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Your name is Gamzee Makara and you have no motherfucking clue what you are doing here.

About three weeks ago, the science teacher for the local highschool moved away, and the school was desperate for another teacher. So desperate, in fact, that they decided to take a local college student and stick him in that spot.

That is where you are now. In that spot. As a science teacher.

Oddly enough, you were one of the best science students when you were in highschool, and are the best in college. You were so good to that college, in fact, that they accepted you without a second glance at all your other grades (F's, pretty much).

So now you're majoring in science and are apparently a teacher. Who is currently eating a chocolate bar, and reminiscing in the fact that the school is very laid back when it comes to rules, as the principal controls this highschool, the elementary school, and the college. So he's only worried about keeping the place running.

Therefore, you can eat your pies in peace before classes and during lunch.

But once again, you are Gamzee Makara, and you have no motherfucking clue what you are doing here. You decide to finish your chocolate bar and study the room. Just as you remembered it from highschool. You think you might set up a class project to start off the year where the kids make their own paint of any colour and repaint the walls. The ugly, chipping, shit-coloured paint is bothering you. It's lost it's miraculous shine over the years.

You look up as the bell rings. For some reason, the teacher moved the clock to the ceiling. You have a feeling it's to save it from most explosions. You think it's a good idea.

The clock says 8:00. It's not digital, so it can't say AM or PM, but you assume it's AM, because it would be strange if it were PM. You don't completely rule it out, though.

People start filing into your class. They all look completely lost. But, of course they are. You remember that your first class is full of freshmen, and they're all new to this school. Well, most of them.

One student in particular catches your eye. He has a limp, and staggers toward the closest desk to the door, only to have it claimed by someone else. You notice that the desk right on front of the teacher's- your, you remind yourself- desk. You get up and help him into that desk, and he looks at you gratefully.

"Okay, motherfuckers," You say, and pause to chuckle at the class's dumbfounded faces. "I'm your teacher for right now. I've got no motherfucking clue what the shit the actual science teacher's up to, so you could end up having me for a month or your entire motherfucking time here, and then some."

A hand shot into the air. You glance at the person who owned the hand. Messy dark brown hair, a bored and irritated expression, and pretty short. He was in the back of the class.

"Yes, motherfucker?"

"Since you say motherfucker and shit, can we say that shit too?"

You think about this for a little bit. "Sure, why the motherfuck not."

You glance at the kid who had the limp. He seems somewhat more calm now, though still terrified. You look out the window to see a tree.

"Alright, here's the agenda- no bookwork. Bookwork is boring as shit. We do projects, and you're graded on how well your motherfucking project holds up. Now, here's your first motherfucking project..."

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You are Tavros Nitram and these halls confuse the heck out of you.

You've recently been let out of the hospital upon finding a way to heal your spine, in which enabling you to use your legs. A few years earlier, you'd done a stupid dare in an attempt to gain the respect of a few of your fellow students, and in the process nearly snapped your spine in half. Your legs were paralyzed, and you'd been in the hospital since.

You had been looking for a way to fix this for a while now, and somehow managed to do so. However, your left leg is weak, and you have a limp. Mixed with the fact that you are not used to walking, this makes getting around very complicated. Especially in a hall full of confused students going in mix-mashed ways.

You recently left your first period class, science. You think that might just end up to be your favourite class, since the teacher, Mr. Makara, gladly helps you around when you need it.

You are broken out of your thoughts when someone a little bit shorter than you shoves you aside and adding "Out of the way, fuckass!" as he passes by. This causes you to become unbalanced, and you fall to the ground.

You crawl over to the wall to avoid being trampled by kids as you look at the room number. 413- your next class. You sigh in relief and get up, limping into the class.

Grabbing the seat nearest the entrance, you notice the teacher writing a long list of words on the chalk board. The teacher has pure white hair and pale skin, and is in a neon green suit. When he glances at you, his eyes are narrowed and accusing. Immediately, you know you wouldn't like this class.

The classroom quickly fills up. The teacher goes on to have a long speech, introducing himself as Dr. Scratch, and saying that this class was english class. Your thoughts trail away as you realized why this class was so packed; you heard that, while most other subjects had up to 4 teachers, this one had only 2, for all the grades. That meant squishing everyone together.

Dr. Scratch picks up a clipboard, calling out names and then writing down where the person was sitting.

"Tavros Nitram," he calls your name. You raise your hand and look up, only to have a swerving paper airplane hit you in the face.

You rub your cheek, glancing to the side. The teacher seems unaware of the paper airplane, while most of the students were laughing. Vriska is in this class, you notice. She has multiple paper airplanes on her desk. You sigh and turn your head down, looking at the paper airplane on your desk. You toss it behind you.

"Hey, watch it!" A familiar voice sounds behind you. You turn around and see Terezi. She, along with a few others, was someone who had made you do the dare. However, she seemed to be the only one who was guilty about the outcome. She blinks at you, shrugs, and turns to the side to talk to some new kid who, for some reason, is wearing sunglasses. He seems familiar, but you can't remember who he was exactly, until you recognize the emotionless poker face as Dave's.

About 40 minutes later, the bell rings, and you wait for the class to file out before leaving. Already you have homework. You're beginning to wish you never got out of the hospital.

Two more classes later, you're sitting at an old wooden table outside while munching on your sandwich. Mostly everyone wanted to eat inside, because this was a school with a lot of extra money and it decided to buy a stereo system to play the radio in the lunch room. You can faintly hear it, though the walls are thick and block out most of the music. You're okay with that, though. You tend not to like that kind of music anyway.

You're just finishing your sandwich when a shadow looms over you. You turn around, expecting Vriska or someone to grab you and throw you to the ground, but it's just Mr. Makara.

Of all your classes so far, his you like the most- just as you thought it would be. The teacher sits down beside you and pulls out a bottle of Faygo, taking gulps of it every now and then. Other than faint music and rustling as something (or someone) moves, it is completely silent.

"So, bro, how's your day goin'?" The teacher asks you. You pause, wondering if you should reply.

"I, uh... I guess it's..." You trail off, not able to think of a word that would fit.

Mr. Makara just grins. "Shy, huh? What's your motherfucking name again?"

"Uh, it's, uh... Tavros... Nitram... Mr. Makara." You add the last part as an afterthought. Most teachers want you to be more formal to them, so you decide you should try.

"Ah, motherfucker, just call me Gamzee. It don't motherfucking matter what my last name is." Gamzee yawns, and finishes off his Faygo with a big gulp. "Well, bro, nice talking to ya. Hope to see a motherfucker tomorrow. Hope I can get the motherfucking paint supplies by then." You watch as Gamzee stands up, pats you on the head 3 times, and walks off in the direction of the school.

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You are now Karkat Vantas and you wish you were still home-schooled.

You do not like school. You do not like people. Both of those make you angry, and mixed together, you're a time-bomb ready to go off.

You have just finished lunch and you're heading to your next 'class'- which just so happens to be your free period. So you are going outside to sit under a tree and listen to music for half an hour while thinking about the day so far.

Of course, the school doesn't allow any sort of music player, but rules have slid into the back of everyone's mind here, even the principal's. You believe this is a good thing, because you could be in deep shit for your language if not.

Of course, it's still not as good as homeschooling, but it could be worse.

Sitting under the tree, you put on your old-fashioned headphones (you hate earbuds, they just fall right out of your ears) and let your mind wander while the music plays on. You begin to think about your first period, which, to be honest, scared the hell out of you.

The science teacher here (who is not the original one, you remind yourself) seems like a druggie or an alcoholic. Or both. He seemed to be perfectly okay with bad language, however, so you guess you're okay with that. Having to make your own paint from scratch, however, is something you are less okay with. You wonder if your science teacher ever thought of actual lessons, instead of making the class repaint the walls. It's a good idea, of course, but not something students should have to do.

Of course, when you pointed this out, the teacher ignored you.

You feel a tap on your shoulder and look up, seeing a face right in front of yours, causing you to jump a little. "Who the hell are you?" You ask angrily.

"I'm Nepeta!" The face backs up a bit, and you notice that it's a girl. A girl wearing a bright blue hat with cat ears on it.

Someone else walks up to you, standing beside the girl- Nepeta, you remind yourself. Gotta remember names.

"Sorry if she scared you. I am Equius, and, as you know by now, this is Nepeta. We're cousins. May I ask who you are?"

You eye the newcomer warily. He's gotta be half a foot taller than Nepeta, and very well built. Lots of muscle. He's wearing sunglasses, but they're cracked and seem hard to see through. You glance back to Nepeta, who's smiling at you expectantly. She seems quite a bit nicer than Equius. In fact, you begin to wonder how the two of them could be related.

"I'm Karkat," You mutter after a long pause. Equius holds out his hand to shake yours, and you take it. He shakes your hand roughly, leaving your hand slightly sore.

"Sorry," Equius says to you after he notices you rubbing your hand to try and ease the pain.

Nepeta laughed. "Equius is strong, so be careful. But inside he's just a big ol' teddy bear!"

Karkat paused, watching her laugh for a second, before letting the ghost of a smile cross his face. "I fucking hope so."

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You are Dave Strider and you've recently put your coolness to the test and asked someone out.

Before school started, you sought out one of your long-time friends who'd grown a bit distant over the summer, and just casually asked her out. Just a simple "Hey, wanna go out?"

So now you're spending the last period of the day, your free period, with your girlfriend- Terezi Pyrope. You suppose the two of you could just skip school. You do have a car, even though normally someone your age shouldn't have one. But you decide against it. You like the courtyard, where you can sit under the huge tree in the center of the school. Most people like the back, which has multiple smaller trees, and less a chance of being seen. But what few people know is that there's only 1 window actually showing the courtyard; the rest are just images of the courtyard. This is to give the area some privacy.

So you and Terezi sit and watch the leaves rustle and float to the ground, talking about anything and everything, every once in a while watching someone walk past you two in a shortcut to a different class. You don't know why they're going there halfway into the period. Nor do you care.

At one point Mr. Makara comes out and asks if either of you had seen Tavros. You say no, but glance around for the timid, limping boy. You and Terezi visited him once a month after the accident, as both of you were partially the reason it happened. The two of you are the only ones to give into the guilt and see him. Of course, you do so ironically, while Terezi does so simply because she feels bad.

Speaking of ironic measures, just as Mr. Makara is about to leave, Tavros comes sprinting into the courtyard, nearly bowling into you as he trips and falls. Mr. Makara, seemingly at the speed of light, runs over and catches Tavros before he falls, and runs off with the younger in his arms.

You ironically pull out your phone and take a picture. No need to miss that sight.

A few seconds later, you turn your head as a group of the school's bullies comes running in. They're all Seniors, and are just plain ruthless. You're lucky to not have run into them before; they roam all the schools, not just that one.

The leader of the group walks over to you and asks you where Tavros is. You shrug and answer the same as you answered Mr. Makara- "No idea where Tav is, bro."

