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Forbidden Temptation

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Rachel Berry wandered down the corridors of McKinley, the memories of her High School experience flashed through her mind. She remembered her favourite lessons, her favourite teachers and she also remembered the one thing she would probably never forget... The slushies. She stopped at the glass cabinet that was filled with cheerleading trophies, including a large picture of the coach, her worst nightmare, Coach Sylvester.

That woman had made her life a living hell, sending the cheerios to taunt her and laugh because she chose her talent of singing over popularity. She peered down at her outfit that she had chosen for the day and grimaced, knowing that she would have earned herself one of those ice cold drinks.

But this time was different, she was in charge now, she was the teacher.

The brunette made her way into the staff room, seeing a few teachers talking to each other or in their own little world, she chose against intruding and headed towards the small kitchen area spotting the coffee machine. With her 100 megawatt smile she skipped across the room and poured herself a cup. Taking a sip she closed her eyes and tried to calm her nerves, she had been dreading this day for weeks. Her first day as a teacher at her old school, she should be exited, but her anxiety was getting the best of her.

"Hey Rachel!" A loud shout shocked her, resulting in her spilling her drink down her front. She groaned, that was her favourite sweater and now it was ruined. She wondered if her day could start off any worse, probably, but she didn't want to think negatively.

"Damn it Finn, you scared me." She placed her empty cup on the side and pulled off her soaked jumper, glad she was wearing a shirt underneath.

"Sorry," He said with his dopey smile, "I'm just excited to see you, it's been years."

"Yep, seven to be exact." She nodded her head, "what are you doing here?"

"I'm the football coach." He pointed at his whistle with pride, she bit back a laugh as she noticed the far too small gym shorts he was also sporting. "What are you doing here, shouldn't you be on Broadway or something?"

"It didn't work out." She bit her lip feeling uncomfortable with the topic of conversation.

"Oh, well it's good to have you back." He grinned, "Do you want me to walk you to your classroom?"

"Um..." She wanted to say no but his hopeful expression made her break, "Yes, that would be lovely, thank you."

The tall boy turned around and motioned for her to follow. They walked together until they reached her room, she smiled in thanks before entering and shutting the door behind her. She released a sigh of relief, although feeling a little bad for being rude to Finn, she was glad to be rid of him and his constant talking. He was a nice guy but bumping into your old high school sweetheart can be a bit of a surprise and she acted on instinct, which was to run.

Next thing she knew, her classroom was filling with students all watching her, wondering who she was and why their normal teacher wasn't present. She waited until the room was almost full and then stood up at the front, taking in a deep breath and then spoke.

"Hello everyone, my name is Miss Berry." She smiled warmly, "I am your new Music teacher and before you ask, I have no idea what happened to your old teacher, all I do know is I'm here to stay." Rachel looked around at the faces of the students, "Is everyone here so we can begin?"

"Everyone but our favourite Skank." A boy with a Mohawk spoke and the room filled with quiet laughter.

She looked around, even who she presumed were the misfits of the school were chuckling. Was this girl really that unpopular? Maybe she just needed a good role model, or someone she could come to when she was in trouble.

"No worries, Berry." One of the cheerleaders gave her a crooked smile, "She's probably just in the girls' toilets getting high."

"Excuse me, I didn't get both of your names." Rachel said, sudden worry in her tone.

"My name's Puck but you can call me anything you like." He winked at her and a largely built jock leaned over to high five him.

"I'm Santana." The girl spoke, "You can call me Santana."

"Well, do the two of you know how serious this is? Please tell me this is some sort of joke." She folded her arms, not happy with what she'd been told.

Santana snapped, "Why don't you go see for yourself if you don't believe us."

"Fine I will, what's this girl's name?" Rachel asked, stopping at the door.

"Quinn Fabray." Puck answered, "Pink hair, you'll know when you see her."

"Or when you smell her." Santana added and Rachel sighed, turning around and ignoring the giggles behind her.

