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Death wasn’t like Emily expected. She expected it to be cold, dark, terrifying. She didn’t expect her death to be like this - warm, inviting, peaceful. Like slipping into the warmest, most inviting bath.

She could feel the darkness enveloping her, as her limbs went weightless and the darkness pooled in the corners of her eyes. But it was the light that captured her attention. Bright, almost blinding. A light that felt like looked like it should come with incredible heat, searing off the skin from her bones, but it was anything but. Drawn to it, Emily felt herself floating.

“Emily,” a female voice called to her, warm and familiar but also thick and muddy like spoken through water. “Come back to me, Emily.”

The voice pulled at Emily, pulled her back down. Back away from the light.

“GODDAMMIT!!” another voice screamed, male. Emily also knew this voice. She noted the concern, and wondered why it was for her benefit. “I need a medic here, NOW!”

The voices went distant again as Emily, once again, found herself floating towards the light.

“Emily!” the female voice shrieked. But it was that name, Emily, that cut through the light and the warmth, pulled Emily back, away from the light. “Do something!”

“Emily!” a voice spoke and she knew that voice calling her name was JJ‘s. The mere sound of it called to something buried deep within her, almost primal, it was that that reached towards the voice, Emily battling with herself, wanting to go towards the light, needing to go back to JJ’s voice. “EMILY!”

Something wet, thick and coppery, flooded Emily’s senses. Slippery like eels, hot like lightning, it streaked through Emily, burning away the light with a light of its own. A light that bore into Emily, blasted away the darkness, until there was nothing but light. But, it wasn’t warm and inviting, this light was cold, dark, terrifying. It was what Emily imagined dying to be.

That’s when Emily screamed.


“This..” Will grit his teeth, as his shoulders sagged, as his hand balled the parchment into his fist. “This is bullshit.”

“I know,” JJ sighed, voice tinged with nothing but resignation.

Will tightened his hand, the paper crunching loudly. Then he turned, and with all the rage he could muster, he tossed the paper at the wall. They both watched as it hit, ricocheting then landing with the softest of thuds on the floor. Will ran a shaking hand over her his head. “They can’t do this. They know who you are. What happened to you. They can‘t do this.”

It wasn‘t an argument. Not really. Just a conversation they‘d had over and over again. Since that day the first letter came in the mail. And now, with the arrival of JJ‘s ‘Selection’, they were having it again.

“They can.” JJ glanced around the kitchen, around the tiny little life she and Will had attempted to build. A life now shattered by a single piece of paper. “They have.”

“We have to do something.” Will began to pace, running his hand back and forth over his head like he always did when he was agitated.

“I’ve been chosen, Will. There’s nothing..” she paused on the clenching of her own throat, to quell the tears she could feel threatening to build in her eyes. “There’s nothing we can do.”

Will stopped. He marched across the floor, closing the little distance he’d put between them. “We can run,” he said, placing his hands on her arms, imploring JJ with his eyes.


“I mean it. We could leave. Right now.”

“And go where? There‘s no where we can run that they won‘t find us. And what about our friends? Our family? Can we do that to them?”

“Compared to what they’re going to do to you?”

“Will..” JJ pulled him in close, wrapping her arms tight around his shoulders. There were benefits to being Chosen. Her family would be well compensated, enough to retire early. And Will? Well, JJ had already decided, it was best to do this now, end it when JJ could remember things as they were.

Before it all faded away.


“Jesus Christ, Prentiss!”

“Dear God, Morgan,” Emily groaned, shuddering her wince while she adjusted her sunglasses. “Could you please stop shouting?”

“I‘d tell you that you look like crap but I‘m guessing you already know that,” Morgan smiled broadly as Emily met him at the elevator. He lifted the extra coffee cup in his hand and extended it to his partner.

“You’re a life saver,” Emily said, taking the cup from him as they entered the elevator. Once inside, she took a long, dramatic drink, ignoring Morgan’s disbelieving stare. She inhaled, leaning a shoulder against the wall. “And no, I’m not hung over.”

