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Kup the Sex Guru

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smutty Kup microfics, ahoy!


1. "Here now, lass, you don't have to do that!" Kup knew she hated sucking spike, but he wasn't going to deny that watching her lips open around the tip of his spike and then slide down wasn't the hottest thing he'd seen in a vorn or more. "Ah, Arcee!"

Her optics sparkled up at him, and he wondered if this wasn't the sort of attention they could both get used to.


2. Kup reached up and laced his fingers in with Arcee's as he pressed his lips to her valve. She squeezed them tightly at the first sweep of his glossa against her valve lining. Any moment, she would wrap her legs around his head to hold him in place, and he couldn't deny that he was looking forward to it.


3. He groaned when Springer shoved him face down onto the berth and held him there, one hand placed firmly on the back of the older mech's head. His panel slid open without the younger mech's prompting, and Springer gave an approving grunt before his spike slid into Kup's barely prepared valve.

"Don't go easy on me, lad," Kup quipped, using what little leverage he had to squirm back against the triple changer's thrust.

"Wouldn't dream of it, oldtimer." He could hear the smirk in Springer's voice as the younger mech set a rapid pace that clanged armor with each thrust.


4. He didn't know where Hot Rod had gotten the bondage gear, or who had taught him to use it, but once Kup got out of his blindfold and energy bands he was going to write them a thank you letter.


5. "Nice and slow, lass," Kup instructed as Arcee slid four fingers into Springer's valve. "He's whining now, but it'll pay off when we've got both our spikes up his port and he can't even remember his own name."

Springer groaned and tried to thrust against the femme's hand, but Kup held him firmly in place while she stretched him out.


6. Kup watched with a critical eye as Cyclonus lashed the energon whip across Rodimus' spoiler. "He likes that well enough, but flogging his codpiece really gets him going."

The Decepticon gave the older mech a startled look, clearly not expecting interfacing tips from the Autobot.

"What? I've been 'facing him longer than you've been alive. Trust me."

"Very well." Cyclonus still looked skeptical, but he moved to the storage rack on the wall and traded the whip for a smaller flogger.


7. "Ah, Magnus, harder!" Kup tried to spread his legs further to give Ultra Magnus more incentive, but the larger mech kept to his slow, excruciating pace as he thrust into the teal mech's valve.


8. Rodimus trembled below him, whining and panting, as Kup slid his spike into the barely-large-enough space between the younger mech's spark and the Matrix. It probably wasn't the brightest idea either of them had ever had, but the energy wrapping around his spike felt like nothing he had ever experienced before--and that was saying something.

Judging by the overload that crackled across Rodimus' plating and up through the older mech's spike in an agonizingly pleasurable rush, it wasn't like anything the Prime had experienced before either.