His face flushes with rage, and he storms off, the other two close behind him. You shrug and continue your conversation with Terezi, who, in time, manages to climb to the very top of the tree. You wonder how she does this, as she is, in fact, blind.

The bell had just rung when Terezi touched the top-most branch of the tree, the branch she was on cracking, leaving here to fall 50-70 feet to the ground.

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You are Gamzee Makara and you just abandoned Tavros in your classroom after you heard a surprisingly unironic scream.

Or, it felt like you did. You heard the scream, looked towards the painted window, and shrugged. You didn't know who it was, or what was going on, and Tavros needed protection against those bullies, right?

Tavros didn't think so. He'd recognized the scream from somewhere, you believe, and he told you to go outside and figure out what was wrong. Tavros would call 911; why, however, you weren't sure.

At least until you got outside and notice a flustered looking Dave desperately trying to climb a tree while a figure smacks against the branches above him.

You immediately run up to the tree, ready to catch the falling person if possible (now, why would you do that? Would that help at all?). Dave glances down at you, then freezes, seeming poised to catch the falling person. You suddenly notice a pair of red glasses, and recognize them as Terezi's. Terezi was falling from the top of the courtyard tree.

Dave leans out just as Terezi falls past him, their hands grasping for just a moment...

Then sliding apart, and you hear the dull thunk as Terezi hit the ground.

==> Be The Muscly Guy

You are now Equius Zahhak, AKA the muscly guy.

You are currently being halfheartedly cussed out by a tired Karkat as you look out the window. The old, dirty, cracked, stupid window. Everyone else was forming a crowd at the door, as class was to be released soon, but you and Karkat have no intentions of leaving just so soon. The after-school rush to get home was, to say the least, annoying.

It was quite a bit like a mosh pit, if you thought about it enough. You have, of course, never seen one in real life, but you've seen enough youtube videos to get the idea.

You suddenly notice that everyone is dead silent, the only noise being the steadily growing sound of sirens approaching. You wonder who got arrested this time.

Only, no one seems to be arrested today. It's not the police (unlike usual), but it is an ambulance. You suddenly feel a little bit sick. Nepeta... Is she alright? You think to yourself, glancing over at Karkat. He seems simply bemused, not worried or scared. Maybe you're overreacting.

But you rule that out when you hear distant yelling; you open the window a crack so as to hear it better. You instantly recognize the very defining voice of Mr. Makara, telling someone else to calm down. You glance back at the class, seeing everyone talking amongst themselves while the professor as he liked to call himself had left the room. You open the window completely to hop out, motioning for Karkat to follow.

You get maybe three steps before you are tackled to the ground.

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You are Tavros. You are also incredibly worried. You hadn't seen what happened, but if it had caused Dave to scream like that...

You shake your head. Those thoughts would lead to thoughts of what happened years ago, and even today you have trouble staying okay while thinking about it.

So instead you think about having to head back to the hospital after school.

It wasn't really lack of home to stay in, really, it's just that the hospital is where your mom (your only parent, seeing as your father left when you were very young) works, and they want to keep you in the hospital as much as possible so as to keep an eye on your progress. You wish you could just go home.

Suddenly, you realize you missed the bus in all the commotion. Apparently quite a few others missed it, too, and are all on their phones trying to contact their parents or whomever to get them picked up. Unfortunately, you do not have a phone. And among all the chaos, you would probably forget you did have one in the first place.

"Miss your bus, motherfucker?" A lazy voice sounds from behind you. Gamzee. You glance over to where the teacher was only seconds ago, to see Dave hopping on the ambulance and being handed something. Maybe a pill for shock? You decide not to think about it too much and turn back to Gamzee.

"Uh, yeah, I did..." You trail off, glancing at the ground.

"Ah, don't motherfucking worry your think pan, bro. Just hop in with me and let me motherfucking take you to your motherfucking house. Where you need to motherfucking go?"

"I, uh, I need to go to, the, uh, hospital... My mom, she, well, she works there..."

"Well c'mon then, motherfucker." Gamzee tosses his arm around your shoulder and drags you over to his car; you are stumbling trying to keep up.

You sit in the passenger seat as Gamzee turns on the car. You notice that the care is actually very old-looking, with chipping purple paint and a cracked windsheild. The seats have their fair share of stains. Looking at this (and avoiding looking in the back, which has enough bottles from who-knows how long scattered around), you begin to wonder how good a driver Gamzee is. This train of thought makes you begin to worry.

Then you're thinking back 3 years, once again desperately trying to chase the thoughts away again.

Gamzee gets in the other side of the car and you distract yourself by watching him rev up the car, glancing back over to you.

You quickly look at anything other than Gamzee, moving your eyes to the radio. You lean forward and press the "Volume On" button, wincing as loud music fills the car. Gamzee seems to notice and turns it down for you. You shrink into your seat and try to focus on the music.

Gamzee seems bored by your lack of conversation. "So, Tavros, motherfucker."

You watch the buildings and trees fly by. You're sure that Gamzee is speeding. "Uh, what?"

Gamzee pats you on the head. You wonder why he did this for a few seconds, then forget it as the older starts talking. "So how'd you recognize that motherfucking scream, motherfucker?"

You tense up and look at your feet. Gamzee glances over at you and you notice he seems sad. "Sorry, motherfucker, didn't mean to tread on thin motherfucking ice there."

It's silent for another few minutes.

Suddenly, you can't take it. Three whole years, and you never spoke a word about what had happened. Not to the doctors, your mother, anyone. You couldn't even think about it without breaking down for a while.

But you guess you had enough time of staying silent, and as Gamzee notices you visibly shaking, he pulls over into a Wal-Mart parking lot.

You are silent for a moment, and Gamzee looks at you sympathetically. He doesn't try to say anything.

You decide it's enough, and you begin your story.

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You are Nepeta Leijon and you are currently hugging your very strong friend so hard you both fell to the ground.

It's normal for you to tackle-hug your friend to the ground, but this time it feels special. Maybe it's because you heard that someone got hurt, and you instantly began to worry for your strong friend.

Maybe it's because you realized as you were running around, trying to find him, that you think of him as more than a cousin.

"Alright, fuckasses, stop fucking making out on the grass. We've got better fucking things to do."

You hear Equius mumble something as you both get up. You figure it's something about watching language; you've had your cousin chew you out multiple times because of slip-ups. He must've just given up on Karkat; you would too, of course. Karkat's just too far gone in that way.

However, he is not too far gone to notice that Equius would need help up, and he holds a hand out that Equius takes. You wince, and so does Karkat; you knew that must hurt to have such a strong grip on your hand.

But Karkat just pretends that he's fine, and helps Equius up. However you also notice Karkat rubbing his hand once again. You giggle a little, but it's lost in the tense air.

You remember the reason that you tackle-hugged your cousin; Tavros, being left in the class by Gamzee, had called the emergency number because he knew someone had gotten hurt. You'd ran out of the class, making sure none of your friends were hurt.

But as you look over at the ambulance (and Tavros being dragged away by Mr. Makara), you notice Terezi being carried around, and Dave yelling at the doctors. You feel a little bit sick, and you turn away.

Karkat doesn't look like he gives a shit what's going on. You remind yourself that he knew pretty much no one here, and felt no personal connection to anyone.

Equius, however, also looks a bit sick. You remember that he and Terezi were good friends a few years ago, but some sort of accident happened and he'd detached himself from the group very soon after. He never spoke of it to you. It's sort of a hush-hush topic.

You turn around and notice one of the more popular kids in school, Feferi. You and her usually don't get along. You think of yourself as a slightly-lazy cat and her as the fish that tries to see how close she can get without you lashing out at her. You tend to try and stay away from her as much as possible.

And, thankfully, she seems to be heading in the direction of the ambulances. Dave is still screaming at the doctors, but as you watch, Fefari manages to calm him down. You remember that Dave used to be a friend of Fefari's brother, before... well, you have no idea what happened. You have your thoughts, though.

You have your thoughts, your guesses, and nothing else.

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You are now Terezi Pyrope, and you are convinced that you have been sent back in time.

You vividly remember climbing the huge tree in the courtyard, waving down to where you believe Dave was. Then you heard that scream, and now you're back in time, the images appearing one after another in quick succession.

You see Fefari crying out, reaching down for someone.

You see Tavros losing his balance, falling down the cliff, dropping a mechanical item.

You see a splash below.

You see the ground cracking up, and that telltale scream causing you to continue your worry.

You see yourself, twisting this way and that, losing your balance.

You see a hand- a pale hand, with a few wristbands and watches strapped to the wrist it is connected to- reaching for you.

You see Dave, standing a few feet in front of you. You connect the hand and him together, and realize he's trying to grab you before you fall.

You reach your hand out, and just barely grasp his. It isn't enough.

You fall, and then the black that you lived with ever since moves in.


You are now awake, and judging by the smell, in a hospital. You are still convinced you have been sent back in time. However, you have no recollection of being in a hospital after the accident. At least, no conscious one.

It smells like old people and cough medicine. You almost groan, but realize you're in pain, and decide not to do so. You also realize your eye's aren't open. Normally, even if you are blind, you make sure your eyes are open. IT just feels odd without them open.

But you find you cannot open your eyes.

You also find that you hear people talking.

"Doctor, please-"

"Mr. Strider, I have told you multiple times. You are not allowed in here while she is still recovering."


"Bro, let it go. We'll come back tomorrow. Get you some sleep." You hear footsteps fading away.

You hear a door open, and someone walks over to you. You try not to move. You're in enough pain as it is.

"Are you awake, Miss Pyrope?" The voice is close enough that you can recognize it as a woman's.

You twitch your middle finger in response. The doctor chuckles.

"You must be in a lot of pain. Here; I am going to give you a sedative mixed with pain reliever. You might fall asleep again. That's the idea, of course."

Suddenly, the world goes silent, and you feel nothing.

Chapter Text

You are Aradia Megido and you feel slightly sad.

This is the second time you have had this person as a patient in critical condition. The first time was a few years ago, after some stupid idea gone completely wrong at the shoreline cliffs. That time, you worked tirelessly trying to heal the wounded student while keeping her heavily sedated so she remembered nothing. You wondered if you could erase your patient's memory of the incident with enough sedatives.

Of course, it didn't work. But the patient had no recollection whatsoever of being in the hospital. So maybe she wouldn't seek you out for the failure of finding no way to keep the patient's eyesight.

From what you gathered, the patient hit her head quite hard, that time a few years ago. Hard enough to damage her brain, and in doing so she lost her eyesight. There wasn't anything you could do then.

But today, there might just be something to do.

You remember how the hospital in the small town was in chaos that time. Plenty of injuries, even a few deaths, all because of some stupid idea. You remember how, as a teen yourself, you were mostly just hidden and quiet. You never did anything wrong.

You also remember that you didn't have the same connection to your feelings as other people did, and therefore could push them aside, allowing you to work at this hospital. You kept the place running well during that time. Plenty of other workers broke down multiple times, one of them having to take time off because their child didn't survive the incident. You kept them working, and, in the long run, helped some more people survive the incident.

You didn't feel sad then. It was just a busy time.

