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Boy Scout

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“Oh, fuck.” Tony kept himself from giggling as the extreme aptness of his swearing registered in his overheated brain.

“We need to… get away,” Steve gasped out, suiting action to words and scrambling a retreat over the broken rubble.

The pinkish dust was still floating in the air, and didn’t look to be settling down anytime soon. What the hell had Thor been thinking, taunting Loki like that? “You’ll never sway our purpose from righteousness, brother.” Right. Brilliant. Loki had just smiled ever-so-slightly and a cloud of dust had blown in from nowhere.

Do not challenge a god of trickery, you will lose every time, Tony thought. Clint and Natasha had started ripping each other’s clothes off almost right away, and that had been their only real warning that things were about to go south in a very sexy, but also probably very bad for the city kind of way. Steve had given it one last good try, but his flung shield had only taken out one of Loki’s damn duplicates before the dust had engulfed him. Tony had been feeling smug, right up until he realized he’d already used up his internal air supply and his suit was pulling in filtered air. Not filtered enough, apparently.

The dust apparently didn’t affect Asgardians, and Bruce was too angry to want to bone anything, so Steve and Tony had done the only thing they could. Tried to get the hell out of the way to answer the sudden demands their bodies were putting on them. Tony’s suit was too damn tight, no longer properly snug but painfully confining and hot. He needed to get out, to relieve the pressure, to grab someone and crush them to him, to make them feel the heat pouring through his blood, to just fucking come, and come, and come again until the heat passed. From Steve’s reddened and sweaty face and the bulge in that didn’t-leave-much-to-the-imagination costume, he was in the same boat.

“Tony, I have to-. I just need to-,” Steve kept stopping himself from saying what he wanted as he just concentrated on putting distance between himself and that damned dust, his steps getting more and more unsteady. Tony himself was rapidly getting to the point where JARVIS was going to initiate an emergency shut-down if he couldn’t get himself under control, but fuck if Tony was going to let his computer lock him inside the suit to ride this out.

Besides, Loki was enough of a dick to make the dust something that modern medicine couldn’t handle.

“Grab on!” Tony called, swooping down low enough for Steve to haul himself up. His muscles swelled under his costume as he locked his arms around Tony’s titanium neck, and Steve groaned deep in his throat as Tony took off back to Stark tower. “I’m getting us out of here.”

“Now!” Steve yelled, and Tony blasted off.


“Get, get out of it, I need to-. Please!” Steve was shedding his costume as fast as he could, showing every muscle of a rather spectacular torso, glistening with sweat and dust. His pants were fighting him, and Steve started swearing under his breath as the fasteners seemed to have minds of their own. He gave up after a minute and just rubbed the growing bulge at his groin, and sighed in partial relief, his face twisting in something like pain. “Oh God, it’s not enough. Tony!”

Tony was cursing under his breath as he got the suit in the cradle, feeling about ready to explode watching Steve, Steve Rogers the Boy Scout of America, stroke himself through his costume. “JARVIS, get me out of here, now!”

The machines started to disassemble the suit, but Steve threw his head back and nearly screamed in frustration. He reached out and grabbed Tony’s gaunteted hand and pulled it to him, wanting him to take over.

“Shit, Steve, I’ll pull it off!” Tony warned, lightheaded and giddy with sexual need on one hand, and too damn aware of what the suit was capable of on another.

Steve growled, a full-on Bruce Banner-style growl, let go of Tony, and actually ripped his pants off his own body to stroke himself more fully. And that super-soldier formula had apparently been equally generous in enhancing all aspects of Steve’s physique.

Tony tried to keep himself from drooling as he pulled back enough for JARVIS to actually unscrew him from the suit.

Heh. Screw.

The minute he was out, Steve yanked him flush against him, half-crushing him with his strength as he rutted desperately against the smooth material of Tony’s body stocking. The too-confining feeling was gone, and the heat pooled between them, desperately increasing Tony’s already too-intense interest. He didn’t even have to move, just let Steve use him, fuck up against him, the smell and strength and desperation of him…

Tony gave himself up to it, chanting filthy encouragement into Steve’s ear as he felt himself give it up, but not come down from his sexual high. Steve shouted as he erupted, white staining the black material on Tony’s stomach, and kept going, still hard. Tony worked himself out of his clothing with a few strategic squirms and Steve’s impatient strength, then promptly collapsed on top of them as the touch of Steve’s hand on his bare equipment made him shoot like a teenager.

“I’m not done,” Steve gasped, shaking his head in something like denial. “Need more, Tony, sorry.”

“Oh hell no we’re not done,” Tony agreed amicably, and threw a leg around Steve’s hip. The heat between them wouldn’t let him stop even if he wanted to, but there was no reason not to make this as fun as possible. “Did I tell you to stop?”

That was all the encouragement he needed, and Steve moved to cover him fully. Somewhere between the fifth and sixth time, when both were sore and sticky and still not quite satisfied, Tony realized the heat was breaking between them. But Steve was still there, deep inside him, his lips switching from Tony’s mouth to the edges of the arc reactor in his chest, making him babble out God-knew-what as they pushed together and soared one last time. Fuck, that the Boy Scout could be gentle and still strong enough to push Tony around like a rag doll would have been enough to get him into bed even without random clouds of sex pollen-.

That was when the last of the dust abruptly vanished. Thor and Bruce must have just driven Loki away.

Cool reason suddenly reasserted itself, but it seemed a little muddled with Steve Rogers still looming over him, cock still rather firmly in Tony’s ass. A blush of nearly lethal proportions was starting to spread across Steve’s face, and Tony considered for half a second if he needed to freak out at all.


From his position underneath, Tony lifted himself up enough to meet Steve’s mouth in a brief kiss. Then he laid himself back down and tucked his hands behind his head in a casual and expectant posture.

“Ah… Tony, I, um…” Steve trailed off, his arms trembling slightly, looking torn between embarrassment, shame, and desire.

Tony twitched his hips up and sighed in pleasure. “Keep going.”

Steve breathed out slowly, and began again, thrusting slow and deep, eyes on Tony. This time going at their own pace.