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Jeon Jungkook walks into his morning interview with the biggest smile on his face.

He has every reason to be deliriously cheerful because he'd had the best fuck of his literal actual adult life the night before, and though that life has perhaps not been too long, he has had his fair share of one night stands and hookups and last night was one hell of a night to remember.

So, Jeon Jungkook walks into his morning interview with his shoulders set, back straight, suit crisp, tie clipped, stomach still warm with the residual glow of the Best Fuck Ever, ready to conquer the world of why do you think you're the best candidate for this job and and how would you contribute to the team when he meets the eyes of his interviewer aka potential future employer aka the person who would most likely be his boss were he to get this position and his stomach plummets to somewhere by his ankles, suspended there by what feels like the combination of his larynx tied to his small intestines.

It takes every single fiber of his being not to curse because the pair of eyes looking at him over the pristinely wiped oak desk is the exact same pair of eyes that had been peering up at him over that mouth stretched over his cock about ten hours ago. And sweet blessed lord did that mouth know what the hell it was doing. However, right now, that mouth is pulling into a grin bordering right on wicked as Park Jimin (aka Previously Mentioned Best Fuck Ever) motions towards the empty seat across the desk from him with a please, make yourself comfortable.

Jungkook nods and sits down and cannot think of another moment in his life when he was so decidedly uncomfortable.

Jimin hums as if nothing is fucking out of the ordinary and Jungkook has to fight down the urge to hightail it right out of this room. It's hard to concentrate when the lips mouthing over the words he's currently paying no attention to had been mouthing at his own lips just the night prior, or that the fingers dancing over the short series of questions on the notepad between them had been clawing their way down Jungkook's back (the nail marks are still there; they'll be there for a good week from the sting of them even now) not even twelve hours ago. It's hard to concentrate when the voice rippling across his skin now had been shouting his goddamn name in clipped moans and cut off gasps and those darling, precious little mewls that Jungkook had been so damn greedy to drink down.

It's damn well hard as his cock had been up Jimin's ass to concentrate when all Jungkook can think about as Jimin offers him a glass of water (which he stiffly denies though he really should have accepted because he's parched as the Gobi Desert) and smiles over his light assertion that we should get started is how many times Jimin came last night, had made Jungkook come as he had never come before, with just the heat of his eyes, the wet of his lips, the press and pull of his fingers.

"--any questions for me before we start?" Jimin smiles bright and light and looks as breezy as spring morning jogs around the park and Jungkook almost blurts out you didn't even give me your number when you left.

Because he'd be lying if he said he hadn't been a little disappointed when he woke up to the find the bed empty, sheets mussed with air and memories, residual voices dancing down his spine but he wasn't one to complain. One night stands are meant to be just that, one night only. Any more than that and things would get complicated.

Jungkook swallows thickly, clenching his hands on his knees to ground himself, blinks and shakes his head, pressing his lips together in what he hopes is a polite smile and says, "Not yet. Let's start."

"Alright then, let's get bangin'" Jimin says with a light laugh and Jungkook's stomach lurches. Fuck him. Fuck him and his wording and his suggestive little grin that makes Jungkook want to lean over the damn table, grab Jimin by the collar and kiss him so hard he won't be able to breathe.

Jimin glances down at the list of questions, fingers coming up to tug at his tie, fingers messing with his cuffs, his gold timepiece winking from his wrist up at Jungkook like it knows. Jungkook imagines pressing Jimin down across the table, how good he'd look with his legs hiked up over Jungkook's shoulders, buckle clanking against the wood of the desk, how good Jimin would look with his wrists tied up with that goddamn silk tie of his, or maybe Jungkook would use it as a gag, or a blindfold, or all three.

Jungkook imagines pressing Jimin against the drop floor windows of his loft office and fucking him hard enough for the people in the building across to see.

Jungkook imagines.

"--qualities make you a good leader, Jungkook-sshi?"