The smile on Morgan’s face faded into his patented concerned look, something he’d been wearing more and more of lately. “What is it, Prentiss?”

“It’s that damn synthetic crap.” Emily paused to take another drink of her coffee, wincing again. The second gulp not tasting as pleasurable as the first. “The more I have to drink it, the worse I feel. Honestly, I wish I was hung over.”

“Well,” the smile returned to his lips. “You shouldn’t have to worry that much longer. I saw the new Communications Liaison.”

The elevator filled with silence, the smile on Morgan’s lips growing.

“And?” Emily snapped. She knew she should feel bad, and part of her did, but it was nothing compared to the part of her excited over the prospect of not having to consume anything synthetic ever again.

“And what?” Morgan teased.

“What’s he like?”

The elevator chimed softly as it came to a stop, the doors opening. Morgan took another quick sip of his coffee before stepping forward. “She..” he paused, taking a quick sideways glance at Emily. “Is interesting.”

Without thinking, Emily’s hand reached up and whipped off her glasses. Her shock enough to keep the pain piercing her skull from the light assaulting her eyes temporarily at bay. “She?”


“Wait..” JJ’s head snapped up, pen hand freezing. She’d been in the Section Chief’s office for almost a half hour, doing nothing but signing reams of legal documents. She’d signed her name so many times, JJ now had the urge to legally change it. Other than the typical pleasantries that ended as quickly as they’d begun, JJ hadn’t spoken a word, until now. “I thought I was being assigned as a profiler?”

The woman sitting behind the desk across from JJ, Section Chief Erin Strauss, she didn’t lift her head up from the file folder she read from, merely lifted her eyes, peering at JJ over the rim of her glasses, and JJ swallowed hard as she watched as the Section Chief‘s pupils expanded squeezing out the blue-green to a pitch black. “Excuse me.”

“I..” JJ stammered, swallowing hard. “It says here I’m supposed to be the Communications Liaison? I thought I’d be working as a profiler. My credentials..”

“I’ve read your credentials,” Strauss practically growled, the air in the room instantly dropping twenty degrees. “And I know your history,” she paused, eyes narrowing and JJ had to stifle the sudden shudder rippling down her spine, the first real tingling of fear since entering the room with the woman. “And despite your..” she paused, lips opening just enough that JJ could see the tips of her fangs. “Misgivings towards our kind, you were still Chosen. Along with that, you were chosen to be the BAU’s new Communications Liaison.”

“Ma’am, if I may,” the voice speaking was the man sitting next to JJ, her new boss, Agent Hotchner. Strauss turned her gaze towards him. The air crackling, something unspoken in the air between them before Strauss finally nodded, returning her eyes to the folder before her. The corner’s of Hotch’s mouth twitched, the faintest mimicry of a smile, then he turned slightly in his chair, folding his hands together and placing them on his knee. “What did they tell you about Agent Prentiss?”

A hard breath of air passed through JJ’s lips before she caught herself and let her true emotions show. “They didn’t tell me anything. I was Chosen.” JJ shrugged. It’d been two weeks since the last parchment telling JJ of her fate had arrived at her doorstep. Less than two hours later, barely enough time to say her goodbye’s to her family let alone to her fiancé, JJ was whisked away to the Facility where she’d spent the rest of her time in ‘Training’. “Soon, I’m guessing before the end of the day, the blood-bond ceremony will take place and I will become the Companion of Emily Prentiss. What else is there to know?”

Hotch leaned back in his chair, running his fingers over his lips and chin. He turned his head back towards Strauss. “They didn’t tell her.”

JJ‘s eyes darted between the two, unable to focus on just one of them. “Didn’t tell me what?”

“Come with me.” Hotch placed a hand to his tie before rising from his seat. “I think it’s time you met Agent Prentiss.”


Like an overly concerned big brother, Morgan sat on the corner of Emily’s desk, watching over her as she eased into her seat, opening a drawer and reaching for the value sized bottle of ibuprofen.

