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Emmett Swan, Mr. McCarty

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Chapter One


Emmett Swan was one of the most happiest children in Forks, Washington, he had the world’s most loving parents and even when his sister came along at 2, even his minor childhood jealousy couldn’t really deter from his happiness. His sister really started to grow on him when he had started helping his mom out…..


Bella was a good kid but she was the quiet one; unlike Emmett who was always bursting at the gut with jokes and talking all the time. His favorite thing though was playing video games; oh how he loved his games. He would play them every day or whenever he had free time. What made it special was his sister would play with him; they became closer.


His dad, who he now referred to as Charlie, noticed a change in his behavior instantly when his mother left. It was like he died inside that day, the Emmett before no longer existed, he became angry and jaded. He stopped hanging out with his friends and lost interest in his games and sports. The only friend who persistently stuck by him was Jasper Whitlock, while he clung to his sister with a fierce protectiveness like never before.

Emmett found this letter from his mom the day she left and shattered his world:






Hi, it’s Renee. I'm really sorry to do this to you and the kids but I found someone new, and we are getting married. We met 5 months ago. We were having an affair and I became pregnant with his child. Again I apologize and I hope you accept my apologies.


Let the kids know mama loves them deeply and is saddened for leaving but I need more excitement in my life than just being a mom and watching TV. I felt trapped and needed to get out. Phil was my out! I love him! Please don't follow me just try and raise the kids the best you can.


With love,




When he graduated from high school he moved out and got his own place; although keeping close by just in case his sister needed him. He also got a job waiting tables at the local diner where he met and married his wife, Rosalie.


They had a happy marriage from the beginning but then they started having children; after that everything changed and his life headed to a downward spiral. With children, the fierce protectiveness he had with Bella went into overdrive towards the kids and Rose. The insecurities he felt as a teen about his mom leaving began to reflect on Rose, so he began accusing her of cheating on him while he was at work. When Jasper tried to step in and convince his friend to seek help and confess to his wife what had happened as a kid, it only made Emmett worse. His shame and embarrassment did nothing but escalate further until it morphed into nothing but jealousy and rage. It got to the point where Rose had no choice but to leave him and took the 3 kids with her. That very same day she filed for divorce. When Rosalie left him and took the kids it literally destroyed him.


When Rose left, Jasper came to stay with him, for Emmett had completely shut down. When Jasper was forced to start hiding his razors after discovering Emmett in the bathtub with blood trailing down his hands, he made Emmett call Charlie for help. After seventy-two hours with the local professionals, Charlie and Jasper helped Emmett pack up his clothes to go and stay with Charlie and when they arrived Bella was there with arms wide open for her big brother.


With the move, he could no longer work at the diner anymore, so Jasper was able to get him a job at a club he worked at, as a bouncer, in Port Angelus called Twilight. He started out as a dish washer but because of his massive strength the manager, Carlisle, thought that he would be better suited as the new bouncer and so Emmett was promoted to bouncer, he made a little bit more now and he did a better job at being a bouncer than the last guy that they had.


Since becoming a bouncer, the club didn't have any fights break out nor the cops having to be called for one thing or another. Even though Emmett was good at his job he didn't like being the bad guy; he wanted people to trust him and for the most part they did. Jasper on the other hand people feared for reasons unbeknownst to Emmett because he’s never given that kind of impression before ever. For him to feel right after bouncing someone, he would always make sure the single ladies had a safe way home. Most of the time he tried to laugh their advances off, but sometimes his loneliness caused him to go on dates with some of them, and every time it just never felt right so they just turned into a one hit wonders. He was still trying to deal with the divorce and trying to concentrate on being a good father to his kids. Since he couldn’t have Rose and the kids back, he took what he could get and for several years put everything he had into being the best dad he could be.


When his life started to get better and when he felt ready to move forward in the relationship department, one night he decided to take one of the ladies up on her offer to come to her place for a nightcap. He proceeded to walk her home and she let him in. He had a feeling what she wanted but he wasn't quite sure. With one sultry smirk from her that made his blood begin to boil, he decided to go for it.


He followed her into the house and straight for the bedroom. When they got into the room she grabbed him and started kissing him. He was timid at first but then he loosened up more and kissed her back. First softly then harder and deeper. He laid her on the bed while never breaking the kiss. He trailed soft kisses down the smooth skin of her leg, his hands slipping underneath her skirt to pull her undergarments down as he did so. She moaned as his teeth nipped at her thighs as he raised himself back up, and she gasped as she felt his hands spreading her legs apart, and then the scratchy stubble of his beard on the inside of her thighs as he began to explore her with his tongue and teeth. As she began to writhe beneath him, his arm wrapped around her waist, holding her still. He didn't want her to move, regardless of how much she was enjoying it. This was his time, and it was what he wanted. When he got his release, anything else was irrelevant. When he was finished with her he got dressed and left. He didn't care if she was alright at this point, he just wanted to get home take a shower and go to bed. He had to be at Charlie’s the next morning for reasons he wouldn't say; all that he would tell him is someone was going to be in town in the afternoon and he had to be there. Jasper, of course was going with him as he always did.


