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The Companion

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Levi’s heart rate seems to double the moment he steps out of the elevator and into a dimly lit hallway. Every instinct screams at him that he should not be here. But the elevator doors close behind him with an air of finality, as if telling Levi that it’s too late to turn back. And so he sighs and begins walking forward, resolved to do what he came here to do.

It’s is a lavish building, with subtle signs of luxury everywhere Levi looks. The hallway he now finds himself in has red walls accented with gilded crown molding and a lush white carpet. The lighting is soft, and a faint smell of something like incense permeates the air. Levi passes artwork depicting beautiful women or dashing men, each one suggestive in its own way –an elegant woman lifting a sheer white curtain to reveal the bedroom beyond it, or a man holding a riding crop and looking squarely at the viewer. This hallway is clearly decorated with the intent of being as sensuous as possible. It’s enough to make Levi’s skin crawl.

A place like this, normally, would be the last place where Levi could be found. To most, spending a night with a Companion is considered the greatest luxury, something reserved only for the members of the highest social classes. But to Levi, the very idea of a Companion is repulsive. It’s not because they sell their bodies – he couldn’t care less if someone wants to sell sex, especially in a legal and regulated industry like Companionship. No, Levi hates Companions for the other thing they’re known to sell: romance.

Or shows of romance, anyway. Companions don’t just lie on their backs for their clients; they entertain them, seduce them, and try to create the most perfect romantic evening they could dream of. For a little extra money, a Companion can take someone on a date before bringing them to bed, and it’s considered a status symbol for young nobles to have a Companion accompany them to parties or balls. For anyone who’s rich enough, Companions will play pretend at being their ideal suitor.

But that’s all it is – pretend. And it’s that level of fakeness that disgusts Levi. It’s the epitome of everything he hates about the upper classes: insincerity, frivolity, and an emphasis on show rather than substance.

And for that reason, Levi would normally rather die than find himself walking down this vaguely sexual hallway in a Companion house. But he’s here anyway, and it’s all because of Hanji. Hanji, who always butts into his life and forces him into the most ridiculous situations. Hanji, his only friend, who had somehow gotten it into their head that what Levi needed most was to get laid. Levi had protested, threatened, even gotten close to begging, but nevertheless Hanji had submitted an application in his name to a handful of Companions.

When he was accepted for an appointment, Levi had adamantly refused to go. But Hanji, eventually, wore him down with their insistent persuasion. Because it was true that Levi hadn’t been with anyone for a very long time. Just one night with someone who knew what they were doing wouldn’t be the worst fate. And when Hanji showed him the picture of the Companion he would be seeing, Levi had to concede that he was fairly attractive.

(And fit pretty closely with Levi’s mental construction of the perfect man—which he would never, ever tell Hanji. Because if Hanji knew he was into blonds, Levi would never hear the end of it.)

So now here he was, in an upper floor of a Companion house, looking for the room where his appointment would be held.

Considering the opulence of the building, the sign outside the Companion’s room is surprisingly understated. On a polished black plaque, the room number printed. Underneath that, in neat gold letters, is the name “E. Smith.”

Levi sighs and considers the consequences of turning back. He had already paid for this night, but he could always try and ask for his money back. Right now, as he stands before the polished wood door that separates him from a waiting Companion, that definitely seems like the best course of action. But he’s not sure the Companion house would give him a refund at such short notice. And besides, Levi had already come all this way. Might as well just get it over with.

He knocks lightly on the door. A few seconds later it opens, giving him his first look at the Companion.

He’s tall, even taller than he looked in his picture. Levi, much to his frustration, has to crane his head backwards to see him properly. He takes in neat gold hair that matches the trim on the walls, thick brows, and blue eyes that blink out in a startling contrast to the red decor. The Companion has a broad, handsome face that could easily have been staring out from a movie poster – square jaw, high cheekbones, unnaturally flawless skin. Levi hates him on sight.

