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Drabbles [Minseok/Sehun]

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Sehun, of course, thinks of a brilliant idea halfway through the charity function Minseok’s parents have set up. He turns to Minseok – his date (fake date?) – and says, “Kiss me while everyone is looking.”

Minseok looks at Sehun likes he’s grown two heads. “What?

Sehun isn’t really sure how he could be any clearer; Minseok needs to get his ears checked out or something. “I said,” he half-hisses, half-whispers in Minseok’s ear. “Kiss me while everybody is looking.”


Sehun had thought Minseok was smarter than this. Apparently not. “I’m supposed to be your date. People kiss their dates. You should probably kiss me before everyone starts getting suspicious, wondering whether we’re really dating or not.”

Minseok looks at Sehun, mouth quirked into an amused smile. “Sehun, I really don’t think they care.”

When he had told Minseok he’d pretend to be dating him to keep people off of his back during the charity event, Sehun had expected something a little more along the lines of excessive PDA, kissing, maybe a little mutual groping. You know, the works. Not standing next to each other looking pretty.

Right now they just look like best friends. Which, coincidentally, they are. But right now they aren’t supposed to be best friends – they’re supposed to be boyfriends.

Minseok is a terrible boyfriend, Sehun decides. He does look amazing in a suit, though, so that sort of makes up for it.

“I think they care.” Sehun eyes the guests around them. Nobody is paying the slightest attention to Sehun and Minseok at the moment, but Sehun continues his dramatics anyway. It’s fun, even though he’s pretty sure Minseok isn’t even listening anymore. “You know, Minseok, the ultimate downfall for people who pretend to date is not enough kissing. Most people aren’t willing to swap spit with someone just for the sake of keeping appearances, and I understand. That’s cool. You don’t have to kiss me, but I feel as though it is my duty to tell you that I am a really, really great–”

Minseok shuts Sehun up. Normally, Sehun would frown and complain, but Minseok shuts Sehun up with his lips and Sehun is enjoying himself a little too much. If people weren’t looking at them earlier, well they sure as hell are looking at them now. Probably. Or not. Either way, Minseok is kissing him and holy shit he’s good with his tongue.

Minseok has a hand on the back of Sehun’s neck, pulling him down, and Sehun can’t help but smile against Minseok’s mouth as the kiss deepens.

“Are you happy now?” Minseok asks when he finally pulls away.

“Yes,” Sehun breathes. He’s absolutely elated, his heart is pounding and Minseok just kissed him. Which may have been something he's wanted since, well, forever. “Wait, no. I think you need to kiss me again. I’m not sure people saw–”



“Shut up.”