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Roy makes one last call to make sure that Lian is asleep and safe with Mia and Rose in San Francisco before turning his phone off and setting it on the kitchen counter in Dick’s apartment. It’s the only night that both he and Dick have had off in a long while and Roy intends to make the most of the night unless an emergency happens.

Roy takes his time walking to the master bedroom of the apartment. He makes his steps go slow and steady, already picturing the way that Dick is probably shifting restlessly on his knees on the luxurious rug that takes up one side of the floor next to Dick’s four-poster bed. Dick is restless enough normally, but when he’s supposed to be calm and still and quiet, the urge to move increases a hundredfold until Dick is ready to climb up the walls.

It’s something that Roy loves to see for himself, the way that Dick fidgets at first before getting into a proper submissive headspace.

Roy doesn’t knock on Dick’s bedroom door. He doesn’t have to. One touch to the door sends it swinging open on well-oiled hinges and Roy walks into the large bedroom like a man on a mission. Roy’s eyes fix on Dick’s bare back, on that skin that’s marked up with scars and healing bruises from patrol the night before, and he has to bite his tongue to keep from letting out a noise that would be wholly inappropriate in this situation.

Dick shivers as though he can hear the sound that Roy hadn’t let out. The muscles in his strong arms flex and he tugs a little at the thickly banded nylon cuffs that are cinched tightly around his wrists as though he needs to be reminded that he is bound. “Roy?” Dick breathes in a questioning tone as the sound of Roy’s footsteps come closer, bare feet making just enough noise on the floor that Dick will be able to follow him without looking.

“I’m here, Dick,” Roy says, keeping his voice hushed so that he won’t startle his lover or pull him out of his headspace. He rests one hand on Dick’s shoulder and rubs his thumb in a circle around a round little pucker of scar tissue from some criminal that had gotten in a lucky shot several years ago. “I’ve got you.”

Roy shifts his hand so that his fingers are curled at the nape of Dick’s neck. The light touch serves to remind Dick that even without a collar, he’s still very much bound to Roy, and Dick shudders against the light brush of fingertips against skin. “Stand up.”

Dick scrambles to his feet as fast as he can manage, the motion coming out less graceful than it would under normal circumstances. The combination of the wrist cuffs and the fugue that comes from giving up control to Roy makes Dick loose, makes him sloppy in a way that Roy both notices and appreciates as he moves to stand behind Dick so that guiding the other man will come more smoothly.

“I’m going to take good care of you, Dick,” Roy promises against the shell of Dick’s ear as his lover’s hands press into his belly and he feels tension run through Dick’s bound arms. He kisses the curve of one hard shoulder and then reaches around to rub Dick’s stomach in a way that is supposed to be comforting but never really manages to convey the proper amount of caring that Roy wants it to. When it works --when Dick goes nearly boneless against Roy’s body with a low sound of pure pleasure sliding out of his mouth-- Roy makes a note to give his lover stomach rubs more often when they’re alone like this.

Roy slides his hand a little further down and when he brushes Dick’s flaccid penis, his plans for the night come together at an alarmingly fast rate in his mind. Roy returns his hand to Dick’s stomach well above his groin and lightly scratches his rough nails over the scarred skin until Dick’s breath hitches and he tries to rock between the faint almost-pain sensation from Roy’s nails and Roy himself.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” Dick asks in a hushed tone --because asking him to keep quiet when they’re not in the middle of a serious scene is just cruel. He doesn’t try to look back at Roy as he shifts his weight from one side to another and that patience and obedience earns him another lingering kiss pressed to the heavily scarred surface of his skin.

“You’re obviously not in the mood for sex right now,” Roy points out in a neutral tone, still petting Dick into quiescence with careful strokes of his callused fingers. “You’re still aching from last night’s patrol and since you didn’t let me take care of you then, I’m going to do it now.”

Roy steps backward half a step and undoes the cuffs easily enough. He turns Dick around before the other man has time to get used to the idea of not being bound and then cuffs him again from the front so that he has a wider range of motion. “Go fill the tub,” Roy orders in a soft but firm tone as he meets Dick’s blown blue eyes. “Make it as hot as you can stand and use the bath stuff you got from Kori.” He leans in and kisses Dick quickly, keeping it light and almost chaste before he leans back out of the other man’s space. “I’ll be in shortly.”

Dick walks toward the adjoining bathroom as fast as he can without running outright.

Roy waits until he hears the water start to run before going to Dick’s haphazardly organized linen closet where the towels and their toy box are kept. Dick may not be up for more than a bath and a massage right now, but later… Later tonight, Roy imagines that he’ll have a chance to add a few bruises to Dick’s skin that are actually wanted.