But now, watching the blind young girl twitch every so often, you felt what could only be explained as sadness.

Sadness simply because the girl had already been through so much, and still has a long way to go.

There is a beep, and you look up at the intercom. "Hello?"

"Miss Megido, Dave is here again." A slightly irritated voice sounds, sightly staticy. You sigh.

"Alright, I'll be over in a minute."

You get up, grab a glass and pour some water into it, and leave it on a small table next to the patient. You expect her to wake up soon, and she will most likely be thirsty. She's been out for a while now.

You leave the room and roam down the hall, and are almost to the waiting room when you see Dave angrily tossing a phone across the room. You walk over to where he is and notice that he seems tired.

"So, Mr. Strider, how was your day?"

"Sucked. School's all freaking out about what happened on the first day. And I had to paint a wall in bright red." He motions to his shirt, which has splotches of paint on it, mostly red paint.

You chuckle. You've learned to at least pretend you feel amused or pained by people telling you stories, even though you really don't most of the time.

"Well, here's something to cheer you up. Terezi's stable enough for you to see her."

The teenager perks up, and instantly rushes over to Terezi's room. You follow him, and open the door. Terezi is awake now, groaning and sipping the water slowly. Dave runs over to her.

However, what Terezi says surprises you.

"Dave... How come I've been sent back in time?"

Dave appears confused, and glances to you. You are just as confused as him, and you look at Terezi closely. It's possible that she had a nightmare about the incident and thinks she's back then, but still... There should be no recollection of being in a hospital, so that should've been the first clue.

You look at the medicine's you'd given her quickly. Some of them are meant to help reconstruct the part of her brain that allows her to see, but it would take at least a month for those to kick in. Terezi had only been in here for 2 days.

There's also plenty of sedatives and pain killers and such mixed in. Nothing that could cause her to think she's sent back in time. You walk over to her.

"Dear, I believe that you are confused... You haven't been sent back in time."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am sure."

Terezi then raises a hand and waves it on either side of her face. Dave seems even more confused.

"Uh, Terezi, what's up?"

"Dave... " Terezi seems to be thinking about something.

Then, suddenly, Terezi turns her head up to look at you.

Her right eye is just the same. Pupil almost non-existant, eye still unseeing.

However, her left eye is focused on you, and you can see the recognition in her stare.

Chapter Text

You are Tavros Nitram and school is becoming strange.

Gamzee is helping you thru ought the time, keeping you occupied so as to keep your mind busy. You were even painting the walls in his room earlier, just like everyone else. But your colour, instead of the brown you were going to go with, was a striking purple that the teacher supplied you with.

The day after painting, you came back to see the wall a pure rainbow of colours. You also saw Gamzee, grinning at the walls and pulling you into the center. You swear that the walls must've been enchanted last night, because it seems like a real piece of art, not just random spots of random colours.

Of course, the rest of the day is not as great as that. The school is still wound up about Terezi, especially her group of friends. Dave had not returned to school at all. To your knowledge, he is spending most of his time at the hospital.

You are walking down the hall when you run into someone. Or, actually, a group of people.

"Uh, sorry.." You murmur as you try to walk around them, heading to lunch.

"Shut it, fuckass, and move." One of them says to you angrily.

"Karkitty, be nice!" Another playfully cuffs the first around the head, then turns to you. "What's your name?"

"I'm, uh, I'm T-Tavros."

"Well hi Tavros! I'm Nepeta, an-"

"Tavros, long time no see." You turn to see Equius. You remember this person. He'd been there, at the incident, but was one of the very few who weren't actually hurt. You haven't seen him since a few days after the incident until school started, and at that time you tried to avoid him.

"Uh, I, uh, hi, Equius..." You slowly try to turn and get away.

"Come on. You can eat lunch with us today." Equius leads you out of the hall, Karkat and Nepeta following.

You are a little but nervous. You've always been afraid of Equius; he was friends with those people, after all. But, for some reason, he's being nice to you.

The four of you sit down, and you begin eating your lunch in silence. Nepeta starts a conversation about the painting in Gamzee's class, and you contribute by saying that the teacher gave you a special colour for the walls.

"Well-" Karkat was saying, but stopped when an apple whizzed through the air and hit him on the head. You hear a laugh and turn to see Vriska and Meenah high-fiving and then running out of the room. You sigh and turn back to Karkat, who was rubbing his head with a sour look.

"What the fuck did they have to do that for?!"

Equius glanced at you, a simple message saying 'let me handle this.' "Vriska and her group are all very mean. Don't take anything they do personally."

You open your mouth to say something, but close it and remain silent. Karkat just grumbles and takes a bite of his sandwich.

You turn around again to see, surprisingly, Dave walking through the room. Aranea, a friend of Meenah's, motions for him to come over, but he just waves it off and continues walking... toward you?

Chapter Text

You are Karkat, and you just found an exhausted person sitting at your table. You don't think you like him very much at all.

"Well, motherfucker, here to annoy me too?" You ask angrily.

"Ugh, just... Shut up." The exhausted person, Dave, grumbles at you, closing his eyes. You glare silently at him, then resolve to ask him a question.

"Where've you been, anyway?"

"Fuck off, Vantas."

"Oh shit, you know my last name."

You decided to shut up as Dave gave you a look that said, Say anything else, you will be dead by tomorrow.

You turn away from Dave and look at Tavros. He seems quite a bit scared at the moment. You wonder what's got everyone worked up. You glance at Nepeta for help, and she just shrugs.

Tavros perks up a little bit, and you follow his gaze to see Mr. Makara. The dumpass teacher seems to be helping Tavros out a lot, so you guess you can see why he's all happy for the teacher to show up. Oddly enough, the teacher's leading someone else over. That someone else looks a bit older than the teacher, but not by much.

Dave gets up and walks over to them, quietly talking to the other person- someone dressed in a casual red dress with her hair in a ponytail. You finally recognize the face as one of the doctors. She helped you when your parents weren't home, one time.

You remember that time. You'd just been hit by some stupid kid on a bike, but your leg twisted the wrong way and you were on the sidewalk for some time. She had driven by and noticed, and stopped to help you. Your mother arrived home while the doctor was still helping you. The look she gave you, so devoid of emotions, even worry, was etched into your mind even until now.

The doctor doesn't seem to recognize you, though, and is talking quietly with Dave. You take little notice of this, and take the distraction to get up and head to your next class. You don't feel like dealing with people anymore than you have to.

On you're way out of the cafeteria, you overhear some people from Meenah's group talking.

"Today was..." Someone says. They seem sad.

"I hated that..."

"I bet Dave's taking it really hard, especially with Terezi..."

"I think he'll make it through...."

"I wonder..."

You pause for a split second. What do they mean by this? But before you could take your thoughts any further, someone shoves you away from the table. You turn to see Meenah.

"Move it, sucker. Don' need you listenen' in on our talking."

You're about to shout a response at her when you notice that she just seems... sad. You mutter a single "fuck off" and walk away.

Chapter Text

You are Terezi Pyrope and you're staring at a cup of soda through your left eye. You're not sure what you think of this.

For one thing, you are genuinely confused as to why you haven't been sent back in time. It really felt like it. Like you were really there. You remember the doctor and everything.

But what you find even more strange is that you have no recollection of after the incident except for what apparently got you stuck in the hospital right now. You remember waving down to Dave, grinning happily, and then falling, and that's about it.

When you'd relayed this information onto the doctor, she seemed... not scared, but.. alarmed. She said she'd heard of this happening before, just amnesia from hitting your head, but you wonder why she's so worried if that's it.

Maybe it's the fact that you can see with your left eye. Even if you have no memories from after the incident, it still feels alien to be able to see.

There's condensation on the cup now. Full droplets of water and everything. It all looks so sharp to you. Everything has a defining line, everything is clear and in focus. Somehow, all you can think when you recognize this is that it shouldn't be like this.

The door opens and the doctor comes in.

"Dear, I am going to be at the school for the day. A friend of mine, a nurse, will tend to you while I'm away. Is that alright?"

"Yeah. It's fine." You answer shortly, moving your gaze over to her. You don't consciously remember her, but she seems familiar. Long dark brown hair, ears pierced with a single diamond in each earlobe, no bigger than one of the bigger drops of water on the cup. One of her eyes is brown, a soft, light, nice brown that you think of when you think of those old wooden chairs. The other is darker, and has a red hint to it. She mentions that she wears a contact in that eye, due to an injury.

You turn your gaze back to the cup and ignore her until she leaves, seeming unhappy with your answer.

You sigh.

For some reason, you just can't stand being able to see. You liked sensing what people would look like by smell. Each color is different, and in your mental eye you could get a good picture of someone without having to see them. You wish you could just... rip your eye out and be done with it.

However, that would be gorey and gruesome and probably hurt like hell.

But you find your mind wandering to easier ways to become blind again. You shake your head, and feel dizzy for a second. You must be in a worse condition than you thought.

You groan inwardly and glance to the table on the other side of your bed. Various medical tools, including a few pain pills in a bottle. Not enough to cause an overdose. After having that happen most times, the doctor explained, they never supplied too many at once, just in case.

Beside the pill bottle was a long, thin tool. It reminded you of a needle, but longer, and a little bit before it reached the tip, it bent slightly.

You reached over and picked it up, staring at it with your eye and smiling slightly.

Chapter Text

You are Rose Lalonde, and you're aunt just told you to go check on the patient in room 413. You wonder how your aunt keeps her job when she's never really doing anything, but you do as your told and go to the room, opening the door.

At first all you see is a girl sitting in the bed, back turned to you. Maybe she's in shock or something. You've seen plenty of people in shock. They just kinda sit there. There's not a much better way to explain it, sadly. At least, the physical side of it.

You glance at the window in the room. You see a reflection of the girl. At first glance, nothing seems strange.

Then you take a moment to study the reflection and you swear you are about to scream.

There is a needle in the girl's eye.

There is a needle in the girl's eye.

And the girl is smiling.

Oh god, what is wrong with this pictu-

You're thoughts are interrupted when the girl turns, pulling the needle out of her eye as she does so. You feel a little bit sick.

But she's smiling, and looks genuinely happy. You wonder if she should be in a mental hospital.

"Are you the nurse Dr. Megido mentioned?"

"Uh... No, that wou-would be my aunt..."

"Oh. Sent here to check up on me, then?"

"Yeah. May I ask why there was... A needle... in your..."

"It feels weird being able to see. I can't see anymore, so it's all good."

"Uh, I believe you should've thought about that more carefully."

The girl is silent, looking in your direction, but studying her eyes you can tell she can't see you. But she knows your there.

"You seem familiar. In fact, more things seem familiar when I can't see." The girl finally says, and you wonder if this would make any sense at all.

You figure it probably wouldn't.

You turn and slowly start to walk out of the room, the girl just letting you go. You run out of the room and bump into- thank God- Dr. Megido.

"Uh, Miss-"

"Oh, hello Rose." She smiles at you.

"There's a problem..." You trail off.