Jimin glances up from the question and laces his fingers to rest his thin on, lashes thick and dark, eyes even more so. He licks his lips and Jungkook catches the flicker of his gaze down and back up again and feels his stomach tie knots with the knots already there from this morning.

"I--" Jungkook blanches. Good leader, he thinks with a heavy flush, was that not clear enough last night or should we have another go--no, he can't say that in an interview. Finally, he takes a deep breath and rattles off his usual thing about all the leadership positions he's been in, all the brilliant and amazing contributions he's made to every team he's been a part of when he wasn't already in charge, when Jimin cuts him off with a--

"So what were some of your favorite positions?"

Jungkook almost chokes. "E-excuse me?"

Jimin quirks an eyebrow, "You mentioned leadership positions—and you seem like the kind of person who likes being on top,” he says like a motherfucking afterthought, as if he doesn’t know—“I was just wondering about your personal favorites--ones that left the most long-lasting marks on you, so to say." The lilt of Jimin's voice is sweet enough to sting and Jungkook has to lace his hands in his lap to keep from fidgeting, cross his legs to keep from bouncing them.

His brain his short circuiting and he can tell that he's chewing on his lips and his cheeks feel like they're going to melt right off his face but Jimin is still smiling at him from across the table, acting as though nothing could be more right with the world and Jungkook pulls up some BS about several executive teams he's spearheaded, blah, blah, blah.

Jimin laughs, "Spearheaded, I like that," and the fucker writes it down on his notepad where he's jotting down notes, and underlines it. Jungkook takes what he hopes will be a steadying breath and waits for Jimin to continue.

"Okay, let’s talk about tables," he says, tapping the back of his pen on the hard wood.

"Hm," Jungkook decides that he has never been so eloquent before.

Jimin's eyes flicker up again and they catch. Fire licks up Jungkook's chest straight to the base of his neck and he's very sure that by the time they're done with this interview, he's going to need to lock himself on a bathroom before he leaves the building but Jimin is talking again and it's a small miracle that Jungkook manages to make out his words over the buzzing in his own head or the heat gathering beneath his skin.

"If you were setting up a table, what would you put on it?"

Jungkook blinks. "What?"

Jimin tilts his head, "If you were setting up a table, like this one, what would you put on it?"

You. Jungkook frowns slightly, glancing down at the table between them. It wouldn't be a lie, but somehow, somehow, Jungkook doesn't think that answer will fly. "Everything you have on yours."

Ah, there's a bit of that old Jeon Jungkook.

Jimin's lips stretch into a brilliant smile and he laughs, oh god he laughs like wind chimes in the summer and Jungkook hadn't had the chance to hear it properly last night in the club when they were both drunk enough to not care that they were all that drunk. Jungkook watches, heart thumping, body thrumming as Jimin makes a couple more notes under the large SPEARHEADED written across his paper and he can't quite make them out before Jimin is speaking again.

"Why did you decide to leave your last position?"

Jungkook's shoulders loosen as he lets out a good natured chuckle, "Because my boss was a huge ass."

Jimin's eyebrows hike up, "And how do you know I won't be one too?"

And this time, Jungkook doesn't quite catch himself before he says, "I said he was a huge as, not that he has one."

Jimin smiles too wide and nods. “Alright then.”

Jungkook, for a heart-stopping second, thinks he might have just fucked this one up, literally and figuratively, though he really can only say he regrets the latter, but Jimin is standing up and Jungkook mirrors him on instinct.

“Welcome to the team, Jungkook-sshi,” he says, holding out a hand for him to shake, “And thank you for that compliment. I look forward to, how did you say it?” Jimin pauses to glance down at his paper, voice dripping in satisfaction and implication, “Spearheading with you.”

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03. momentum

Jeon Jungkook is known for getting the job done. He is known for his pristine dress code and even more immaculate work ethic. Jeon Jungkook is known to be the best--the best of the best and still heading up. He is what people like to call The Example.

