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Loving You Is Free

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Harry found the website one night when he was bored and procrastinating studying for an exam. He created an account for the same reason. And he started messaging back and forth with random guys because it was exciting and entertaining. He never intended to actually take the whole thing seriously, but almost two years later and here he was, with his student loans almost paid off and three sugar daddies under his belt.

There was something oddly rewarding about the process. Harry was a people pleaser, and he could get along with most anyone. If Harry could get paid to make someone happier, to provide lonely men with good company, then he was going to jump all over that opportunity. So he did.

His first arrangement lasted for four months, with a guy named Don, who Harry liked and got along with fairly well. He showed Harry the ropes, gave generously and didn’t expect too much from Harry in return. He was a great first time sugar daddy to give Harry the experience as a new SB, and in the end, Don ended it. Harry was pretty sure he just got bored with him and wanted to move on to the next thing, which he was perfectly fine with.

The second arrangement was shorter, with a nice older man that Harry just couldn’t bring himself to sleep with. He reminded him too much of his grandfather. Harry ended that one.

Between the second arrangement and the third, there was a string of first meetings that didn’t lead to anything more, either because Harry wasn’t willing to give what they wanted or because they gave him the creeps. Harry looked back fondly on those, because they toughened him up and also led him to David, his third and most successful arrangement. His relationship with David lasted for the better part of a year. He was Harry’s youngest sugar daddy to date, a forty-two year old American CEO who lived in New York, but travelled to London almost monthly for work, which was when he and Harry would meet up. He flew Harry to New York once as well, Harry’s first trip to The States.

Harry ended the arrangement when he started dating someone he could see things moving forward with. But it was all for naught, since the guy turned out to be a massive tosser, so Harry broke it off with David for nothing. He often mourned their relationship, missed the influx of cash. He didn’t really need the money any more, but having extra cash to spend on the high end clothes and concert tickets he was interested in would be nice.

So that, and a mixture of boredom, was how Harry found himself logging back onto one of the sugar dating websites he’d used in the past for the first time in months. He’d stopped checking it six months into his relationship with David, and hadn’t checked it in the three months since they ended it.

He had an insane amount of messages, so many that he almost didn’t even want to look at them. He’d scrolled through three pages of messages, and was about to call it quits when he refreshed and a new message caught his eye. The potential sugar daddy, or “POT,” had his name listed as “Boo,” which Harry thought was cute, and his profile picture was in black and white and showed the back of his head and part of his profile. Smart, as it was stupid to show your face to strangers who wanted your money on the internet, but still effective as he was shown wearing a suit with his hair slicked back nicely.


He looked younger than the norm. Harry clicked to his profile, and was instantly endeared. The caption under his picture read “Live life for the fullest because everything else is uncertain!”, which was just... really cute.

Harry scrolled down to look at his earnings and net worth and whistled under his breath at the figures. His earnings were listed as $1 million+ which was the highest option to choose, and his net worth was listed as $50 million. Then Harry saw his age and raised his eyebrows skeptically. He was only thirty-three. Yeah, worth fifty million at thirty-three. Right.

Harry then considered the option that Boo could be a trust fund or family business baby, and shrugged as he clicked back over to his message. It wasn’t like he had anything to lose.


Message From: Boo


I’m looking to start an arrangement with someone, and your profile stood out to me. Due to my job, I don’t have much of a social life or time to meet new people. I’m looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. A companion, someone I can meet up with to separate myself from the rest of the stress in my life and someone who doesn’t mind allowing me to let out some steam. Your profile says you’re a good listener, which caught my eye. I’m also almost always up for a good laugh and have been told I have a great sense of humour. I travel frequently for work and having a companion for some of those trips would be nice. I’m known to spoil the people I care about and I value respect and honesty. Apart from work, I try not to take life too seriously.

I look forward to hearing back from you.



It was a nice message, pretty similar to David’s initial message actually. He didn’t raise any immediate red flags, well apart from his age. But Boo wasn’t already asking for access to Harry’s private photos, and his situation was exactly what appealed to Harry about sugaring. There were a lot of good people out there who worked too hard and were lonely because of that. Harry liked making people feel a bit less lonely.

