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Cantar mi Lovino

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So this is actually something I had on but I wanted to post it over here as well. Please enjoy this story! I own nothing though that'd be fun to own people/characters but sadly fun for me lol

Cantar Mi Lovino: Song One


            The city of Mantua was filled with life and music as voices were heard singing from windows and open doors and the fingers of musicians played their instruments. The sun was bright and beaming down on the city's people, who walked the streets happily with friends and family. The occasional scooter drove past the pedestrians who moved over slightly to avoid being run over. The buildings spread about along the streets showed the signs of age as their older stones became worn out by time. Looking around it was no wonder this city was known as such an artistic, cultural, and musical place. This was truly the best decision Antonio had made in his entire life.


            "This is really my kind of city! I'm so glad I moved here!" Antonio exclaimed excitedly as he stretched in the sun, causing some of the people around him in the plaza to give him a funny look.


            His sun-kissed skin welcomed the warmth gladly, his green eyes shining brightly as he took in his surroundings. Antonio took a big breath before grabbing his bags and walking down the path towards his new place. It wasn't exactly in the best part of town and it wasn't the prettiest thing to look at, but it was going to be home now. Antonio just smiled cheerfully like he always did when he arrived to the building. It was tall with four floors, four windows on each floor, and the strangest colored green body with red shutters on each window. It really stuck out amongst the older historical places making Antonio think it was fairly recent. Antonio shrugged; it wasn't like home, but of course this wasn't Spain. So he couldn't expect things to be just like they were back home.


            "I'll unpack my things and then go visit my new workplace," Antonio told himself as he walked into the building.


            His new job was the very reason he had moved so far from home. In this Italian city his good friend, Francis, had opened a show place where he put on performances for the city folk. Antonio had been enlisted to play guitar when Francis found himself with a guitarist who wanted to travel around the world instead of sticking around. Antonio thought it was lucky of him to be picked for such a thing since he greatly loved playing. Now it was his chance to build himself a reputation and hopefully become a renowned guitarist that'd make all his family back home proud.


            Once everything had been settled in his new rooms, Antonio pulled out the instructions to Francis' business address and headed out into the city. Antonio couldn't help but be distracted by all the attractive young people and beautiful sights. He was lucky to have finally arrived without getting lost to the Chambre Rouge, a strangely plain looking building on the outside. Antonio had always known his friend to be flashy and out there so this was definitely a strange sight to him. Putting that aside, Antonio helped himself in as it looked like no one was around. Once inside, Antonio noticed that it was quite spacious inside with seating on the far edges of the giant ball room and a grand stage on the farthest side of the entrance. Antonio whistled to himself, the whistle bouncing off the walls and echoing loudly.


            "We're not open! LEAVE!" an angry voice shouted.


            Antonio looked around for the source and saw a young man storming his way. When he got closer Antonio saw that this young man was quite the work of art by God. He had such beautiful dark hair that it made his amber colored eyes pop out against his olive skin. Even though he was currently frowning at him, Antonio admired the sharp features of his face; and yet his cheeks looked soft and touchable. Then, his eyes roamed down as he noticed he was quite slender and was most likely a young man around Antonio's own age.


            "I'm sorry. I didn't know you weren’t open," Antonio tried to apologize and explain himself before being interrupted.


            "How could you not know we're not open? Are you even from around here, you bastard?" the young man snapped before shaking his head and looking Antonio up and down.


            "You're right about that actually. I'm new to town and I came to see-" Antonio tried again to explain before he was cut off.


            "I don't care if you're new in town, you should have read our sign about our hours- gah, you're wasting my time, you idiot!" the young man fumed as he ran a hand through his hair.


            Antonio noticed the slender graceful fingers the young man had as they ran though his long beautiful hair. Antonio shook his head as he tried to get himself to focus on the task at hand instead of the young man in front of him, but before he could say another thing they heard another familiar voice.


            "Who's there, Lovino?" the French-accented voice called.


            Antonio looked around and saw that he was right; it was the voice of his good friend Francis. Francis had his long blond hair tied back, though several strands of it were loose and hanging on the sides of his face. He wore a light blue button up shirt and tight white pants tucked into black boots that reached his knees. This was the Francis that Antonio knew, a flashy and graceful-looking man with an aura of higher status looming around him.