But things that go up must, inevitably, come down.

Or, in this case, wind down. At least once a week, preferably more, probably actually, twice a day, but that really kind of depends on how long the coffee and lunch breaks end up being but there are perks to dating The Boss.

"Be gentle, that's my favorite belt," Jimin says, wincing as Jungkook snaps the aforementioned leather belt over the wood of the table with a hard, stomach-clenching crack. Jimin had wanted to wait another week to sound proof the room; Jungkook had bent him over the arm of his best office chair with a handheld back massager one of their clients had gifted them the week before till Jimin had agreed to call the construction company the next day, begged to let him call now because as much as both of them enjoyed the silence kink once in a while, Jungkook likes it when Jimin is vocal and Jimin is vocal, to say the least.

"I'm always gentle," Jungkook says, but the smirk hinging on his lips says otherwise, the way his fingers are closing around Jimin's throat, slowly looping Jimin's belt around his neck till the buckle clicks, just a tad too tight, says otherwise. Jungkook traces the line of the leather against Jimin's skin, leaning back to give him an appreciative once-over.

"We should invest in a proper collar."

"Could get it custom engraved," Jimin says, reaching up to give the belt an experimental tug, looking too comfortable in it already. Jungkook gives his hand a tiny smack but catches Jimin's fingers between his own and laces them.

"Yep," Jungkook says, leaning in for a kiss, lips lingering over Jimin's even as he pulls away, "It could say The Boss in pretty curly letters." Jimin laughs and Jungkook cuts him off with another kiss; he's always so greedy with Jimin's laughs, always so eager to taste every single ringing syllable.

"Knowing you, it'll probably say something like The Royal Cockslut."

Jungkook sucks Jimin's lower lip between his lips and tugs till Jimin winces, letting it go only to lean in and lave at the swelling skin with his tongue.

"Your suggestion, not mine," he chides, but in a voice that speaks volumes about just how true that statement might hold.

The story of how Jungkook's supposed Best One Night Stand of Life turned into possibly the Most Serious Relationship he's ever been in is an interesting and pretty hysterical one, when told under the right alcohol-to-blood ratio, but right now, there are more important matters at hand (in hand more like, the way Jungkook is pushing Jimin back till his ass hits the edge of the table, the way he's dragging his palm down Jimin's front just to hear Jimin whine into his ear), so that story will have to wait for another time. Because right now, Jimin is chewing on his lower up from the way Jungkook is palming his dick through his Tom Ford slacks and all the things Jungkook wants to do to Jimin, right now, could be a story of its own.

"Don't tease," Jimin says, fingers digging into the material of Jungkook's shirt, but he knows better than to step over lines when Jungkook is in charge. Punishment is always brutal and bruising in the best of ways, however today, Jungkook is in a good mood and with any luck (and the right amount of begging), he might even let Jimin come of the first round. They've only got an hour and a half for lunch; the blinds are only drawn halfway.

"Says the biggest cocktease of the century," Jungkook bites back, fingers curling around the back of Jimin's neck to fist at a handful of his hair. Jimin gasps as his head jerks back and Jungkook takes the opportunity to lick a line along his jaw, tongue dragging over Jimin's lobe, sucking lightly on the tiny metal hoop there, cool against Jungkook's lips.

Jimin's fingers tighten and Jungkook can feel his legs tensing, stomach clenching. Ears were always a hotspot for Jimin and god bless that they're so easily accessible. Jungkook blows out soft and grins when Jimin shudders, his growing erection obvious against Jungkook's leg.

"What do you say we put on a bit of a show for the lovely people across the street?" Jungkook whispers, dragging his tongue over Jimin's cheek, leaning back far enough to see his eyes go wide and bright with fear, excitement, anticipation. Jimin gives a tiny shake of the head but Jungkook feels Jimin's dick kick against his leg and smirks. He reaches up to tug at the tie around Jimin's neck; Jimin's fingers are still clutched in the front of his own shirt and it's sure to have wrinkles but Jimin can pay for that slip up later.