“Why the hell not?” He murmured as he began typing a generic message in reply.


Message to: Boo


This definitely sounds like an arrangement I might be interested in. I also read your profile and you seem like a fun time! My last SD arrangement lasted for almost a year, so I haven’t done this in a while and I’m finding that I’m a bit rusty, haha. Anyway, I would love to chat with you a bit to see if there is an eventual mutual interest.

I’ve learned that you can find some pretty great people doing this and I look forward to meeting more. Let me know what else you might be looking for in a potential arrangement and we can go from there and see what we find agreeable.

- H


Boo’s profile said that he was still online, but it was already nine pm, so Harry logged off and went to make himself a late dinner. It was best not to look too eager. He made a mental note to log back on and check for messages in a couple of hours when he was getting ready for bed.  

He made his way to the kitchen to find Zayn sitting at the kitchen table, what looked like the makings of an important art project spread out on the surface.

“Hey,” Harry greeted, before poking his head in the refrigerator to see what he could throw together.

“Hey,” Zayn returned, not looking up from his work.

“You eaten?” Harry asked, deciding he was going to make a vegetable and quinoa dish. They didn’t have much; he needed to go grocery shopping.

“Nah,” Zayn said. “Mind if I have a bit of whatever you’re having?”

“Of course,” Harry replied, pulling a pot down from one of the cabinets and turning on the stove.

“Thanks babes,” Zayn murmured off-handedly. He was really absorbed in whatever he was working on. He was always useless when he got really into a project.

Harry met Zayn at a party in the second year of uni. They bonded over a joint, went out on a few dates, fucked a handful of times, and then decided they were better off as friends. Four years later and Harry considered Zayn to be his best friend.

He let Zayn move in with him a few months ago, after Zayn’s girlfriend broke up with him and he was stuck with nowhere else to live. It was only supposed to be for a couple of weeks, until Zayn found find a flat of his own, but Harry found he liked the company and asked Zayn if he wanted to move in long term. It was working out well so far.

Zayn cleared off the table by the time Harry was finished cooking.

“I logged back into Seeking Arrangement today,” Harry said as he sat down across from Zayn, placing a bowl of quinoa in front of him. Zayn was one of two people in Harry’s day to day life who know about Harry’s sugaring. The second person being his sister. Aside from them, he had a few friends in the sugar bowl who he talked to sporadically.

Zayn raised his eyebrows. “I thought you were done with that.”

“So did I,” Harry allowed. “But I’m bored and my tastes are expensive.”

Zayn snorted, knowing all too well about Harry’s proclivity for shiny and expensive things. “Just be safe, and all that, yeah?”

“Of course,” Harry said through a bite of quinoa. “This isn’t my first rodeo, you know.”

“I know,” Zayn rolled his eyes. “But there are a lot of creepy fucks out there. Can’t help but worry.”

Yeah, Harry knew all about the creepy fucks, but he was a big boy now. He knew how to watch out for himself.

Harry told Zayn as much, reassuring him.

“I’ll be okay, Zaynie.”

They cleaned up the kitchen together, watched a short program on telly, and then Harry retired to his room to do a bit of coursework and get ready for bed. He checked to see if he had a new message from Boo before jumping in the shower, excitement sparking through him when he saw that he did in fact, have another message from him.


Message from: Boo

Hello again,

Truth be told, I’m new to this. Not sure where to start.

What am I looking for? Like I said, a companion. Pretty much everyone I know is in my business. It will be nice to have a relationship away from that. And I meant what I said about having someone to travel with me for work. I frequently go to some pretty cool places!

Since I’m new to this, why don’t you show me the ropes on this one. It seems like you have experience. Where do we go from here?

Boo xx


Harry raised his eyebrows. A newbie. Boo might as well have just hung a neon flashing sign around his neck that said TAKE MY MONEY. If he was legit and actually had money, this was kind of careless behavior. If Harry was anyone else, he’d take huge advantage of this guy. Luckily for Boo, Harry didn’t like to play people. Harry hoped he wasn’t being played in return. He cracked his knuckles and took a deep breath, writing out a carefully calculated reply.