It was the heels Emily heard first, a pounding clack-clack-clack against the linoleum. Then, she heard Penelope’s voice.

“Is it true?” Penelope asked, practically skidding to a stop at Emily’s desk. “Your new Companion is here?”

Emily pulled her sunglasses off, ignoring the stabbing pain in her eyes. “You don’t know?”

“Sweetie,” Penelope smiled back. “Even with my formidable skills, I am unable to obtain that information. Your people are very secretive.”

Emily could only nod her head in agreement. Although ‘secretive’ wouldn’t be her adjective of choice. “Companion and Communications Liaison.”

“Ooh, two for one. Score.”

“And..” Emily drew the word out, smirking. “Morgan’s seen her.”

“Her?” Penelope’s eyes went wide as they snapped towards Morgan. She lunged towards him, clasping her hand on his forearm with an iron clad grip. “If you don’t spill at this very moment..”

“Okay, okay!” Morgan laughed. “But, it’s not like I spoke to the woman or anything, I was coming in when I saw Hotch signing her in.”

Penelope tightened her grip. “Quit stalling. And?”

“And.. Wow!” He looked down at the hand holding his arm. “You know you’re kinda strong.”

Penelope took a step closer. “Which is nothing compared to one of my spells, now talk!”

“Five-six and some change. Late twenties, early thirties. Blonde. Blue-eyed,” he paused, taking another sip from his coffee.

“Oh,” Penelope giggled, eyes darting to Emily then back to Morgan. “You think she’s pretty.”

Morgan shrugged. “I wouldn’t kick her out of the bed for eating crackers.”

Emily straightened in her seat, eyes going distant. “Hotch is coming,” she muttered under her breath, voice lowering, “Someone’s with him.”

Penelope looked from Emily to Morgan. “That never stops being creepy, does it?”

“No.” Morgan rose from Emily’s desk, casually straightening his jacket. “It doesn’t.”

All their eyes turned towards the doors leading into the BAU bullpen. As if on cue, the doors opened, Agent Hotchner opening the door first then stepping to the side to lead someone in.

Emily swallowed hard, hiding her hands beneath her desk as they curled into tight fists, nails digging hard and deep into her flesh. Anything to stifle the always present hunger. It’d been a gnawing ache before, something that could be controlled, contained. But seeing ‘her’, knowing what she was, what she represented. Not the urge to feed, necessarily, but the knowledge that her hunger would, soon, be sated.

The rest of the world trickled away as Emily’s eyes remained glued on the woman. Even with the distance between them, Emily could smell her, could feel the warmth of her body, could hear her heartbeat. It pulsed hard and quick beneath the cool, professional demeanor. Not fear. No, Emily knew fear, she’d *tasted* fear. This was different. And as the woman passed, her eyes quickly darted across the many faces trying not to stare, their eyes momentarily met - and Emily understood. It wasn’t fear that raced the woman’s heart.

It was anger.

Approaching his office, Hotch turned his head towards Emily. He spoke in his normal tone, knowing she could hear him from across the bullpen.

“Prentiss, my office.”

Emily rose, pausing just long enough to dig her nails out of palms, to allow the flesh to heal itself. Then, she began walking towards Hotch’s office.

Penelope spun on her heel, and slugged Morgan on the arm.

“Hey!” he squeaked.

“You said she was pretty,” Penelope growled. “You didn’t say she was hot!”


Had she not been so.. hungry, Emily would have immediately recognized that something about this process was wrong. Sometimes, a Companion was found within hours, sometimes months, but there was always a process, one ritualistically professional in its orthodoxy.

This time around, Emily had been without a Companion for almost six months. Due to the law, created long before Emily was born, she was forbidden from feeding on anything but synthetic blood. There were those who found ways around the law. Emily just wasn’t one of them. So she endured. Even if, at times, it felt like the substance meant to keep her alive was killing her.

