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Like to princes in their slumbers lie

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SETTING: HENRIETTA POLICE STATION. A small room with offensively good lighting. There is a folding metal table unfolded in the middle of the room, in the manner of something which has been unfolded for a long time. On it, a cup of coffee, cold. Two plastic cups of water.

There are two policemen conducting the interview. Police officers - one is a woman. Their interviewee is a teenage girl, height-restricted, with the attitude of a ferocious hedgehog. Two other women are in the room with them, sitting back against the wall. Both are furious, though they wear their fury differently. Neither can conceal quite how worried they are.

All the people and their feelings make the room feel even smaller, and it is a small room to start with.




SARGENT, BLUE: I know what “missing” means, thanks. Didn’t you try to- to trace the call? Isn’t that something you can do?

POLICE INSPECTOR ABNEY: We did trace the call. Unfortunately, we only found Mr Gansey’s Camaro, and since then we’ve not been able to pick anything up from his cell--

POLICE INSPECTOR CLARKE: —obviously, we’d normally assume this was just boys being boys, you know, but given the nature of the call, we have to look into it. Is there anyone who would want to hurt Mr Gansey?

[The two women at the back of the room very carefully do not exchange looks.]

SARGENT, BLUE: …no. I can’t think of anyone. Where did you find the Camaro?

POLICE INSPECTOR ABNEY: Out towards the mountains--

POLICE INSPECTOR CLARKE: We asked around. It seems Adam Parrish missed his shift this afternoon. Does he make a habit of that?

SARGENT, BLUE: [flatly] No. 

POLICE INSPECTOR CLARKE: He’s one of Gansey’s set, isn’t he? One of his Aglionby friends? It’s rather an unusual friendship though, isn’t it? Is there a chance Parrish has taken Mr Gansey somewhere, against his will?

SARGENT, BLUE: Are you seriously asking me if Adam kidnapped Gansey? 

POLICE INSPECTOR CLARKE: We know their financial circumstances are very different…is it possible Parrish was motivated by desperation--

SARGENT, BLUE: No. Why don’t you ask if I kidnapped him, next? I’m poor too.

[There’s some coughing at the back of the room. Pointed coughing.]

POLICE INSPECTOR ABNEY: We’re just worried about them. [Eyeing Clarke] We don’t know what happened, or why they called 911. So we want to find them and make sure they’re okay, and the more we understand about where they might’ve gone and why, the more chance we have of doing that. Okay?

SARGENT, BLUE: …look, I do get that. But they’re my friends. You’re not more worried about them than I am. And I don’t know what happened.

POLICE INSPECTOR CLARKE: When was the last time you spoke to Mr Gansey?

SARGENT, BLUE: [flushes] …last night. On the phone.

[There is another sudden burst of coughing from the back of the room. ABNEY passes one of the women a glass of water.]

POLICE INSPECTOR CLARKE: And he didn’t say anything about his plans for today? 

SARGENT, BLUE: [stares at him] …no.

POLICE INSPECTOR CLARKE: So what did you talk about?

SARGENT, BLUE: …nothing that made him go missing, so I’m not sure it’s any of your business. Sir.

[There is sudden raucous, furious noise from the other room. The slamming of doors. The possible hurling of furniture. Certainly shouting.]

INSPECTOR CLARKE: What the hell is that?!

INSPECTOR ABNEY: [listening for a moment, expression mystified] …is that a bird?