Message to: Boo

Boo -

A first timer! What a treat. I remember my first arrangement. Lucky for me, the guy didn’t turn out to be a mass murderer. Lucky for you, I’m not a mass murderer either! … Although that kind of sounds like something a mass murderer would say. Oops, I promise I’m not.

What typically happens is we would now email back and forth, and then possibly skype. We have to see if the other is legit, after all. I’ve now given you access to my private photos on here, but if you want to skype my username is hazzabops.

I prefer email to messaging back and forth on here, so we can do that if you’d like. After we chat and get to know each other for a bit we can arrange a public meeting. It’s not all that different from dating. Coffee, dinner, a walk in the park, it’s all your choice really. I live in London so I can travel anywhere within the city easily.

After a few public meetings, if we’re still interested, we can discuss terms and decide where to go from there. Are you looking for something long term or just a short fling?

Feel free to email me.

- H


There. That was enough for now. Harry closed his laptop and hopped in the shower, humming to himself as he washed his hair. He hoped this POT was legit. He hadn’t felt this excited about something in a while. He hadn’t realized how much he missed the anticipation of meeting a new sugar daddy, finding out more about them, making them feel good. In all honesty, the money was just a bonus.

He dried off quickly and nuzzled down into his bed without bothering to put clothes on. He tended to walk around naked fairly often. At the beginning, Harry just figured that Zayn had seen everything he had to offer before so why wear clothes? And now Zayn wasn’t in the least bit phased, so Harry continued to not put clothes on unless he had to. It was a rule he lived by.

He plugged his phone into the charger and checked his social media before logging back into SA and his sugar baby email to see if he had anything from Boo. He didn’t, so he locked his phone and fell asleep shortly after.


It started out as a joke. Niall and Liam were kind of drunk and Louis was in a bad mood, because he hadn’t been laid in far too long, and it was supposed to be a joke. Niall and Liam made the profile, but when they showed it to Louis he told them to fuck off and delete it, which Niall had every intention of doing. Just… after he explored a little bit. And then he came across H.

It was his profile picture that made Niall pause. Rather than a bright shot of some abs on a beach or at the gym, H’s picture was much softer. He was wearing a simple black jumper and looking down at a small puppy that he held in his hands. The picture only showed a portion of his face, half of it covered by the shadow of the large brimmed hat he was wearing, but he looked fit enough. Niall wasn't really always the best judge of that. But he did think the picture was cute. Different.



H had one other public picture, which gave away a little more. It showed him standing in front of a window in the shadows, which was effective enough to conceal his identity but also show off a small portion of it, and he was hold his fingers up in a peace sign. He was wearing another one of those hats, along with a pair of sunglasses and a hoodie.



Intrigued by the difference in H’s picture from all of the others, Niall clicked into his profile to read a bit about him. The kid was 23 and lived in London, and his tagline read “Up for dancing, prancing and a bit of romancing”. Niall snorted and read through the guy’s about me as well.


About Me:

In grad school, working on my masters degree. Free spirited and appreciative of simplicity. Very open minded, laid back, and usually up to try anything. I believe self-expression is crucial to living a positive life. I’m a great listener. I love music, enjoy writing when I’m inspired, and I love trying and learning new things.

What I’m Looking For:

I’m looking for someone who is available for a mutually beneficial relationship, someone with a great sense of humour, who is interested in trying new things with me and showing me new things.


If anyone was Louis’ type -and Louis definitely had a type, no matter how much he argued that he didn’t- it was this kid. He was just eccentric enough, and he had the long, lean thing going on that Niall knew Louis’ liked, so Niall decided to message him on Louis’ behalf.

He called Liam back into the room before he sent the message, to ask his opinion.

“I think you should delete the profile like Louis asked,” Liam huffed, leaning over Niall’s shoulder to read what he’d written. “Don’t message this guy at all.”

“Look at his profile and tell me he isn’t exactly Louis’ type,” Niall said, opening up a new tab to pull up his profile. “This is fate.”