“Good evening,” the Companion says. His voice is low and smooth, with a perfectly clipped accent heard only among the highest nobility. “You must be Levi. Please, come in.”

The Companion steps aside, allowing Levi to enter his room. The red and gold color scheme continues in here, as does the dim lighting. If anything, the incense-like scent that was in the hallway is stronger. It’s not unpleasant, necessarily, but it’s heavy and overly sweet, and it somehow has the effect of giving everything a dream-like quality.

The room is large, and contains more than just the bed that Levi was expecting. Facing Levi as soon as he walks in is a long couch with plush red upholstery and a low mahogany table laid out with a delicate tea set. Behind the couch, a few other pieces of furniture are dotted throughout the room – side tables covered in flowers, an armchair against the wall, a chest of draws in the opposite corner – but everything follows the same color scheme. The wood is dark mahogany, the upholstery is red, and all accents are either in gold or ivory.

The pattern continues in the red silk bed sheets and the stately mahogany bedframe. Levi finds his eye drawn to the bed, a tall four-poster with velvet curtains tied up over the frame (red, of course). Its position in the back corner makes it appear as though whoever decorated this room futilely wanted it to be discreet. But the canopy sets it apart, making it appear almost like a stage. And Levi knows that the night’s main act is performed there.

“I’m so pleased you could come,” the Companion says as Levi takes it all in. “I’m Erwin. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Levi turns back to face the Companion, and his stomach jolts with disgust when he looks at him. He wants to say that he knows Erwin’s name, and that he knows Erwin’s pleased to meet Levi, since he’s getting Levi’s money. But while he’s here, Levi should at least try to have a good time, so he decides to keep his usually free tongue restrained.

Instead, Levi says nothing. It’s awkward and rude, but the Companion seems unfazed. He waits for a beat, and then, when it’s clear Levi won’t respond, says, “Please, won’t you have a seat?” as though everything is perfectly normal.

Levi stiffly sits down on the low couch. The cushions are surprisingly thick, and Levi sinks into the fabric. Erwin sits next to him, close but not touching, and Levi notices at this distance how fine and fitted Erwin’s clothes are. He had half expected Erwin to be wearing some sort of gaudy costume. But instead Erwin wears a simple, understated black suit, the kind any businessman would wear. It was clearly tailored for him, the fit just tight enough to suggest the contour of his body without being overtly sexual. Levi swallows and stares down at the ivory and gold tea set before him.

“Would you like some tea?” Erwin asks.

Levi almost laughs at the offer. He’s here for sex, not tea and chitchat. What does this man expect from him?

“Can we just get on with it?” he asks. It’s the first thing he’s said to Erwin all night.

He’s not looking at Erwin when he responds, but there’s a hint of amusement in the smooth voice. “Get on with what?” he asks.

Now Levi does looks at him, setting his face in his trademark hard glare. “The sex,” he says bluntly. “What I’m paying you for.”

Erwin’s lips curve into a barely noticeable smile. “That’s not all you’re paying me for, though,” he says. “You can go to any prostitute for that. A Companion provides a much richer experience.”

“Yeah, richer because you guys cost a fortune.” He expects Erwin to be offended at that, but instead he merely chuckles. It infuriates Levi. “Look, I’m just here to get laid. I didn’t even want to come here, my friend sent in my application. So I’m not into the fancy fake romance bullshit, okay?”

“And yet you’re here,” Erwin says. “If you initially did not want to come, why did you change your mind?”

“To get my friend off my back,” Levi says.

Erwin pours a cup of tea first for Levi, then for himself. A part of Levi wants to petulantly refuse the tea, but there’s little he loves more than fine tea, and it smells amazing. He hesitantly takes a sip and has to concede that this bullshit Companion knows how to choose his tea.

“Do you know why I accepted your application?” Erwin asks.

“Because you had a free spot and I can pay the fee.”

