned and slid his boots then pants off. Daryl rolled on top of Beth, kissing her and tracing the tops of her breasts with light finger-tips. Beth moaned and slid her delicate fingers under the waistband of his boxers. She firmly grasped his length in her hand and began to pump slowly but confidently.


Daryl groaned and reached his fingers into Beth's panties. Finding her slick with want, he circled her clit and opening, making Beth arch her back and pump him faster. Pre-come beaded Daryl's tip and Beth spread it onto her finger. She brought the finger into her mouth sucking it clean. Daryl groaned loudly and rutted against her leg. He kissed her, tasting himself in her mouth as she brought her hand back to his swollen cock.


Daryl suddenly inserted a finger into Beth making her moan and pant into his mouth. Her fingers expertly tickled the spot behind his balls and pumped him faster, matching his pace as he alternated between penetrating her with his fingers and rubbing her clit. Daryl felt his balls tighten with the force of an oncoming orgasm.


"Jesus Christ Beth. When did ya learn to give a job like that?" Beth laughed.


"Sorry Daryl it's a trade secret." Beth let out a high pitched moan when Daryl hit a particularly sensitive spot.



"Ya like that Bethy?" She moaned again as he repeatedly teased her clit. Beth pumped him faster until Daryl's balls contracted and sent pearls of white liquid across her hand. Daryl sighed and his teasing faltered with the force of his release. He bent his head on her collarbone and took deep breaths.


Beth brought her wet hand to her mouth and began to suck her fingers. Daryl groaned and resumed his touch while keeping eye contact with Beth. His hand was soaked in her wetness and he slid his fingers in one more time before she came. Her eyes rolled back and she arched her back with pleasure. Daryl rubbed his palm over her mound and pinched her clit, forcing her to ride out her orgasm.


Beth collapsed with Daryl kissing his way up to her lips. He nuzzled his head against her neck and Beth sighed enjoying the comfort she longed for. Daryl wrapped her up in his arms and pressed a kiss to her hair. They allowed themselves a few more minutes of peace before Daryl got up and began to get dressed. As soon as they were dressed and somewhat decent, Beth and Daryl shared one last look.


"You still have that list Daryl?" Beth said sweetly.


"Yeah. Why?"


"I need to add something. " Daryl handed her the list. She quickly wrote something and put it into his pocket.


"I'll be seeing you later Mr. Dixon." Beth winked and left his cell. Daryl unfolded the paper she left him and glanced at the last thing written on it.


It said,