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Spin the Bottle

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It was like any other lazy day, all members sprawled anywhere they can fit in the tiny living room. They were currently watching some lame movie but nobody was really paying attention, preferring their laptops or phones over human interaction.

Taehyung whines loudly, boredom irritating him and making him restless. He doesn't like sitting still for too long, he needs to move. The brunet male turns to Hoseok for some entertainment when a 'fantastic' idea hits him.

"We should get drunk!"

Everybody groans their disagreements, too lazy to actually go get any alcohol. Taehyung pouts at Hoseok, knowing the older couldn't resist his puppy face.

"Pleaseeeeeeee, Hobi hyung?" the younger male pouted. "I'm so freaking bored and this movie is so shit, let's go buy drink!" Taehyung flashed his infamous box-smile at his hyung, whooping with joy when seeing Hoseok's resolve falter.

"Fine Tae, but you're cleaning our room for the rest of the month AND doing my laundry" Hoseok sighs before hauling himself off of the floor and going to put his shoes on.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say hyung!" Taehyung dismisses Hobi, knowing he can easily get out of the deal with his puppy dog eyes. He bounces happily after Hoseok to go find his jacket.

The older male opened the door before shouting "any requests?" and instantly regretted asking.


"Tae you're going with him, you don't need to shout."

"Whiskey for me"

"Beer. Thanks for buying hyung!"

"Jungkook, you can't drink yet, you're not having beer! I'll just share the whiskey with Joonie, thanks Hobi-ah!"

"Ah Jin hyung, let our Kookie have some fun for one night" Jimin defends the maknae, ruffling his hair in the process. "I'll have whatever Yoongi hyung is having!"

"You're not sharing with me, brat. Just get beer Hoseok, ignore everybody else."

"Shut up Yoongi hyung, I want my whiskey!"

"I'M LEAVING" Hoseok bangs the door closed, not wanting to hear anymore requests. He turned to Taehyung and sees the same rectangular smile on the younger.

"I blame you for everything" he murmurs, leaving a giggling 4D alien to trail behind him.




The two males return holding two 1L's of whiskey, 1L of vodka, a case of beers and a tonne of snacks to keep them going.

"Come and help us, you lazy fucks!" Hoseok and Tae stumble into the kitchen, trying not to drop anything. Everybody scrambled from their comfortable positions to grab their desired drinks before returning to their previous places.

"Thanks Hobi hyung! You're the best" Jimin smiled largely at his hyung, crescent eyes shining. He playfully blew a kiss at Hoseok, waiting for him to catch it. The older male rolled his eyes, pretending to catch the kiss in his palm with a large heart-shaped smile causing Jimin to giggle cutely.

"Lets get drunk!" Taehyung pumps his hand in the air vigorously, determined look on his face.

"I need to get drunk to deal with his shit" Yoongi was irritated by Taehyung's excessive behaviour but he has to admit, he was beginning to feel the excitement thrum through his veins. It's been a long time since they last enjoyed themselves without thinking of the consequences.



Roughly 2 hours later and it's safe to say, everybody was trashed. Most of the drink was gone with only 5 beers, 3/4 of a bottle of whiskey and a drop of vodka remaining. It's 2 in the morning and everybody has clearly gone over their body's alcohol limit.

Tae and Namjoon were butchering a Big Bang song, Jin and Hobi were talking about new recipes and dance moves they learned, Jungkook lay comfortably across Jimin's lap on the floor, making the older male run his hands through his hair. Jungkook was making the red haired male play eye spy, giggling happily when he got it right.

And Yoongi was bored.

He enjoyed taking videos of Namjoon dancing with a scarf wrapped around his head while screeching H.O.T's - 'We are the Future' (he'll be sure to use it as blackmail in the future) , and Tae trying to be his cheerleader but he's over that. He had enough when the latter started grinding on the coffee table to 'Bae Bae'.

He needs something exciting. Something they can all regret in the morning. His answer came in the form of a brown haired, 4D alien.

"Lets play spin the bottle!"

"Yes yes yes!" Jungkook scrambles off of Jimin's lap and thumps off of the floor, groaning in pain. The older male slides down next to the maknae, helping him sit up properly. Jungkook winces and pouts into the crook of Jimin's neck, rubbing his sore head.

"Kookie, you can't have your first kiss during spin the bottle" Jin worried the maknae would regret his decision in the morning when he has a clear head.

"But Hyuuung! That's the best first kiss! I trust all of you, I won't regret it. Pinky promise" Jungkook holds out his slender pinky to the oldest hyung, urging him on with a huge bunny smile. He really did look like a child.

His words were slightly slurred so Jin knew the maknae was drunk, but so was he himself. He linked his pinky with the younger's with a small smile, causing Jungkook to cheer happily.




Namjoon moved the coffee table towards the TV, making room for everyone to sit in a circle. Jimin grabbed an empty beer bottle from Yoongi's pile and placed it in the middle.

"Right, who's going first?"

