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Come fly the ineffable skies

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"Am I the only one who finds it both funny and sad that two winged beings are flying an aeroplane?"

"Yes, well, it was your idea."

"Was it?"

"I distinctly remember you saying we must become pilots so we can look after little Arthur ourselves."

"Ah yes, I'd forgotten after your failed your CPL for the third time."


"Really angel, why couldn't you have just used the powers He gave you?"

"Is it so wrong that I wanted to do some things the human way when I'm on Earth?"

"I'm used to you and your 'human ways' by now, Martin. It's the fact that an angel could be so bad at flying that I can't get my head 'round."

"I, well... It's the buttons dear boy. All these switches and flashing lights, they're terribly confusing."

"Actually, that reminds me. You really have to stop calling me 'dear boy'. I mean, I don't know if you've noticed, but Upstairs seems to have given you a body that's half my age - can't fathom why - and it tends to look rather odd when a thirty-something year old calls a middle-aged man 'boy'"

"But... But... You still call me angel!"

"You are an angel."

"I know that, but isn't it 'rather odd' for a man to be calling his captain angel!?"

"You'll never stop harping on about that captain business will you?"

"But I am the captain!"

"Only because you don't understand the concept of wage."

"You're just trying to distract me from my original point!"

"What was your original point?"

"... I've forgotten now."

"Well then, mission complete."


"Hello chaps!"

"Hello Arthur."

"Do tell me Arthur, what's that you've got in your hands? And please don't say it's our dinner."



"... You told me not to say it was your dinner."

"How is it possible that you still manage to surprise me with your horri-"

"-bly lovely smelling food? Mmm, it looks wonderful Arthur. So wonderful in fact, that as our little treat we're going to let you it all yourself."

"Wow Skip, you sure?"


"That's brilliant Skip. You're brilliant!"


"You too Douglas! Thanks so much chaps."

"No problem Arthur."

"Yes, no problem at all."




"I still can't believe that the Antichrist is an idiot."