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Double Date

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Chris drops into the seat across from Karl with a happy grin. An ecstatic grin. An "I got laid last night and then again this morning" grin.

Karl eyes him with trepidation, putting aside his menu and leaning on his elbows. He purses his lips and studies Chris. "Do I want to ask?"

Chris waggles his eyebrows suggestively and his grin widens.

He bursts out laughing. "I'm guessing things with Zach went well?"

Chris literally bounces with happiness. "Of course!" He stops bouncing and the grin fades into a thoughtful look. "Well, he was mad at first. Really upset about the whole, "writing porn about our lives" thing. But then everything worked out. Did you know he can do this thing with his tongue--"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Karl holds up his hand. "I do not want to hear about sex with Zach."

Chris pouts. "I bet Anton would listen."

Karl picks his menu back up and resumes choosing his lunch. "Well then call Anton later and the two of you can be high school girls together."

Chris laughs and kicks Karl lightly. "Don't think I won't."

Karl rolls his eyes. "I don't doubt it in the slightest," he mutters.


"Why didn't you tell me Chris and Zach were together?" Anton accuses when Karl arrives back at his house later that afternoon.

Karl stops in the process of emptying his pockets on to the table and turns to stare incredulously at Anton. "He already called you? Seriously?" He laughs as Anton continues to pout and steps forward to kiss his lover lightly. "I just found out at lunch today."

Anton isn't mollified. "But you knew they liked each other! You were playing matchmaker!"

Karl rolls his eyes. "All I did was introduce them to the idea of RPF. I did not "play matchmaker". They figured themselves out all on their own."

Anton scoffs, not believing Karl for a moment, but lets it go. "We're going out with them tonight."

Karl shrugs, furrowing his brow and turning back to finish emptying his pockets. "We go out with them all the time."

Anton wraps his arms around Karl and presses a kiss between his shoulder blades. "Just the four of us this time," he clarifies. "Chris and I want to double date. Dinner and a movie."

Karl groans and drops his head against the wall. High school girls, the both of them.


"What movie are we seeing?" Karl asks, leaning against the wall of the theater and trying to keep his voice down. It's really easy to get recognized at a movie theater, especially when you have a movie playing at the theater. And while Karl loves his fans, he really doesn't want to get caught by the paps.

Anton hums, bouncing on his toes and trying to spot Chis and Zach in the crowd. "Transformers 2."

Karl makes a face. "Why are we seeing that?"

Anton waves to Chris as he catches sight of them and turns to stare at Karl. "Because seeing Trek or Terminator seems really narcissistic?"

He scowls. "I'd rather seem narcissistic then see Michael Bay ruin Transformers again."

Anton rolls his eyes and reaches out to squeeze Karl's hand quickly. "I'll make it up to you later."

"Damn straight you will," he mutters.

Zach and Karl exchange looks of fond exasperation as the two walk up, and Chris and Anton immediately dive into a conversation about Transformers 1.

"You know..." Zach says as they follow Chris and Anton into the theater. "You could have told me Chris was reading that stuff too. And writing it."

Karl laughs.


The paparazzi catch up to them as they exit the movie theater. They're quickly surrounded by fans wanting autographs and pictures so they stop for a few moments. They try to ignore the questions of the paps and focus on the fans. Karl keeps one eye on Anton at all times, growing more and more agitated as he laughs and flirts with a few of the girls. He wants to walk over and pull Anton away from them; hug him, kiss him, shout "back off, he's mine!" But he can't. Instead he forces a smile and reaches for another picture.

They agree to meet at a small pizzeria in Silver Lake and split up, hoping to lose the paparazzi. It doesn't work, and Karl ends up giving the manager $100 dollars and both their autographs to sit them in a booth that can't be seen by the windows. He looks vaguely sympathetic.

Zach and Chris show up 10 minutes later, and Chris looks as pissed off as Karl feels. They're relieved when they get to the booth and realize the paps can't see them. The manager approaches hesitantly, but they both add their autographs to his paper with good humour.


After they split two pizzas (sausage, and vegetarian for Zach, prompting Chris to teasingly call him "Spock"), and a few pitchers of beer, they all forget the paps.

Chris and Anton get involved in a debate about who's hotter in the movie, Shia Labeuf or Megan Fox, while Karl and Zach listen in amusement. Karl sprawls casually against the side of the booth, but throws one arm across the back, just low enough so his fingers can graze innocently along Anton's neck whenever he moves. Zach sits equally as casual, but Karl's pretty sure he and Chris are playing footsie under the table.

"So Chris," Karl interrupts with a wicked grin, "will we be seeing tonight's activities in fic form sometime soon?"

Zach coughs, laughter causing him to choke on his beer. Chris rubs one hand along Zach's back as he hands him a water and grins. He winks at Karl. "Mayybe. I'll have to throw in some making out in the theater or blow job in the bathroom though."

Anton gets a wicked grin on his face and jumps out of the booth, grabbing Karl's hand and dragging him with. "Excuse us."

Laughter from Chris and Zach follows them.


"You aren't really going to write about our date tonight, are you?" Zach murmurs into Chris's ear. Chris feels the flush rise in his face as Zach breathes against his neck. He turns in the booth so he can stare at Zach and rakes his eyes over him until Zach is blushing and fidgeting. He smirks.

"I plan on doing a lot of things tonight. Writing isn't one of them." He licks his lips.

Desire burns in Zach's eyes and he reaches out to squeeze Chris's leg under the safety of the table. He strokes the inside of Chris's thigh lightly. "The double date was a fun idea," he says huskily. "Except now we're obligated to stay here."

Chris scrambles to his feet and throws a bunch of cash on to the table. "Fuck obligation. Anton and Karl are a little busy, I think they'll understand. You, me, bed now."

Zach flows to his feet, smirk tilting up one corner of his lips and Chris's mouth goes dry. "Fuck," he breathes. He's not sure they'll make it back to the house.

Zach laughs, brushing past Chris to lead the way and shivering at the light contact. "My place or yours?"