“It’s not fate,” Liam argued. “It’s a sugar daddy website and some guy who wants Louis’ money.” But he stayed and watched as Niall brought him up again and gestured to the screen.

“It’s this guy?” Liam asked, sounding skeptical.

Niall hummed in affirmation and waited while Liam took the mouse from him and checked H out.

“He does have that long and lanky, quirky thing going on, doesn’t he?” Liam asked after a moment. “Just like Grimshaw. And he likes music.”

“Exactly what I was thinking,” Niall near shouted, triumphant. “Now should I send this or not?”

He read the message back to Liam again and they argued for several minutes on what to include and what to take out. Liam didn’t think they should say that Louis was lonely, but Niall disagreed. It was the truth and the only thing that made sense for someone of Louis’ worth and looks to be doing this.

Niall hit send on the message fifteen minutes later, and the site showed that H was online, so they waited anxiously for a message back. It was a good thing Louis was in his home office on a conference call to America, or else he’d put a stop to this in about three seconds.

“He’s gonna kill us,” Liam muttered and Niall laughed. “How is this even going to work Niall? He’s never going to agree to this.”

“Keep your pants on!” Niall rolled his eyes and scrolled through twitter before checking back over to the website. He had messaged back! Niall and Liam read the message excitedly.

“Aw, he seems sweet!” Niall said, nearly jumping up and down in his seat.

“He doesn’t sound sweet,” Liam scoffed. “What from that sounded sweet?”

“Why don’t you want Louis to find love??” Niall accused, clicking reply.

“It’s a fucking sugar daddy website!” Liam threw his hands in the air in exasperation. Niall couldn’t help but giggle, having way too much fun now.

“What was that?” Louis’ voice asked from behind them. Liam spun around quickly and Niall closed the window, pulling twitter back up.

“Lads…” Louis said, the tone in his voice making it clear that he wasn’t fucking around. “What was Liam saying about the sugar daddy website? Because I know I told you it wasn’t funny and to delete it.”

“It’s Niall’s fault,” Liam said, pointing to him.

Niall sputtered. “You helped, you twat!”

“What…” Louis said slowly, bringing a hand up to rub at his eyes. “Did you do?”

Niall and Liam looked at each other, Liam’s expression making it all too clear that Niall was on his own with this one.

“I found you a sugar baby!” Niall said, praying that Louis would kill him quickly.

“No,” Louis shook his head and chuckled darkly. “See… you didn’t. Because I told you not to. There’s no way you found a sugar baby, because you deleted the profile, like I asked you to.”

Niall swallowed and bit his lip, tongue dancing over his piercing. “He seems pretty cute!”

“You’re digging a deep grave, mate,” Liam muttered.

“I can end your career with a snap of my fingers,” Louis threatened, running a hand through his hair.

“Nah,” Niall waved Louis off, knowing there was no way Louis would end his career. He liked him too much. They’d grown too close. Louis was fiercely loyal to those he cared about. Plus, Niall was too valuable to fire, and Louis knew that.

“C’mere,” Niall said, pulling H’s profile back up. “Just give it a chance and look at his profile. Message back and forth with him a bit, see what you think.”

Louis rolled his eyes and gave Niall a dirty look, but walked up to the computer nonetheless. Niall grinned. He’d make Louis Tomlinson happy if it was the last thing he did, starting with some pretty company.


Okay, so Louis had to hand it to them. If Louis had a type, which he doesn’t, no matter how many times Niall tells him that he does, this guy would be it. Liam and Niall picked well. And they kind of captured the essence of what Louis needed, even though he hated to admit it. They were his best friends, they probably knew him better than he knew himself. He just hated that they could see it- that he was lonely. He didn’t need or want people pitying him. He didn’t get this far in life with pity, and he probably could have used some at times. But there was nothing he loved more than proving people wrong.

He kicked Niall and Liam out of his house, promising Niall that he’d give this H guy a chance, so here he was, clicking through his profile and reading over his message. The guy had ex sugar daddies, so he was more experienced in this than Louis was. It made Louis nervous, but he also figured at least one of them should know what was going on.

