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In Asylum

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"I just... don't understand?"

L was still shivering the entire ride to the asylum.

Watari sighed. He should have considered young L Lawliet's underlying psychological issues before pushing him through the program. It was only on this latest case that his psychosis came to light. L had been hunting an incredibly gruesome serial murderer that tortured and killed his victims, experimenting on them first, removing their eyes as trophies, and then leaving taunting puzzles and clues for L and the investigators. But as L hunted for the serial murderer, it began to hit a bit too close to home. Eventually L was forced to come to an impossible conclusion—he was the one committing the murders. Naomi Misora-san helped confirm it.

"He has a name... Beyond Birthday."

He was a murderer—Believe Bridesmaid, Quarter Queen, and Backyard Bottomslash—they all died by his hand.

Watari sighed. L was useless to them now.

"You can still make something of yourself in here," Watari falsely assured his former ward as he led him down the halls of the institution.

Unnoticed by Watari, "L's" eyes flashed red.


"Please dad! I'm not Kira! And I'm not crazy! You have to believe me!" This was a nightmare! The police, his own father thought he was that murderer!

"It's just for the weekend, Light. Just to be evaluated." Mr. Yagami didn't know who he was trying to reassure.

Mr. Yagami was angry. He was angry he couldn't protect his son. He was angry that his son was a suspect. He was angry that there was even a possibility that his son might be Kira. However he was trying with all his might to avoid directing that anger at his son—unbalanced as he apparently was.

He didn't want to believe his son was Kira but really there was no one else who could have pulled that off—when Blue Ship took Light's school hostage in an attempt to negotiate the release of some of their members Kira saved the school (for which he was grateful but that didn't change the fact that Kira was a murderer) and the thugs all died of heart attacks.

However, like it or not, Light was already on the suspect list and... the timing was too convenient. They still had no idea how Kira killed. Light knew enough about chemistry and police procedure he might have slipped the kidnappers something that would induce a heart attack and manage to get away with it.

The most damning evidence though was the tape the kidnappers made of the hostages. While all the other students and teachers were terrified for their lives Light remained psychotically calm, like he knew that he was in no danger.

And even if he wasn't Kira...

This was probably the best thing for Light right now considering all he went through at the hands of those monsters! Forcing him to watch, killing his classmates one by one, doing that to him...

Still he couldn't believe all of what the doctors were saying. Light was possibly a sociopath? His perfect son? And with the drastic personality changes they witnessed when they put him under stress he might even have D.I.D.? But that disorder was so rare! And it usually occurred among victims of abuse. But his son would tell him if he was being abused, right? He was beginning to feel like he didn't know his own son anymore.

But the doctors were right—under hypnosis it was like he was another person. It didn't help that this alleged "other personality" stayed silent and refused to open up to the psychiatrists.

Mr. Yagami had watched the tapes of those sessions—how Light went from being polite, friendly, and nervous to cool and calm with sinister undercurrent of calculating, passive hostility. While in that state he could and would with but a few choice words destroy the attending psychiatrist so that they would be the one needing therapy.

They really had no idea what they were dealing with.

And if the psychiatrists were right and Light did have D.I.D.—he could be Kira and not even know it!

Still Mr. Yagami winced at the thought of leaving his son here even for the weekend as they passed a strange man in the hall that looked vaguely like a crack addict and was openly staring at his son. Mr. Yagami forced them to walk faster.

Beyond pretended to be "normal" as they walked down the hall, giving his caretaker not a hint as to who was in control. But the murderer couldn't help but perk up when they passed the teen being dragged in by his father going the opposite direction.

Yagami Moon. No lifespan--just like me.

Beyond cackled and Watari shivered at the sound, glancing warily at his ward. Beyond simply grinned. Perhaps this would be worth his time after all.


Beyond caught sight of the boy again in the cafeteria. He stood out because he looked so normal, like a shining example of sanity in this asylum.

Beyond watched unblinking as the boy sadly sat alone, eating the institutionalized mush—he seemed so innocent, so vulnerable... perhaps he was wrong about his earlier assessment...