“Actually, my schedule is quite tight, and there were many people I had to turn down in order to accept you.” Erwin takes a sip of his own tea and leans back, regarding Levi with a look that, for a reason Levi can’t quite place, seems to suggest the epitome of class and poise. Levi wonders how much of that is intentional, part of the Companion’s act, and how much is something inherent to Erwin.

“Part of the reason,” Erwin continues, “Is because you’re lovely. And part of it is because I have not heard your name in high society before.”

“The hell does that matter?” Levi asks.

“I spend a lot of time among Sina’s high society, of course. My position requires me to have familiarity with all the wealthy residents of Stohess. And yet Ackerman is a name I’ve never heard. I suppose I’m attracted to the mystery.”

The way Erwin says it makes Levi’s throat feel tight. He looks straight ahead and tries to appear nonchalant. “That’s fucking weird,” he says.

“We can do whatever you’d like,” Erwin says. His voice has just barely gotten quieter. “But I prefer to not rush a first meeting.”

Levi takes another drink of his tea, focusing on the hot liquid to keep himself from thinking of the suggestive tone in Erwin’s voice. “Well,” he says, “At least the tea is good.”

“You appear to know your tea,” Erwin says.

“Yeah, I guess.” It’s actually a borderline obsession for him, with his cabinets always stocked with at least two dozen different varieties to choose from. But he isn’t going to get into that with this Companion. Instead, he takes another sip and says, “But why tea?”

“Simply a courtesy to my guests while we get to know each other.”

That sounds like bullshit to Levi. He drinks again, letting the liquid linger on his tongue as long as he can without burning himself. “I haven’t had this exact kind before,” he says when he swallows. “But if I’m guessing the ingredients right, this tea relaxes the drinker. Doesn’t make them sleepy, just relaxes them enough that maybe it would calm them down if they were nervous.”

Erwin raises his eyebrows in mild surprise. “You certainly do know your tea.”

“So, you give your guests a relaxing tea while pretending to be interested in getting to know them,” Levi says. “Make them comfortable, and make them lower their guard. The first bullshit step in a Companion’s pretend romance act.”

So much for Levi’s decision to restrain his tongue.   

The words are delivered in Levi’s usual flat tone, but he knows they’re enough to piss the Companion off anyway. He waits, continuing to drink his tea, for Erwin’s inevitable defensive response.

But it doesn’t come. Instead, the smooth voice asks in a tone close to a whisper, “And what is a Companion to do with someone who sees through the act?”

The response is far from what Levi expected, and it gives him a strange jolt of surprise. This Companion is much more unpredictable than Levi bargained for. He has to take a long sip of his tea to give himself time to collect himself and respond.

“In that case, a Companion should just drop the act and get to the sex,” Levi says eventually.

He risks a quick glance to see how Erwin takes the comment, but Erwin’s face is difficult to read. His lips curve into something between a gentle smile and a smirk, but his eyes bore into Levi as though he’s a puzzle to be figured out.

“I can’t say I’m averse to that suggestion,” Erwin says. “What would you like of me tonight?”

Levi looks away again, takes another long drink of his tea to calm himself. “I don’t know. The usual.” He’s determined to not show any sign of nervousness, to not give this Companion the satisfaction of guessing just how much he’s shaken Levi.

“I don’t have a usual,” Erwin says softly.   

Levi finishes off his tea and tries not to think about what that means.

“May I ask some questions about your preferences?”

“Sure,” Levi says, still refusing to look at Erwin.

“Would you prefer to give or receive?”

The air in that room grows ten times hotter, and Levi feels his face begin to flush. “Receive,” he tries to deadpan.

“On bottom?”

“. . . yes.”

“Facing or not?”

Levi’s face grows even warmer. He generally prefers to face whoever’s fucking him, but then again, Levi does not want to see Erwin and remember who he’s with. “Not,” he chokes out.