After his shower, he laid down on the bed, and was out before his head hit the pillow. In the midst of deep sleep, he was tossing and turning from a nightmare he was having. The night mare was about a guy walking these ladies home and sleeping with them. Then he proceeds to gruesomely murder them . He couldn't see the guy's face which was frustrating him, but the manor in which he was killing these women truly frightened him. There was a total of 5 women murdered in his nightmare.


When he woke up covered in sweat, it was 5:00 am Jasper was due to arrive in an hour so he grabbed his clothes from the dresser and jumped in the shower. Thirty minutes later he was out, dried off, and dressed. He turned on some music and was playing his X box when Jasper walked in.


“Hey man” Emmett said.


“Hey ya ready?” Jasper asked.


“Yea let me just shut everything off and we can go,” Emmett said.


“How are ya feelin' about goin' to Charlie's to see whoever is there?” Jasper asked.


“Well I'm a bit nervous and on edge,” Emmett said.


“Well we don't know who it is yet so just relax a bit,” Jasper said.


“I'm trying bro. Let's just go. I can't wait to see my baby sister and Charlie. Oh I'd like to see Billy and them too so I am excited about that,” Emmett said, shutting off the lights.


“Then shall we,” Jasper said, while walking out the door.


“Yes we shall,” Emmett said, shutting and locking the door behind them.


They got in Emmett's truck and headed for Forks. The suspense was just killing him. He phoned Charlie to see if he would slip up and tell him who he was to meet but of course Charlie wouldn't say a word; he wasn't the sheriff for nothing. Emmett even tried calling his sister to get the info but like him she didn't know. Charlie was keeping them both in the dark and that wasn't like him. Charlie usually told them everything.


After an hour later they pulled up at the house with Bella arriving not long after they did. When she got out, he noticed Jasper couldn’t seem to keep the smirk off his face and when he beat Emmett to give her a hug, something just clicked inside his head of what may be going on. When Jasper finally backed up, Emmett swooped his little sister into a BIG bear hug.


“Ok Em you can let me down now,” Bella said, laughing.


“I'm sorry just haven't seen you..” Emmett was saying before Bella cut him off.


“In 3 days. That's not too long brother,” she chocked out.


“Yea but I've missed you still. And what the hell is up with you two,” Emmett yelled.


“Nothing just I haven't seen Bella in a week,” Jasper replied.


“Emmy bear calm down. We are just friends,” Bella assured him.


“Friends my ass.” Em yelled again.


“Are y'all coming inside or just going to stand around and piss the day away?” Charlie asked, from the door.


“Coming,” they all said.


So they all went inside with Charlie.


“Want a beer?” Charlie asked them.


“Dad you know I don't drink,” Bella replied.


“Come on, Bells, drink with your big brother,” Emmett teased her. “Sure, dad, I'll take one.”


“Jasper?” Charlie asked.

“Sure I'll take one,” he replied, all the while staring at Bella.


“Come on Bells you know you wanna,” Emmett kept bugging her.

“Emmett she said no so leave her alone please,” Jasper said, laughing, “she's too chicken to drink with the big boys.”


“FINE! Dad, will you get me one too please so I can show these boys how its done,” irritation clearly in her voice.


“Coming right up,” Charlie laughed.


Emmett and Jasper laughed with him.


Charlie walked back in the living room and handed each of them a beer and popped one open himself.


“Did y'all get breakfast?” Charlie asked.


“No, we wanted to hurry up and get here,” Emmett replied.


“Nope just wanted to get here soon,too,” Bella also replied.


“Well, do ya’s want to order some pizza?” Charlie asked.


“Sure I'm up for that,” Em responded.


“Pizza sounds good,” Jasper replied, looking at Bella again.


“Sure,” is all Bella could say.


Emmett just couldn’t stand the way they were acting and not being one to hold anything in bursted out, “Seriously, what the hell is going on with you two?”


“What are you talking about?” Bella asked, innocently.


“You both are acting strangely,” Emmett said, getting really annoyed with the evasiveness.


“Bro calm down. There is nothin' goin' on,” Jasper said, looking at Bella, “we...”


“Just shut the hell up and stop your fucking lying. I'm not stupid.”


“WOAH! What the world is going on? Stop your cussing Emmett,” Charlie butted in.


“Dad, nothing's going on. Em just thinks there is because Jasper keeps looking at me,” Bella explained as she rolled her eyes at her brothers mood swings.


“I miss having my wife,” Emmett blurted.