            "If it isn't Antonio, you've finally made it, my friend!" Francis gestured with wide open arms as he rushed over to Antonio and Lovino.


            "He's a friend of yours, Francis?" Lovino asked as he glanced Antonio's way.


            "Yes, this is my longtime friend Antonio. He's the one I asked to replace our runaway guitarist," Francis explained to Lovino as he placed a hand on Lovino's shoulder.


            "Don't touch me," Lovino shrugged Francis' hand off as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Why didn't you tell me earlier!"


            Antonio could only chuckle as he answered, "Well, I tried, but you wouldn't let me."


            Lovino's face went red which caused both Francis and Antonio to stare intently at the cute face he was making. They weren't even hearing the mumbling Lovino was making about how Antonio should have said so sooner or something like that.


            "Are you even listening?" Lovino fumed when he saw the expressions on the other two.


            "Yes, yes, will you please go back and get ready for your performance? We'll be opening soon and you need to be ready to perform on time," Francis instructed him with a sweet smile.


            "Fine, I'll tell Feliciano to get ready, too…" Lovino trailed off before looking at Antonio. "…I guess I'll see you later then too…"


            After that Lovino ran off somewhere that Antonio guessed would be where he got ready. Antonio then turned his attention to Francis as he got his questions ready for his friend.


            "So who was that?" Antonio asked firstly.


            "That's one of my best stars, his name is Lovino Vargas. He and his younger brother, Feliciano, are very gifted and they bring in many people who wish to see them sing and dance. I have several other employees here, but I'll introduce you to them when the time comes," Francis explained before ushering Antonio to his office.


            The office was dimly lit as most of the light leaked through the blinds on the windows behind the dark wooden desk. There were two tall wooden bookshelves with few books and more documents and folders thrown on its shelves. The place looked like it was never aired out, but it smelt strongly of Francis and his signature smell of wine and cigarettes.


            "Alright, my next question is, what exactly is my job?" Antonio asked as he took a seat on the other side of Francis' desk.


            Francis took a seat in his chair as he answered, "Well, I will give you some music and I want you to play for the Vargas brothers' act. Do you think you can learn the piece by tonight?"


            Antonio nodded his head enthusiastically and quickly replied, "Just give me enough time and I'll be playing it in no time flat!"


            Francis smiled at his gusto as he remembered why he liked his friend so much. He was always very cheerful, easy going, passionate, and willing to do anything for a friend. Even if he was scared to face someone bigger than him, Antonio wouldn't back down. It was quite handy whenever Francis found himself in a predicament.


            "Alright then, my friend, I’ll give you the piece and you can practice out there on the stage for now. I'll inform the Vargas brothers to come see you so you can practice along with them since you'll be working with them. Good luck with them. Feliciano is really easy to work with, but you'll have to take it slow with little Lovino. It takes a bit for him to warm up to strangers," Francis instructed his friend before getting up.


            Francis walked over to a cabinet, opening it up and pulling out a folder that was barely holding itself together. Papers were sticking messily out of it as Francis handed it over to Antonio. Antonio fumbled with the folder as he tried to keep the music sheets from falling out on the floor causing Francis to just smile softly at him.


           "Do I have to learn all of this?" Antonio inquired, feeling intimidated with how much music was in the folder.


            "Don't worry Antonio, they'll only sing a few of those, but be sure to ask which ones they'll like to do tonight so you don't waste your time looking at other pieces. Good luck," Francis encouraged his friend before escorting him out of the office.


            After Francis shut the door, Antonio walked over to the stage area and pulled out the guitar from its case. It was always hanging on his back in case he ever had to urge to play and now was his chance to practice. Antonio ran his hand down the neck of the guitar, checking the strings and making sure it was perfectly in tune before he played around. He only played a few simple chords as he warmed up his fingers, closing his eyes as he listened carefully to the sweet sound of the guitar.


            "That sounds really nice," a sweet voice commented.


