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Where We Belong (With Each Other)

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Chapter 1

"What the actual hell." Dean groused.

"Seriously, what the hell?"

"I don't know Dean." Sam said, dumbfounded, looking at theirselves right in front of them like they were standing in front of the mirror. Sam knew even their expressions were identical. Sam and Dean kept staring at the two people in front of them, who were staring right back, without saying anything. This went on for another few minutes before the person standing opposite Sam cleared his throat.

"Umm.. Who are you guys?" The person, looking the twin of Dean asked, breaking the silence and Sam wanted to laugh hysterically. Because ironically, all of them knew who the other was but something had to be said, right? Because they were in an alternate or parallel universe or whatever, where they were not Sam and Dean, but someone else. So someone looking exactly like them, smashing through the same window that threw them here, it wasn't really a rocket science figuring who they were. And if those two had a half brain, they would know as well. But the question is, why were they still here when their alternate personas were back in their world. Some sort of noise coming from somewhere shook them out of their shock and Dean was the one to get his brain cells back first.

"We need to go somewhere. We can't let anyone see us. You two stay here and let someone spot you, we are gonna sneak in one of the trailers." Dean said in particular to no one and Sam and Dean snuck out from there, ducking and trying to cover themselves so that no one sees them, it was quite a hassle for Sam, but Sam was not a hunter for so many years for nothing. They finally reached in Jensen's trailer and closed the door behind them.

"Holy shit." Dean said, slumping on the bunk of the trailer. Sam took a seat on the couch, taking his head in both his hands and sighed long sufferingly. They were the one who did the reverse spell so they could get back, but instead, Jared and Jensen were back here from their world and Sam just wanted to laugh at their luck. How the hell did it happen, he had no idea. Now there were two versions of them here, and he didn't know what they were going to do about that. Because Jared and Jensen were celebrities, and it would be so damn hard to work around here. But they needed something to do. Sam was immersed in his thoughts when there was a knock on the trailer and someone opened the door. Sam was about to panic when he saw it was was Jared, Jensen close behind him. Jensen shut the door behind him and locked it from inside and both of them made their way inside the trailer, standing awkwardly.

"So.. It seems like we are back in our world, but you guys are still here." Jared said, after standing quiet and awkwardly for a few minutes, gesturing to them.

"Yeah.. I guess the spell we did brought you guys back, but left us here." Sam said, looking up at them and saw identical expressions of confusion passing through Jared and Jensen's faces.

"Uhh..No.." Jensen said, scratching the back of his neck.

"It was Jim..I mean, it was Bobby who sent us back here.." Jared said, glancing in Jensen's direction for a brief moment and then looking back at Sam.

"Wait.. You are saying that Bobby sent you guys back here?" Dean asked, standing up from the bunk.

"Yeah.. He was actually trying to find a way to bring you guys back after Misha, I mean Castiel, told him what was going on, but I guess it didn't work quite that way." Jared said, looking wierdly at Dean, and Sam could understand, despite being a hunter, he was freaking out as well seeing people looking exactly like them.

"But I thought it was because of the spell we were doing to get back." Sam said in a confused tone.

"I don't know, because all happened in front of us, and the symbol was glowing or something and then.. Well you guys saw.." Jensen said, moving to sit on the couch corner beside Sam.

"I don't know what's going on. We have to try again." Sam said, looking at Dean who was getting pissed by the second.

"Son of a bitch." Dean shouted and Sam saw a small smile play on Jared's lips like he was amused. Sam noticed that Jared was the one who was looking like he was the least freaked out in four of them. Like he didn't particularly care what was going on. But Sam didn't dwell on it. He had more important things in his mind. They needed to do the spell again.

"We will try again after few hours. You guys should go at your places. We will stay here." Sam said, looking at each of them. Dean was looking angry.

"You guys going to be here?" Jensen asked from beside him and Sam gave a nod.

"Is our bodyguard here?" Jared asked and Sam shook his head.

"We came by ourselves of course, in your car." Dean said, shooting Jared a nasty look, but Jared didn't even flinch or react. He just nodded.

"Okay then." Jensen said, standing up.

"I am going to catch a cab. I wish I don't see you guys tomorrow." Jensen said, making his way outside the trailer.

"I will drop you." Jared said to Jensen. Jensen shook his head in negative.

"I will go. Thanks." With that, he was out and Jared closed his mouth like he was about to say something else, but thought better of it at the last moment. Sam suddenly remembered that these two don't talk to each other. Guess they were like them in the department, having issues between them in one form or another.

"I will go also." Jared said, looking around the trailer with some kind of pained expression. His eyes stopped on some point behind Dean, and Sam turned to see where he was looking. There was a small night stand beside the bed which Dean had been occupying, and there was maybe a photo frame lying upside down on it. Sam glanced back at Jared, who was now retreating back and turning to go out as well. He didn't say anything. Just nodded in their general direction and left.

"They are so serious. And weird." Dean said, flopping down on the bed again.

"Yeah well, what did you expect from them. Monkey dance? Seeing their characters come to life." Sam said, making himself comfortable at the couch and lying down.

"Yeah.. That's the thing. They were not that freaked out. I mean, I would have expected some panic or something. They are just civilians playing our characters." Dean said, suppressing a yawn.

"I think they did their freak out in our world." Sam said, feeling sleepy as well.

"Yeah.. I guess you are right. I am taking a nap man. Lock the door before you sleep." Dean said, tuning on his stomach and ending the conversation effectively. Sam sighed.

"You could have done it yourself." Sam mumbled but stood up nevertheless, locking the door, switching off the lights and lying on the couch again. Thank God the couch was comfortable enough. He glanced at Dean once again, the lights coming from the blinds casting an eerie look on his face. His eyes were closed but Sam knew that he wasn't asleep yet. He closed his eyes, Dean's face the last thing in his mind.