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Across Time and Space

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Tom Riddle was sitting at his desk going through reports wondering just how in Salazar’s name did the paperwork multiple every time he sat down. Seriously he signed two reports and another four show up.  The last report he was reading was about Dumbledore petitioning against his law that magical children in muggle households should have routine check-ups saying something about not invading the privacy of future student or some load of dragon dung.  If someone had check up on him even just once he could have had a better childhood, which is why he was working so damn hard to fight for those in similar positions that he was in.  Laying the paper on the desk, Tom rubbed his faces, scrubbing the tiredness away since the sooner he was able to shift through this endless paperwork, the sooner the Wizarding World could become better.

Signing his name on the last report in the stack, Tom dropped his quill and decided that he wasn’t going to be able to accomplish anymore tonight and left the two other stacks on his desk.  Walking to his kitchen for some chamomile tea, he noticed an owl waiting with a letter.  Retrieving the letter from the owl and giving the owl a treat, Riddle frowned looking at the familiar seal of his friend Abraxas Malfoy.  Abraxas usually just floo-called preferring face to face talks rather than letters, so Riddle was sure this was something promising.  With his tea and letter in hand, Riddle moved to his den where a large leather chair was waiting for him by the fireplace as the spring weather still had a nip at night. Opening the letter, Tom read:

Greeting Tom!

I have received two interesting letter from Lucius.  Which he say ‘hello’ by the way.  Anyways, Lucius says that a man appeared in time to save Severus, his friend, from severe humiliation from those Marauders.  The man then proceeded to hex the group before leaving with Severus, who was acting most concern over the wellbeing of the stranger.  Then according to Lucius, he proceeded to threaten Dumbledore against using Severus or himself in any type of scheme or you would have powerful backing. That was the first letter.  The second letter than tells of the stranger being Severus’s fiancé and that his name was Hadrian James Emrys, Lord Myrddin and Lord Hogwarts and apparently gave a thorough tongue lashing to Charulus Potter and once again threatened Dumbledore.  Lord Emrys also declared that Slytherin House was under his protection and he would not tolerate bullying. Lucius appears to like him and suggests that you should meet with this Lord since he declared that he would be evaluating Hogwarts staff to see if they were on par with Educational Standards.

I would also recommend that you meet with him as fast as you can.  He sounds like a potential ally.

Your friend,


Tom stared at the parchment for sometime processing the fact that there was a Lord Hogwarts and a Lord Myrddin and that they were the same person.  And the fact that the man already hated Dumbledore was a plus.  Maybe it was time to swing by and say hi to his godson.  Grinning, Tom made his way to his bedroom to get a full nights rest, so that he can be his best for tomorrow when meeting this Slytherin Champion.

The next morning…

Tom had woken up early as he wanted to be at Hogwarts for breakfast so that he could catch his godson first for a quick chat.  He really did miss his godson. Even though in a few months Lucius would be home and apprenticing under him in politics as well as Defense for his Mastery.  Standing before the Great Hall in his finest robes, Tom took a deep breath and quietly pushed the door open and walked inside only to pause.  Looking up at the Teacher’s Table, Tom noticed all of the teachers were pales and slightly twitching as they ate their breakfast.  He also noticed Dumbledore was having a tough time keeping his façade up of being a grandfather figure.  Quirking an eyebrow, he looked to where the teachers’ eyes kept straying to and saw an impressive figure sitting next to Lucius, eyes locked on the Teacher’s table as he slowly ate his own breakfast.  Tom quickly came to the solution that the man must be Lord Hogwarts and it was his luck that he was sitting next to godson.  Smirking Tom made his way over to his old house’s table watching as Lucius’s eyes caught his appearance and rose to greet him.

“Godfather, a pleasant surprise you are here.  Would you care for some breakfast?” Lucius asked politely with a knowing smirk.

“I would,” Tom granted with a small tilt of his head and followed Lucius to the table and took the seat opposite of him, so he could face this Lord and from what he could tell, was that this Lord was tall even though he was seated and he was certainly broad and muscular, despite his Lord robes hiding the fact quite a bit.  The un-tamed black hair was gorgeous and the masculinity that the man oozed was amazing but was nothing compared to the power that Tom could see caressing the man’s skin and the male next to him that was busy reading a potions books.  Tom had to guess the slightly short and lithe man was Severus as it fit Lucius’s previous descriptions of his friend.  Lucius often talked of Severus but he had never met him. 

“Hadrian,” Lucius asked watching his godfather watch his new friend surprising his godfather with the lack of formality.

“Yes Lucius?” Hadrian asked still not looking away from the table, glaring just a little bit more.

“There is someone I would like to introduce,” Lucius replied grinning slightly as Hadrian narrowed his eyes and a petite blond teacher whimpered and spilt her juice down her robes.

