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Meet the Weasleys

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"Everyone, this is Tony."

That had been all he'd gotten to say before Hermione, Fleur, Ginny and Molly had whisked his boyfriend away, leaving him gaping after them. When he'd tried to follow Arthur had come up to him with Bill on his side, looking sympathetic, saying, "You better let them get this out of the way."

"What 'this'?" he'd asked stunned.

Bill had been the one to answer, "the 'we want to know are you good enough for our Harry' talk."

"Okay," he had said slowly, still not really getting it.

"Mum, and well I guess Ginny too, in a way, did it to Fleur," Bill offered.

"They took your boy to interrogate him?" asked Charlie, wandering to greet Harry. When the word "interrogate" left Charlie's lips, Harry felt himself relax. Interrogation Tony could handle, he worked with one of the best interrogators Harry had seen in the muggle world.

"Oh, that changes everything," Harry actually offered a smile to the now just about gaping Weasley men. Seeing he might have to elaborate, Harry added, "He's a special agent, sort of muggle police. He's used to interrogations, and his boss, well let's just say he'll be just fine."

George, rolling some invention of his in his hands, voiced the sudden wish of the men in red hair, "I'd sure like to see this. Someone possibly standing up to mum..." his voice drifted off in a dreamy tone, "Now, that'd be a great way to start a Christmas, don't you think?"

His brothers and father all nodded. Harry smiled even wider, glad that he'd worried over nothing of Tony fitting in with his surrogate family.