"Oh, I figured there would be... "

Chapter Text

You are Nepeta Leijon and currently everyone has left form your table except you and Equius.

You begin to wonder to yourself if this is a bad thing or a good thing.

"Nepeta?" A voice sounds form beside you, and you turn to look at Equius. You think that one of the things you really like about his appearance is his really dark, almost black hair. You hate to thing what would happen if he decided to take a job that would include cutting it all off.

"Yes, Equius?"

"I think it'd be best if we left now, to our classes."

"Why? Is something going on?" You can tell that Equius is becoming worried. He isn't sweating, which is a plus, but he's constantly looking for something to do with his hands, as though in need of a distraction.

"I guess you can say that, Nepeta. We should just go. Come on." Equius stands and so do you, feeling just a little bit nervous.

"What's going on, then?"

"Nothing of importance to you, Nepeta."

You sigh and turn down the hall, walking a bit faster than usual, letting your thoughts trail away.

You wonder what Equius meant. What is going on, anyway? Maybe it has something to do with the accident a few years ago. Equius never told you about that, and you're su-

You are jolted out of your thoughts as someone rushing past you pushes you out of the way, causing you to fall. He turns and helps you up, explaining that he's in a hurry to meet a friend and he's very, very, very sorry for knocking you down. You notice very little of his appearance except for his eyes, which are a bright, vibrant blue.


"So you must understand that the B..." You hear the teacher trail off as you doodle kittens in your notebook, and pause to turn and see that same kid from earlier rush into the classroom.

"Uh, sorry, I'm late!" You suddenly remember seeing him sitting a few seats away from you in here, but you never really noticed him.

"Just sit down." The teacher said sharply, glaring at the boy with those blue eyes. He winced and sat down in his seat. You giggle a little bit, but then the teacher's glaring at you and you immediately shut up. The teacher's glares are no laughing matter, as you have already learned only a few days into the school year.

About 15 minutes later, the teacher leaves to copy some papers to hand out, and immediately you hear Vriska chatting up that kid.

"Soooooooo, John. Why'd you get in here so late?" You take note of his name.

"Dave needed some help with something..."

"Dave's been a pussy this year. What happened to him?"

"Well, Terezi's pretty badly hurt... Doesn't even remember the last few years, apparently."

"Well boooohoooo."

You shrug and continue doodling, wishing you knew what was going on, and zoning out of the rest of the conversation.

Chapter Text

You are Dave Strider and you are currently hugging your best bro, John.

You are both well aware that John is late for class, and that you'll be skipping school again to see Terezi, but you can't bring yourself to care, and you don't think John can, either.

You pull away after a long silence, scratching the back of your head self-consciously. "Uh, sorry, bro."

"It's fine... You sure you'll be okay, Dave?" John looks at you as he says this, and you meet his bright blue eyes with your own, and even though he can't see through your shades, he still seems to meet your eyes without difficulty.

You turn away and stare at the tiled floor, silent. You nod once, then turn and walk down the hall, towards the end where Dr. M- no, you remind yourself, Aradia is waiting for you.

"See ya, Egbert." You murmur as you walk away, and you hear a "goodbye" from him, and then footsteps as he walks to his class. You pause for a second, and so does John.

You continue walking as you hear his footsteps again, this time quicker and fading faster. He's running, because he's late to class.

For some reason the normalcy of this thought, the way it's just common sense, and yet you feel like there's more to it, almost brings you to your knees.


You meet Aradia outside and hop into the car, staring out the window blankly as the trees pass by. It all seems so blurry to you. Like it's moving so fast.

Before you know it, you're at the hospital, and Aradia's sitting you down in the waiting room and you're grabbing a newspaper on the side of the chair by habit, staring blankly at the front page. Something about a real-estate worker being sued. Nothing you care about.

Then something catches your eye.

Teenage Girl Nearly Dies Falling Off Tree In School! it says. You glance at the rest of the small article. It's saying how everyone's worried she won't make it, how she's blind already, how the hush-hush topic from a few years ago is being brought up again, and how it all just seems too miserable for that group of kids.

There's a picture of Terezi. She's pretty beat up in it, sitting on one of those rolling bed things they use to transport a person from the place they got hurt to the hospital. You never remembered what they were called.

You run your fingers across the page's edge, and pull it back to notice that you got a paper cut. It hurts a bit more than usual, though. Or maybe you're senses are just hyperactive these days.

Whatever it is, a single tear forms in your eye because of it, and the next thing you know, you're curled into a little ball on the chair, the newspaper discarded, trying to stop the tears.

Someone's rubbing your back, murmuring soft words. You don't know what they're saying, or who they are, but the sound of them talking is calming, and you manage to bring yourself together over the next few minutes.

You glance up, happy that you're still wearing your shades, because they hide most of the tears. There is someone about your age, maybe a year older or so, standing before you. She has short blond hair, and is wearing a purple headband, and is looking at you worriedly. You sigh and turn away, just to see Aradia streaking into the room.


Chapter Text

This is not a chronological chapter of the story. It is just a short that ends up in there somewhere.

"Hey! Get outta my yard, little twits!" You hear as you run, panting, down and away from the bushes in the yard. You hear footsteps behind you and turn to see John trying to catch up with you.

You collapse by a tree down the road, still able to hear the old lady's yells directed at the two of you. John follows suit just seconds after.

You look at him in the eye, and he looks at you, and you are both silent for a single second, before you both crack up. Not the smartest idea, but the situation is just too ironic not to.

"Wow, Dave.." John wheezes after a while. "What the hell... did you do to... piss her off so... much?"

You just start cracking up again.


"Sorry, man, it's just so..."

"What did you doooo?"

"Spray-painted her bathroom window."



"Come on, we're going to tell her you're sorry." John attempts to drag you back to the old woman's house. She now has a broom and is ready to beat you on the head with it. You refuse to move.

"Daaaaaaave!" He tugs on your arm and you fall forward onto him, pinning him to the ground. As you watch, he turn's a bright red. You chuckle.

"So what's up with you? Still new to this?"

"I- Well-"

You both were interrupted quite suddenly.

"HOWARD! THERE'S TEENAGERS MAKING OUT IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE!" The old woman, broom and all, runs up to you two with surprising agility.

You look up, but instantly regret doing so as you get hit in the face with the broom just as soon as you move.

"Scat! Shoo! Out!" You glance back at John as you get beat with a broom, trying to run away from the old lady. He's simply lying on the ground, propped up with his arms, laughing that amazing laugh of his as he watches.

You take a moment to flip him off then dive into a trash can down the road, grimacing at the smell.

After about ten minutes, John opens the top of the trash can, still laughing a little bit, but stopping long enough to say "Dave, you could've chosen a better hiding place..."

You flip him off again and hop out, groaning at the fact that you smell like garbage now. You sigh and grab John's hand as the two of you walk back to John's house (your's isn't really all that close, sadly) so you could get changed and maybe take a shower.

Chapter Text

You are Aradia Megido and if you could fire Roxy, you very well would.

Like Rose, when you first walked into Terezi's room, nothing seemed strange. You were expecting maybe she had a breakdown, or she tried to run away. You weren't, however, expecting her to have pretty much destroyed the last hope of being able to see that she had.

When you realized it, the first thing you did was check for any more damage than she had anticipated. But it seemed that she had simply hit a specific nerve in the pupil, causing her to once again go blind. It didn't seem as though there was much else to it. When you had asked her, she said it'd been painless. Surprisingly painless.

You're glad that you're used to strange things happening to patients, otherwise you would be sick right now.

So expectedly, the first thing you do after that is run into the waiting room and find Roxy.

"ROXY!" You call once again, then pause. Rose and Dave are sitting over there; if you want to make sure Dave doesn't know of this, you have to...

"It was Rosie's fault, not mine!" You hear, and turn to see a wide-eyed and most likely drunk Roxy walk into the room. Glancing back to Dave, you can see he looks a little bit sick, and Rose looks at you apologetically. Well, there goes that secret.

You grab Roxy by the arm and drag her into an empty room, proceeding to yell at her and explain what had happened and that she very well should get fired for this.

You weren't expecting the response she had, however.

"I'm surprised, A.. Arad... Aradia. You actually give a shi~it about this pait... person.."

You remain silent as Roxy wobbles around, finally figuring out that sitting on the bed was safer than standing while she was drunk.

"Reaaaally, Aradia, you nev... never care about the persons."

You groan. "Roxy, how much have you had to drink?"

"A.. A few bottles..."

"Yeah. Why don't you sleep that off for right now while I talk to Boss about it?"

"But Araaaaaadiaaaaaaa..." You sigh, turning and walking out of the room as Roxy whines, and, after about 20 minutes, passes out.

"Dave-" You say as soon as you walk in the room, but you notice he isn't there. You turn to walk to Terezi's room, expecting him to be in there, but you see him walking out of the bathroom with Rose (you decide not to notice that they were both in the girl's bathroom).

"He was sick," Rose explains, and you quickly figure out what had happened.

"Well, David, would you like to see Terezi?" You ask, and he looks at you in the eye. He's not wearing his shades, which you believe to be a little bit strange, but it always shocks you- even when you've seen it before- that the color of his irises is a bright red. It takes you a moment to realize he's glaring at you.

"Dave. Not David." He says. "And I don't think I really want to, seeing as I'm already a bit sick. I just... don't understand why she would do that. I really don't." He pauses for a little while, and you're afraid to say something in case he has more to say, in which he does.

"I'm going back to school for the next two hours. Gonna stay at John's place." He mutters, putting his shades back on and walking down the hall to the doors.

Rose sighs and picks up Dave's backpack, heading off to follow him and give him back the backpack.

Chapter Text

You are Feferi Piexes and you are asleep.

This week of school had just ended, and you believe it was a very sad week. Someone got really hurt on their first day, and because of that others hurt on the inside.

Even you're cousin and her friends were affected, and she tries to never let things get to her. It would hurt when your long-time crush just abandoned you because his girlfriend got hurt, of course.

She's coming over to your house tomorrow. You are both from a really rich family, but Feferi's side inherited the 'house', a mansion on the outskirts of town. Your cousin has a regular 2-story house, but you find it very warm and homey. You wish to live in a house like that, instead of this huge thing. Meenah feels the exact opposite, of course.

But in order to get ready for her to some over tomorrow, you need sleep.

So now you are sleeping, and you are also dreaming.

You are dreaming of a room.

Looking around, you notice that the room is your brother's room. Or at least, it's what the room looked like a few years ago.

You remember days and days spent in here, you and your older brother playing little games like kids should. You always liked it in here more, because your brother collected a lot of things, like seashells and smooth, water-rounded rocks. You always liked to look through them, and over time, would always grab one specific seashell and hold it, admiring it.

Just a simple seashell, Gray with peachy spots on the inside, but you loved that seashell nonetheless.

You remember when you were simply ten years old, and someone'd broken into the mansion. That someone had run into your brother's room, when your brother was downstairs getting food and you'd been left to admire the seashell.