No longer under her parent’s aegis, she figured the process would be a bit more bureaucratic, the Companions chosen for her less suited towards Emily’s liking. But what she knew of the process and how the Companions were chosen, as Emily opened the door to Hotch’s office, she never dreamed there’d come a day when her Companion..

Hated her.

That’s what Emily felt, what she sensed as she opened the door and her eyes locked on ice-cold blue.


Instead of sitting behind his desk, Hotch stood before it, arms crossed over her chest. His expression unreadable to those who didn’t know him. To Emily, it said everything.

“Agent Emily Prentiss,” he said, all business. “Jennifer Jareau, the new Communications Liaison and your new Companion.”

Emily extended her hand, forcing a friendly smile onto her face. By rights, by law, though the ceremony had yet to be performed, this woman was now Emily’s, and Jennifer Jareau raised her hand, took Emily’s hand into her own like she was touching a snake. Emily felt the woman’s shudder in her bones.

Emily released her hold, turning to face Hotch. “Sir, what’s going on?”

Hotch inhaled, jaw twitching as he clenched. “Agent Jareau was engaged to be married,” he paused just long enough to watch Emily’s shoulders sag slightly, the understanding coloring her features. “She broke off the engagement.”

“What?” Emily’s head snapped towards Jennifer, eyes widening. “Why?”

JJ turned her gaze towards Emily, looking at her as if Emily were insane. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Oh no,” Emily groaned, eyes sliding lazily closed as she craned her neck backwards. “They didn’t tell you.”

“Tell me what?” JJ practically yelled. She turned back to Hotch. “Enough with the secrecy. You have my life. What else is there?”

“Agent Pren..” Hotch stopped to correct himself, to remove the veneer of formality. “Emily’s father was human.”

“I..” JJ stammered, swaying slightly on her feet from an imaginary blow as her mind reeled from this new information. “I thought that was impossible.”

Emily snorted. “Tell my mother.”

“But, what does this mean? For me?”

“Free will,” Emily sighed, running a hand over her face. “It means, even after the blood-bond, you keep your free will.” She wanted to be as honest with her as possible, instead, Emily found her eyes focusing on the far wall. “It means you didn’t have to break up with him.”

The room went quiet, the two women processing the information in their own way. JJ moved first, lifting her eyes towards Hotch. “Sir?”

Hotch opened his mouth to speak, only to interrupted by the chirping of his phone. He turned, reaching behind himself to pick up the receiver. “Agent Hotchner,” was all he said before the room seemed to chill. “Understood.” He stood to his full height, quickly moving behind his desk. “Any other questions will have to wait.” He rummaged through a drawer, lifting his eyes and directing them at both women. “Wheels up in thirty.”


“Mom..” JJ pressed her shaking fingers to her lips, quelling the wavering in her voice.

“Jennifer,” her mother sighed in relief. “Is it done?”

“No. Not yet.” JJ glanced around her bare bones office, trying to gain some semblance of composure. “It’s my Sire, Mom. She’s half human.”

“I thought that was impossible.”

“So did I.”

“What does this mean?”

“It means..” JJ felt her lips pulling into a smile, as she let the tears that had been building since she’d closed the door to her office closed flow freely. “It means I won’t forget you. I won‘t forget anything.”


“Did you know about this?” Emily growled into her cell, wildly pacing back and forth in the women’s locker room. “Did you have something to do with this?”

“Emily,” Elizabeth Prentiss, Emily’s mother, growled right back. “I can neither admit nor deny any guilt until I know what you’re talking about.”

Emily sat down on a bench. She inhaled deeply, running a hand over her face to try and calm herself. “My new Companion,” she exhaled. “My new female Companion.” Judging by the silence on the other end, Emily knew. “You had no idea, did you?”

“The Council does what the Council wants. And, as I’m sure you’re aware, I haven’t been privy to the Council’s inner workings for awhile now.”

Emily grit her teeth, the implication clear. It wasn’t Emily’s fault but she felt the guilt weighing down on her shoulders anyway.