Jungkook slips the tie from around Jimin's neck and leans in to peck Jimin on the lips before tugging pressing the tie over Jimin's eyes, kissing him again to suppress the surprised squeak that comes from him. It's amazing how different Jimin is in bed compared to at the office (not right now at the office, obviously, because this is considered in bed, at the office; that second part is subjunctive) because when Jimin is The Boss, Jungkook has to listen to his every shade and fancy but in bed, Jungkook can bend Jimin into seven different shapes of kinky and have his way with Jimin before he'll hear a single complaint. There's never been any complaints, in either settings and all permutations therein.

"Trying something new," Jungkook says, pecking Jimin again, once over where each of his eyes is now hidden by the tie, voice gentle, touch even more so as he runs a thumb along the silken material, marveling to himself just how good the dark looks against Jimin's skin. The heat washing down his chest straight to his own dick seems to agree.

"Always the venture capitalist," Jimin says, relaxing as Jungkook trails tender little kisses down his collar, down the line of his chest as Jungkook pops the buttons on his white button-down, one at a time.

"Landing you was the biggest payoff I've ever come across in my entire life, so I think I've made a good investment, no?"

Jimin laughs and Jungkook grins against his chest, the sound rumbling through his lips.

Jungkook unfastens his own tie and links Jimin's wrists together, kissing the skin inside each in turn before the binds them together in a careful knot. Jimin doesn't protest, doesn't even make a sound as Jungkook finishes the knot and leans back to inspect his handiwork. Jimin could be a present, all collared and blindfolded and tied up like this--Jimin is a present, and Jungkook lets out an appreciative groan.

"God, you look so good."

Jimin's blush is made ten times more obvious by the dark of the tie over his eyes and he just shrugs, grinning.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," Jungkook continues, hands settling around Jimin's waist, thumb dipping passed his slacks to press against the elastic of his CK boxers. Jimin hums at the praise, he's always loved them.

"I'm glad you came in for the interview too," Jimin responds, voice still light and lilting, joking, like he always is, but there's the weight of truth and trust seeping through, "wouldn't have been able to, uh--what was it that you said that day--?"

"Spearhead," Jungkook supplies, almost lamely as he works Jimin's pants from his hips, tugging his underwear with, thumb flicking over Jimin's slit as he levels himself with Jimin again, savoring his hitched little gasp.

"R-right, wouldn't have been able to spearhead so many p-proje--oh god," Jimin's head falls forward and his sentence cuts off as Jungkook licks his hand palm and wraps his fingers around Jimin's dick, working him till he's fully hard and bordering on incoherent. Jungkook nips at the now exposed skin of Jimin's shoulder, hand still jerking Jimin off slow and paced between them.

"You're a lot more talkative today," he says, teeth sinking into Jimin's skin for a satisfying hiss.

It takes Jimin a minute to work around the moans on his tongue to force out, "C-can't see you... nervous..." and the tone of his voice tells Jungkook that he's dropped into his headspace, the one that he needs to fall into once in a while, to let go of all the control he's got to be in at work. The thought kicks Jungkook into his own headspace, the one that keeps him sane in this very insane world, the one that reminds him that he still has some semblance of control.

"Shhh," Jungkook coos into Jimin's ear, "I'm here," and to illustrate, Jungkook presses his thumb into Jimin's slit hard and catches Jimin's strangled yelp on his tongue, licking into Jimin's mouth as he shucks his own pants and turns Jimin around. Jimin bends down over the table on instinct and Jungkook smooth’s a hand over Jimin's back, up and down in long, soothing motions till Jimin's breathing evens out again and Jungkook gives Jimin's ass a tiny little smack. Jimin jerks forward a bit but then he's pushing his ass right back, hips wiggling and Jungkook has to bite down a laugh.