No. Beyond smirked. He is like me—he hides it even from himself... Or perhaps, I have to teach him...

Just then the boy seemed to catch him staring. He looked nervous.

Smart boy. Beyond gave a twisted grin and watched as his prey shrunk in on himself, trying to be unnoticed.

Oh this'll be fun!

As Beyond fantasized what he would do with the other L managed to gain control again.

It was very jolting for him. In L's perception he had been in the car with Watari one moment and now here he was sitting alone in the cafeteria of the mental institution. Beyond took control? Is Watari okay? What's happening to me?

L blinked and followed his gaze to the boy at the other table.

Had Beyond been staring at that boy?

He didn't know the stranger but he did look really out of place here. For one thing he was neat and clean. He seemed... lonely...

Perhaps I should warn him...

Just then L gasped as he perceived the boy's bright brown eyes seemed to take on a sinister red cast.

Did that really happen or did I imagine that?


"Light! Hey Light! Why were you ignoring me?" Ryuk whined. It seemed to him that his human kept spacing out lately...

What? How did I get here? NO! It happened again?

He had to gain control of this situation quickly or...

The Shinigami chuckled. "Hey Light—just thought you'd like to know, some creep is staring at you."

Kira locked eyes with L.

"I noticed."


When the teen glowered back at him L turned his attention to the so-called chocolate pudding, having changed his mind on having anything to do with the teen—he was dangerous! That much was obvious from his expression, the way he was glaring at him with the ferocity of a jungle cat, his body language clearly read "touch me and die."

L might have discovered he was crazy but he was far from stupid.

L wondered why Watari seemed to have forgotten that...


"Yo, call me Mello, I'm here to see about my..." the blonde, who had obviously been sent to keep an eye on the fallen detective, glanced at the paperwork in front of him again with a start "...rage issues? WHAT THE FUCK? I'LL SHOW YOU RAGE ISSUES!" The rest of the room took cover when the blonde bolted up, wielding his chair, until the orderlies sedated him.

"I'm Rue Ryuuzaki." L's black bangs covered his eyes in shame as he whispered. "I've been diagnosed with D.I.D. My other personality, Beyond Birthday, is a violent psychopath that has already killed three people so in short it would be best if you all stayed away from me."

L knew he wasn't the most tactful of people but in this case he was sure that the majority of the doctors and patients here would appreciate safety over tact; though as predicted most of the room's other occupants shifted uncomfortably until the doctor moved on to another patient.

"Alright, so how about you... Hey!" the doctor shouted at the boy sitting at the back of the "class" staring dreamily out the window. L noted it was the teen from earlier. The boy looked up and gave them all an absolutely winning smile "Hello, I'm Light Yagami and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me."

For some reason L felt a chill down his spine.


"So, what are you going to do now, Light?"

Light sighed. 'Told you, can't talk.' Light mouthed at the Death God. End of discussion.

This room is no doubt monitored and talking to a presence that only I can see will just confirm this nonsense that I'm insane.

The Shinigami cackled at how annoyed his human looked.

I'm not insane.


Perhaps this was some quirk of the Death Note? Some rule he wasn't aware of? That other personality appeared soon after his school was taken hostage. That poor, naïve self who seemed to not remember the Death Note or his mission (which was fortunate since he could only predict the other's actions and couldn't hope to control him)... Ryuk mentioned something like that might happen if he ever gave up ownership and his memories but... he didn't do THAT, he never would!

Perhaps he should ask Ryuk about it later, but whatever it was Light knew it wasn't insanity. A God is perfect. And since he is God he couldn't be crazy. Q.E.D.

What I'm going to do should be fairly obvious. I'm getting out of here as soon as possible so I can resume creating my Perfect World. I just have to convince them that I'm sane and not Kira. It shouldn't be too difficult...

And if that process took too long, well, escaping was an option. Light went over his list of assets.

Since so far he was seen as "non-violent" and "compliant" they hadn't tied him up in a straight jacket, for which he was grateful. But that still left the immediate problem. Since he was locked in here he couldn't judge. He had set things up so criminals would continue to die for the next two weeks however since no new criminals would be dying, someone still might be able to put two and two together.