“Very well. Levi.” Erwin places two fingers under Levi’s chin and gently pushes it up. The force is weak, and Levi could easily shove him away. But the touch of Erwin’s fingers startles him, and Levi finds he’s too distracted for that thought to even cross his mind.

Erwin moves Levi’s head until they’re facing each other. He’s closer to Levi now, his face filling Levi’s vision to the point where Levi can’t look away. “There’s no shame in your requests,” Erwin says. “There’s no shame in any of this. You are here only to enjoy yourself, and there is no need to be ashamed of what gives you pleasure.”

Levi doesn’t respond. It’s not that he’s speechless, exactly. It’s that he barely registers Erwin’s words to begin with. Erwin’s lips move, and he notices every tiny movement. He also notices the shades of gold in Erwin’s hair and the way the light filters through his fair eyelashes. Levi is too busy noticing Erwin to take any notice of what he says.

There is a small part of Levi that resists, a voice in his head clamoring that he can’t allow himself to fall under the Companion’s spell. But then Erwin kisses him, and that voice is drowned out entirely.

He kisses with the lips Levi had been watching so carefully, and they’re just as strong and warm and soft as they had looked. They press lightly against Levi’s mouth at first, and Levi’s eyelids flutter closed, mouth parting to welcome a second, stronger kiss. He feels himself drop the empty teacup onto the carpet; feels himself relax with each new touch of Erwin’s. The Companion seems to anticipate every one of Levi’s reactions, seems to know exactly how to move with his movements. And he may be a stranger, but the care and intimacy with which he kisses Levi makes him feel as if they’ve known each other for years

Unconsciously, Levi reaches to draw himself nearer to Erwin, taking hold of the fine fabric of Erwin’s suit. Erwin responds by pressing forward to deepen the kiss, hot breath rushing into Levi’s mouth. The fingers that had been under Levi’s chin have found their way to the back of his neck, and Erwin’s other hand cups Levi’s cheek. Levi’s face is completely encircled by, held captive by, Erwin. And damn, he should be mad, he should be annoyed that this Companion got to him, but he can’t think clearly enough for anger.

Erwin’s hands travel over the collar of Levi’s shirt to begin undoing the buttons. Levi realizes with a start what is happening, but Erwin’s mouth hasn’t moved, and he can do nothing but gasp in response. Erwin doesn’t falter, their lips barely parting as he works at the buttons, fingers brushing against Levi’s chest along the way. It’s only when Levi’s shirt hangs open that Erwin finally pulls away from the kiss. He keeps his gaze on Levi’s eyes as he pushes the shirt off his shoulders, fingers lingering on Levi’s skin and tracing paths down his arms.

Levi still wears a sleeveless undershirt. Erwin lifts the bottom of this shirt, kisses Levi again as soon as it’s passed over Levi’s head. Then he pulls away once more, gazing at Levi’s bare chest. Levi watches, dazed and frozen in place, while Erwin’s hands travel down his torso, fingertips brushing across his nipples before continuing down a path to his hipbones. The hands are hot and strong, their touch somewhere between possessive and tender. They rest lightly on either side of his waist when Erwin finishes his exploration. “Lovely,” he murmurs before kissing Levi again, letting his hands shift to the small of Levi’s back.

Levi leans back, sinking into Erwin’s hold. But Erwin ends this kiss much more quickly than the last. Levi looks up questioningly as Erwin separates himself and stands.

He holds out a hand for Levi to take and asks, “Shall we?” and Levi understands. He takes Erwin’s hand and, together, they move toward the bed.

The softness of the silk comforter welcomes Levi as he sits on the bed’s edge. Before joining him, Erwin slips off his shoes and socks, and Levi follows suit. Then, while Levi watches, Erwin undoes his tie and pulls it off his neck, carefully placing it over the back of a nearby armchair. The suit jacket comes off next, joining the tie on the chair. Erwin’s not looking directly at Levi, but the movements are too deliberate to be casual, as though he’s undressing solely for Levi’s gaze. He leaves Levi wanting more, though—Erwin ends by merely rolling up his sleeves and unbuttoning the very top of his shirt.