The stranger had ran up to you and picked you up, trying to shove you into a big garbage bag. You threw the seashell at him in an attempt to stop him, and it had shattered, a piece cutting into his hand. A single second it bought you, but you got away in that one second, and by then the police were there, and took him away.

That night, you took the pieces of your seashell and cried. The next morning, you'd poured the pieces into a small wooden box and left it under your bed.

You later learned that he'd been looking for something to sell for money, as his house had burnt down and he had two children who needed to be fed. When it was time for the trial- you'd been allowed to come, and helped him stay out of jail that time- you grabbed a rose that had been dipped in gold, and gave it to him, diamond vase and all, so that he could sell it to feed his family.

You are planning to hear from him in a couple of weeks.

Shaking your head out of the flashback, you look around, trying to figure out why it seems so strange in the room.

You see your brother's backpack sitting by the door, as though he were in a rush to get out of the house. He usually never was, though. You realize, this was what his room looked like that night...

You let out a choked sob, and shake your head again. You're dreaming. This isn't real. There's no use for you to...

oh god what is wrong with your reflection

You whimper slightly, frozen still with wide eyes. In the mirror your brother had- a ceiling to floor mirror, just huge, and tinted a slight purple- was your reflection.

Or a very bloody reflection.

You try to stop looking at the details, but you can't. You notice the way there's a gash along your face, through one eye that's apparently closed, but you swear you're looking through that eye anyway.

Your hair is almost dyed red with all the blood, and is a lot shorter than it was before.

Your hands have cuts on them, and blood is running down your fingers, dripping of your purple fingernai-



Suddenly, you see a wound in your chest- a gaping hole in your chest, tearing through your shirt. Like you landed on a rock.

"Miss Peixes, your son... It appears he landed on one of the sharper rocks below the cliff..."

You notice the purple streak in his otherwise-bloodstained blonde hair, the deep purple eyes, the trident-shaped birthmark on his shoulder that has a scar through it because someone hated him for his family name.

You notice that he's in the mirror, and not you.

Suddenly, you feel as though you were submerged in water. You close your eyes for a single second, looking up, and open them...

And see Meenah's face. Or, more accurately, since her face is so close to your's, her nose. She pulls back a bit and grins. "I'm so glad you didn't instantly sit up after waking. That would've hurt like hell."

"W-" You pause in your reply, looking at the time. Already a bit past noon. Usually you don't wake up this late, especially during the school year.

And there is an empty water jug.

You glance back at Meenah, and you can tell she gets the message in your glare.

Chapter Text

You are Karkat Vantas and the principal has just called you to his office, along with about 20 other students. You'd be worried, but truthfully, you couldn't care less about what he wants.

You and the anonymous other 20 or so students (you recognized a few faces, but couldn't remember any names, so just kinda gave up on it) walk into the office, where the principal is. No one's really seen the principal before; well, some have, but he likes to hide in his office and let the secretary do all the public work.

But there he is. The principal. Reading some sort of book (that looks suspicious, especially for in school). When you get a closer look at him, it surprises you how much of a resemblance he bears to that Strider kid. He's even wearing stupid shades, but anime shades, not aviators. You think these might be even worse.

"Uh, principal Strider, we're all here..." A female voice says quietly, and you realize this could possibly be Strider's... Dad? Maybe. More likely uncle or something.

"Oh. Hey kids. You treating my brother alright?" He asks nonchalantly, and you let out a small cough. They're brothers?!

"Yeah... But why do you need us here?"

"I need some help around the office. Clear things up, make the school more presentable than it is now. Gov's onto us for slacking off. So I'll choose one of you guys to, pretty much, be excused from class and tell the morning announcements, sometimes sorting out papers and stuff. Get thing's organized."

You stare blankly at the principal. "Of course, you wouldn't be excused from all classes... You'd have to be about half an hour late to your first period, then you'd miss all after-lunch classes. But other than that... Well, let's see who want's to do this?"

About 20 hands fly into the air.

"Well... Here, let me choose which one I think would be the best. Then the rest of you can continue your daily lives."

You, and everyone else, put your hands down and watch as the principal looks at each one of the students specifically. His eyes linger on your for a long moment before he moves on.

"Karkat Vantas, correct?" You nod. "Welp, you're my new student helper thing. Rest of you can head back to class." The rest of the students walk out of the room, mumbling to themselves and each other about the unfairness of it all.

"Well, Karkat, you are my new student helper." The principal says after a pause. "Also, before you think about calling me Mr. Strider or something of the sort, just call me Dirk."

You stare blankly at him, sitting down in a chair.

"So what the fu- What am I supposed to do now?" You ask after another pause, backtracking when you realize that the p- that Dirk might not like it when you cuss. He waves you off, muttering something about paperwork and not giving a damn what you say, handing you a pen and some papers.

"Fill those out, will you? It's just a survey that a student's supposed to answer as to how the school is, how good the education you get here is, and stuff like that." As Dirk speaks, you notice that he even has the same accent that Dave does, from what you've heard.

You look down at the papers. There's four of them in all, all of them jam packed with size 10 text all over, with spaces and stuff spread out here and there. It reminds you slightly of a test, the way it's set up. There's a number, then a 'question' (more like a 'check yes or no if this fits your school:' most of the time), then a space, or two spaces, depending on what the question's asking.

You're about to read the first question over again and answer it when you're interrupted.

"Oh, yeah. Don't go and say stuff like 'this school sucks' or 'this teacher doesn't do anything'. Make it sound like this is a nice, well-taken care of school, please."

You roll your eyes and continue looking at the paper. There's a space on the top for your name, principal's name, school, date, and so on. You fill out each space respectively and go on to the first 'question.'

1. Do you feel you are receiving a full education in this school? Check yes or check no. You place a check-mark on the space indicated for yes.

2. Do you feel the school is sanitary...

You continue to answer each question, becoming more and more irritated and bored with each one.

"Alright, it's time for you to head out, kid. You finished?" Dirk asks you, and you glance at the clock on the wall to see it's 8:30.

"Yeah." You say shortly, checking one last yes before giving the papers to him. He takes a quick look through them, nods, and waves at you in a way to say, "You can go now."

So you do, glancing back at Dirk as you go one last time. Still wearing ridiculous shades, as you see, having slid down his face a little bit as he moved. He glances up at you, and you catch his eyes for a single second before he quickly turns away.

You have to mentally tell yourself to keep moving when you comprehend that his eye colour is a bright orange.

Chapter Text

You are Tavros Nitram and you are about 20 minutes early to your first period, and you are glad that you are, after seeing this sight.

Gamzee must have fallen asleep earlier this morning when he came in (you've heard that the teachers have to be here as early as 6 AM, one of the few rules the board enforces completely) and, when you walked in, he was slouched in his chair, fast asleep. You had limped over to him, thinking about waking him up, before tripping over a cord and falling forward.

The chair Gamzee had been in was one of those chairs that spin around, and as you caught the back of the chair, trying to keep up with your fall and get back up (spectacularly, you manage to do so without falling flat on the floor) you spun the chair.

While the chair spun, Gamzee had slid forward and his upper body fell off the chair, but his legs (which were tucked beside him in his sleep) stayed on the chair.

This resulted in the view that you now see, with Gamzee's cheek pressed against the floor, his legs half folded on his chair, his arms splayed out by his sides, and still asleep.

You bring your hand to your mouth, trying to stop it from coming, but nonetheless, you completely crack up. You think you're laughing like this, leaning against the desk, one hand to your mouth with the other one on the side of your stomach, slightly leaning forward, for at least 5 minutes.

During that time, Gamzee wakes up and rolls over, so his back's on the ground and legs resting on the chair. When you stop laughing long enough to look at him again, he's watching you, a stoned grin on his face. Still slightly chuckling, you limp over and help your teacher up.

Gamzee yawns and, instead of completely standing up, simply sits up and crosses his legs. He's like that for a while, and you decide that while he sits like that, staring off into space, you can sit down in your desk. So you do.

You lean back and look at the clock, which says you still have about 14 minutes before school starts, and about 18 before people start coming to class. You close your eyes for a little bit.

When you open them (which is probably about 2 or 3 minutes later) there is a head resting on your desk. More like a chin. Gamzee's chin. He's just staring at you, resting his chin on your desk.

You watch each other for a little bit, then Gamzee gets up and walks over to the side of your desk, beside you, effectively cornering you into the desk. You look up at him, and he pulls you into a 5 second hug (in which you are completely confused about but definitely not about to push him away) and after he pulls away, he sits back in his desk, and looks at some papers. You blink, then realize you're blushing quite a bit.

You look away, staring out the window. You can see some people start filing into the area out front, but most of them will sit around and wait for their friends and catch up before heading into the school.

You hear footsteps, and you turn and see Nepeta walking through the halls. She takes a small detour and walks into the room you're in. Gamzee glances up at her, smiles a lazy smile at her in greeting, and returns to looking at the papers. Nepeta smiles and waves at Gamzee before walking over to where you are, sitting on the desk beside you.

"So, Tavros, why're you in here so early?" She asks you. You like that voice. It's so innocent, but at the same time, it's just so knowing. It suits Nepeta well.

"I, uh, I don't like dealing with the, um, the people in the halls before, before class starts." You inwardly grimace at the sentence, unamused by the fact that you can't even form a good sentence.

"That sucks. You need someone to be able to help you through those halls! In fact, maybe Equius and I could help you do that. Not Karkitty, though. Karkitty's... Well..." Nepeta trails off, glancing away from you for a mere second.

You smile. "Karkat's just Karkat," You say, and you both laugh for a little bit before she heads off, having to talk to her first period teacher early.

By the time your actual class starts filing in, you've almost forgotten about that hug. Almost.

Chapter Text

You are Nepeta Leijon and you feel a little bit guilty about lying. Not that much, but enough to be noticeable and make you just a little bit more nervous than you already are.

In your hand you hold a small slip of paper, with a few words written on it in green ink. You love the color green. You think it matches you well, and it just looks cool.

You stop where you needed to stop, almost unconsciously slipping the paper into the locker through the vent-looking slits in the door- you always wondered why those were there, and your only guess was so that nothing got to smelling so bad they couldn't air it out any later. Whatever, it helps you right now and that's all that matters.

Now to look for that Dave person. He must have gotten your number from Karkat or Equius, because last night he'd contacted you- by calling, surprisingly- and told you that he needed someone to talk to in person tomorrow, and most of his friends couldn't be that person.

8:27 -- TG: hey is this nepeta
8:27 -- AC: :33 8:27 -- TG: its dave
8:27 -- AC: :33 8:28 -- AC: :33 8:28 -- TG: listen nep
8:28 -- TG: i really dont have anyone else to talk to about this
8:28 -- AC: :33 8:28 -- TG: terezi
8:29 -- AC: :33 8:29 -- TG: can you just talk to me tomorrow
8:29 -- TG: meet me somewhere
8:29 -- TG: not in the courtyard, but somewhere private
8:29 -- AC: :33 8:29 -- TG: yeah sure
8:29 -- AC: :33 8:30 -- TG: sometime before school
8:30 -- TG: ill be there
8:30 -- TG: ive got nothing better to do anyway
8:30 -- AC: :33 8:30 -- TG: yeah okay
8:43 -- TG: thanks nep
8:44 -- AC: :33

You find it endearing how he seemed to be so unused to saying thank you, but did so anyway. Probably hoping you wouldn't notice he thanked you. But you noticed anyway. And you find it very endearing indeed.