He still had a scrap of the notebook hidden in his watch, but his notebook was locked away in his room under a bag of gasoline... (he could only hope that they didn't search his room while he was in here.) So assets boiled down to one notebook scrap, the plastic spork he filched from the cafeteria, the apple he saved from lunch and... Ryuk (of course he couldn't rely on the Shinigami for anything but just maybe if he bribed him with said apple perhaps he could persuade him to open some doors for him...)

But escaping should only be a last resort. He should be able to convince them he was sane within two weeks...

"Damn, this is boring!" The Shinigami groaned. As Light paced from one side of the cell to the other like a caged animal he had to agree with Ryuk's assessment.

Though it turned out he didn't have to worry about that for long. Light managed to avoid panicking when his door was kicked in, keeping his stoical expression as the weirdo (correction—psycho) from earlier stood in the doorway, a straightjacket hung loosely from his skinny frame as he comically held a jar of jam which (not so comically) had a knife sticking out of it.

He kicked the door in?

It appeared so as Light spared a glance down and noticed the other's bruised and bloodied foot.

What the hell does he want?

"Hello beautiful!" the madman crooned sweetly and stalked towards where Kira stood frozen to plant a chaste kiss on his lips and a not so chaste hand on his ass—well that answered that question.

As that Ryuuzaki guy moved against him Light pondered what to do. Yell for the guards? No. They're either dead or they don't give a rat's ass otherwise they'd be here by now. Light was wishing that he paid better attention earlier because what the hell was this guy's name? He was the one with Dissociative Identity Disorder, right? So was it Beyond Birthday or Rue Ryuuzaki... or none of the above? And besides, Light hated the idea of using up his notebook scrap on something like this. (He might need it later to get out of here.) As all these thoughts rushed through Light's head Beyond never ceased in staking his claim, first forcing his tongue into his mouth... later joined by a hand down his pants when Light remained unresponsive. As tactless as L could be Beyond was even worse about such formalities like asking permission—if he saw something he wanted he took it.

However, as he was about to learn, Kira wasn't quite so willing to be molested…

Beyond screamed as Kira shoved the plastic spork in his eye.

By the time Beyond removed the offending utensil his prey had rushed out the broken-down door and down the darkened corridors.

He didn't get far before Beyond caught up to him (Light had no idea how someone who ran with all the grace of a retarded monkey could be so fast) and shoved him up against the wall.

"You fight dirty," Beyond growled huskily in his ear.

"Your eyes…"

Beyond's eyes were gleaming red and the one that Light stabbed was now no worse for wear, the blood trail down his cheek the only evidence that it ever occurred—it made him look like he was crying tears of blood.

Beyond seemed to give a defeated sigh, "Yes, my eyes just won't go away. Yagami Moon pronounced-as-Light, no lifespan."

The Eyes? He has the Shinigami eyes! That explains the lack of lasting eye damage. The Shinigami eyes are forever unless he forfeited ownership. Then does he own a notebook? But then why not use it? If he owned a notebook why would he bother hacking people to bits? Was it possible to have the eyes without the notebook? I have to ask Ryuk...

"Believe me, I've tried. I don't want to see but I can't stop it... I can never... stop it..." Then Beyond seemed to return to planet Earth. "You know, you're lucky you're not dealing with my other half. He's more of 'an eye for an eye' type of guy," So was Beyond for that matter (well he was more of an eye for all of your limbs type of guy) but Light had such pretty eyes—it would be a shame to damage them, at least before this night was over. "Me? I'll settle for your ass... and then maybe I'll just kill you, what do you think of that?"

Light surprised Beyond by grabbing the back of his head and kissing him passionately.

Light smirked. I can use this. I can use him, it was fairly obvious what he wanted, and Light wasn't above using any tool in his arsenal to achieve his objectives. The older man groaned when they finally broke apart.

Light smirked. "Are you that desperate, Beyond?" the younger man spoke in a seductive voice that spoke of sin. Beyond shuddered as Light shifted his hips and ground them together.

"You're not afraid? I meant it you know, about killing you."