Still, the hollow of Erwin’s throat and the toned muscles in his forearms are hot enough, and Levi’s growing very cold sitting shirtless and alone, so he doesn’t complain when that smug bastard perches on the bed beside him and pulls him, once more, up to his lips. Levi maybe even sighs a bit—but he tries to stifle it. He’s already given the Companion too much, and he doesn’t want him to know he’s turning Levi on with nothing but his forearms.

Erwin transitions to kissing Levi’s neck, lips tickling the sensitive skin near his collarbone while hands resume exploring Levi’s bare torso. Fingertips trail up and down Levi’s sides, dance over Levi’s shoulder blades, leave a trail of warmth wherever they go. Then one hand presses into Levi’s upper back, holding him motionless while Erwin’s lips caress his neck. Levi, for his part, stays still, trying as hard as he can to not show how much he’s enjoying this. The touch of Erwin’s hand is just as erotic as the brush of his lips, and when Erwin’s fingers trace gentle circles around a sensitive nipple, Levi feels himself start to grow hard.

“Are you . . .” Levi struggles to form a coherent sentence while Erwin continues to kiss and tease him. “Are you ever going to get undressed?”

Erwin chuckles and raises his head just a little so his lips rest against Levi’s ear. “Would you like me to?” he asks, his breath tingling against Levi’s skin.

Levi unwillingly gasps, then tries to steady himself. “Well, I think it would make things easier,” he says.

Erwin kisses his ear before saying, “I think you’re right.”

He pulls away, and Levi’s regretful until Erwin begins unbuttoning his shirt. Levi watches intently. He’s aware that he’s staring, and that it’s embarrassing, but the awareness feels distant, and Erwin is present, and so he keeps staring until the shirt is shucked off.

Erwin’s undershirt hugs his body, shows the contours of his chest and the movement of each muscle. Levi’s eyes travel over every curve.

Then Erwin stands up. Levi opens his mouth to protest, but Erwin gives him a reassuring smile that stops any need to speak. Instead Levi watches, curious and turned on, as Erwin turns from him to drape his shirt over the armchair. Then, his back still to Levi, he pulls the undershirt up over his head.

Levi’s jaw actually drops a little. Erwin’s back muscles ripple under his skin, perfectly toned and gorgeous, just enough to suggest athleticism without being too bulky. Broad shoulders taper down evenly to narrow hipbones and the pants that hang low on them. Levi’s filled with the need to touch him, but Erwin remains several feet away.

It never once occurs to Levi that, as the client, he can tell Erwin to do anything he wants. He could ask Erwin to return to him, but he doesn’t think to do so. Instead he watches, mesmerized, as Erwin keeps his back to Levi and unbuckles his belt.

The pants, underwear and all, drop to the floor. Levi’s gaze falls to Erwin’s ass, firm and perfectly round, something carved out of marble rather than something that could ever belong to a regular person.

Erwin looks over his shoulder, makes eye contact with Levi and smiles knowingly, as if he’s fully aware of the kind of effect he’s having. And Erwin is so good that just giving Levi lookfeels as erotic as dropping his pants. Levi realizes he’s been caught staring, and he can do nothing about it but continue to stare.

Erwin turns around slowly. His chest is broad and muscular, and his legs are tall and strong, and his cock . . . Levi’s eyes are pulled to his cock, large and already hard.

While Levi watches, Erwin approaches again, wraps his arms around Levi and gently guides him down so he’s lying flat on the bed. “Is this better?” he asks, voice low and quiet and infuriatingly smug. When Levi doesn’t answer, he bends down over Levi and whispers in his ear, “Well?”

“Yeah,” Levi pants. “Yeah, that’s . . . fine.”

“Just fine? I must need to work out more.”