You still have no clue how he found your number, though. You'll talk with Equius about it when you see him.

If he doesn't find the note first, that is.

In your thoughts, you had slowed down, and you hear heavy footsteps running to catch up to you in your slow pace. You turn to see Equius, looking just a tiny bit confused- maybe more. Dave isn't the only one who insists upon hiding his eyes.

You're about to smile and tackle-hug him, like you always want to, but refrain from doing so most of the time because he thinks it's unlady-like.

But the moment you see the note, you run pale, and you can tell he notices too, because he glances down at the note before slowing down a little bit.

He wasn't supposed to find it so early how the hell did he do this what do i do what do i d-

You're shaken out of your thoughts as you are brought into a very tight hug.

You vaguely hear Equius talking amongst the heaviness in your head. You catch a few words, like 'cousins' and 'love' and 'sorry'. You pull away from him and shake your head, clearing it. He waits for a second before beginning to talk again, but you tune most of it out, still trying to refrain from having a heart attack. You feel a little bit sick.

"Nepeta? Can you hear me?"

You snap up at the new voice, and realize you'd fallen on the ground. Funny, you don't remember that. You try to find the one who spoke, and notice Dave. He was probably on his way to the tree.

"Oh! Sorry Dave... I was probably late, wasn't I?" You laugh a little bit, trying to act as though you're not breaking apart. The cover does nothing, and you can tell by worry stretching across Dave's face.

"It's fine... You've obviously got shit going on here. I'll leave you to it, then. Talk to me at lunch, if you can, right?" He walks off without and answer, and you realize you might've passed out at some point.

You sigh and turn to Equius. You can tell without looking at his eyes he's disapproving. You can figure out why, too.

Or at least you thought you could. "You heard not a single word I said, right?" He asks you slowly. You sigh.

"I heard nothing that you said."

"Great. Well, as we are late for class, I will take you to your first period and then we may talk about this matter at lunch." And then, very surprising for you (but not to your dismay) he picks you up bridal style with little effort at all and carries you to your next class. He wasn't kidding when he said he'd take you to class. He really would take you to class.

You feel small in his arms. You are small, compared to him, actually. Very small. You're head just barely reaches his shoulders, and that's standing tall with a straight back. If you stand like you normally do, slightly slouched in a way that you feel is easier to get away in, you're a head and a half shorter than him.

And you're thinner too. Not that Equius is fat, he's far from it, it's just that you're so thin and tiny and Equius.. Well... He's all muscle. You're arm is less than half of what his is, width-wise. So, as he's carrying you, you realize you could look like a little kid in her big brother's arms if you tried.

You curl up into yourself a little bit more, trying to hide. A few people give you strange looks, but they soon notice you're incredibly pale. You realize that they must think you're pretty sick, so Equius is helping you out. You remember your conversation with Tavros earlier, and giggle for a second, imagining Equius carrying around Tavros like he is with you.

Far too soon, you are dropped off at your class, and Equius is walking off, leaving the note you'd given him maybe half an hour earlier in your hands. You are confused as to why he would do this (and a little bit hurt) until you sit down and look at it more carefully. One one side, it has your writing:

"sorry equius, but i think i might love you more than i should."

You flip it over, expecting the back to be as blank as you left it.

But instead, there is a tiny blue heard in the corner. You blink, wondering what this actually means, but smile anyway. You fold the paper up into a tiny rectangle and stick it in your pocket, turning to look out the window and smiling. You feel better.

Chapter Text

You are Terezi Pyrope and you're pretty sure you're making most of the nurses and doctors mad with your behavior. Not that you mind. You think it's funny when old Dr. English was trying to hard not to slap you that he was shaking a little bit.

You think the only doctor that hasn't wanted to backhand you is Dr. Megido, AKA Aradia. She seemed calm through all of your fits, didn't acknowledge your bitter sarcasm, didn't care when you'd said she smelled like old people. Or maybe she did and just hid it so well you couldn't notice.

Thing is, she didn't smell like old people. She smelled like those crisp red apples that you can only get off the tree yourself or else they're like any other apple. And you liked that smell. It was a much nicer smell than you would have expected. And truth be told, you didn't mind that the room smelled like that, that her lingering scent had taken over.

Today- Monday, a week after you'd gotten hurt and about 4 or so days after you'd become blind again (you'd heard from Rose that you'd made Dave sick, and he had to go into the girl's bathroom before he puked. This made you crack up, and it took about 15-20 minutes to calm down again.)- you felt like you wanted to go back to school. You remembered bits and pieces of the last few years, but not everything, and you think that going to school could help you remember.

So, being like you are, you took up a conversation with the very next nurse to come into your room. You find it lucky that the nurse was very obviously drunk, and only there so that you could be told to eat this, do that, don't do that.

"Hey, Roxy?"

"Whah-at is it, Tereezee?"

You take a moment to laugh at how she managed to fail in saying your name. "Can I go to school tomorrow?"

"Uh, I dunno. Take i... it up with Megido."

"Hm. Fine." You are silent until Roxy leaves, and Aradia walks in about 20 minutes later.

"Roxy told me you wish to go to school tomorrow." Aradia says as she checks a few things around you.

"Mhm. Can I? I'll keep repeating 'can I' until you say yes. I will."

You hear a sigh, then "Fine. I'll see if we can get you to school tomorrow. You're lucky you weren't hurt so bad, you know."

"Yeah yeah." You fall silent again, staring out the window. You sense Aradia watching you, but do nothing about it.

"Terezi," Aradia starts, but she falls silent just like you, and you hear hesitant footsteps, and a door opening and closing. You are alone in the room once again.

Chapter Text

"Excuse my language, Nepeta, but I have no flustering clue as to what a Moirail is..." You are Nepeta Leijon and your talk with Equius is turning out quite strange.

For starters, throughout the entire conversation of, for lack of better words, figuring each others' emotions out, you have been using terms that only 'shippers' like you would understand. It's more of an online thing, you realize, that most people wouldn't know about or understand unless they were part of the fandom.

Which results in a very confused Equius.

Recently, the two of you have been having a conversation about your feelings for each other in the back with all the trees. It's pretty much empty, except for the occasional person passing by, or Dave, who seems to be taking happiness in focusing on the conversation rather than himself, as he sits nearby.

And the conversation is mainly just you trying to explain what "flushed" and "red" meant to Equius, who you think might be overthinking everything.

So as you finally manage to get to Equius's feelings for you (you're planning not to take your own into account until you completely understand his) you believe he feels pale for you. So now you are explaining what moirails are to Equius, who seems just as confused as he was earlier, if not even more confused.

"So, moirails are like... Really, really good friends, who help each other out, and kinda cancel out the worst of the bad things in each other, because they're really different-"

"So basically it's the "opposites attract" kind of thing here?"

"Uh, yeah, kinda. But you aren't in love with each other, you just care about- wait. You do love each other... Equius, why does your confusion have to be contagious?" You stop trying to explain and sigh, shaking your head.

"Sorry Nepeta, but I really do not understand this much at all." Equius says after a pause, and you roll your eyes, laughing.

"Why don't we take up on this later? Lunch is about to end, and I'm pawsitivly hungry."

Equius smiles at you and pulls out his own lunch, and you grab your own and start eating. Dave comes up at some point and starts stealing food from the two of you. When you ask why he doesn't have a lunch, he says he didn't think he'd be hungry today. You remember that he wanted to talk about Terezi earlier, and wonder why he isn't talking to you about her now.

"Equius," Dave starts after he finishes off half of your sandwich that you'd given to him. You're still munching on your half.

"What is it, Dave?"

"Do you have nightmares about that?"

The reaction Dave got out of Equius was, to say the least, comical. Equius flails for a second, his sandwich somehow ending up a few feet away in the grass, and he's staring at you like 'WHAT DO I DO?!' You find this incredibly amusing and crack up. Dave smirks, but nothing more.

"I- oh- Dave, Nepeta doesn't know what happened and I don't want her to know." Equius pulls himself together enough to say this, still looking anxious. And sweaty. Sweatier, that is.

"She doesn't know?" Dave looks at you, genuinely confused. "I would've thought that, since you two are so close, she'd know... I wouldn't have asked her to talk about- about something if I'd known that. Are you serious?"

"I keep it from-"

Finally, you are tired of them talking about you as if you weren't there. "Uh, keep what from me?"

Dave groans, and Equius pales. "Eq, you know there's no way she's not gonna figure it out at some point."


You look behind them to see Tavros watching the three of you bicker. He looks as though he wants to join, and you remember why he was never at school before, why he has a limp now.

"Does Tavros have something to do with this?" You ask suddenly, cutting both of them off as you keep your eyes on him. Tavros seems to have jumped and turned away, scared.

"Yes, he does, in fact." Dave supplies the answer, leaning to one side so as to dodge Equius's hand. "I'll tell you the entire story later, bells gonna ring soon."

He got up and left, but something seemed off about the way he was moving. He looked... Like a really fast-moving stream, that splashes and moves more sharply than a slow-moving stream, which would move swifter but more calm and graceful. It was like Dave was angry, and suddenly you think, He is angry.

Chapter Text

"Well, Terezi, before you go to school tomorrow, we're gonna have to get you some contacts." You are Aradia Megido and you have finally gotten approval for the injured girl to go back to school. you're not sure if you should be happy or annoyed.

You decide to be annoyed when you hear Terezi's reply.

"Red red red red red! Please, can I have red contacts?"

"Terezi, I haven't even explained why you need the contacts yet."

"Well, it's gotta have something to do with the fact that my used-to-be-good-eye now has this weird hole in it, right?"

"Yes, and that people would find that strange and a little bit sickening."

"So get me some red contacts."

You roll your eyes. "Terezi, why, exactly, do you want red contacts? Why not some the same color as your blue-teal eyes?"

"But red's awesome! Red would be so awesome. Imagine me, wearing red contacts around school!"

"Terezi, you won't even see them, anyway."

"But others will!"

This conversation continues for the better part of an hour before you give in and go to the store to find some red contacts. You are very surprised they have them in stock. Apparently lots of people in town want them, they say when you mention this. You shrug and decide it's not worth thinking about.

Really, it isn't.



You get back, proceed to have a fight with Terezi as her eyes- blind though they are- feel weird with the contacts, then finally let the patient sleep at some point at night.

Today has been a spectacularly unamusing day, even for you.


Somehow you have switched from being Aradia to being Terezi, and now you feel so happy that you changed characters because being Aradia was boring.

Or maybe not. I have no clue what you think.

But now you are Terezi, and you are currently being led around the school by Roxy despite your protests that you can get through the school yourself just as fine.