“Love, quit scaring the teachers.  They will be stuttering in the classes now and I won’t learn a thing,” Severus chided not looking up from his new potions book, but he knew his soul-mate so well to know what he was doing.

Hadrian tore his gaze from the spineless professors and focused on his mate. His eyes gentling and softening as he watched his Precious turn the page.  Picking up a pastry, Hadrian tore it into a bite size pieces and held it out in front of Severus waiting for him to eat it.  Hadrian watched as Severus without looking away from his book, leaned over and took the bite into his mouth.  Hadrian chuckled and swiped the book from Severus’s hand.

“Love, if I can’t scare those pathetic wimps, then you cannot read,” Hadrian teased, his face brightening when Severus turned to look at him scathing glare, “Ah. Ah. Ah. Besides Lucius wants us to meet someone.  Maybe he can be of help on how to punish Potter. Since mine wouldn’t be appropriate for school settings.”

Tom had been watching the by-play between the two and was honestly shocked.  The man, Hadrian, was acting like Abraxas when he was with family.  And Severus was completely comfortable with him enough to glare at this powerful man.  Just how long did Severus know this man? And he was confused about the whole punishing Potter and appropriateness?  Tom decided to tread carefully for now until he knew the Lord better.

“So Lucius, who would you like me to meet?” Riddle watched as Hadrian turned to look at Lucius while Severus rolled his eyes and looked straight at him.

“Hadrian I would like you to meet my Godfather, Tom Riddle,” Lucius said proudly.

Hadrian turned to look at the Politician trying to make the world a better place.  He definitely didn’t look like old snake face.  He actually had a full head of wavy brown locks, and piercing blue eyes.  His aura didn’t scream evil but it wasn’t pure light, somewhere in the middle just like his self.  Hadrian could see that Riddle was different from his counter-part and was glad to wipe his slate clean. Offering his hand to Riddle across the table, he said, “A pleasure to meet you Tom, I’m Hadrian Emrys and this is Severus Snape, my fiancé.”

Tom was amazed at how those intellectual green eyes, assessed him and found him worthy. Turning to the man at Hadrian’s side, he noticed that Severus had the same intelligent eyes although the color different.  Shaking both their hands, he offered his own greetings, “A pleasure to meet both of you.  Are you newly engaged?”

Tom watched as the two dark-haired males shared a secret smile and Hadrian answered, “We’ve known each other for a while and although we just had our contract sign, we’ve known we would always be together.”

Tom smiled at that.  There were times he wished for someone like that, but he hasn’t found one that met his interest yet. 

“So Tom what can I do for you?” Hadrian asked looking straight at Tom.

“I would like to get to know you as well as see what your Political Standing is at the current events,” Tom answered straight to the point. Riddle had thought about playing coy and denying that he wanted anything, but had made the assumption that this man would appreciate brute honesty and truth and anything less or having a game be played would result in disastrous consequences for all parties involved.

“Hmm, straight forward. I like that. I don’t have a problem with being friends right now, considering that since you have sat down and began talking to me, the Old Fool’s eyebrow has been twitching.  As for political standing?  I’ll have to know exactly what you are promoting and what your goals are.  For instance, my goals are to get the school in better educational standard.  If it wasn’t for me teaching Severus, in defense and charms, he would behind in several different schools.  I want this school to become an Elite school.  Do your own goals coincide with mine?” Hadrian asked leaning his elbows on the table, hand clasped in a triangle.

 “I want the Wizarding World to prosper, in order to do this we need to help protect our children from abusive,” Tom almost paused when he saw Hadrian’s and Severus’s eyes darken, apparently there is some history there, “homes and educate them to the best of their abilities.  When they are educated they can make better decisions concerning their future.  I also want all creatures to have the same rights that we do.  Why should vampires and werewolves be shunned from having jobs and an education?”

“I think we will get along just fine.  Would you like to join me in evaluating the teachers of this mediocre establishment?” Hadrian asked with a smirk, as he sat up to wrap an arm around Severus’s waist.

Tom thought and weighed his options of this offer.  He had paperwork to do, but if he truly knew what was being taught than he could adjust his bills more accordingly.  He would also get to know Hadrian better.

“I accept, which classes will we be joining today?” Tom asked glancing at his godson who had been watching with rapt attention between the two powerful men discussing the Wizarding Future.

“No clue,” Hadrian shrugged before turning to Severus who was glaring across the table to the Marauders who besides James were making faces at him, “Love, what classes do you have for today?”

 Severus continued to glare at the other three while he answered, “Potions, Charms, and Defense.”

“Precious, would you like me to do something to the four?” Hadrian asked since he had followed his beloved’s gaze, his eyes narrowing.

“If you want.  What are you going to do as punishment for Potter?” Severus replied tearing his eyes away from the pest to look into his love’s serious eyes.