He threw caution to the wind and messaged the guy back with honesty, letting him know he hadn’t ever done this before. He also reiterated a bit of what Niall and Liam said in the first message.

After hitting send, he opened up a new tab and googled “Sugar Daddies”, clicking through a few links. Jesus, did people really do this?

Before he knew it, he’d fallen down the rabbit hole, sorting through various sugar baby and daddy blogs, learning a bit of the terminology, and trying to figure out what to expect. He researched gifts and allowance and how all of that worked. It looked like typically, allowance was something that was discussed once entering the arrangement, and was a recurring monthly thing, whereas gifts were more sporadic and given occasionally on dates.

Louis didn’t feel super comfortable with all of it, but he did kind of like the idea of being able to support someone. He liked taking care of people, helping others. He didn’t fund seven different charities for nothing.

Over an hour passed since Louis started researching, before he checked to see if H had messaged him back. Nothing yet, so he decided to call it quits for the night and head to bed. He was flying to Canada in the morning. He needed a good night’s rest.


It took over forty-eight hours for Boo to message Harry back. Not that Harry was avidly checking or anything… He totally wasn’t.

Okay, so maybe he was.

However, in Harry’s fairly limited experience, it was usually a good sign when POTs didn’t spend all of their time online. It proved that they were actually busy working, earning the money they claimed to have. Harry knew this, he was just a bit anxious. He had a good feeling about this arrangement, and wanted things to work out sooner rather than later.  

Boo sent Harry an email, rather than messaging him back on SA, so the notification popped up on Harry’s phone when he was taking the tube home after a night out. He smiled when he saw the email address,, and opened the email eagerly.


Email from: boo82


So sorry it’s taken me a little while to get back to you. I went out of the country on business, so I’ve been in and out of airports and meetings for the past two days.

Thank you for giving me access to your pictures. You’ve got a gorgeous smile. I don’t actually have any other pictures on my Seeking Arrangement profile, but I’m down to skype soon if you’re still up for it. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon, around 4:00? We can discuss plans to meet in person then. My schedule is fairly open for the next week, so I’d really like to meet you while I can. I’ll gift you for your time, of course. After that, like you said, if we find each other agreeable we can discuss the details of an arrangement.

My skype username is also boo82. I’ll be online tomorrow at 4:00 if you wish to speak with me. I’m looking forward to it!

Louis x


Louis. His name was Louis. Harry said the name out loud a few times, causing the woman sitting next to him to give him a strange look and move a few inches away.

Whatever. Louis. God, the name just sounded rich. And if he wasn’t lying about the business trip, then he was starting to sound more and more legitimate.

Harry typed a simple response.


Sounds great! See you tomorrow at four. - Harry x


Hey, if Louis was sharing his name, Harry might as well return the favor. He’d save his last name for way later on down the line.

There was a probably noticeable spring in his step when he walked into the flat, trying to be quiet in case Zayn was asleep. Judging by the noises coming from his room, he wasn’t asleep, but he probably didn’t want to be disturbed either. Good on him. Harry couldn’t remember the last time Zayn brought someone home. In fact, he didn’t think Zayn had brought anyone home since he moved in, which most likely meant this was the first time he was pulling since his break-up with Perrie. Again, good on him. Sounded like he was with a guy.

Harry fell asleep with a pillow over his head, trying his best not to eavesdrop.

The next day, he logged on to the skype account he used solely for talking to POTs at six minutes to four. He added Louis and then scrolled through tumblr while he waited for Louis to accept his request and give him a call. Harry was slightly nervous, but he was even more excited.

A couple of minutes past four, the notification that Louis was calling him startled Harry and he jumped slightly before accepting the call. A few second passed before Louis showed up on the screen and Harry’s eyebrows skyrocketed. There was absolutely no way that this gorgeous man was in need of a sugar arrangement. No fucking way.

“Hi,” He said, a soft timbre to his voice. “Harry, is it?”  

Harry blinked at him a handful of times before realizing himself and going into what he liked to call Sugar Baby Mode, where he turned up the charm to it’s highest power.