Truth is, you probably couldn't. You'd only been to this school once, and Dave had helped you through that entire time. But you're sure that you could find Dave to help you out again. Anything to stop Roxy from following you around.

You realized late last night that Dave naturally had red eyes, and now you have red eyes too. You match.

You wonder if you two are still together, to him.

You shrug off that thought, deciding that if he wants to break it off, he can, and if he doesn't, then he won't. You don't care either way.

Well, you do, but that's beside the point.

It's about 7:30 AM currently, and you're kinda wondering why you have to be here so early. Your first period class usually doesn't actually start until 15 minutes after the bell rang, so you're actually almost an hour early.

You are broken from your thoughts by a wound-aggravating tackle-hug.

Chapter Text

You are Dirk Strider and you are very amused at the moment.

You'd given a quick list of things to Karkat to say for the morning announcements, not bothering to make complete sentences and hoping Karkat would do that as he went, announcing things to the school over the intercom.

Well, he did, he made complete sentences, and you're pretty sure that every single one of them had at least one 'fuck' or 'shit', and that made you chuckle when you thought of some of the faces around the school- teacher and student alike.

"And... Fuck, what does this say?" Karkat spends a moment pondering over a word before continuing. "And fucking cheerleader tryouts next week. Who gives a shit about cheerleader tryouts? And I thought that was in fucking 3 months or so-" You press a button and turn off the intercom, recognizing that as the last thing you'd written.

Yes, written. Hand-written paper. Because you didn't feel like typing anything. And to be honest, your handwriting could use some work.

"Alright Karkat, you finished? I need you do help me over here, I'm writing a report and I want you to proofread it as I go, alright?"

You are met with an unamused look. "You seriously fucking think I can catch mistakes off the top like that?"

"Just the bigger ones. I tend to misspell a lot of words. If you could catch a few it would make my life just a tiny little bit easier."

"Whatever. Fine." Karkat pulls a chair up next to you, and the two of you stare at the computer screen. You type a few words, then Karkat mentions that Hey, this word is misspelled. Wow, you do fucking misspell a lot of words. and you would snap back at him in a friendly manner, and this would continue for about twenty minutes.

You pause as Karkat gets up and grabs his bag, sitting down again. "Right, you gotta go soon... Welp, should I save writing this for when you get back or just write it now and have you proofread it later?"

"Let me fucking proofread it later." Karkat says, and a timer on your computer tells you that it's time for Karkat to head out.

Truth is, you'd become fond of the kid over the few times he's been in your office to help you so far. It's quickly become the highlight of your days- Sit around and talk about bullshit while getting a few things done with Karkat.

You are Dirk Strider and, truth be told, this whole thing amuses the fuck out of you.


You are, for the third time, Dirk Strider. But now it is later in the day. Later as in after school. You're finishing up a few papers while watching the last few kids head home, murmuring to yourself, "Should I do this or that after I'm done?"

It turns out that you will do neither this nor that, as something else pops up that you just so happen to be happy to do.

Your brother asks if the two of you can just hang out after school, rather than the norm of ignoring each other. You are happy to do this. Very happy indeed.

Chapter Text

You are now Meenah Peixes, and you are at the park.

More specifically, you are at the park at night, despite there being school tomorrow, and you are waiting for the only friend you have who can deal with you without getting pissed off. Even Feferi does, sometimes. But Aranea, no, Aranea deals with everything you do, even if the consequences are tragic.

But, you feel you make it up to her in your own way for putting up with you. In the incident, you'd dragged her along, and payed for making her stay there with you by breaking your arm protecting her. Suddenly, you feel a little sick, and quickly stop those thoughts. You never want to think of that time ever again.

Truth is, you think you came out of that better than a lot of the others did, emotionally speaking. Or maybe you just forced yourself to think that way, until you believed it was true. Either way, you do know the truth of how you felt, and still feel. You just don't wish to admit it.

So, turning away from your thoughts, you look back at the playground. It's a fairly big playground. The town's been procrastinating on setting up another park, and to keep the kids satisfied, they just keep adding onto this one. So it's a bit like a huge McDonald's playplace.

You're serious. The main part of the park has almost 5 stories of just slides and playground stuff, and there's another part with two stories of the same things. Kids love this place, and most of the add-ons are making the new stuff safe. Making sure it's really hard for kids to fall off. Making sure it holds up nicely. There was a time about 10 or so years ago when an earthquake hit, and the top-most part just fell off. Luckily, it was at night, and winter, so no one was there at the time.

Still, you're wary of the top story of the bigger one.

Your family and Aranea's family- the two families were all good friends, and your cousin's side of the family helped out Aranea's family whenever they needed help. You think this is pretty nice of them, all things considered. Well, the two families would bring all the kids- all five of you, most of you the same age except for your late cousin Eridan- and just let you all play here.

You and Aranea became great friends this way, and holding this knowledge, you climb into the bigger part of the playground, making your way through the twisted tube-halls and across wooden nets and down slides and up rope ladders until you found a room and most kids never even knew about.

Well, all of them knew about it- you could see it from the outside, a round room completely sheltered with a clear plastic top and a round window looking out onto the playground. Most kids, however, couldn't reach it. They just went in the direction of the room, on the second-highest floor, not knowing that the path was blocked that way.

One time, when you and your friends/family were playing hide-and-seek in the playground towards sunset (you'd been all around 10 or 11 at the time, a little less than a year before Eridan...) and you'd blindly traveled in whatever direction you ended up going in order to find a hiding spot. Aranea, always loving to be the seeker because it meant she could find better hiding spots for when she wasn't the seeker, was, of course, the seeker. And you were trying to hide.

You'd come across this room, and hid in it- right under the window, so no one could see you through it- until Aranea found you, nearly half an hour later. The two of you took note of this hiding place, and went back so that Vriska- Aranea's twin sister- could play seeker. When she called out her numbers- refusing to go to ten, she only went to eight, so you had to be extra fast- the two of you ran through half the play-set and into the room.

Of course, she'd find you about 10 minutes later, because of the window and the fact that the two of you didn't hide from it in the best way. But she never found out how to get in. No one did.

To this day, the two of you kept the secret of the room to yourselves. This is the room you are heading to now, so you and Aranea can spend the night in there, not caring if your parents all get mad. You know she'll know to look in there. Just like you know she'll take a detour just to climb to the very top, on top of a tube slide and onto the bars caging you in from the outside on top, to stare at the sky. You always wondered why she would go up there, and told her not to.

This was one of the few things she wouldn't listen to you about. And you refused to go up their, because, even with all your gloating that you weren't afraid of anything, you knew that one slip and that could be the end up there.

Aranea didn't care. Aranea was always lucky. It was something both her and Vriska shared, but while Vriska would always brag about it, Aranea simply smiled and told no one. But everyone could tell it was there. The two of them were lucky in all cases.

You head into the room quietly, looking around. A perfectly round room, with two windows- one on the side and one on the roof. The room itself used to be a strange yellow color, but over time you and Aranea have taken paint and painted the room to your liking. This meant changing the strange yellow color to a warm sunset orange- like the color of the sunset when you two had discovered it- and painting blue, green, and pink designs on it. The pink was your idea, and it went well with the orange you'd put in there.

So it was like an unreachable yellow orb with a window on the outside (the two of you never tried to paint the outside, since it would just wear away with rain and wind and such) but a warm, colorful, happy room on the inside.

There was a place towards the entrance (which now had a gray blanket tacked up above it so no one could see into the room from inside, or vice versa) that had a little 'bubble' in which the two of you called it. Someone, not you two, had noticed it and cut it open, fashioning it into a small chest-type thing. You'd put sleeping materials for the two of you in there if the two of you ever spent the night, which was often.

A lot of the time you would open it to find the bag on the other side than you'd placed it before, and sometimes even found other stuff in there. These times, you remembered that other people used this room, too, but much in the same way the two of you did- never telling, hiding the room and using it as a safe haven.

You pulled out your bag and set up a blanket in the center, with pillows for the two of you and another blanket to huddle under.

You'd just put the now mostly empty bag back in the bubble when you hear footsteps, and Aranea appears through the blanket. She gives you a soft smile, which you return with a grin.

"So, Meenah, how're things going with you and your family?" She asks you, as though the two of you didn't see each other for a month or more. In truth, you'd just talked to her a few hours ago.

"Oh, just as fine as always. How's spiderbitch?" You say, stretching out on your blanket. You don't feel like yourself today. Possibly because of what you wish to do soon.

"I keep telling you not to call her that," Aranea says, mocking disappointment and annoyance. "But anyway, she's... herself. As usual."

You don't reply, and a peaceful silence fills the air. It's almost full moon, and not that cold outside. Next week, though, it's probably going to start getting cold, so you decide that you want to spend as much time here as possible before it gets too cold to do anything.

There's some clouds in the sky. Just wisps of clouds, nothing really covering anything up. The moon's light makes it easy to see, even though it's quite late. You stare at it through the roof-window.

Aranea positions herself beside you, positioning herself like she always does- arms on her chest, hands clasped together. Her legs were folded close to her, her feet pressed flat against the blanket, looking up at the same sky as you.

You feel you can never really carry that sort of an elegance. Aranea had something of a soft, light elegance that few people had. Most, when they thought of elegance around here, thought of Kanaya. Or at least the memory of Kanaya. You'd heard of a girl a year older than you that also had that elegance Kanaya had, or something like it. But Aranea... Aranea had that softer elegance, the kind that comes with a warm smile and soft heart. You could never hope to be like that.

Even the way you're currently situated reminds you of the fact. Your arms are behind your head, on hand on top of the other below your head, your legs stretched out, the left one crossing the right one. If anything, you looked careless, and careless wasn't something you wanted to be. Aranea should be the careless one; she didn't have to care. She was lucky, and she didn't have to be careful about what she did.

It was like your personalities should've been for each other. But you guess that you would rather just keep it this way. It's her soft, warm nature that you love most, of course.

She's this soft warm light, and you're a moth that's not sure if it's soft enough to not hurt you if you land on it, but you feel you should try anyway. Which is what you plan to do.

But for right now, you wish not to break the silence.


You turn to look over at Aranea. She's looking at you worriedly. "What?"

"You seem so lost in thought, kinda worried. It seemed strange."

You shrug. Or do your best to shrug while moving onto your side.

"Are you going to say anything to that, Meenah?"

"Probably not."

It's silent for a while, and you take the time to look at Aranea. Really look at her. Notice her soft blue eyes, so sincere and filled with hope. Her light brown hair, which fell softly in slightly curly locks around her face. Her-



There's a pause, and then Aranea's face breaks into a small smile. "I love you."

You blink. It takes you a moment to realize the means this in a sisterly-friend way. You force a smile back. "Well, I do too, you know."

Her smile turns into a frown. "No, not like that. I love you."

And suddenly, Aranea's on her side, propped up by her elbow, and she's right in front of you, and her other hand is on your cheek, and suddenly the two of you are kissing.

And suddenly, you think some of her luck has rubbed off onto you.