“Hmm, I’m going to let him sweat a bit.  Most of the stuff I want to do isn’t illegal,” Hadrian turned thoughtful for a moment before a vicious grin appeared and stood up and began walking to the Marauders.

Severus used to the way his love processes things shrugged and snatched his potions book back, while the Slytherins and Riddle watched on in confused bemusement as Hadrian stood behind the trio still making faces and signing things at Severus who was ignoring them in favor for the potions book, Hadrian had gifted him.

Hadrian tapped his wand on each of the fours’ heads and watched as their clothes turned into short skirts revealing hairy pasty white legs and a white button up top too small for their chests and grew their into pigtails.  Shrieking in outrage, the three of them turned to Hadrian ready to hex him, but when they realized it was Hadrian, they cowered and James didn’t even respond.  Ever since his father left him to his doom, James had been rather depressed. He didn’t try to reign his friends back since they were trying to cheer him up, but when your own father abandons you, its rather hard to smile.

“One would think that after yesterday you guys would learn not to mess with my fiancé.  This isn’t your punishment either.  James still has his coming and Dumbledore has a day to find suitable ones for you. Do your selves a favor and scram before I take it into my hands,” Hadrian threatened and never had he seen Peter Pettigrew run so fast.

Turning to the teacher’s table, Hadrian’s eyes narrowed, held up two fingers and said, “Second strike Old Goat.  Keep your kids in line or you are gone.”

With that being said Hadrian walked back to his Precious and helped him stand and took his gathered books in one hand and held Severus’s hand in his other and the pair strode out of the hall.  Once the lovers had left, the quiet hall erupted in noise.  Dumbledore stood and cast a sonorous charm and said, “Students be calm! Starting as of now, you are to be on your best behavior unless you want to be serving detentions with Filch or being suspended from using magic! Even in your classes! Also I want to see Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, and Mr. Pettigrew in my office.”

The Ravenclaws balked at the thought of being unable to use their magic in class!  They wouldn’t be able to learn anything new or win House points.  The Hufflepuffs were nervous about the detentions with Filch and the Gryffindors were fuming due to the fact that the Marauders had caused the mess, while the Slytherins were smirking. After years of being treated as dangerous and filthy and it was nice to finally see someone taking charge against the old goat.

“Hadrian certainly is different,” Tom commented as he stood with his Godson, preparing to go find Hadrian.

“That he is.  There is already a difference in how the Slytherins carrying themselves.  There is a hint of pride that was missing before.  Who knows maybe before the end of the year, we may actually learn something,” Lucius replied leaving the Great Hall with his Godfather. 

Since Severus had Potions first, Lucius lead Tom down to the dungeons, where they assumed Hadrian and Severus were waiting.  They were correct that they were in the dungeons but apparently they weren’t waiting, rather they were engaged with each other’s lips and the air was thick with magic.  Lucius’s ears turned pink while Tom knocked on the door announcing their arrival.

When Hadrian and Severus had left the Great Hall, they had quickly made their way to the Potion’s classroom, where Severus attacked Hadrian pressing his lips against his loves in an aggressive manner, only breaking to let out  snippets of a sentence, “Merlin…you are…so sexy…when…using magic.”

“Oh yeah?” Hadrian breathed as gripped his Precious closer.  He hadn’t expected him to attack him, but he wasn’t complaining.

“I could… feel  your magic…pulsating… wanting to be….let out,” Severus explained in between the kisses.

Hadrian broke the frantic kissing long enough to question, “What does it feel like to you?”

“It feels like a caress, it feels warm and comforting, it feels like you,” Severus breathed out tangling his hands into Hadrian’s hair.

Hadrian’s eyes darken as Severus explained what his magic did to his soul-mate.  Let his magic unfurl and stretch across his Precious’s body, he renewed their vigorous kiss, lifting Severus up unto a desk devouring his perfect mate as Severus’s leg wrapped around his waist.  It was when they heard knock, that they both turned to look at the intruder and snarled.  Hadrian was the first to regain his composure and reined his magic back in and the lustful daze that Severus was in receded leaving him burning red at being caught in such a primitive act.  He completely blames his fiancé though. Hadrian was a Gryffindor and they were certainly brash, never mind the fact that it was Severus who attacked.

“Yes?” Hadrian asked still standing between Severus’s legs, even though Severus had lowered his legs.

“We just want to catch up with you and discuss how exactly the evaluating would be progressing,” Tom answered as steady as he could.  Hadrian’s magic was definitely powerful and would be a force to be reckon with when unleashed in anger instead of lust.

Hadrian ignored the other two for a moment as he pressed a soft lingering kiss to Severus’s lips, whispering, “Later Precious, for now I need to discuss my plans with Riddle while you ready your workspace.  Is there anything you would like to change about the classroom environment?”

