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Lucy stared at the screen. White and empty, the cursor blinking from it's stationary position in a smooth, hypnotic rhythm. She stared at it feeling her mind empty of all thoughts until it became just as blank. The world faded with her thoughts, and a feeling of utter serenity filled her.

"Thought you had a really 'awesome' idea," Rebbecca's voice jerked Lucy back to reality.

"I-" Lucy coughed to clear her throat not liking how scratchy it had become. "I do, I just need to figure out where to start."

"I heard the beginning usually works best," Rebbecca said cheerfully as she pulled up a chair. Reaching over Lucy she scrolled up to look at the prompt. "So, I'm thinking you've got a bit of writer's block?"

"Shut up," Lucy scowled as she poked the keyboard. The number one appeared for a brief second before she deleted it. She tried to ignore Rebbecca's snicker. "I'd like to see you do any better."

Rebbecca grinned as she shoved Lucy away from the keyboard, "Don't mind if I do!"