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When I Close My Eyes

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When I Close My Eyes


They had a summertime wedding outside on a beautiful July morning. After a perfect honeymoon which resulted in the two lovebirds being turned into lobsters (it was ungodly hot in Mexico this time of year), they moved into a large house that would be perfect to raise children – hopefully three boys and three girls.


However, that’s when things came crashing down. Birgitta had gotten pregnant twice since them, but they both ended in a miscarriage. Finally, after the second time, she demanded they go talk to the doctor and get options worked out for them.


“I’m sorry,” the redheaded doctor with the crystal blue eyes frowned and the couple sat across from her. “Birgitta, it’s just… your body cannot support a child and yourself. Plus, with your medical record… it would just be best not to try…”


The blonde haired female inhaled, adjusting her glasses. “So you’re saying I can’t?”


“No,” the woman shook her head. The wheat colored haired man turn to his bride, and then back to the woman as she continued on. “I’m advising that you don’t. You really shouldn’t… I know, this must be hard… but the outcome could be horrendous…”


“And what would that be?”


The Finnish man had known her since he was sixteen and they had been married for four (since they wanted to get it done with and not wait until after college like Mathilde and Lukas), and this was the most Birgitta had even said to one person.


“You could deliver the baby prematurely, causing various health issues and even death…” He almost felt bad for her. His wife was intimidating enough as it was, and to have her almost accusing you of being the reason she couldn’t have children was probably putting her in an uneasy spot. “And carrying it full term will take a toll on your health enough to… to kill you… or the baby… or both.”


Birgitta nodded, looking over at her husband. “Thank you for your time, Dr. Brown,” she said, slinging her purse over her shoulder and walking out. The indigo eyes man hissed and waved goodbye to the woman.


“Hey, Gitta,” the Finnish man said, grabbing her arm. “Slow down, Birgitta! What’s up?” She grunted, her blue eyes casted down and her posture slumped over. “Oh… I know you really wanted your own children… but we could adopt, you know?”


“She never said we couldn’t…”


“Dr. Brown said she didn’t advise for us to have any,” he frowned. “So therefore, we shouldn’t.”


“We have all this space, Tino!” she grumbled. “Do you know how long it could take before we can actually adopt?”


“We can rent out a room or two!” Tino suggested. His smile lit up his face, but she still looked gloomy. “It’ll also give us some extra money too! So it’s kind of a win-win?”




She turned her back towards him and began to walk away. “Hey! Where you goin’?” he shouted, chasing after the Swedish woman.


* * *


Two weeks later, Tino was hammering a sign that read “Room For Rent” into their front yard.


“How much for the first month?”


Looking up, he examined the tall, slender female before him. She was young with sandy blonde hair and eyes as deep and sparkling as the blue ocean. She smiled, and her slightly bushy eyebrows quirked. “Well?” She wore hear long hair in a fishtail, a hat snuggly on her head.


“Uhm, hi,” he reached forward, taking her hand. “I’m Tino Väinämöinen.” She smiled, and nodded.


“I’m Piper Kirkland,” she introduced herself.


“A Kirkland?” he sounded shock. She nodded, humming in confirmation. “Really? How are you related?”


“Alice, Lewis, Ethan, Logan, and Conor are my older siblings,” she began to explain as he led her into the house. “Although I only hear from Alice and Lewis. I’m a senior in high school and Conor decided to up and sell the house, leaving me with no place.”


“That’s awfully rude,” Tino remarked, nodding his head. “But Alice was a grade ahead of me in high school, so I know her pretty well.”


“I’ll say!” she snorted. “Anyway, my options were to either rent a room for cheap or move to England to study with her.” Her face twisted up as she sat down on the sofa next to him. “But the thing is Alice doesn’t want me studying marine biology. She wants me to be something a proper lady would do.”


“So you’re looking for a place to stay?” Birgitta entered the room and crossed her arms. “Ah, Birgie! This is Piper. She’s a Kirkland! And she’s interested in renting out one of the rooms!”


“Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Väinämöinen,” she stood up, trying to play it off as formal and reached for head hand. After hesitantly shaking it, the Swedish woman turned to her husband.


“How much are you asking of her?”


“I was going to ask you that,” he responded to her question standing up. “We aren’t asking much.”


“You’ll pay one hundred and fifty,” she started in. “You help keep the place clean and you don’t disrupt me when I am in the piano room. Understand?” Piper nodded and smiled.


“This is perfect! Thank you so much! I’ll even pitch in for groceries and cook and…!” Birgitta held up her hand, cutting off the enthusiastic teen.


“You also will give us twenty-four hours warning when you plan on having guest come over.” A pregnant pause. “Two days notice when you have boys coming over, as Tino does have the best shot next to Vash Zwingli and will not hesitate to shoot.”


“I will!” Piper squealed and embraced the Swede. “Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Väinämöinen!”


The Finn laughed, “Call me Tino!”


“And call me Birgitta.”


Piper pulled away and gave the Finn a big hug as well. “Okay, I can do that.” She smiled and told them she’d bring her things over tomorrow. As she left, Tino walked out and removed the sign from the front yard, smiling as his wife looked up at the sky.


Piper moved in and everything seemed to go smoothly with her around. She wasn’t too much trouble and Birgitta seemed to like her quite a bit. She taught her how to bake and play piano, while Piper taught her how to sew and sculpt. Tino took part in these activities as well and they almost were like a family unit.


However, that was going to change in January the following year. The next year would bring a lot of change, and only time would tell if they could handle it.