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                J an K gotted in Presdant Licans spesal president time mashine to go buck in time to TEEN FORTRESS 2. “Im scare J, we never backed in past befour.” K cried lick baby. “Dont worry I did in Men in Back 3 so Ill show u the ropes.” They time mashined into the tim streem were thins was all wavy an slow mo. “WATS GOIN OWN?!?!?!?1/1” Scared K.

                “W3e are in teh time streem, wach out theres are stop!” Both jomped out an landed at Portal High School. Next J an K put on sort shorts that was sooo tiny they was almos like panteys an crop tops an thongs an flipe flops but kept tere glazes. Now they locked like reglar tennagers and cold be undercober loachasun Teen Fortress 2. K started to go into school but eh herd.

                “SHAKE IT BAKE IT BOOTY QAKE IT ROLL IT A ROUND!” J sung an dance an shake butt all jiggly wiggly. “J stop foolin round we need to find Teen Fortress 3.” K deadpanned so J stoped but frown. “U never let me haf any fun =(” K taked a boom out of his thing an throo it at door to explode it up. “ZOOM ZAM BIM BAM BOOOOM!!121” The door said an exploted then J an K raned in.

                A mussely guy an a other guy walk upt at them. “OMG are u new studants?” Cave Jonson (the GOOD ONE HO USED TO BE GABE) said an wave. The other guy was Tatman. “Yah we are lookin for Teen Fortress 2 we want to be there new frends.” J gangsta voiced tryin a be cool an hip to imprise Gave.

                “LOL they are graduated an dont heer any more there in collage lernin to be fiters for Redman an Bluman now that there TEAM FORTRESS 2.” Ratman said to them. “We dont no were they went but a guy dose. Hes a new studan name Gale Thunderpants.” J an K nodded, then take pens with glowies on them to FLASH so Gabe an Ratman didant rember what happened.

                K roundhose kicked a door down so the went in there. Mr. Pursell was teechin the class bout The Histiry but stoped wen he saw J an K. “OMFG I tole Principal Bisness Man there cannot new studans!11!z” He was relay mad an crazy like a tigar or wale. “Ots okay sir we just need to speek to Gale Thunderpunts.” J put is the are for peece sine. “Im sorry but he bissy. Im trying to teech the histry so leeve now!” Mr. Purcell had jus been diagnosed with kancer an alheemzrs an lots of gall an kidney stallones so he was relay madangry at sosiety. K sat his head down lick sad then look up.

                “Im sorry Mr. Pursell but I have no choose.” K did a awsum pose lick an a amine or sumthin. Cool musik started to play an….. HE MATRIXED MER. PURSELLL!~!! “He wuill be ok in a few ares.” K flashed the studans wile J serched them for Gale.

                “HE ISE IN THE BATH ROOM HES BEEN THERE A LONG TIME U THINK HES HAS A CONTSIPATE!1!~~!” J nod an snaped the guys neck. Onse K was done flashin they went to nathroom. “Get reddy this cold be a trap.” K nocked on da door but nothin happened so openeded it.

                “ARERRRRRGIGUGUGUGUGUGUGHHH!!” It was…. a SOOPER MUTANT FROM FALLOWT!!2 It wasall mussely with lots plimples that were skwirtin pos all over the plase an makin it gross to be in there.

                “OH HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL NO!” J grumped he tire of fitin these. The Sooper Mutant angered at J an pickd up a toylet to throw at him. But K shot toylet out of his arms with a gun. Mumtant was soooo mad that he shot pos at Ks an the puss got all in his is to blind him but glasses hit first so he ok.

                J jamped into the are an threw shorrikens inot the mutans face to rupture hes brane an guts. K got behind an reeched up the soopers spesal place an pulled its intetines out then strungled him with them. Thems the monster died from no are breathin. “Good fitin K!” J hi fived to K.

                Now tat the beest was died a guy came from the toylet. “Thanks for killin him Im Gale Thunderpants.” He said wavin. He looked round to maek shore none was listenin. “Spect my reel name is Ron Weesley Im from British serchin for my frend Harry. Hes got amneesha an got plastik surgery so he looks diffrant an is named WHeatly haf u seen him?”

                “No Sorray we are only lookin for Teanm Fortress 2 an a mussely guy sad u new were they was at collage.” K went. Gale thot for a min (he was gettin kinna un comfterable at there sexay bodis becos he had to stay troo to his REEL LIFE LOVE Hermoany).