"More eager today too," he remarks, leaning over the table to reach into one of Jimin's drawers (he's not allowed to touch those drawers usually, but there are exceptions sometimes), grabbing an inconspicuous tube of KY Jelly with the label removed and the small back massager. It is four linked spheres, the big on in the middle acting as the power supply, three smaller legs branching off in vibrating segments, meant to be easy to maneuver over the planes of someone's aching back muscles but Jungkook has found that the legs are about the size of common egg vibrators and nothing has been the same ever since. He feels Jimin tense at the click of the KY Jelly tube cap and even more so when Jungkook clicks on the massager and slips a hand between Jimin's asscrack, fingers teasing at the rim of his hole.

"I know these feel good on your balls," Jungkook says, lubing up a vibrating leg of the massager and pressing it to Jimin's ass, "but this just might be better," and he presses it into Jimin's ass, slowly, gulping down the dry in his throat as he watches it disappear into Jimin, sees Jimin's muscles clench around it as he whimpers.

"Don't cum unless I say so," he warns, pulling Jimin up by the back of his makeshift collar, just a bit too hard so Jimin has to gasp for air, before pushing him down onto his knees in front of Jungkook, a hand at the back of Jimin's head to guide him to where Jungkook's pulled himself from his pants, already harder than he'd like to admit.

Jimin's jaw goes slack and he's trembling when he steadies himself against Jungkook's thighs but the way he leans in to swallow down Jungkook's cock is all him.

Jungkook lets out a long groan as he settles back into the very chair that he'd been interviewed for this position (well, not this being-sucked-off-by-Park-Jimin position, though the night before it might have been considered the interview for that), watching Jimin suck down the length of his cock, feeling himself hit the back of Jimin's throat and praise every single entity in heaven because Jimin has somehow gotten even better at giving head since their first time.

If Jungkook is the exponential increase in Getting the Errand Done, then Jimin is the direct correlation for Proficiency in Head Downing. And that's what GED and PHD should stand for, Jungkook thinks as Jimin's nose presses into the patch of hair above Jungkook's cock and swallows. Even with his hands tied up, Jimin is too good at this. And then Jungkook's not thinking much at all because it's damn hard to concentrate when Jimin's running his tongue along the vein running up the bottom of Jungkook's dick, placing sloppy kisses up the side, sucking lightly on the head till Jungkook is hissing, dragging Jimin off by his hair because Jimin is getting desperate, the jerk his off hips and the precum leaking down his length both more than good indicators of his impending orgasm. And Jungkook can't have that; they've got a neighbors to entertain.

"Please," Jimin says, voice barely above a whine, "lemme finish you off--I n-need to--"

"Not yet," Jungkook says, tugging Jimin up for a hard kiss before pulling them both up to round Jimin's work desk, pushing Jimin up against the half-drawn blinds, wiggling at the small massager still lodged in Jimin's ass. Jimin lets out a string of soft whines, muscles tensing as Jungkook pulls it out half an inch before pressing it back in. Jimin's hips jerk forward with it and Jungkook chuckles. "Think you're prepped enough?"

Jimin lets out a small mewl of y-yes, voice cracking as Jungkook pulls the massager out and clicks it off, tossing it onto Jimin's chair. He turns back to Jimin, burying his nose at the nape of Jimin's neck, inhaling deep because Jimin smells like musk and desire, lust and fire. Jungkook smiles and strings kisses down Jimin's spine till Jimin is wiggling again, whining, begging in fragments of please, please, I need--I--

"What do you need, hm?" Jungkook asks, middle finger circling Jimin in tight circles, dipping in and pulling out, basking in the thrum of heat spreading through his veins as Jimin moans and stutters his way through his next words of you, need you, need your cock, need it now--