When nobody volunteered, Jin suggested a round of rock, paper, scissors. The unlucky loser was Taehyung who didnt seem all that fazed. He spun the bottle and it landed on Hoseok.

"Pucker up, Hobi hyung!"

Hoseok grinned brightly at Tae, eyes glassy from the alcohol, before the latter went in for the kill. The younger threw his arms around his hyung's neck and kissed him enthusiastically. It was like Rookie King all over again.

They kissed for a few seconds before the couple were being pulled apart by Namjoon who was anxious to keep the game going, shooting nervous glances at the oldest hyung. (if Namjoon was trying to be subtle about his crush for Jin, then he wasn't doing a very good job. Even Jin knows about the crush, for fucks sake).

"It's your shot, Hoseok hyung."

And that's how the game continued. It went from Hoseok to Namjoon, Namjoon to Jungkook (who complained that his first kiss was with the leader, even if it was just a peck. Namjoon couldn't ruin the maknae's innocence), Jungkook to Jin (again, another peck much to Jungkook's displeasement), Jin back to Tae, until Tae spun and it landed on the shortest male.

Now, Yoongi knows he feels some sort of attraction to Jimin. He may be slightly infatuated with the younger, if the hours he spends ogling the younger in practice is any indication. With alcohol in his system, his need for the younger intensified tenfold. So the elder was burning with jealousy when he saw Tae slowly crawl towards Jimin, gaze predatory.

Yoongi couldn't stop a quiet growl from escaping when the brown haired male started straddling Jimin's lap, possessive streak igniting within him.

He saw Jungkook look at him curiously, before he was suddenly shoved away from Jimin by the second youngest. He glares at Taehyung, only to receive a smirk in return.

'Asshole', the maknae thinks, irritated from being pushed away from his comfortable spot. He shuffles over, pouting towards Jimin but the red haired male didnt notice. 'I want my comfy Jiminnie back', Jungkook sighs before pulling his legs up to his chest and resting his head on his knees, still facing the 95 line.

Taehyung grins at Jimin, eyes glazed over with need.

Everybody knows that the 95 line was the biggest bromance (much to Yoongi's, and even Jungkook's, annoyance), and there was always a sexual attraction lingering within their relationship, yet they always preferred to stay platonic.

Apparently not now.

"I've always wanted to taste you, Jiminnie" The younger purrs before kissing Jimin hard. The force of the kiss was bruising, both males biting and pulling, lust and alcohol taking over their self control. Their tongues met in a messy battle for dominance, both males refusing to submit to the other.

Tae tugged harshly on the older male's hair, eliciting a needy moan in return. Jimin retaliated by biting the younger's bottom lip harshly, soothing the sting with his tongue before repeating the process. Tae moaned desperately, pressing closer to Jimin.

The kiss lasted longer than the others, everybody too shocked to pull them away and continue the game. The pair slowly pulled apart for air, looking completely wrecked in the best way possible.

Jimin's hair was ruffled from Tae's excessive hair pulling, lips swollen and bruised. The younger's lips were riddled with bite marks, cheeks flushed and panting heavily for much needed air.

They both stared at the other, trying to catch their breath, before Taehyung starts to trail kisses down Jimin's neck. He bites down gently, completely different to when they were kissing, and sucks until a small bruise starts to form.

Yoongi has had enough, he crawled over to the pair and swiftly pulled Taehyung off of the tanned male's lap. Jimin whined, arms reaching out to bring Tae closer to him before pouting at Yoongi.

"Yoongi hyung, whatcha do that for?" Jimin's pouty, bruised lips were starting to generate inappropriate thoughts in the elder's mind. He wondered what they would look like wrapped around something else, swollen and red. He shook his head, trying to get rid of the dirty thoughts.

"We want to continue playing the game, brat. We'd much rather not see you guys sucking face." Yoongi slouched back into his spot, grabbing the bottle.

"You could of continued playing and left us at it, hyung" Jimin rolled his eyes, much to Yoongi's annoyance. He glanced at Tae and mouthed a joking "later", smirking seductively at the younger male.

"Now you're mine Jiminnie," Taehyung giggled cutely at the elder, pointing at the elder's hickey before returning to his spot next to Hoseok. Jimin grinned at his bestfriend, winking dramatically for effect causing the two males to laugh animatedly.

Yoongi sighs heavily, trying to ignore the pair's advances towards eachother.

"Are you jealous, hyung?"

That struck a nerve. His eyes shot upwards, instantly connecting with Jimin's glazed ones. The younger had a cheeky smirk, licking his bottom lip enticingly making it glisten and look even more kissable.

"Don't flatter yourself, brat. Now spin." the elder choked out, shoving the bottle towards the younger.

Yoongi knows he sounds jealous, but he really couldn't give a fuck. Everybody was too drunk to notice the jealousy lacing his voice anyway and he was too drunk to care at this point.

Jimin giggled before spinning the bottle sloppily, still a bit lightheaded from the make-out session and the alcohol in his system. Everybody was eager to see who it would land on, excited to get the game rolling again.

It was like slow motion.

