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Welcome back, Sis

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At the airport a 13-year-old girl was screaming and crying as an elder woman was trying to get her to go with the woman wearing a  suit. The older woman was Marie Kessler and the girl, her grand-daughter. She and her brother had been living with her for almost 3 years, their parents had died in what the police had thought a car crash. Marie knew better. She could only raise one, and seeing that Avalon, the girl, had a different father, she was going to live with his family in Vienna, Austria. It had taken months for Marie to find out who and where her father was. When she did and contacted him, she found out he was a royal and hadn’t seen her after she became 4, when he moved back to Vienna due to work and family.

“Avalon, you have no choice in this. You’re going to live with your father.”

“Why do I have to go and can Nick stay?! This isn’t fair! We already lost mom and dad! Why should we be separated too!?? I don’t care that I have another last name!”

“Yeah, me neither.” Nick stood next to the two, unsure if he should get between or not.

“You’re going with miss… Sorry, what was the name again?”

“Andes. Natasha Andes. I have been assigned as her guardian by Mr. Dorn.” The woman smiled warmly.

“You’re going with miss Andes and live with your father, Avalon. You don’t get a choice in this.”

The girl pouted. She didn’t want to go to Vienna, at least not without Nick, but you couldn’t go against aunt Marie when she had her mind set.

“Fine… I’ll call you when I’m there, okay? Wherever Vienna is...”

“Okay,” Nick wrapped his arms around his little sister, not knowing when or IF he would see her again. He kissed her on the forehead. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. Don’t give them too much trouble, okay, Avie?”

“I’ll do my best, Nicky.” she smiled softly at him.

Natasha tapped Avalon on the shoulder. “We must go now, Miss Dorn. Your flight leaves in 20 minutes.”

Avalon sighed, stepping back from Nick and took her bag. “Okay then… I guess I’m ready…”

Following Miss Andes, she looked back one more time. She was going to miss Nick a lot.