“Yes,” Harry said, smiling his most dazzling smile at him. “I’m Harry. And you’re Louis?”

“Hey, you pronounced it right!” Louis chuckled and returned Harry’s smile. Fuck, he was stunning. There had to be a catch here somewhere. “That’d be me, and I’m glad you’re definitely who you say you are.”

Harry shrugged bashfully. “Here I am!”

“I hate to say this,” Louis bowed his head apologetically. “But I don’t have as much time to talk as I thought I would. My business partner called right before I got on and he’s on his way over, but I’d like to make plans to meet with you before I have to go.”

“Oh,” Harry said, slightly disappointed. “Okay, sure.”

“What would you like to do... Dinner? Coffee?” Louis asked. “I’m not usually free until the evening. How does dinner sound?”

“Sounds fine to me!” Harry said, having found it best to let POTs take the reigns on this in the past. “I’m free any night this week except Wednesday or Thursday.” He had plans with Gemma on Wednesday. They were going shopping and to a film. And he taught an undergraduate class on Thursday evenings.

Some sugar daddies didn’t like feeling like they weren’t their sugar baby’s main priority, but Louis just nodded easily and picked up his phone, presumably to check his schedule. “How about Tuesday then? Sketch Lecture Room at 8:00?”

Harry struggled to keep his jaw from dropping. Sketch was one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. You couldn’t eat there for less than $200 a person. Louis was most likely showing off, but if he could afford it, that would be a true testament to his legitimacy.

“That sounds great,” Harry said, trying to sound like he went to Sketch with his POTs every day.

“Perfect,” Louis said, and Harry watched him type the appointment into his phone. He looked up suddenly, his gaze directed above the webcam and cursed quietly.

“I’m really sorry, I’ve gotta run,” Louis said, attention back on Harry. “But I really look forward to seeing you Tuesday.”

“Me too,” Harry said honestly.

“Have a nice evening,” Louis said, waving briefly to the camera before ending the call.

He sounded so professional. He was taking Harry to arguably the nicest restaurant in the city. And he was so good looking, his voice so light and lovely. Harry wondered just what exactly he was getting himself into, why this guy needed to pay for companionship. He probably had some weird ass kink. Why else would someone that gorgeous have trouble finding a date?


When Tuesday arrived, Harry was nervous as all fuck. Getting reading for a first meetup was always anxiety inducing. It was important to look flawless, like a million bucks. Because then Louis would find him worthy of a million bucks.

Harry’s room was a wreck, clothes thrown everywhere as he tried to decide what to wear. Zayn sat in the middle of Harry’s bed, giving his input.

“I’d definitely go for the black YSL boots,” Zayn said, pointing to the pair in question. “black button down with your signature top few buttons left open, but not too many since this is a posh place you’re going to. I’m serious, Harry, don’t you dare show the butterfly.”

Harry rolled his eyes, but he knew Zayn was right. This wasn’t the time or the place for the butterfly.

“Actually,” Zayn continued, considering Harry. “Just go all black. Do the black blazer with it. You’ll look proper smart.”

Harry whined. “If I go all black, I should at least get to wear a fun shoe.”

It was Zayn’s turn to roll his eyes. “Fine.” He surveyed the line of Harry’s boots as Harry dressed the rest of himself. “The dark leopard print ones.”

Harry beamed. Zayn was right. They’d be perfect.

He dressed and primped himself in the mirror before turning to Zayn for inspection.


Zayn nodded, eyes grazing up and down Harry’s body. “You clean up good, Styles. Go kick some ass.”

Harry took a deep breath and thanked Zayn again, reminding him to send a text to check up on him every hour if he didn’t hear from Harry before then, before he left. This was routine. Harry never went to an initial meeting without telling either Zayn or Gemma where he was supposed to be.

Then he took a picture of himself in front of his full length mirror and sent a snapchat to Rita with the caption, on my way to meet a new POT!

Rita was the closest friend Harry had in the bowl. She was a couple of years older than him, and had been sugaring for way longer. He met her online when he first started sugaring, and when they learned that they both lived in London, they decided to meet up. They hit if off and Rita showed Harry the ropes, gave him advice. Rita knew all of the ins and outs of the bowl.