“I’m also sure,” her mother continued, digging the knife a little deeper, “you’re proclivities played a part in the Council’s selection.”

“Mother,” Emily groaned.

“Compel her.”

“What?” Emily straightened in her seat, eyes suspiciously darting about the locker room, searching for eavesdroppers despite knowing she was alone. “You know I can’t.”

“No. But I can find you someone who can, and will. The blood-bond hasn’t been performed yet. Once it is, she will be immune. Better to have her under your control than the Council’s.”

“Mother?” Emily could feel herself tensing. If she didn’t know better, she could swear she heard genuine concern in her mother’s voice. “What’s going on?”

There was a knock at the door to the locker room.

“Prentiss,” Morgan called to her through the door. “C’mon, we gotta go.”

“Mom,” Emily sighed, already rising from the bench. “I’ll talk to you later.”

“Emily?” her mother spoke and, there it was again, that concern in her voice.


“Be careful.”


The introductions were quick and to the point, Hotch introducing JJ to the rest of the group. Before they were even buckled in, Hotch was in pure business mode.

“The Las Vegas office has requested our assistance. Six weeks ago,” Hotch clicked the button for the digital projector, an image of a desiccated corpse instantly popping up on the screen. “Michael Bronson’s body was found by a jogger in a local park. Two days later,” he clicked again, “Anna Park was discovered in a dumpster a half mile away. Last night, Jesse Kirkland‘s body was found, and we were called in.”

“How long were the victims missing before the bodies were found?” Morgan asked.

“Bronson had been missing for 48 hours. Both Park and Kirkland went missing the night before,” Hotch answered.

“They look like they’ve been dead for years,” Rossi piped in. “Like they’ve been mummified.”

“It says here,” Reid flipped through the case file, eyes quickly scanning the pages. “That they’ve all been exsanguinated.”

“You suspect magic?” Rossi asked, looking directly at Hotch.

“Along with blood, every ounce of moisture was removed from the victims.”

Reid flipped another page. “There’s nothing here tying the victims together, different ages, races..”

“You mean, aside from the obvious,” JJ spoke, cutting Reid off and instantly feeling the eyes of all them on her. “They’re all vampires.”

Hotch pursed his lips tighter, nodding slightly in agreement. “They’re all from minor clans within the city. None with any real power.”

“What do the cops think?” Morgan asked.

“Either they’ve got a serial killer or..”

Emily cut him off. “They’ve got a clan making a power play.”

“Which means they’ve got a potential clan war on their hands. Or worse, one of the clans will use this as a power play.”

Rossi groaned, leaning back in his seat. “I hate politics, vampire or otherwise.”

“We need to hit the ground running on this. Last thing we want is for this to escalate in anyway.” Hotch unclipped his seatbelt, rising from his seat. “Prentiss, Jareau, a moment.”

Both women shared a quizzical look before unfastening their own belts and following. Hotch stood next to the tiny galley on the plane, forearm over his middle, elbow on his wrist as he scratched his chin.

“Sir?” Emily asked.

“Prentiss needs to feed,” he said, looking directly at JJ.

“Sir!” Emily hissed through gritted teeth, trying to keep her voice down.

He turned his gaze towards Emily. But it wasn’t his gaze that caused Emily to stiffen, she felt his anger. “We’re walking into a potential powder keg and I need you at your best.”

“I’m fine.”

“Like Hell you are,” he snapped back, leaning just the slightest of inches towards her. “Have you looked in a mirror lately? You haven’t fed in months. The synthetic isn’t fulfilling your needs.”


“This isn’t a request, Prentiss,” Hotch lowered his voice, already heading back to his seat. “It’s an order.”

Emily inhaled deeply, closing her eyes. “Yes, sir.”

As she opened her eyes, she couldn’t help taking sideways glance back towards the rest of the team still in their seats, knowing they were looking but not looking, listening but not listening. It was Morgan who looked directly at her, giving Emily a sympathetic nod. Emily gave the slightest of smiles back before lifting her head and turning towards JJ. “Shall we?”

