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Written Dreams

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Once when things were normal Elena had wanted to be a writer. Not a fiction writer mind you, but someone who got to the truth in things. Since Elena has come to the truth in things she finds it much less appealing. Elena had discovered that truth was pretty much fiction anyway. If her life were a book it would be have to be fiction, because no one would believe the truth. As it turned out there were not only vampires and werewolves, but star crossed romances and love triangles. Elena was sure she’d read this book before and hadn’t liked it. Yep, if Elena Gilbert wrote down the story of her life it would be crappy vampire fiction book that got mocked by everyone.

Trying to distract herself from her dark thoughts on the meaning of her life Elena glances at her the closed door to Jeremy’s room. She wants to go and talk to him and explain what he had seen in Denver, but even Elena didn’t know how to talk about it. This was probably why authors plotted out there books-so that characters actions made sense. Elena couldn’t lie to Jeremy or herself and say that what happened in Denver meant nothing. So instead of trying to set things straight with Jeremy Elena headed downstairs. Alaric was supposed to stop by soon for more of his stuff before heading out of town.

Alaric arrived shortly after Elena got downstairs and poured herself a much needed cup of coffee. Sadly, he brought Damon with him.

“Why are you leaving town again?” Elena follows Alaric around in an attempt to avoid Damon. Damon is being difficult about the whole situation and following Alaric around too. All the way upstairs at which point Elena has had enough and she turns on him “Do you mind?”

“Leaving you alone with Alaric who sometimes kills founding family members and doesn’t remember? Yes!” Damon seems frustrated that she would even ask, and also angry.

If Elena were writing this story she’d have a solution to this mess. Since Elena realizes she is writing this story she wishes she knew how this was going to end. Definitely Elena wishes she had pre-planned a few story elements. She really hated love triangles.

“I’m not going to hurt Elena,” Alaric replies as he stuffs clothes into a bag. “In fact, maybe she should come with me. Now that Klaus has what he wants you never know when he may try to skip town with Elena.”

“The only one who skips town with Elena is me,” Damon answers, followed by a smirk. “Plus she’s way too much fun for you to handle.”

Elena thought going out of town sounded like a wonderful idea. Elena was done listening to her ideas they led from the frying pan into the fire. Instead, Elena rolls her eyes like she’s supposed to do and foolishly pushes at Damon.

“I’ll scream if he tries to kill me, now just go wait downstairs or something.”

If Elena thought she was getting her hand back she was mistaken. Damon looks only too pleased to take hold of her hand and keep her out in the hallway with him. He is studying Alaric intently as he packs.

“Elena should do what she wants, but whatever man I’m sure Stefan missed her and will be glad to have her back.”

It was such a clear attempt to bait Damon that Elena was startled. Not that Alaric would bait Damon, but that he’d use her and Stefan. Alaric usually left Elena out of it since Damon had snapped his neck. Still Elena needed to make a recovery since she didn’t want a repeat of that particular temper tantrum-promises of good behavior aside.

Damon very purposefully let go of Elena’s hands and held up his own making eye contact with her. It was clear he wasn’t going to do anything to Alaric, although now he looked suspicious and angry. Damon appeared to be weighing his options since lashing out at Alaric didn’t appear to be what he wanted to do.

“Who wouldn’t miss the lovely Elena,” Damon mocks. “I think I will wait downstairs. “

If this were an actual story the sexy vampire (and Elena did not just think that) would stalk down the stairs with dignity, and Elena would run after him. Thankfully, while her life could be fiction it was also real. Damon kicks the door to Jeremy’s to get his attention before going down the stairs while yelling.

“Get out here and watch your sister. Don’t let Alaric kill her.”

“What was that about,” Jeremy comes out of his room and settles on the floor in the doorway between Alaric and Elena. “Why would Ric want to kills you; or is he that mad you made out with Damon?”

“Jeremy!” Elena squeaks. Great, he was going to go around telling everyone. “Alaric, it’s not what you think.”

“It is,” Damon’s amused voice carries up the stairs.

