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Cross (Podfic)

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4 hours, 13 minutes.


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Or listen to the full podfic in four parts.

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Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

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Reader's notes

Shockingly, this podfic has taught me that it is somewhat difficult to read 30K from the point-of-view of someone who is completely clueless about his feelings and motivations! Who'd have guessed.

My first attempt at recording this story was in 2013; I stopped in November because I just wasn't confident in my approach. I couldn't shake the urge, though, and at the very end of 2014 I came back and recorded the entire thing in three days, which for me is blazing speed, staying up late and getting up early to finish. (Then I spent half a year, off and on, struggling with the editing, but let's not talk about that.) It's a testament to how much I love this story, and how well it works for me on so many levels, that I kept at it all this time.

Feedback and constructive criticism: better, or at least less disturbing, than messages from beyond.

(Also announced at: my journal, amplificathon @ DW, and amplificathon @ LJ.)