"Thank you, I'll be right back." She headed to the room opposite from hers and knocked on it then entered.

Mr. Schue smiled taking his eyes off the board he was currently writing on. "Rachel! It's good to see you, I heard rumours that you were going to be joining the staff. Is everything okay?"

"Hi, Mr. Schue." Rachel said, smiling at her old glee club teacher. "It's good to see you too, I'd love to catch up with you, but I have to go and find a student right now, would you mind keeping an eye on my class?"

"Sure." He nodded and entered her room whilst she stormed down the corridor and into the nearest girls' bathroom. It was empty by the looks of it, but when she saw the smoke coming out of the top of one of the stalls she stomped her foot in the true Rachel Berry fashion.

"Whoever is in there, come out this instant!" She said, shocked by the strength in her own sentence.

The door was pulled open and in the frame stood a pink haired teenager with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. The Skank took one look at the teacher and found herself unable to turn away, she'd never had a thing for a teacher before, mainly because they were normally a lot older than the woman stood before her. Yet here she was lusting after the new teacher. She threw her cigarette into the toilet bowl and tilted her head to take in her appearance.

Starting at the bottom and working her way to the top, her gaze trailed up Rachel's incredibly long legs. She licked her top lip tantalisingly slow. Then she moved her eyes up until she found the brunette's breasts and the visibly hardened nipples under her shirt. Fuck, she's turned on, I'm turning her on!

"Can I help you, beautiful?" Quinn's eyes locked with her teacher's.

"W-what?" Rachel squeaked, all of her power disappeared instantly and she was suddenly that vulnerable young girl she used to be. "C-come o-out of there... Right-right now."

"What you going to do, Miss?" She raised her eye brow seductively and Rachel was extremely aroused. Not good, this can't be happening, I can't be getting turned on by my student! She wanted to run out of the room but she was frozen in place. "You going to punish me?"

Quinn stepped closer to Rachel.

"Um... Y-yes... Detention." Rachel nodded to herself, "Y-you have a detention... For smoking on school grounds."

"Great, I would love to spend some more time with you." The girl took another step and Rachel backed herself into the sink, trying to put any space between them. "One. On. One."

The brunette couldn't breathe, she looked over the girl's body and sunk her teeth into her bottom lip to keep herself from moaning. Quinn just saw this as a confirmation that it wasn't just her that wanted this. She reached up running her finger down Rachel's chest, feeling her shudder and then stopped it on the top button and flicked it open, revealing more of the woman.

"Are you okay, Miss?" Quinn put one of her legs in between Rachel's and leaned forwards to whisper hotly into her ear, "You seem a little... Flustered."

"I-I... This-this is inappropriate!" Rachel was gripping onto the sink, trying to steady herself as she could feel her knees about to buckle. 

Quinn smirked, slowly lifting her leg and pushing her thigh into Rachel's centre, knowing she'd already come too far just to back out now. She heard her whimper loudly and grind down on her leg, the diva couldn't fight it any more, giving up on any self control she had left.

The Skank crashed her lips against Rachel's, before she had a chance to push her away. The brunette's heart was beating so fast she was a little scared for her health. She had never felt anything like this before, none of the kisses she had shared with her ex's were anything in comparison to the younger girls lips on hers, she let her eyes flutter shut, unable to keep them open any longer. Quinn kissed her harder trying to get a response from her teacher, when she felt the woman's soft lips kissing her back she sighed and pulled back.

Pausing for a moment to take in the teacher's flushed appearance, swollen lips and wide eyes. Then she spun around, walking to the door deciding she wanted to make the a dramatic exit so she would be remembered, "See you in detention, Miss."

Rachel exhaled, releasing the breath she didn't know she'd been holding. Realisation of what had just happened hit her like a slap to the face, she wanted Quinn Fabray, who was her student and who had just had her pinned up against the sink kissing her like there was no tomorrow.

Oh dear god, this is going to be a long and painful year.