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Three Cats

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Let me set the scene:

A forest, humid,

Thick with green.

Three cats are posed there,

Two clinging in the trees,

Breathing the sultry air....


Three cats: Tiger, Tabby, Lion,--

Fire tempered, Fop, and Fool--

All gathered in the jungle.

Fop spouting professions of love,

"She's brighter than the stars above!"

The Tiger yawns below.

Three cats: Lord, Poet, Jester,--

Laughing, fuming, surprised--

All gathered in the jungle.

Fool concerned with being eaten,

Tabby angry at being beaten,

Tiger enjoying the show.

Three cats: Two Faeries and a mortal,--

One ruler, two intruders--

All set off for dinner.

Lion is glared at by Tabby

(This will no doubt end badly),

Who's miffed about the song.

Three cats: Solitary, merry, wary;

From the world, the past, the truth...

Each of them is hiding.

Tiger shows off his collection;

Jester hides a worried expression,

But the truth will be known ere long.

Three cats: Tiger, Lion, Tabby,--

Hunter, prey, grudging defender--

Now fighting in the jungle.

Lord Tiger splits in two;

Mortal wonders what he'll do.

It never ends, does it?

Three cats--or is it four?--

Hunting, hiding, hurrying,

In the twilight jungle.

A call is followed, a friend arrives

In time to keep Jester alive.

Tiger is attacked by poet.

Three cats--maybe it was four--

Some injured from the battle;

They part in the jungle.

Tiger hides and mopes sullenly,

All visitors take their leave.

And so the tale moves on....