"Aw, really? Then you need to get in line and wait your turn like a good boy..." Light spoke again in that same sultry tone as if trying to emulate an adult movie.

Light was fairly certain that if Beyond was serious then there was no doubt that Ryuk would kill him first. But the Shinigami made no move to do so—indeed he was just laughing his ass off. Ergo, he was safe for now.

"I'm not a good boy," Beyond sneered, pinning the younger man's hands above his head.

To Beyond's frustration-even though he had him cornered and was physically dominating the younger man, Light was still the one in control.

Their eyes met, challengingly, both gleaming a striking red.

This boy reminded Beyond of A before his mind broke under the pressure. A could always somehow top from the bottom—that feistiness was as much of a draw to Beyond as the whole "no lifespan" thing.

Beyond scowled, "If you're not afraid then why did you run?"

"Pardon me if I'm a bit averse to getting raped."

Mixed signals, much? Beyond was beginning to suspect that Light was... inexperienced when it came to this sort of thing (even better.) "It's not rape if both parties are willing, Kira-chan," Beyond cackled at the look of surprise that flashed across the other's face. "I wouldn't struggle if I were you."

Light growled and in a sudden movement reversed their positions so that he had Beyond pinned.

"Then don't."

Beyond licked his lips suggestively. "Feisty, I like. Aren't you surprised I know your secret?"

"What secret? You're obviously mistaken."

In a surging moment Beyond knocked Light to the ground on his back and climbed on top of him.

"There is no mistake. You have no numbers under your name. I see it above your head Light Yagami. You are Kira."

Good, it's as I thought, he has the Eyes and even knows how to use them.

"No worries. The cameras are out. We can chat here. We can do it here. No one will interrupt us," Beyond assured, his calloused hands roaming under Light's shirt—that was in the way, it had to go.

The knife suddenly appeared in Beyond's hand and in a quick slashing motion the shirt was ripped to shreds. Light to his credit remained stoically calm throughout the whole process, even when Beyond gave him a slow shallow cut . The older murderer leered "You'd better keep me happy if you want me to keep quiet. I'll tell them you told me you were Kira."

Light scoffed at that. "Who'd believe you? Do you really think Kira would ever admit that he was Kira?"

"We're in an insane asylum. People do crazy things. Kyahahahaha!"

"It would be my word against yours," Light tried to stifle a groan as Beyond painted a line of drool across his collar bone, sucking at the fresh cuts.

Beyond was amused to notice the change in his breathing as Beyond viciously licked and sucked and bit.

Is he a masochist? Beyond giggled. This was too good to be true. After a few minutes of blood play Beyond deigned to answer him. "My word, or rather 'Ryuuzaki's' word holds more weight than yours—even in here. Trust me on that."

Wow... If looks could kill (yes he's definitely Kira...) Even Beyond was startled by the intensity of Light's death glare.

"You don't want to fuck with me."

Beyond cackled. "Yes, I do."

Light shook his head disapprovingly. "So short-sighted," he announced in an even tone.


"Your plan. It's to just do this one night and then kill me, am I correct?"

"Yeah..." Though it wasn't really a plan, per se. Beyond was done with plans. It was pure arrogance to think you could control all the variables—so why bother? His last one didn't go over too well—he couldn't even immolate himself properly.

So pathetic. And they saved me for this? Stuck in here for the rest of my life?

Beyond growled; he had wanted to forget about all that for the moment and just screw the pretty boy senseless.

That was the plan.

"But what about after tonight?"

"Uh..." Rot in here. Hope to find someone as interesting as you to play with… Beyond was beginning to have a nagging suspicion that that wouldn't be easy.

"Do you want one night where I do everything in my power to make it difficult for you...?"

Beyond grinned. "Ooh... I like it rough!"

"OR I can do the same to please you EVERY night."

That gave Beyond pause. He liked that idea very much. (And if it got old he could always kill him later...)

If Ryuk needed to breathe, he would have died laughing. "Wow… prostitution, Light? You really don't know any limits..." The Shinigami had a nagging suspicion that Light had no idea what he was getting into.

Hey, it's not a bad price for free Shinigami eyes.