“Fuck, just - ” But he’s cut off by Erwin’s lips against his. Erwin’s body stretches over Levi’s, bare chest against bare chest, hard cock pushing into hard cock. Then he moves away to pepper kisses across Levi’s chest and collarbone, slowly traveling down over his stomach. Levi can feel Erwin’s hot breath caressing his skin, feel a slight smile in each kiss.

Erwin’s breath is still against him when Levi feels his belt buckle undone, his pants unzipped and pulled down. He’s left in his underwear, and then that too is carefully removed.

Levi watches closely to see Erwin’s reaction. He knows he can’t compare to Erwin physically, and yet an irrational part of him very much wants to impress Erwin. But Erwin makes no sign of approval or disapproval. He simply plants a kiss on the tip of Levi’s cock—and the touch makes Levi squirm on the sheets a little—and then he sits up.

Erwin slides one arm under Levi’s back and gently turns him over. Levi had forgotten that he had requested not facing, but now that Erwin is fulfilling that request, his gut tightens. He knows what’s coming next.

Levi glances over his shoulder and, out of the corner of his eye, sees Erwin take a bottle of lube and a condom out of a small wooden drawer set into the wall. When Erwin looks back at him, Levi screws his eyes shut. He doesn’t need Erwin to know just how intently he’s anticipating this. Instead, he listens as Erwin uncaps the bottle, squeezes something out of it, and recaps it. Levi clenches the sheets between his fingers and waits.

He can feel the bed sink as Erwin straddles him, one knee on either side of Levi’s thighs. One of Erwin’s hands travels down the length of Levi’s back, sweeps over the curve of his ass before stopping right where it meets his thigh and giving it a gentle squeeze. “Lovely,” he breathes, and a finger of his other hand—now covered in lube—traces circles around Levi’s entrance.

Levi stifles a little whine and presses up into the touch. When Erwin moves his finger away, he pushes down onto the bed sheets to give his cock some friction.

“Shhh, stay still,” Erwin murmurs. The hand on his thigh presses down slightly, as if to hold Levi in place. “Be patient, Levi. I’ll give you what you need.”  

Levi hates the way he says his name, hates the feeling of the strong hand holding him, hates how much he doesn’t really hate this. Erwin must have him under some kind of spell, because at Erwin’s words he holds himself completely still. His cock’s throbbing against the bed and he needs to touch himself, but his hands stay balled up in the sheets. One of Erwin’s fingers dips into Levi’s hole and brushes against the sides before exiting again. Levi gasps, and it takes all of his willpower to not squirm.

After what seems like an infuriatingly long time, the touch returns. Erwin gently coats the sides of Levi’s entrance with lube before dipping his finger in deeper. He pushes against Levi’s walls, each press of his fingertip causing deep waves of pleasure. It’s the most heavenly massage he’s ever felt, the gentlest touch, at once deeply satisfying and leaving him needing more. Levi closes his eyes and allows himself to relax while Erwin loosens him up, all his attention focused on the feeling Erwin is giving him. When Erwin pulls his finger out, Levi actually whimpers a little. It’s mortifying, but it happens before Levi can stop it. Erwin’s touch felt so good, and without it he feels empty.

But it isn’t long until it’s replaced by two fingers stretching out his hole even more. They start by making slow, satisfying circles inside Levi. Then Erwin begins scissoring his fingers in opposite directions, slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed. Each time he does, Levi feels a new wave of heat course through his body. Warmth gathers low in his stomach, and Levi begins moving again despite Erwin’s request. He rocks his hips back and forth to get more friction from Erwin’s touch, and to get what little relief the silk sheets will offer his cock.

Then the scissoring stops, and Erwin pushes his fingers down a little further. Without any warning, he crooks them in just the right spot, making Levi cry out.

“Does that feel good?” Erwin asks. Levi can hear the satisfaction in his voice, and he would have slapped Erwin if he wasn’t so completely powerless. Erwin makes the same motion, and it’s all Levi can do to hold in his screams.