Chapter Text

You are Dave Strider and this day is, for lack of anything better to describe it with, incredibly and ironically confusing.

First, the very second you step onto the grass in front of school, Nepeta's there trying to drag you somewhere. You think maybe she wants to talk to you since she never got to yesterday, even though last night you'd texted her the entire story of what happened, and she kept telling you she was sorry you had to relive that and explain it to her. You'd told her it was fine, because he needed to get over shit and deal with it.

So then you are being dragged into a classroom in which you remember is your 5th period classroom, and she's telling you that someone was supposed to be there, and suddenly you see Terezi with her red blind-girl glasses she had custom designed for herself in her hand and her eyes a bright red like your own and that grin plastered on her face and-

And that wasn't a grin.

It was a frown, as though she were sad, and all the sudden you realize she is sad.

So you run up to her, you hug her and place a small kiss on her cheek, and you try to hold her, but she pushes you away.

Your face displays a little of the confusion you feel, to your dismay. Your facade was broken for a split second, and soon after, she says, "Is this what you really want, Dave?"

And you just stare at her, still so confused, and you're silent.

"Dave... Don't get me wrong, I love you, but I want you to decide if you want this to continue."

You sit in one of the desks, watching her. She's blind. You knew that. She's still just as blind as ever. "What d'you mean by that?"

"I hit my head, you know that, and you know that I lost my memory of the last few years. And I'm regaining it, slowly, but it's like reliving everything as a different person, and I'm noticing things I didn't before, and it's making me realize things that no one else realized. And I'm wondering... Do you really want to continue our relationship? It was only a day, but maybe you could still make it work. Or maybe you can't."

You're both silent for a while. Nepeta's standing there, glancing at both of you back and forth, probably confused.

You're thinking. You don't know exactly how your thoughts are going through this, but you're thinking about it, and you don't know what you're going to say.

You look out the window, and notice that girl- Rose- that you'd met at the hospital. You guess she was here, too, but just in a different grade, most likely. She's walking past some people you recognize, but don't know too well.

Then she passes by John, and your focus moves to him. John seems to be looking for something. You can't tell what, but you notice he seems a bit worried, and maybe even a little bit sick. He's holding... Holly. The flower, holly. Maybe he's going to ask someone out? Strange choice of flower, but still.

The sudden pang of jealousy that hits you surprises you.

"Terezi," You say, turning back to her.

"I would love to keep this going, but there's someone else I want to try for. I'm sorry."

You didn't know how Terezi would react, but the grin and the knowing, "Alright, Dave." was not one of the reactions you would have expected.

Then she laughs at your silence and turns to prance out of the room, but some adult you vaguely remember at the hospital grabs her and forces her into her chair. Terezi simply goes with it, and you decide to go.

So you go outside, seeking out John to see what he's doing.

When you find him, he's talking with Rose. He's still holding the holly, so whoever he plans to give it to, you don't think he's found yet. You walk up to them, giving them a simple 'sup'.

Rose smirks. "Well, speak of the devil. I'll take my leave now, see you two at lunch." And then Rose was gone. You wonder if your confusion about today will ever be set at ease.

"Dave, um... Crap. Well, did you know that the flower for December is holly?" John says, motioning at the daffodil he was holding. You nod your head. Obviously you'd remember your birth-month's flower, right?

"So... Wow, I think I'm really messing this up." John seemed to be pretty pale, and it takes you a moment to realize he's breathing deeply, trying to calm down. After a couple of minutes, he suddenly presents you with the flower and the.. Technically, the word "Willyougooutwithme?"

You blink in surprise, though you know he can't see your eyes past your shades. You take the holly. It seems so delicate in your hands.

You grace him with a smile. "Sure."

Chapter Text

There is a time lapse between the last chapter and this one. We are jumping forward to October 28th.

You are now Karkat Vantas, and you just finished the morning announcements. You like to believe that you have come to the point where your announcements have a sense of grace to them, with the way you add your own words to it every now and then, and make the little notes complete sentences. But you're probably just kidding yourself.

Compared to the first week or so of school, the last couple of months have been pretty much so boring you could rip your hair out. You bet it's worse for the kids that have to go to all of their classes, whereas you only have to go to two and a half classes, but still.

One thing that isn't boring, however, is the feeling that you might like being in the office helping out Dirk more than you should.

You've been analyzing these thoughts and feelings while watching your not shitty movies.

The only conclusion that you can come to is either you hate class a whole lot, or you like Dirk.

Which would be fine, if not for the fact that Dirk isn't just a teacher who you happen to like. He's the fucking principal.

Of course he denies that he should be viewed as such every time you mention it because he simply doesn't like being seen that way. But still.

You glance over to where Dirk is typing away on the computer and walk over. He shoos you away, and tells you that you should get to work on the papers. You sigh and go to work, leaving when it hits 8:30.


You are Karkat, still. Well of course you're still Karkat. Why would you have stopped being Karkat?

So you are Karkat, and it's lunchtime. Nepeta's being her usual bubbly self, and Equius is being his usual sweaty self. Tavros is nowhere to be seen (most likely meaning he's in Mr. Makara's room again) and Dave- who'd grown accustomed to eating with you guys, instead of Vriska and Meenah and them- had disappeared into the back with John. Possibly to cuddle. John was really shy about the whole kissing thing, even though they'd been together for a while.

Obviously, they get huge amounts of shit from a lot of the school. But then Dave or Terezi or even Meenah or Vriska will get on them for being shitheads about it. More than once Terezi sent people to the nurse with bloody noses (one of which actually broken) and scratches and bruises.

It surprised a lot of people when they realized Terezi could very easily beat the living shit out of you. Almost as though being blind made her stronger and more menacing. Or maybe it was the way she was always just a tiny bit more violent than the usual person her age, and liked to fight. No one knew.

No one wanted to ask, more like.

But the fact was, there was no fighting, and people were being normal. So you found this boring, and found yourself grabbing your unopened lunch bag and heading to Dirk's office.

You open the door slowly, peering in to see if he was there before actually walking in. He was often gone at lunch, and didn't like anyone in his office if he was gone, no matter who the person was.

But today was being nice to you, as Dirk was lounging in his chair, staring at the screen. In your position, you could see only his shoulders up, but he seemed to be wearing headphones and didn't notice you.

You walk into the room, intending to tap him on the shoulder and tell him you were there, but as your viewpoint changed, you notice that he is watching a video on the computer.

A very intimate video, if you wanted to use that word.

But you don't want to use that word.

So here's a simpler way to put it:

Dirk was watching porn.

And his hand was suspiciously in his lap, but you couldn't see from here what exactly he was doing with that hand.

You slowly turn to walk back out of the room, feeling your face heat up. You're probably completely red by now.

You walk partially backwards towards the door, but then you get to the door, you're shoe catches on the corner of a book-case next to the door, and you fall backwards, bringing a few books down with you. The commotion causes Dirk to jump, and he shuffles a bit before pulling his headphones down and turning to see what was going on.

You think this is the first time you've seen Dirk blush.

Too bad you only saw it for 2 seconds before both you and Dirk took off your separate ways.

You remind yourself not to check in during lunch ever again.

Chapter Text

You are Rose Lalonde, and this chapter is very reminiscent of the chapter in which Feferi has a nightmare, because Rose, too, has a nightmare.

However, while Feferi's nightmare did not happen in real life (even though some facts were real), you, here, are reliving something that did happen.

And it's so quick, so blurry. Usually nothing is blurry for you, in memory or otherwise, but this... is blurry. It makes you feel a little bit more sick than you were before. You know what's to come.

But this is a dream, and you can't change the outcome. You can't even close your eyes. You can only go along with it.

You are suddenly on a boat with someone, making your way to a cave on the cliff side. You hear some voices, and look up to see some people on the cliff side. You roll your eyes and make your way to the cave, and you get out of the boat, helping up the other person.

You two meet eyes, and you see bright green eyes that have always been much prettier than your own blue ones. You want to get contacts, but your mother won't...

You realize that the memories from then are separated from those of now. You got contacts about 2 years after that happened. Purple ones. You wish they had that shade of green, but they didn't.

And suddenly you're brought back to the past, in your nightmare, and the cave's suddenly closing in on itself.

You and your friend- No, your mind calls up, your lover of about a month- race towards the entrance. Both of you manage to make it out of the cave okay, but your boat's long gone and with the tide and sharp rocks it would be a pinch to get out of there.

But the two of you jump into the water, holding onto each other as you fought to make it to the beach. It seemed too far away.

You hear a few screams, and spare a second to look up, just to see a body fall a few feet away, impaling itself on one of the sharp rocks. To this day, you remember when the two of you met each other's gaze. Your love of purple and the such started soon after the incident, because of that stranger's eyes. You couldn't bring yourself to love green.

Suddenly, there's parts of the cliff side falling apart, falling down. Rocks rain around you, and a huge chunk (with someone on it, surprisingly, who tries to jump and grasp something but that something falls away and they fall near you, a few feet ahead, but slowly start to sink.) falls towards the two of you.

You both fight to make it out of the way, but suddenly, you feel her hand let go of yours, and you turn to see her push you, as far away as she could. You are suddenly about five feet underwater, and maybe six or seven feet away from her. A scream is ringing in your ears.

It takes you a second to realize that was you.

You open your eyes, opening your mouth to say something but realize you're underwater. You see red. You're not sure if this is her blood, or someone else's.

You fight to reach the top, and when you do, you spend only a second catching your breath before you call out, once again, "Jade!"

You hear no reply.

You're about to go over there, see if you can grab Jade, or at least her body. But something brushes against your leg, and you realize that the person who had been on that chunk of cliff-rock was right there. You feel a hand grasp your leg for a second, and you reach down to grab that hand. You get an arm, but that's okay.

You pull the person- Now unconscious- onto your back, and make your way to the beach. Most of the rock-falls and quaking has subsided, so it's mostly just fighting against the current and your own longing to slip away.

You make it to the shore just as the remaining people in that group that were on land make it there, and they help you get onto the rough grass a few feet away from the water, and you let go of the body you were carrying.

Most of them leave after a couple of minutes because someone else shows up or something, you can't remember.

You're surprised you haven't blacked out yet. And also surprised you can make out the question someone's asking you. You look over to see someone else just sitting by the two of you, with a huge gash in their arm, which seems to be twisted in a painful way.

"Who are you?" You both ask at the same time, and the stranger let's out a laugh. You try to laugh, but suddenly clutch your side, which you realize has a long cut on it. You blink.

"Didn't realize you were hurt? Try not to aggravate it, the salt probably helped it, but after a little bit stuff'll go numb. That's what this did." The stranger motions to her arm.

You open your mouth to reply, but suddenly someone says, "I think we've got everyone! And an extra!"

It takes you less than a second to be up and over there to see who the extra was.

And you were right. It was Jade.

You fall to her side, and notice she's still fighting to live. You run a hand over her cheek, and pull her into your lap, despite the pain of moving.

She's dead before help comes, and slowly the scene fades as you stare at the familiar soft white of your ceiling.