“Oh no here we go again. Emmett, everythin' will be alright. She will wake up and smell the coffee,” Jasper said to him as he sat back down next to him.


“It was my fault I made her leave like I do with everyone. I don't even know why you stick by me after what happened,” he choked out.


Jasper put his hand on Emmett's shoulder, “Emmett, I stick by ya because we're family. I'm not goin' to let anythin' come in between our relationship. Not even ya know what never mind. The point is ya are my brother. Brothers may fight but they always stick together. I love ya man, just relax, and have some fun,” Jasper said, patting him on the back.


“Woa wait a minute. What do you mean by not even, never mind what?” Emmett asked.


“Bells ya want to tell him?” Jasper asked looking at Emmett.


“Well he's going to find out either way,” Bella shrugged.


“Well we didn't want to do this just now but we are datin',” Jasper said, timidly.


“Finally,” Charlie, happily sighed.


“I knew y'all would get together eventually,” Emmett said, exhaling a deep breath filled with relief.


“Then why act the way ya did?” Jasper asked.


“Because I was getting pissed that you were lying to me, after all we've been through, why would you lie to me?” Emmett asked.


“We didn't want to piss you off or hurt you more than you already were,” Bella answered for him.


“Why would I get pissed off or upset about that? Nothing would make me happier than have my sister and my best friend together. Jasper, you are more suited for her than anyone else and I'm happy for you both,” Emmett said, smiling and hugging them both.


“Wow! There's that smile. I missed my happy go lucky son,” said Charlie.


“Now who the hell is this mystery person that is supposed to be here?” Emmett asked.


“You'll find out when they get here,” Charlie said, frowning.


A knock came at the door


“I'll get it,” Charlie said, “It's the pizza.”

A few minutes later he came back with the pizza and they must have been starving because you could’ve heard a pin drop.


Bella was the first to break the silence that surrounded them.


“Dad, if it is who I think it is I'm leaving,”


Emmett agreed but pretty much stayed quiet.


A few minutes later, Billy, Jacob, and Sue showed up, walking through the front door.


“Came to visit the flat screen?” Bella asked.


“No we came to see you kids. We've missed you,” Billy said, giving Bella and Emmett a big hug.


“I've missed you too Billy. Miss the old times,” Bella and Emmett said at the same time.


“Jacob....” Bella said, timidly.


“Hey Bella, how have you been?” Jacob asked.


“I've been good. I have a new boyfriend,” she said, looking at Jasper.


“I'm glad you finally found someone. But I've missed hanging out with you and Emmett. Why don't we go out sometime to dinner and a movie and Jasper can come too. I am sure Emmett and I can find some willing ladies to accompany us, right Emmett?” Jacob asked as he nudged Emmett with his elbow.


“I...” Bella began but Jasper spoke up.


“Bella that would be fun. I don't want ya to stop hangin' out with ya best friend. Lets all go out tonight and have some fun and leave the old folks to sit at home,” he said, laughing.


“Well what do you say, Bells?'”Jacob asked.


“Sounds like a blast,” she said, smiling.


“Who would want to go on a date with me?” Emmett questioned.


“Emmett, man don't worry we'll hook ya up with some one,” Jasper replied.


“How about I get Angela to go on the date with you?” Bella implored.


“That's if she will,” Emmett said, a bit dejectedly.


“Let me call her up,” at that Bella went up stairs to her old room so she wouldn't get disturbed.


She opened her phone and dialed Angela's number.

On the 3rd ring Angela picked up.


“Hey, I have a favor to ask you” Bella said, into the phone.


“Yea we are going out tonight and my brother doesn't have a date will you be willing to go on a date with him?”


“Great I'll see you then”




After hanging up she ran down stairs to tell them the news.


“Well what did she say?” Emmett asked.


“She agreed in fact she's happy to go out with you tonight” Bella said.


“It's all set then” Jake announced.


“No, wait a minute Jake, who are you going to take?” Bella asked.


“Y'all remember Leah, right?” Jake asked.


“The feisty, short haired, little girl who used to fight with Bella when we were kids?” Emmett asked, laughing.


“Yes her,” Jake sighed.


“What about her?” scoffed Bella.


“Well...we just so happened to be dating as well,” Jake said.


“Oh well, I guess that's good I'm glad you're actually dating someone. I guess she'll be going then.” Bella stated.


“So Jake, how is Leah doing anyway?” inquired Emmett.


“Yea. She is still that feisty, short haired girl just taller. She wanted to come with us but I told her not right now, but that tonight we'll all go and hang out” Jake said, shaking his head.


“Soooo, you know who's supposed to be coming today?” Emmett and Bella solicited, at the same time.


“Yeah but I am not suppose to say who.” as he said that another knock came at the door.


“Oh shit here we go,” Billy muttered.