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“Shhh,” Cas hisses in his ear as his right hand wraps tighter around Dean’s mouth.

Dean is trying to keep calm, but there’s two fingers shoved in his ass, playing with his prostate, and his little brother is asleep in the bed not even three feet away.

“If Sam wakes up, he’s going to see you squirming,” Cas warns.

Dean squeezes his eyes shut. He doesn’t want to see Sam sleeping, doesn’t want to know if he moves or starts breathing differently. Dean has slept in the same room with Sam most of their lives, and he knows exactly what sounds and movements mean Sam’s about to wake up. If he sees that, he doesn’t know what he’ll do.

“Open your eyes and look at him,” Cas says, a whisper that tickles his ear.

Dean lets out a squeak as Cas pushes hard on his prostate and drags his fingers down and out before shoving them right back in.

“Watch his breathing,” Cas says.

Fingers are rubbing over Dean’s prostate, pressure so intense Dean’s worried he’s going to piss himself.

“What if he wakes up?” Cas says, stroking and stroking, pace too fast to get even a moment’s rest. "What if he sees you like this? Tears running down your face, eyes wide, fingers almost ripping the sheets as you pull and squeeze.“

Dean is panting through his nose, sure he’s going to pass out long before he comes. And that’s if Cas lets him come.

"Would he be shocked?” Cas asks, his left leg wrapped securely over Dean’s legs, keeping him right where he wants him. "Would he think it was hot? Seeing you like this, desperate to come on just my fingers?“

Dean wants to just grab his cock and get himself off, but he knows better. Cas told him not to, and Dean is well aware of the consequences for disobeying a direct order like that.

"Maybe he’d sit on the edge of his bed,” Cas continues, “stroking himself as he watches every single move you make, every shiver, every flinch.”

And Dean does flinch. Cas knows exactly how to play with him, and the pressure inside him is becoming unbearable.

“Your cock is mine just as much as the rest of you is,” Cas says. "That means I can let Sam watch if I want to. I could wake him up right now and he’d thank me for the privilege of watching you come apart.“

Dean sees the hitch in Sam’s breathing. Sam isn’t waking up, but he’s probably going to move, and sure enough he does, turning on his side, facing Dean.

"I’m not even going to let you come,” Cas says. "I’m going to milk you, make it dribble out of you, and you’ll be a mess of nerves and drenched in sweat once I’m done with you.“

Dean whimpers as Cas pushes down even harder. And that’s the last straw. He feels his stomach clench and something between his stomach and cock yanks tight before a wave-like feeling starts to radiate from the center of his body outward. He wonders if it’ll ever stop or if he’ll be stuck like this for the rest of time. It’s coming from deep inside him, not his cock, not really his stomach, and he feels something dribbling out of his cock as his hips thrust forward.

He’s sobbing, body stiff as a board, eyes locked on Sam as he prays his little brother doesn’t wake up. When it’s over, he feels as if he’s been chased through the woods for hours by a creature that was only a few feet behind him. He’s drained and feels almost cold, but warm at the same time. He’s numb, but oversensitive. He’s satisfied, but not in a way he normally feels when he’s had a really good orgasm.

When Cas pulls his fingers out of Dean’s ass, Dean lets out another sob, but soon Cas is rolling him onto his back and kissing his cheek, his forehead, and that little spot just under his jaw on the left side that makes him squirm with pleasure.

"Sleep,” Cas says.

Dean obeys, just like he does every other direct order Cas gives him.