The emotions roiled off JJ like a concussive blast - anger, fear, anxiety. It didn’t stop her from reaching for the handle to the jet’s restroom, or stepping inside.

The tiny room was cramped for one person, a claustrophobe’s worst nightmare with two as Emily squeezed herself next to JJ. They stood face to face, breasts and stomach’s already touching, where they could feel the heat of the other.

“I’m sorry,” Emily sighed wearily.

JJ narrowed her eyes, unable to mask the anger flaring in them. “Why?” she snorted derisively.

“I didn’t ask for this,” Emily said with a little bit of her own anger coloring her voice.

“Yet, here we are.”

“Here we are.”

JJ swallowed hard with revulsion as Emily shifted slightly, and JJ felt every swell and every curve of the woman’s body against her own. She knew she was being, maybe not un-rational, but unreasonable. They were both bound in their own ways, stuck in a situation beyond either’s control. And by the sound of Emily’s voice, she didn’t like this any more than JJ did. JJ inhaled deeply, setting her resolve. “What do you want me to do?”

“I..” Emily stammered. JJ’s heart was racing. Emily could hear her pulse, that thub-thub-thub, an intoxicating, hypnotic rhythm. Already, she could feel the saliva building in her mouth, sweat clamming up the palms of her hands, the heat pooling seductively between her legs. Emily hated it. And she hated herself more for wanting it so goddamned badly. “I need you..” Emily paused, inhaling deeply, which was a big mistake because all she inhaled was JJ’s scent - skin and soap and the slightest tinge of fear - and that little voice in the back of her head just screamed for Emily to take what was rightfully hers. “I need you to unbutton your shirt.”

“What?” JJ’s eyes went wide. This was the role a Companion, fulfilling the needs of the Sire. If Emily wanted to take JJ right here, right now, it’ was JJ’s duty to comply.

Sensing JJ’s sudden unease, Emily couldn’t help but chuckle. “Your neck. I need to get to your neck and your collar..” she lifted a hand and pointed lazily with her finger. “Your collar’s in the way.”

“Oh.” JJ blushed, knowing immediately that Emily knew what JJ was thinking. And yet, Emily’s soft chuckle was enough to put JJ slightly at ease. She was a member of the BAU, after all, an organization JJ had worked hard to get into. Even if they did work with monsters.

She maneuvered her hands between and around the two of them, working her fingers on the buttons of her shirt. She unbuttoned one, then two, then three, pulling her collar open, taking a glance at Emily and appreciating the woman’s attempt at giving JJ a modicum of privacy, Emily’s eyes focused on a side wall.

“Will it hurt?” JJ asked as Emily’s eyes snapped towards hers.

Emily’s face went serious, sympathetic, but serious. “Yes.”

“I appreciate your honesty.”

Emily chuckled half-heartedly. She pursed her lips, narrowing her eyes slightly. “Are you ready?”

Just like that, JJ’s heart began hammering in her chest. “Yes,” she answered nervously.

“Okay,” Emily nodded. “I’m going to touch you. Is that okay?”

It sounded like the stupidest question in the world, shattering a million of JJ’s preconceptions. Then JJ remembered, Emily wasn’t completely vampire, she was also human. And JJ wondered if maybe, one day, she’d have the opportunity to ask what that meant. “Yes,” she finally answered.

Emily lifted both her arms, placing her fingertips gently on JJ’s collarbone, at the base of her neck. JJ’s shiver reverberated into Emily, heart hammering like it would burst from her chest, JJ’s fear bubbling back to the surface.

“Please,” Emily whispered, closing her eyes as the heat flared within her. She’d forgotten how good fear smelled. Forgotten how good it tasted. That scent alone was enough for Emily‘s fangs to pop out painfully, like an uncontrolled erection. “Don’t be afraid.”