“Elena, it’s ok. I’m not here to judge you.”

“Why are you leaving anyway?” Jeremy isn’t any happier about the situation than Elena is. “Seems like a strange time to leave when we don’t even know what happened with you and Rebekah.”

“I can’t kill anyone if there’s no one around to kill. Also I want to take the ring off, and with all the death in Mystic Falls, it’s just not safe to do it here.”

Apparently done with packing Alaric closes his bag and heads for the stairs. Jeremy dissatisfied with the answer mumbles goodbye and heads for his room. Elena is convinced something is wrong. Alaric doesn’t do things like this, and so she grabs his arm and holds out her phone with a typed message.

Meet at the Grill

Alaric nods and continues on his way down the stairs.

“Stay safe Ric!” Elena calls after him. If Elena can avoid any more awkward moments with Damon by staying up here she would. “We’ll call you and let you know what happens.”

Elena hears the front door shut and car start. She returns to her room and changes; assuming the house is empty except for Jeremy.

“Jer I’m going to the Grill. I’ll be home later,” Elena calls on her way downstairs where she is met by the sight of Damon sprawled on her couch. Elena wants to snarl, instead she keeps walking for the door.

Not surprisingly Damon makes it there first. Elena is able to stop just out of reach. Physical contact with Damon is a no no she tells herself firmly. The problem is she’s being telling herself that all along, and it never seems to stop her.

“As much as I’m sure you and Vampire Barbie want to reunite and share your tales of romantic woe, we need to talk.”

Elena wasn’t sure what to do with a Damon that had basically promised he was going to behave out of spite after she tried to get him to sabotage himself. Elena certainly didn’t know what to do with a Damon who wanted to talk. Elena was willing to throw in a distraction to escape. Vampires had taught her to fight dirty, especially this one.

“Actually, I need to go meet Stefan. So if you wouldn’t mind?”

“Liar. You’re not answering his phone calls or text messages.”

“Just get out of my way.”

“When you tell me what you’re doing Elena. This isn’t like you to do what Stefan wants. Don’t try to lay what happened off on him.”

Elena took a deep breath. She backed up a little and gave serious thought to trying to get out the back door. Not going to work, not even worth trying. Elena avoided eye contact.

“I think it’s clear that I don’t know what I’m doing,” she says softly. “I don’t know Damon, what do you want me to say?”

“You can’t keep lying to yourself,” Damon is trying to make eye contact and Elena is having none of it. Eye contact and hand holding lead to other more enjoyable activities and Elena forces herself to stop that train of thought. She finally looks up at Damon.

This whole situation is just horrible. Elena never wanted to choose between Stefan and Damon. Elena isn’t lying to herself though. Well, not about everything. Maybe a little about Damon, but she just isn’t sure.

“That’s not what I’m doing,” Elena defends herself. “Look, I just don’t know ok? I told you that already. Just give me space. I need space from you and Stefan.”

“You have to choose something Elena. Stefan, me, a surprise affair with being single, choose something” Damon at least seems pretty clear on the subject, and also pretty desperate.

“Damon just let me go,” Elena is very much done with this conversation, and she really needs to ditch Damon. “I’m not ignoring the issue.”

Damon seems increasingly frustrated, but also seems to realize that she’s not suddenly going to make up her mind. For all that Stefan is forever a teenager, Damon really has little experience until recently dealing with them while they’re not being drained. Elena guessed she was a particular challenge.

“Make sure you’re home from your date with Vampire Barbie soon. Don’t do anything stupid,” Damon advises as he opens the door. He looks back at Elena. “Call me if you see an Original.”

Damon leaves and all the unresolved feelings stay behind. It’s not much better, but at least the physical temptation to throw herself at him while she tries to decide is gone. Elena hopes that he does trust Caroline to keep her safe; it would not go well if Damon showed up at the Grill and found her with Alaric. She was reasonably certain that fell under the title of what he considered being stupid. Given how Alaric had been acting, Elena wasn’t sure he was wrong.