The bottle started to come to a stop, slowly passing each member. The anticipation made Yoongi nervous, he doesn't know if he can handle Jimin kissing anybody else again if he kisses like that.

Luckily, the bottle stopped on him.

There was a moments pause, Yoongi not registering that he can finally have the younger where he wants him. Before he could process what happened, he felt toned legs straddle him, slender fingers wrapping gently into his hair. Jimin pulled lightly on the strands, making Yoongi glance up hesitantly.

"You happy, hyung? You get your chance with me" the younger whispers seductively, before attaching himself to Yoongi's lips.

The kiss was messy, both driven by their own lustful needs. Neither were holding back, giving as good as they got. Jimin bit the elder's bottom lip, pulling back harshly before letting go. He smirked smugly at the swollen lip before diving back in, kissing Yoongi harder and pulling him closer.

Yoongi was in heaven.

Their tongues met, Jimin instantly submitting to the older. Yoongi hummed in satisfaction, tracing his tongue all around the younger's mouth. Jimin started to trail his hand down the blond male's body, letting it slip up his T-shirt. He traced his hyung's faint six-pack, becoming more daring with each sound he drags out of Yoongi.

The kiss quickly turned desperate, tongues speeding up and teeth clashing. Their chests burned, needing oxygen but not wanting to pull away just yet. Jimin started to grind down in Yoongi's lap, releasing a breathy moan. He needed more.

Just as Yoongi was about to help the younger with his problem, he was suddenly alone and confused.

His glazed eyes glanced around the room, too unfocused to notice anything. When his eyes finally focused, he saw Jimin panting heavily next to Jin, eyes blown with arousal, the oldest male's arm on his back to keep him close and mouth open in shock.

'He looks so fucking sinful' Yoongi thinks, admiring how wrecked Jimin looks because of him.

Everybody was surprised, eyes fixed on the lustful couple. The situation was enough to sober all the members up slightly. Not a word was uttered for a good 3 minutes, nobody knowing how to break the tense atmosphere.

Finally, Jin clears his throat to break the silence. "I think.. I think we're done here. Everybody should go to bed, we'll clean up the mess tomorrow." it was clear 'the mess' Jin was referring to was Yoongi and Jimin.

The members slowly stand up, not willing to go against the elder's wishes but wanting to know what's going to happen now. Everybody trails off into their own bedrooms, whispering good night's as they pass. Yoongi was about to join Namjoon in their shared room, before he feels a slight tug on his T-shirt.

He turns to meet Jimin's inquisitive gaze. He looked uncertain, almost afraid.

"We're cool, right hyung?" he questions quietly, eyes swimming with doubt.

Yoongi smiles slightly at how different the younger is now, all shy and innocent. Completely different to the lustful teenager from 10 minutes ago.

"Yeah, we're cool Jiminnie," Yoongi ruffles the younger's hair affectionately, earning a wide smile in return. "Now go get some sleep, we can talk tomorrow."

He turns to go to bed again before he feels another pull. But this time, the shy teenager is nowhere to be found. Jimin was leaning lazily against the doorframe, want still blazing in his half-lidded eyes.

"So was I a good kisser, hyung?" Jimin smirks cheekily at Yoongi, leaning in closer. The younger knows the effect he had on his favorite hyung and he planned to use it to his advantage tonight.

The word 'hyung' intensified the blond male's arousal when hearing it come from Jimin, the honorific dripping with lust and need. It wasn't helping the problem that Yoongi currently had in his pants, just making it more unbearable.

"Don't flatter yourself, Jiminnie" Yoongi hopes the younger didnt hear the slight desperation in his voice, breath caught in his throat.

"Oh? That's too bad hyung, I really thought I was improving." Jimin pouted innocently at Yoongi, making the elder wonder how he can go from seductive to adorable in seconds.

"Well, looks like you'll need more practice," the pale man makes a move into his bedroom, beginning to close the door when he felt Jimin step close to him. He gulped audibly, asking a quiet "what are you doing, Jimin?"

Jimin smirked in reply and asked something that Yoongi couldnt say no to;

"Wanna help me practice, hyung~?"


"Now" Jimin pushed Yoongi inside the room, lips meeting in a messy kiss as he slammed the door shut behind him with his foot.


"But it's not fair that I've to sleep on the couch because you two can't keep it in your pants!" Namjoon huffs, glaring daggers at Yoongi.

"Well, life's hard Joonie. This will be an experience for you, make you tougher for the future" the elder replies in mock sympathy, before tapping the leader twice on the head. "Have a good night sleep Joonie-ah. I suggest you wear earphones to block out the noise. It's gonna be a long and loud night."

Yoongi laughs loudly when he sees Namjoon's eyes widen, face contorting in disgust. He swiftly closes the door on the younger, not leaving him utter another word.


Namjoon mutters to himself as he shuffles to the couch, cursing Yoongi's and Jimin's existence. He sighs heavily as he sinks down onto the couch, hand raised to ruffle his hair in annoyance before settling on the nape of his neck. He groans loudly before faceplanting the couch.

"I didn't even get to kiss Jin."