She drifted her left hand higher, pressing it gently to JJ’s neck so JJ would tilt her head. JJ complied and Emily swept the silky blonde hair aside, exposing her true target. She could see the carotid artery, pulsing just beneath JJ’s skin. Emily opened her mouth, extended her tongue and ran it flat up the length of JJ’s neck, anesthetizing the skin with her saliva. JJ gasped, shuddering against Emily.

“Jennifer..” Emily whispered gently.

“JJ,” she answered quickly. “Everyone calls me JJ.”

“JJ,” Emily smiled. “I want you to inhale, slowly and deeply three times. On the third time, I want you to hold your breath. Understand?”

Nodding, JJ glanced about the tiny cabin one last time before squeezing her eyes shut. It’s not that she’d never imagined this moment before, it’d always been a little more nightmarish. There’d never been this coaxing before, never this.. consideration for her well being. That was never JJ’s impression of vampires.

Emily mustered what could only be considered a mountain of resolve as she waited for JJ to find her courage. The fear was just radiating off the woman now, an intoxicating blend of pheromones that had Emily practically drooling. But she waited, and was rewarded for her patience with the sound of JJ’s slow intake of breath, followed by a ragged exhale. Then again. And again. Then, JJ inhaled for a final time. And Emily..

Sank in her fangs.

Emily’s eyes rolled in the back of her head, unable to contain the growl that rumbled up her throat as JJ twitched uncontrollable against her.

JJ’s mouth went slack with a silent scream, tears instantly welling in the corners of her eyes. The pain was unbelievable, unlike anything she’d ever felt before, unlike anything she was certain a human could withstand. Emily sank her fangs into JJ’s neck and it felt as if every nerve ending were suddenly on fire.

Then, JJ felt Emily pulling, sucking the blood from her artery. In a flash, the pain was gone, replaced with the sensation of pleasure that bordered on the painful.

Emily allowed herself this - this one moment of pleasure. The blood was one thing. Something she didn’t realize how much she craved until that first coppery taste splashed against the back of her throat. Emily was never one to mix feeding with sex. Something she considered a mistake and never wanted to commit again. Which was why she always preferred her Companions be male. But now that it was here, blood and sex, Emily allowed herself to give in.

She felt the fear melt into pleasure with that first pull of her mouth. Already JJ’s body was feverishly warm, the scent of her aroused sex filling Emily’s nostrils. On Emily’s second pull, JJ’s hips arced, pushing her crotch against Emily’s thigh. By the third pull, there was no doubt to what this was, their rhythm, as Emily pressed and JJ pushed back, and it was no longer just JJ’s blood that Emily wanted.

She slowed her pulls, getting in three arcing grinds before inhaling and pulling again. JJ let out little whimper-groans with each push of Emily’s thigh, pressing herself down harder and harder each time. Her hands grasped at Emily’s hips, pulling her in deeper, as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, the tension churned and coiled deep in the pit of her belly.

When JJ came, a guttural cry releasing from her throat, Emily sank her fangs in deeper, squeezing her eyes tighter as her insides clenched right before she too was plummeting over the edge.

The key was to never take too much, to always leave sated but never full. Another mistake Emily had learned too late rather than before. As much as she wanted to extend this, to listen to the voice begging to drain JJ dry, to ride the aftershocks as the blood filled her body, Emily knew she couldn’t. She stilled her convulsing hips, gently eased her fangs from JJ’s throat, then ran her tongue over the wounds, maintaining their contact just long enough to watch the tiny wounds heal.

Emily moved back as much as she could in the cramped space, which wasn’t much. She wanted to offer words of encouragement to her new Companion but as she looked at JJ’s face, with her eyes still squeezed shut, brows twitching, lips pursing, it wasn’t the usual looks Companions usually had after that first time - astonishment, relief, arousal. No, everything written on JJ’s face was something Emily hadn’t seen before.


Slowly, Emily backed away as best she could in the tiny space, opening the bathroom door, quickly closing it behind her and slinking into the first empty seat she could find.