She snapped him back as he made his way down to the car waiting for him outside, an excited selfie with the caption, ARE YOU BACK IN THE BOWL?!

Harry laughed and snapped her back with a thumbs up before locking his phone and sliding it into his back pocket. He went over the basics of what he planned to bring up on the way to the restaurant. Work, Louis’ hobbies. Most people in the sugar bowl would tell you not to bring up money on the first meet-up, and they would be right. The first date was all about selling yourself, making yourself appealing. After the meeting, if both parties were still interested, then they would discuss the nature of the arrangement. Babies shouldn’t expect any type of payment for an initial meet-up, although generous daddies sometimes gave gifts or compensated for travel.

This was how an ideal arrangement would start, but Harry wasn’t sure how things would go with Louis, since he was new to the bowl. Harry wouldn’t bring up money, and hopefully Louis would follow his lead. All Harry really planned to do tonight was flirt and get to know one another.

Harry looked up at the restaurant in awe when the car stopped. He shook himself. He needed to pretend like he fit in here, like he did this every day.

Louis had emailed Harry an hour or so before, letting him know that the reservation was under Tomlinson. Harry wasn’t sure if that was his real last name or not, but he didn’t question it as he told the hostess that he was with the Tomlinson party.

“Right this way,” she said, and Harry followed her, already in Sugar Baby Mode, swaying his hips a bit as he walked and straightening his posture. It was likely Louis would see them approaching before Harry would notice him.

Harry spotted him when they were a few feet away from the table. He looked fucking fit, his hair slicked back into a quiff, his suit tailored perfectly across his shoulders. He smiled and stood up when Harry and the hostess reached the table, and he was shorter than Harry imagined he’d be, a couple of inches smaller than Harry was. He shook Harry’s hand and his grip was warm and firm. The hostess disappeared quietly as they sat down.

“It’s nice to meet you, Louis,” Harry said once they’d both taken their seats.

“Likewise,” Louis returned, gesturing to the pitcher of water on the table. “Would you like some water?”

“Please,” Harry nodded, picking up his glass and holding it out to Louis. “The webcam didn’t do you justice.” Honestly, there had to be a catch somewhere.

Louis’s cheeks colored as he poured Harry’s water. “I could say the same for you. I took the liberty of ordering us some champagne.”

Harry grinned and leaned back into his chair. “And what are we celebrating?”

“I’d say the fact that I made it this far at all is reason for celebration,” Louis winked.

Harry giggled. “Yeah, I have to ask. What’s the catch?”

Louis arched a brow. “Catch?”

“You’re young, you’re assumably wealthy, and you’re outrageously good-looking.” Harry pointed out. “Let’s just say, I’m usually only lucky enough to get one of those traits out of an arrangement, and you can easily guess which one that is. I’m just… having trouble believing you have a hard time finding a date.”

Louis hesitated, and Harry briefly worried that he’d overstepped, before Louis spoke again.

“I just have to be honest with you here,” he said. “This whole thing was my friends idea.”

Well, shit. That kind of sounded like Harry was the punchline to some joke. Louis must have noticed his face fall, because he shook his head quickly.

“I mean, they made me the profile and were actually the ones to send that first message to you,” he elaborated, which didn’t really make Harry feel any better. “But it’s been me since then. This whole thing is kind of fascinating to me. My friends are worried about me, think I’m lonely… which I’ll admit I am. I just figured, why not give this a try. Make them happy, and possibly get something out of it in the process.”

“Okay,” Harry said slowly, absorbing that information.

“And believe it or not,” Louis continued, “I do have a difficult time finding a date. Simply because of just that... I don’t have the time. The only people I meet these days are through work, and when I’m not at work I tend to be sleeping.”

“Gotcha,” Harry nodded. That made more sense. “So what do you do for work?”

“I work in the music industry.” Louis hesitated. “I’m uh… the CEO of a record label.”

“No fucking way,” Harry murmured, impressed despite himself. “Sign anyone I know?”

