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Pathways Taken

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Victor Hoskins knew things. Lots of things, things that Simon Masrani and Masrani Global would be shocked to know. But someone had to keep InGen profitable, and dreamers were a nuisance.

Like Owen Grady. The man was an exceptional nuisance, arguing with Victor every single step of the way, but since he was the only possible candidate to work with the raptors, and would be key to managing the program in the future, Vic couldn’t just let an accident happen, or put a bullet in Owen’s head.

Even if he wanted to.

What Owen Grady did not know, and Vic had been very careful to keep up the mis-direction, was that the raptors were no longer the solution. They had their uses, but Vic and Dr Henry Wu had long since moved on past the raptors. They were still useful, but not in the way that Owen thought they were supposed to be.

Vic was actually amused by Owen’s loyalty to his raptors. The man practically bonded with the creatures as though they were his children. Which in some ways made Grady surprisingly easy to manipulate.

It had been four months since Vic’s extremely profitable conversation with an old SAS contact. The Brit was an ass, but he was a smart, cunning and brutal ass after Vic’s own heart, and the information he had for sale had been the piece of the puzzle that Wu had inserted into their new genome.

Too bad that kidnapping had been their only possible solution. The police captain they had targeted had been surprisingly tough to take down, and already wary, it had taken eight of Vic’s special squad to snatch and subdue him. The best part, as his cousin (and Vic’s contact) had pointed out, the man was hardly human. Being hardly human gave Vic license to do what he wanted.

Keeping him on the island had been incredibly easy. The island was spread out, and there were one or two areas which were admirably designed to hold the man captive.

The… what was it Kenny called him… zauberbiest was tough and durable and Vic had no qualms about caging him like a wild animal. As long as Vic could have his dogs of war, he was happy to sacrifice the guy.

Then the Indominus got out and suddenly Vic had his field test.