            Antonio opened his eyes and saw a young man who looked very similar to Lovino except his hair was slightly lighter and his eyes were a light brown. His expression was very different from Lovino's, as he made a gentle face with a big smile. Then, it occurred to Antonio that behind this young man was Lovino- who didn't look too happy being there.


            "Hola, who might you be?" Antonio asked in a friendly tone.


            "Feliciano Vargas. I'm Lovi's little brother. You must be the new guitarist that brother ran into earlier," Feliciano smiled sweetly at Antonio before going over to him and extending a hand out to him.


            Antonio shook his hand and responded, "Yes, I'm Antonio, a friend of Francis and a guitarist. I'm pleased to be working with the top stars in this place already."


            "We're pleased to work with you too, Antonio," Feliciano returned Antonio's pleasure of working with another.


            "Let's just get this over and done with," Lovino interjected as he quickly grabbed his brother's wrist and pulled him away from Antonio and up onto the stage.


            Antonio just smiled at Lovino's actions, figuring that Francis wasn't joking when he said he was slow to warm up. Antonio pulled out the folder and started fingering through the pieces.


            "I was told to ask what you guys wanted to perform tonight so I can look and learn the pieces before tonight," Antonio explained as he looked up at the brothers.


            Lovino let out a sigh before walking over and leaning over to take the folder from Antonio. Antonio's breath was caught in his throat when he looked at how close Lovino was to him. He noticed that he had long dark eyelashes and his slightly agape mouth, that seemed to always be turned into a frown, was soft and pink. Even in the brief moment, Antonio was able to pick up a faint scent radiating off him, one that smelt light but was intoxicating from the first whiff. Antonio had never felt this way towards another man before and yet this Lovino was driving his senses crazy.


            "…and then after that one, play this and we'll be good," Lovino instructed as he had taken out the chosen pieces from the folder.


            When Lovino got no reaction except an intense stare on him, Lovino kicked Antonio out of his thoughts. Antonio tumbled backwards with his guitar as Feliciano jumped from seeing his brother kick this man.


            "Are you even listening?" Lovino snapped.


            Antonio looked up at Lovino before apologizing, "I'm sorry, I think my mind wandered for a minute there…"


            "Are you some kind of idiot? How can you play for us if you space out randomly?" Lovino scolded Antonio.


            "I'm sorry. I promise I won't let my mind wander again!" Antonio promised them with sincerity in his eyes and voice.


            The brothers were taken back by this guy, exchanging looks before looking back at Antonio. Lovino let out a sigh before crossing his arms across his chest and shaking his head.


            "Just don't let it happen again," Lovino mumbled as he looked away from Antonio, briefly glancing at him before tearing his eyes away again. " bastard."


            Antonio smiled widely at them before getting himself off the ground, leaving his guitar there. He walked over to the brothers, throwing his arms around their shoulders as he stood between them.


            "Let's get along then and make this show spectacular!" Antonio chuckled as he looked from Feliciano to Lovino.


            Feliciano returned his smile with his own while Lovino glared at him.


            "Don't touch me!" Lovino snapped at him before hitting him in the stomach with his fist.


            Antonio went down on his knees as the air was knocked out of him. Feliciano fussed over him as Lovino blushed and walked away, jumping off the stage and heading back to their changing room. Lovino couldn't understand why Francis would hire such an airhead to play for them. Almost as if on cue, Lovino saw Francis leaning on the wall outside their changing room. When Francis saw Lovino coming he smiled as he pushed himself off the wall and walked towards Lovino.


            "Getting along with your new brother?" Francis jokingly asked Lovino.


            Lovino frowned as he answered honestly, "I don't understand what you see in him, Francis."


            "He'll grow on you, too. He was always well liked," Francis chuckled lightly as he walked closer to Lovino.


            "You're not here just to talk about that idiot, are you?" Lovino sighed as he questioned Francis in a serious tone.


            "I have a man coming tonight who wants to donate some money to our lovely home in exchange for some private time with you," Francis whispered secretively to Lovino.


            Lovino looked down at his feet as Francis put a hand on his shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Lovino bit down on his lip as his fists clenched, knowing he couldn't refuse it.


            "I'll do it…" Lovino finally replied before breaking away from Francis and heading back to his room.



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