"Sweet fuck," Jungkook says, finally relenting as Jimin pushes his ass back into Jungkook so far Jimin's almost bent over 90 degrees. Jungkook makes quick work of the lube before lining himself up with Jimin, giving Jimin's nipple a warning pinch as he slides in. Jimin clenches around him and Jungkook swears up through his entire family tree, and the once more back down when Jimin clenches a second time. Jungkook snaps his hips forward, once, twice, setting up a skin-slapping pace till Jimin is panting, breath fogging up the glass visible between the blades of window blinds bent from Jimin's body pressing up against it. Through them, Jungkook catches glimpses of the building across, the great drop-floor glass windows their offices have, so similar to this one, where people are standing over doubtlessly important papers, pointing and frowning at things, nursing mugs of lukewarm coffee.

Jimin keens as Jungkook reaches around to wrap his hand around Jimin's dick, jerking him off to the pace of their thrusts, bodies sliding up against each other, Jungkook's white shirt caught and creasing between them.


"Come," Jungkook says, kissing Jimin's shoulder as Jimin goes rigid under him, clenching so tight it borders on painful, hot ropes of white painting the window blinds, dripping down Jungkook's hand onto the newly cleaned carpets (Jimin won't be happy about that later but Jungkook will worry about that when the time comes).

"Shit--fuck," Jungkook pulls out and Jimin makes a loud noise of displeasure because he likes it better when Jungkook comes inside him as opposed to anywhere else, but the next second, Jungkook is picking Jimin up and sitting him down on his work desk, tugging his tie from around his eyes so Jimin can finally see again. He blinks and frowns at the sudden change in lighting but Jungkook is already pushing back into him, hitching Jimin's legs up around his hips, rutting Jimin down into the surface of the desk with a hard light in his eyes. Jungkook pushes Jimin's arms up till they're stretched over his head and bends down to mouth at Jimin's lips, breathing heavy and out of sync.

When Jungkook feels the warm tendrils of heat coiling in the pit of his stomach, he trails his tongue down Jimin's torso, flicking over Jimin's nipples before burying his face in Jimin's chest to encouraging little moans and mewls, hips stuttering as he feels himself swelling inside Jimin, white hot pleasure tingling up his pine and back down as he finally comes, body loosening as he rides through the last waves of his own orgasm.

Their layered breathing is the only sound in the room for a while, before Jungkook musters enough muscle coordination to pull himself up far enough to look at Jimin, a lazy, hazy grin on his face. Jimin is smiling up at him, cheeks the most darling shade of pink, lips kiss-bruised, body all fucked out and limp even as Jungkook pulls out and reaches into a drawer for the box of tissues.

"Always so good," Jungkook says, nuzzling into Jimin's cheek as Jimin sits up and takes a deep breath, Jungkook wiping down his face, lips following his fingers with kisses.

"Mhm," Jimin hums in agreement, "but only for you," he says, watching Jungkook untie his wrists and undo the buckle from the belt around his neck

"I'm hungry," Jimin adds suddenly as Jungkook finishes cleaning off the table, tucking himself back into his pants and fastening the zip and buttons.

"Me too," Jungkook says, nodding, watching Jimin fix up his own clothes, clip the buckle in around his waist with an appreciative pat as if he's saying good job, thanks to the damn thing.

"They have clam chowder at the stand across the street," Jimin says, fixing his collar and making to redo his tie. Jungkook leans over and presses a kiss to his lips, fingers taking Jimin's place in redoing the tie, adjusting it to perfection as Jimin leans up for yet another kiss.

"Post sex munchies are always the best."

"Yep," Jimin agrees, reaching up to muss at a couple strands of Jungkook's hair and for all intents and purposes, they look like they could be just two boyfriends out on a bougie date, no questionable sound-proofed-office activities mentioned.

It's Jungkook who laces their fingers as they wait for the elevator to hit ground floor.

"My treat," he offers with a slight grin.

Jimin turns to flash him a smile as the elevator dings to a stop.

"You're still paying for the carpet-cleaning. Nice try though."