A soft whimper escaped Severus’s when he felt Hadrian pull away from the sweet kiss and answered, “Fine, but after my last class, can we please do something?  As for the classroom? Why does it have to be in the dungeon? Or at least why doesn’t have to be so cold and damp? It isn’t good for the potions and any Potion’s Master worth their salt knows this.  Why can’t we have natural light? And for that matter why can’t the classroom be cleaner?”

Hadrian smirked as his Severus began listing what was wrong with his learning environment and made mental notes to write down when the class started.  Hadrian remembered how Severus from his own universe had kept his classroom.  While it was still slightly cold, wasn’t nearly as cold as this classroom was and it was never damp.  Hadrian also remembered just exactly how clean the classroom was.  There wasn’t a speck of dust or dirt to found at all.  Had that all changed when he became teacher?

Placing a kiss upon those sweet lips, Hadrian left Severus to do his thing, as Hadrian made his way back towards Tom and conjured two comfy chairs.  Gesturing to seat down, Hadrian conjured up some parchment and a quill and wrote down what his love has mentioned so far.

Lucius had left when Hadrian and Severus kissed lovingly, leaving Tom standing awkwardly until Hadrian motioned for him to sit in some comfortable looking chairs.  When Hadrian finally spoke to him, the rest of the students began filling in to their seat not noticing the two powerful men in the back.

“I’ve cast a notice-me-not charm on us as well as a silencing charm so as the teacher will feel comfortable enough to teach normally, so we can observe him teach,” Hadrian explained.

Tom frowned and said, “I’ve had this teacher when I was in school.  He is a decent teacher, but he cares more if the student is famous or will be famous. I believe this class is Slytherin/Gryffindor combo class.”

“Hmmm, we will decide if he is worthy to be a teacher or if he has the potential to become better if he had the correct structure. I may not be efficient in Potions but at least I know the basics,” Hadrian commented as Horace Slughorn walked into the classroom nervously.

Tom watched as his old professor looked around the classroom before relaxing and began teaching.  Hmm seems, like Hadrian was right. If they didn’t know he was there, they teach normally.  At least this Lord is smart.  The more he sees of this Lord, the more he wants this man not only as an alley but as a friend.

Hadrian was growing disgusted as he watched the man teach. Half the student didn’t know how to cut their ingredients! Even he knew the importance of how the potions were prepared!  The man also continuously only talked to a few key students while the others were left to struggle. Towards the end of the class a potion was near complete when a student placed chopped bloomslang rather than minced and the potion nearly exploded if Hadrian had reacted and vanished the potion revealing his self to the class and now trembling Professor.  Hadrian stalked to the front and turned to look at the class. He stared for a good minute looking at all of the faces, particular one sexy gorgeous face.  The students were still waiting for this Lord to say something.

“Who here knows how correctly prepare potion ingridients? I mean do you know the difference between chopped and minced? A dash and a sprinkle?” Hadrian asked not surprised when only have of the class raised their hands.

“Who learned it from a parent?” Hadrian questioned once again not surprise when half of the raised hands stayed up.

“New question, who knows the importance of cauldron upkeep?” Hadrian asked and sadly only his Precious and another two knew the importance.

“Class dismissed,” Hadrian said rubbing his temples.  Severus from his own universe may have been a git the first couple of years, but still taught them the basics.

Everyone quickly packed their stuff and fled the room and Slughorn was nowhere to be found. Hadrian had his face buried in one his hands while leaning against a table when he felt arms wrap around his waist and a body work their way between his legs.

“Is that an everyday occurrence?” Hadrian asked bringing his hand down from his face to stare at his Precious.

“Basically,” Severus nodded smiling as Hadrian wrapped his arms around him.

“I’m thinking of cancelling class and doing remedial potion class, learning the basics and only the basics while I hunt for an appropriate teacher,” Hadrian told him.

Severus scowled and Hadrian saw the look and smirked saying, “Don’t worry beloved I have the perfect room for you to do your experiments in as long as me or one of your friends accompany you.”

Severus’s smile light up the room according Hadrian as Severus pressed several quick thank you kisses all over Hadrian’s face. Hadrian just smiled arms wrapped around his love, happy that his Precious was having a better life than his best friend from his old universe.

“Excuse me, Hadrian, Severus, but don’t we need to get going to the next class?” Tom asked when he felt was a safe moment to interrupt.  Tom was truthfully appalled at his old professor.  He never noticed just how Slughorn taught until today.  He approved of Hadrian decision and couldn’t wait to find out what Hadrian thought of the next couple of classes.

Hadrian sighed and placed a quick peck on Severus’s lips before making the motion of lead the way. He just hoped that Flitwick and the Defense Professor were competent otherwise his temper was going to fly.