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Dear Jenna, Father Christmas (and Ilbereth) - Remix

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Dear Jenna,

I am sorry to inform you there will be no chocolates this year. As you can probably guess from the different handwriting, this is not me writing, but my secretary, Ilbereth. (Hello! - Ilbereth)

This is, of course, all the bears' fault – although I must admit, this time I am partially complicit, because it did not come to my mind until it was too late that arm-wrestling with them would not be the best idea. Paksu and Valkotukka ended up scratching me so badly that I could not do any of the packing this year! (Do not worry – I am bandaged up properly, and my elves inform me I am healing just fine.)

So as that happened, the packing duties fell on NPB, and NPB did not think until it was too late that letting his nephews help with the chocolates would not be the best of ideas. By the time they were finished, you could not have told they were Polar Bears, they were so brown!

So, once again, my apologies. It is oranges this time, for everyone. I am hoping that despite this, it will still be a

Merry Christmas!



P.S. I enclose a drawing of fun ways in which you can re-purpose orange rinds, such as for making little boats. - Ilbereth