Louis shrugged. “Probably. Two of my bands are in the charts right now.”

“That’s so sick,” he told Louis, not even faking his interest. He wanted to ask who the bands were, but also wanted to give Louis his privacy. “Do you primarily work with bands, rather than solo artists?”

Louis nodded. “So far, but I signed my first solo act a few months ago. He’s gonna be great. I’m really excited about it.”

He looked proud. It was cute. Harry was going to comment on how cute he was, flirt a little, but they were interrupted by the waiter, who poured their champagne and took their drink and appetizer orders.

“What about you?” Louis asked, gesturing to Harry once the waiter left them. “You’re in school?”

Harry nodded, taking a sip of champagne. “I’m working on my masters. Graduating in the spring. If I finish my thesis that is.” That was a big if.

“What are you studying?” Louis looked at Harry openly.

Harry wasn’t used to answering too many questions about himself on the first meetup; it was kind of refreshing. Most POTs didn’t care what he studied, just knew that he was in school. David didn’t know the details of Harry’s degree until well into their arrangement. He’d always found it odd that POTs didn’t ask him what he was studying, since that was usually the first question out of anyone else’s mouth as soon as Harry met them.

“I double majored for undergrad. Political Science and Gender Studies, but my masters is in Political Science,” Harry supplied. Most people found what he studied boring, so he just told Louis the basics. “More specifically the Welfare state. I’m writing my thesis on the Welfare state as a means for gender equality.”

Louis hummed in interest. “And so is Law school in your future?”

“Hopefully,” Harry nodded. “I’ll probably take a gap year, really study for the exams.”

“That’s admirable,” Louis said. “Law school, I mean. My lawyer is probably my favorite employee. Good lawyers are really valuable and hard to come by.”

“Oh, I bet. Especially in your line of work.” Harry nodded and steered the conversation back to Louis. “So what do you like to do when you’re not working?”

Louis laughed. “Now there’s a novel concept. Me not working.” Harry couldn’t help but notice that his laugh sounded a bit forced. “I don’t know, sleep, visit my family. I quite like football.”

Football was a safe topic, so Harry asked him about that. Apparently Louis owned a team. No big deal.

They made small talk over the next hour or so. It was one of the better first meetups Harry had been on, the conversation flowed smoothly and the food was amazing. Louis was charming and funny. Was passionate about his work as far as Harry could tell, and really

Harry just had a nice time looking at him. He was so pretty.

At the end of the evening, Louis gave the waiter his card without sparing the bill a glance, and then walked Harry out, standing with him while they waited for Harry’s car.

“I had a really nice time,” Louis said, reaching into the pocket of his coat. “This is for you.” He placed an envelope in Harry’s hand. “A thank you for meeting me.”

Well, it looked like Louis did a little bit of research on the proper etiquette for these things. He’d treated the meet up like a regular date, didn’t discuss money, but gifted Harry at the end of the night to let him know he hadn’t forgotten about that part. Good. This was good. Harry really hoped he was looking for something long term.

“Thank you,” Harry said, pocketing the envelope. It was bad form to look now, although it felt like a card of some kind, rather than cash.

“Can I have your number?” Louis asked and Harry gave himself a mental fist bump. This was looking really good. “Is that the next step to these things?”

“Yeah,” Harry said, taking Louis’ phone from him and punching his number in. He sent a text to himself before handing the phone back.

His car pulled up to the curb and Harry leaned down to press a kiss to Louis’ cheek.

“I had a really nice time,” he said when he pulled back.

“Me too,” Louis grinned. “I’ll text you.”

“Please do,” Harry replied, before closing the door.

He told the driver his address and waited until the car was moving to take out the envelope and see what was inside.

“Shit,” he murmured. It was a one thousand dollar Amazon gift card, meaning Louis had easily spent twelve hundred or more on Harry for their first meet-up. He definitely felt like the real deal.

Harry’s phone lit up in his lap a block or so from his flat. A text message from Louis.


Can’t wait to discuss the details of our arrangement. xx


Harry smiled and locked his phone. He had him.