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30 Kisses Grab Bag

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The rolling hills of nowhere, Ohio aren’t much more interesting than the other people on the bus, but they make her want to stab her eyes out less. At least the hills don’t ramble until her ears bleed, or steal her girlfriend away for “choreography planning”. As if they could really plan choreo on a moving bus.

She’s not even really looking at the landscape. Someone online just released a whole bunch of remixes of Adele’s 21 album, and Santana has been listening to them on her ipod the entire trip. She figures she’ll just one-star the terrible ones and leave the rest for when she and Britt-

Speaking of Britt, what the hell.

Right in front of her stirring view has fallen a curtain of blonde hair, and Santana’s eyes follow it up to where Britt’s face is leaning in sideways through the top section of the window. Santana stares for a few seconds before looking to her left, where Britt’s legs are in the seat next to her, and the rest of her body is hanging out of the window.

“Britt, what the fuck, get back in the fucking-” Santana freaks, standing up and reaching for Britt to pull her bodily back in.

“Kiss me first,” Britt grins, swatting at Santana’s hands (and how the fuck she even has a free hand to swat her with Santana does not even know).

“Britt,” Santana reaches again, and gets deflected again (and of course the fucking bus driver doesn’t care; normally Rachel would be backing her up about safety and rules but Rachel can’t pull herself off of Finn’s dick long enough to do anything useful nowadays). “Britt, get back in the bus.”

“Kiss me,” Britt insists, and Santana bites the inside of her cheek.

“Fine,” Santana sulks for a second before leaning in and pressing her lips to Britt’s. She means it to be a half-second thing before she forces Britt back into the fucking bus, but she melts when their lips touch (she always does).

After way too long for Brittany to be hanging out of the bus, Britt pulls back and squirms her way back into her seat. Santana breathes a sigh of relief, and when Britt slides into the seat next to her, Santana is stuck between ranting at Britt about how scared she was (which would be partially a lie; you can’t watch someone do lifts every day that are illegal in some states without believing in their ability to know their own strength) or kissing her again.

Britt decides for her, and they spend the rest of the trip making out in the back of the bus.

It’s way more interesting than the rolling hills of Ohio.