Erwin continues massaging Levi’s prostrate, pressing into it with slow but gentle strokes, each one causing a jolt of pleasure that seems to wrack Levi’s entire body. It’s not until several minutes later, when he’s satisfied he’s tortured Levi enough, that Erwin stops and pulls his fingers out.

As soon as he feels Erwin’s hand leave him, Levi braces himself for what he’s sure will come next. But instead of Erwin’s cock, he gets three fingers up his ass.

“If you don’t fucking get on with it, I’m going to come early,” Levi says, the breathlessness in his voice taking some of the bite away from his words. “Just do it already.”

The fingers disappear, and he feels himself whimper again at the emptiness.

“I asked you to be patient, Levi.” Erwin’s voice is soft. The hand on Levi’s ass moves its thumb in small, gentle circles.

Levi sighs in frustration, screwing his eyes shut to keep himself from looking at Erwin. “Come on, please . . .” And then he stops, horrified, when he realizes what he’s just said.

He doesn’t open his eyes, so the gentle kiss on his cheek comes as a shock. “Very well,” Erwin whispers into his ear. “Since you asked so nicely.”

Levi thinks about how he’s going to punch him when this is over. Then he feels Erwin’s cock push against his entrance, and he stops thinking at all.

Erwin’s large enough that even after all that fingering, Levi still feels stretched when he’s entered. But he’s stretched in the most beautiful way. Erwin slides himself in slowly, filling Levi up little by little and dragging out every incredible sensation, until Levi’s moaning into the covers.

Erwin settles his hips on Levi and rests his hands on Levi’s back, letting out a low, satisfied moan of his own when he finishes entering. “Oh,” he says, the word half a sigh. “Oh, Levi.”

Levi feels Erwin pull out again, slow friction almost as beautiful as his entrance. He pushes his hips up to follow Erwin as far as he can, but still Erwin lifts himself away until Levi’s left nearly empty. Then, after a few unbearably still seconds, Erwin pushes back in. He connects with Levi’s prostrate, and the intensity of that feeling forces Levi to let out a scream.

“What is it?” Erwin asks.

“Again,” Levi manages to pant. “Right there.”

And Erwin obliges. He pushes in again at the exact right angle. Every nerve in Levi’s body is on fire now, every bit of thought focused on how Erwin feels inside him. He feels full, stretched out, wrapped up in Erwin’s touch and utterly satisfied. Utterly taken care of.

Levi has had sex before, but he has never felt like this.

Erwin begins to rock back and forth, and Levi moves his hips to match his rhythm. He’s moaning with abandon now, unable to think clearly enough to be embarrassed by the deep, low sounds of satisfaction coming from him. And Erwin responds in kind, letting out delighted sighs and pleasured gasps. Their voices mingle in an erotic chorus over the sound of their skin coming together.

Erwin drapes himself over Levi, his chest pressing against Levi’s back and rippling with each gyration of his hips. Sloppy, passionate kisses scatter across Levi’s neck and jaw and shoulders. In between kisses, Erwin whispers in Levi’s ear, quiet words punctuated by gasps. He tells Levi how lovely he feels, how sweet and tight he is, how precious he looks. Levi doesn’t reply, but each word makes him moan a little bit loader.

Erwin’s hand finds one of Levi’s, still balled up into a tight fist in the bedspread. He drapes his palm over that fist, and Levi lets his hand relax. Lets their fingers intertwine. The hold brings their bodies even closer together, their arms brushing against each other, shoulders in line. Levi feels surrounded, and, oddly, he feels comfortable. As though he fits within Erwin’s hold. And still their hips rise up and down in unison; still Erwin stretches him, moving at the perfect angle to bring Levi closer and closer to the edge.

