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"How the fuck did you get in here?" Dean hissed as he pulled the kid into one of the bathroom stalls. "If they see the two of us in here, I could lose my fucking job!"

Cas grinned at him as he plastered himself against Dean's front. "I'll just tell them you're my daddy," he said, batting his eyelashes even as he grabbed Dean's crotch.

"Fuck," Dean breathed, head thunking back against the stall door.

"Besides, I'm eighteen," Cas said before pulling Dean's nightstick out of it holster. "You can fuck me without getting in trouble."

"I'll still get in trouble," Dean said. "We're in the middle of the school grounds. That's conduct unbecoming. Not to mention the school would sue me."

"Then I'll just be really quiet," Cas said, then stood on his tip toes so he could whisper in Dean's left ear, "Daddy."

Dean shivered. "Such a fuckin' slut," he said under his breath.

"Just for you," Cas said as he worked Dean's belt and slacks open. "I'm all ready for you. You can just bend me over and fuck me. I'm all wet and aching for you, Daddy."

"Okay, knock off the daddy shit," Dean said, wincing as he looked down at Cas. "I already feel like a dirty old... fuck," he trailed off as Cas wrapped his lips around the end of Dean's nightstick and sucked.

Cas looked him in the eye, a challenge as he hollowed his cheeks, sucking on the nightstick like it was a cock, really putting on a show. He pulled the nightstick out of his mouth and held it up between them. "Maybe you should stretch me with this before you put your big cock inside me," he said, somehow all the while looking innocent.

"You scared of my big cock, baby?" Dean asked, grinning.

"It's really big," Cas said, eyes widening as he nodded. "It hurts."

"Aww," Dean drawled. "It hurts when I stretch that slutty little hole with my cock?"

"Uh-huh," Cas said, then turned around and straddled the toilet, putting his hands on the wall and shoving his ass back at Dean. "It's so big!"

Dean groaned as he realized Cas had already dropped his jeans and panties, having stepped out of them, bare feet on the dirty bathroom floor.

"Such a dirty little boy," Dean said as he shoved two fingers into Cas' hole, hissing when he found it wet and already open for him. "You're not tight at all, you little slut," he scoffed.

"But you're so big," Cas said, pouting over his shoulder. "It still hurts."

Dean smirked, knowing full well Cas didn't even consider letting anything less than above average inside his hole. The bigger the better. "Then I guess I'd better open you up even more."

Cas whimpered as Dean slowly pushed the nightstick inside Cas' hole, inching it in before pulling out, only to push in again.

"Keep your mouth shut," Dean ordered. "If you get loud, I'll stop."

"Yes, sir," Cas said, wiggling his ass enticingly.

Dean wrapped his left hand around Cas' left hip, holding him in place while he fucked Cas loose hole with his nightstick, the squelching noise only making him harder.

He pulled the stick out and tapped it on Cas' rim. "Look at that hole. Such a cockslut that I bet it never gets tight."

Cas pushed his ass back, letting out a little whimper. "I'm all empty. I need you inside me. Want that big cock inside me, Dean. Please! Want it filling me up!"

"Shh, keep it down," Dean said, slapping his cock down on Cas' left ass cheek. "You don't get my cock unless you're a good boy."

"Sorry," Cas said, pouting again. "I'll be good."

Dean pushed into Cas, going balls deep without giving Cas a chance to adjust. Cas hissed, going up on his toes, but he didn't pull away. Instead he pushed back, wanting more.

"Fuck me," Cas said. "C'mon, fuck me."

Dean chuckled, then wrapped his arms around Cas, pulling him back against him and holding the nightstick to Cas' mouth.

"Suck," Dean said.

Cas shivered, obeying immediately, and Dean nearly breathed a sigh of relief. Shoving something into Cas' mouth usually shut him the fuck up. He needed this job.

Dean took hold of Cas' cock with his right hand as he fucked him, giving the kid some stimulation. He really didn't need to. Cas loved being fucked, especially when the cock was a big one, and he could come on that alone. But Dean liked the feeling of a small cock in his hand.

Cas' cock was nothing to laugh at, but it wasn't nearly as thick or long as Dean's. And when Dean squeezed it harshly, Cas clenched around him, whimpering around the nightstick in his mouth.

"That's a good boy," Dean panted in Cas' ear. "Take that big cock, you little slut. My little bitch."

Cas reached up and grabbed Dean's hair, holding him close in a silent demand for more dirty talk. Dean chuckled, nibbling on Cas' ear.

"You like being my little bitch?" Dean asked, grinning when Cas nodded, choking on the nightstick as Dean pushed it in a little too far. "Yeah, you love it when I split you open. I bet you'd look pretty in my bed, all fucked out and leaking my come outta that sloppy hole."

Cas squeaked as Dean squeezed his cock again. The kid was about to come, and Dean didn't think he'd last much longer himself, so he fucked him faster, lifting Cas off his feet as he thrust into the smaller body in front of him.

"Gonna fuck you so hard," Dean whispered, "you'll be feelin' me for a week. You'll be walkin' funny, and everybody's gonna know it's because somebody fucked you real good. Somebody broke that hole and left you sloppy and leaking. And they'll all wanna know who it was that fucked you. Who had such a big cock that it filled up that busted hole."

Cas moaned around the nightstick, his hole clenching around Dean's cock as he came, his jizz hitting the toilet and wall in front of them and dribbling down. Cas went loose around him, even more than before.

"Oh, that fuckin' loose hole," Dean groaned. "I ruined it. You feel that? I ruined that sloppy hole."

Cas gagged again on the nightstick as Dean thrust forward hard, coming deep inside Cas. He heard Cas grunting, felt him squirming as he tried to get his feet firmly on the floor again.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Cas sighed as Dean pulled out and dropped to his knees behind Cas.

"You're leakin' all over," Dean said, smirking. "Look at that. You couldn't even hold it in if you wanted to, you little slut."

Cas moaned, his thighs shaking as Dean licked him clean with broad swipes of his tongue over Cas' hole. By the time Dean stood up again, Cas let himself crumple down onto the toilet, his forehead on the tank and his legs spread wide around the bowl.

Dean pulled his own boxers and slacks up and fixed his uniform. "Clean yourself up," he said, smirking as he walked out of the stall.

"Fucker," Cas grumbled.

Dean chuckled as he threw the restroom door open and started his rounds, Cas' dried spit still on the end of his nightstick.