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Fearsome Four

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The TallMan sat in his throne room in the mausoleum, he had taken another back water town into his control. He suddenly heard a commotion in his study, he decided to investigate it.


The TallMan entered the large library to find what looked like a cop with a zombiefied face, the cop used his white gloved fist to smash a glass case and took the Necronomicon. The TallMan pointed at the cop and raised his right eyebrow, conjuring three silver flying spheres to come flying at the cop with blades and drills. The cop smacked one away but was impaled by the other two, he managed to pull one of them out of his arm and smash it into the remaining one. The cop began to talk away when the TallMan grabbed his shoulder, causing him to look back "You will not leave with that book." the cop pulled out a taser and zapped the TallMan until he was on the ground, he managed to snap his fingers and a group of Lurkers hounded the cop before passing out.

-10 minutes later-

The TallMan awoke to see the cop had left, he had stolen the Necronomicon. He got up and looked to the empty case "The world will be in great danger if that book falls into the wrong hands." he looked to the three crushed spheres "I can't do this on my own, I will need help, but from whom?"

"Try Dr. West." a voice said, The TallMan turned around and saw Mike's older brother Jody "He's a scientist in Arkham, Massachusetts; he created a serum that can revive the dead."

The TallMan gave a questioning look "I will need more help than that."

Jody smirked "Kayako Saeki; A ghost of a dead woman who kills anyone who lives in her house. She resides in Tokyo, Japan."

The TallMan lowered his gaze "A scientist and a ghost won't be enough to help get the book."

Jody put his hand behind his head "It's a long shot, but it's worth a shot."

"Who is it."

"His name is Ash Williams; A super mart cashier who has dealt with that book before, it caused him to kill his friends because it possessed them, chop of a possessed hand and replaced it with a chainsaw. He also saved a medieval kingdom from the book. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan" The TallMan began to walk away "But be warned, he wants nothing to do with that book and will turn you down, try to convince him." with that Jody disappeared.

-Tokyo, Japan-

A young woman who looked to be in her mid 20's ran through a hallway, she looked to be scared, she hid behind a doorway when she felt a hand on her shoulder, she slowly turned her head and saw The Grudge, giving her iconic howl. She jolted up and bolted out of the room, not making it an inch out by smacking into a stone like figure, she looked up to see The TallMan "I need to talk to Kayako." he held out a silver sphere and in lunged from his hand into the poor woman's forehead.

Kayako stood up and glared at The TallMan, extending a hand to him, he grabbed her wrist "I need your help, you can get into places easier than I can."

she put a finger to her chin "Why should I help you?"

"It involves you as well." she sighed, and walked to the door and opened it "Take the lead."

-Arkham, Massachusetts-

Dr. Herbert West was working on a corpse, he had an idea to rebuild his corpse bride. He was hard at work when he heard the door open, he groaned "Dr. Mansley, I told you not to disturb when I'm busy." he heard what sounded like high heels, this caused his eyes to roll "A ditzy nurse I take it?" he said without even looking up "Just leave wheat ever you have brought on the table and leave." he heard the high heels stop behind him. He turned his head and saw a thin, incredibly pale Japanese woman in a pink nurses outfit, he was holding a clipboard to her chest that read 'Will you help us?' Herbert gazed oddly at the woman.

He felt a hand on he shoulder, he snapped his head back to see the TallMan "We need your help, Booooy."

"Who are you two!" Herbert shouted. He then held up a hand "Don't bother, I know exactly who you two are."

The TallMan cocked an eyebrow "You do?" he said.

"Yes," Herbert began "You two are amateur porno filmmakers, making a film about a seductive nurse and a doctor, but you have no budget so you break into a hospital and try to get me to preform sexual acts on your lovely nurse here, but it won't work! I'm going to call the co-" Herbert was cut off by Kayako slamming a tray on his head.

The TallMan looks at Herbert's unconscious body and then to Kayako "Was that really necessary?" he asked her. Kayako nodded and The TallMan picked up Herbert and exited the room.

-Grand Rapids, Michigan-

The TallMan, Kayako and Herbert stood outside the S-Mart, wondering how they will convince Ash to join the TallMan's cause. Herbert adjusted his glasses "This is stupid, a cop stole a book, so what."

"So what." The TallMan said "Is if that book falls into the wrong hands, we could be in grave danger. Who knows who the cop was working for." The TallMan finished.

Herbert stared at him, getting a glare "This is the most I have heard you talk all day."

The TallMan groaned as Kayako giggled, "What are we going to do?" she asked.

"You and Dr. West will pose as a married couple, start asking Mr. Williams questions about the book, and I will ask him to join our cause." The TallMan said. Herbert gave a skeptical gaze, "What?"

"It's a super store, we could pretty much buy something and ask him questions. He doesn't even know us so we don't have to have cover stories." Herbert finished.

The TallMan sighed "You have a point, Let's go get help." he said as they entered the store.