The orgasm builds slowly inside Levi, a pit of warmth that seems to spread through his torso until he can’t tell the difference between it and the warmth of Erwin’s body. When it comes, it rushes upon him like a wave, breaking over his body and drowning him in bliss. He cries out, then stills, paralyzed as the wave takes control, as it draws him under and fills every thought with nothing but pleasure. He can still feel Erwin moving him, his pace slowing but not ceasing until every bit of Levi’s pleasure has been completely spent.          

The moment he’s done, Levi feels himself relax, sinking into the bed. Distantly, he notices Erwin pull out, feels Erwin’s skin leave his body as he sits up.

Levi remains motionless for the length of a breath, and then he sits as well. He watches as Erwin finishes himself off with his hand, eyes closed and mouth is open, and when he comes into his condom he lets off the most shameless, erotic moan Levi has ever heard.

Erwin looks so amazing that Levi decides they’ll be facing next time—not that there’ll be a next time.

There’s a sigh after Erwin comes, and then he opens his eyes. His gaze finds Levi’s, and he smiles gently, leaning forward for a kiss. When they’re done, Erwin stands up to throw the condom away, and finally, the spell is broken.

The room comes back into focus slowly for Levi, and he stares around him as though waking up from a dream. He takes in the rich red décor, as though he had forgotten it, and every detail reminds Levi of exactly where he is, exactly what he’s done and who he’s done it with. His eyes fall on the stain he’s made on the bedspread, white standing out starkly against the red, and a deep, unshakable sense of shame settles low in his stomach.

Erwin returns to him, holding a wet towel that he took from inside the chest of drawers in the corner of the room. He sits down next to Levi, sliding one arm around Levi’s waist and wiping him off with the other. Levi immediately snatches the towel out of Erwin’s hand, snapping, “I can clean up myself.”

“Of course. My apologies.” Erwin relents, but his arm doesn’t leave Levi’s waist (and Levi’s not sure if he wants it to.) Levi forces himself to focus on the mess he’s made on himself, methodically wiping away every last trace of semen as if he can wipe away what he’s done that night.   

“Was that enjoyable for you?” Erwin asks him.

The question is so ludicrous that it’s almost enough to distract Levi from his cleaning. He glares up at Erwin and spits, “I came screaming. What do you think?”

Erwin only smiles gently and says, “I’m glad.”

While Levi continues to clean, Erwin says, “I have a shower that you’re welcome to use. As soon as you’re ready, a cab will be called for you at the lobby.”

“I’ll shower at home,” Levi says, even though every bit of him yearns for a shower as soon as possible. He doesn’t want to spend a minute longer than necessary with this Companion.

“Very well.”

Once Levi’s satisfied that he’s completely clean, he slips off the bed (and out of Erwin’s hold) to begin picking up his clothes. Pants, underwear, shoes and socks are scattered carelessly across the floor near the bed. Shirt and undershirt lie draped over the arm of the couch. Levi doesn’t look at Erwin while he gathers his things. He’s done enough of that for one night.

Levi dresses hurriedly. When he finishes, he glances up to see that Erwin has put on a black silk bathrobe. He approaches Levi before he’s able to step out door, standing in front of the doorknob and effectively blocking Levi’s way. “Tonight was an absolute pleasure,” Erwin says to him.

“Yeah,” Levi mutters. He avoids looking at Erwin’s eyes or at the part of his chest visible through the bathrobe, and he desperately hopes Erwin doesn’t want to have some kind of conversation.

But Erwin doesn’t try to speak with Levi. Instead, he takes Levi’s hand and brushes his lips across the knuckles. Actually kisses Levi’s hand, like Levi’s some fair medieval maiden. And even more ridiculous than that, Levi somehow manages to flush as he does so.

Erwin looks up, hand still holding Levi’s, and says in a low voice, “Have a pleasant night, Levi.”

“Sure. Thanks,” Levi grumbles. The moment Erwin steps back far enough, Levi practically runs out the door.

That, he thinks to himself, is never, ever happening again.