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Settling Down

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Buffy was nervously hopping from her toes to her heels and back again. Angel and Willow have been in that room for ages! Even Giles was walking along the shelves and seemed stressed. “Was it like this when I got resurrected,” he asked.

Xander shook his head. “You have no idea… But, yeah, this comes close!” He was not in the best mood for an upcoming party. Honestly, he did not care much about that vampire, whether it was Angel or Angelus. liked the brooding soulful vampire slightly better than the homicidal monster because Angel did not go around murdering people. He was here because he wanted to make sure that Willow was fine. And because Dawn wanted to say hi to Angel and thought it rude not to be here on an event like this.
I hope Buffy doesn’t get horizontal with him again. Only because she could… Not that I’d be jealous! I’m not, I’m with Dawn now. I’m just concerned, that’s all.

They heard a noise from across the room, and when they looked up, they saw Willow leaning against the doorframe. Giles’ heart skipped a beat. It was now when he realized that he had been shaking with fear. He wiped through his already disheveled hair and leaned against the nearest shelf. Before Willow could give him a reassuring smile, she found herself in Buffy’s strong arms.

“Will, o Will, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Buff,” was her muffled reply. Buffy let go. “Angelus is gone. Say hi to Angel,” she made a waving gesture to the dark vampire that had coyly appeared in the doorway.

“Hi,” he said.

The group tensely returned his greeting.

Slowly, Buffy made her way to her first boyfriend. Finally, they hugged.

Giles cleared his throat and nodded to the door. “Let’s give them some privacy, shall we?”

Spike was waiting outside. He had brought a guitar.
“Thought we could play a little. Tumbler’s a good drummer and would like to jam with us, later. What d’ya think, Rupert?”