                “They are at Half Life Collage (LOL GET IT BECOS ITS PORTAL HIGH SCHOOL SO COLLAGE IS HALF LILFE LOL).” Gale say at laste. “Thanks dood!” J. So they leaved but had to stole a car sins the time mashine didant bring one with them. “HEY MY KAR!!2” It was….. Ringmaister! He an the flamer trollz had gotted a ressurekshun becos there kill had been for dark majik so wen Wulf defractled the boom happened to magic streems and they made the alive agane. “ILL GET U FOR THIS AGJUNTS J AN K!1@!@!!!!!!33” But they was already drivin off.

                “K were is Halflife Collage School?” J aksed wile reedin a funny book. “I donut no we will half (lol) to drive fast to fin out.” They flowed the street sines with care an smartly wile stoppin for school busses so they woodant crash or end up lick Katty Smithereens.

                The Half Life came up fast an low with a hair girl wavin for help. Sheee was playin a game slav. “Help my boifrend Demopan is danger!” Demonan? He was a TREEN FORTRESS 2 this a big cloo so J an K pulled ovary. “A badman name Alexander taked offer the collage an is killin ebery 1. Teen Fortress 2 is fitin fast an hard but Alecander used a orbs to make monsters cume an help him.” J an K braved an ran into collage to kill Aleander.

                Insid the collage the walls was all covered in meet an the way wass blocked. “NO! MEET IS OPPOSED TO BE INSIDE NOT WALLS!~!!!!@!2” K was RELAY MAD becos he was biolojy mager. “Well haf to eet to get throo.” J said as a smartly so they ated all the meet but it wasant cooked so they got intetinal parasites like tapworms.  

                It good think they didant have amneesha becos on othar side it wass a dark desent (LOL I BEEN WAITIN THE HOLE STORYA TO USE THAT P1UN)! K got owt flaslite to lite up the room an saw the bad.

                A ton of grunts an broots an the water thing u cant see was there. “I am gottin to old for this!” Joked K with funny. J didant have time for silly becos he was itchin for a kill. “ITS AKSHUN TIME!!1” He did doble summer salt  front flip to land in teh monsters an started shottin there faces of with his magum pistols (accept the broots, becos they didant haf faces). K taked out a cannon an fired to kill lots at onse.

                They had kill lots gbut more were comin from other places an the wall meet was gettin in there bisness but… a huge fat crushed throo the wall lick the Koolaid Man but wasnt Koolaid Man it was…. HEABY!!! “OH YEAH!!1” Heavy funnied an J an K lolled. Witth his gun Sasa they moed down all the grunts an broots an water thins all qwick an done. “Weres the rest of Teen Fortress 2?” K deadpanned.

                “There are bein prisnor by Alezander we must safe them!” Heavy russianed an ran to the final boss room. A guy name Daniel was hidin in a shadow to kill Alexener 2 but he toooo scared so J shot him in hed.

                J K an Heavy fot losta bosses an killed Grunts Broots an wter things an finlay got to Principal Gordon Freemans offace but he wasant there becos Alexender taked over and made him leeve. Heavy slummed the door down with Sasa an they ranned to see…. ANLEXANDER WAS BLU AN NAKED!1!!!

                “HELPP!12!!” Cry the otter Teen Fortress 2 all tyed up ready for a sakrifase an a Grunt was rapin Spy as poetic justace for the time he tried to adultary wif Carolime. “KILL MEEE!!@!!” He frenched but noone cared.

                Heavy ranned to untie tEEN Fortress 2 by shottin there ropes with Sasa wile J an K fited with Alexanderp. “ENUFF I WILL KILL U NOW!11~!!!!” But J noiced Alexandas naked so he put the magum pistol in his man balls an pulled trigger…

                “KAAAAABOOMBOBMO WAMAJAM JAM!!!!” Screemed Alecksander as his balls was got shot but the bullet went up to keep goin an killed his heart. Then he died.

                “Thanks guys we cudant have one it without u.” The Scot said to J an K. “DEMMY!!” Gaz screemed lower than even Alexander an runned to Demoman an started makin out with him.

                K stood up to full mast an brave speeched them. “Listans ever one. Marrissa Roberts is in dangerous from the most evel flamerzz ever. We need sum strong dudes to safe her are you in?” An effery 1 said YAAAAAAY relay lowd. “THEN LETS GO SAFE MARRISSA!!1!” Scowt said an all Teen Fortress 2 got weapons an bonk kola an medikals an went wif K an J ot the time mashine to the future.