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Where you're an Omega

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Today was not your day. You had woken up sweaty and hot, and when you took your temperature, it was currently way above the normal. You checked yourself and weren't emitting any flames, so that was scratched off of the list of possible reasons behind this.

You had awful pains that made your stomach clench and you felt like you had a headache. So, you figured that since you felt like absolute shit, and were pretty sure that you were dying, you decided to reside in your own area and requested that Jarvis turn the air conditioner on.

You had already tried to cool yourself off by transforming into ice and water, which Clint always bitched about how it wasn't fair that when the air conditioners broke, and everyone else was dying of heat, that you would go on doing your thing, and being perfectly fine as everyone followed you like little ducklings to try and receive some of your cooling effect. But, alas, you weren't able to concentrate long enough to hold either form before another pain would wrack your perspiring body.

So, here you are, wearing nothing but a sports bra and a pair of shorts, laying on the plush (F/C) couch in front of your TV, letting out little groans every now and then. It had crossed your mind that you might be in a heat, but, you were a beta. So, you must have the flu or something, although you haven't thrown up yet. The thought made you cringe and you held yourself tighter.

Dear god, how you hoped that you didn't throw up.

Apparently, when you were at your worst, someone felt the need to check up on you due to the fact that you hadn't left your room.

"Miss (Name), Mr. Rogers requests entry" the AI popped on, and you groaned an affirmative "Yes" , knowing Steve, he might be willing to make you some tea, since you were currently incapacitated.

Within seconds you heard a slight ding and the sure-footed footsteps of the super soldier. Instead of feeling relieved, you felt another intense pain grip your body as you smelt something really fucking good. That's when you felt it. A long rush of warmth flooded your core and your shorts grew damp. You squirmed in absolute horror and were pretty certain that you had just pissed yourself, and Steve was just around the corner.

Apparently something was seriously wrong with your body.

You tried to get up and fix the problem as quickly as possible, but a horrid burning sensation in your lower abdomen caused you to just end up rolling off of the couch and onto the cool floor, but even it didn't help your overheated condition. You pathetically laid there, groaning as you tried to fight off another pain that had gripped you, and finally heard Steve enter your living room, and you cringed at the embarrassing predicament that you were in.

"(Name)!? Hey, are you al-" Steve suddenly stopped himself, took in a deep breath, and you heard him let out a soft sound, one that oddly sounded like a soft groan. Your cheeks burned in embarrassment, but you felt something inside of yourself call out to him, and felt aroused by the lewd sound of his groan. After a moment, he took the last couple steps and knelt down to your level to grip you by your shoulders to roll you over. You wrapped your hands around your stomach and crossed your legs in protest; trying to hide the obvious wet spot.

"S-Steve! It's! I swear I didn't-" you desperately yelled out, trying to explain that you had not just pissed yourself, and explain why you were wearing so little, but he stopped you short when he made a soft "shh" sound and you, for some reason, instantly obeyed, almost like your will was being bent to please him. Your cheeks flushed red and you let out soft little pants and when you took in another deep breathe, inhaling that intoxicating scent again, you let out a soft whine. You really wanted to crawl in a hole and die that you were acting so pathetic.

"Jesus (Name)! You're in heat? I knew I smelt an Omega, but I sure as hell didn't think it was you. I thought you were a...a Beta?!" Steve stated, and for some reason, him talking to you was only resulting in causing you to feel the dampness in your shorts increase. You didn't know that you were an Omega either, you've never had a specific scent, so everyone, including yourself, figured that you were a Beta. Now all of your symptoms were explained perfectly.

The high temperature.

The dampness in your shorts.

The sweet and Earthy smell that flooded your senses when Steve walked in.

You were in your first heat.

Steve leaned down to pick you up and you instinctively curled up tighter into him like a child. He gently placed you on the couch that you had previously rolled off of and was about to leave, but you reached up to him, letting out a soft whine when he tried turning away from you. He looked down at you and he was taken back by how blown that your pupils were, your normally vibrant (E/C) eyes now only a slight ring of color around the black in the middle.

"(Name), I-I don't think this is a good idea, you're... oh god, you smell good." he groaned, and you now realized that this is what your body wanted.

It wanted a Knot.

It wanted an Alpha.

It wanted Steve.

"Alpha..need you...need you, please!" you cried desperately, finally letting your new-found inner Omega speak for itself. You spread yourself out willingly, no longer ashamed, and keened to him. Pleading for him to just take you, to knot you, to ease your unbearable heat...

Steve took a deep breathe and his shoulders shook slightly as he drank in the aroma of your scent, taking a step towards you and picking you up again, him placing your head in the crook of his neck so that you could nuzzle into his scent gland, which was known to slightly placate an Omega during an intense heat. You happily obliged and nuzzled against him while letting out a sound that nearly resembled purring, not noticing that he had begun walking.

You nearly cried out when you were separated again, no longer able to nuzzle against him, but quickly settled into what you presumed to be your bed. You felt the bed shift when Steve sat beside you, his scent becoming stronger by the second. You glanced down to find that their was an obvious tent raising in his pants.

Your heat was beginning to send him into an early rut.

He closed his eyes before speaking.

"(Name), I'll only stay with you if you want me to. If not then I can leave. I don't wanna do somethin' you'll regret." he whispered lowly, and you knew that you were hooked, that he was so sweet and obviously just as horny as you were, and he was offering to leave for your sake. The omega inside of you called out to him.

"Yes, please, yes!" you moaned out helplessly, within a second and a loud creak of protest from the bed, Steve was looming over you. You spread yourself out to him, arms slid comfortably up by the headboard and legs splayed enthusiastically. Completely submitting. The alpha in Steve was immensely pleased with your act of submission, and gladly took the opportunity of jumping on a needy, willing, omega during their heat cycle.

"Alpha," you crooned ,feeling your body being slightly soothed by his dominating presence. You reached down to move your shorts out of the way when Steve growled at you, and you instantly froze, a confused look gracing your features. He reached his own hands down and slid them up your legs, gently swiping a bit of the slick that had leaked past the barrier of your shorts onto his finger, and raised it to his nose, taking a small whiff before groaning explicitly and causing slick to flood from your core in long rivulets. You reached a hand down while he was distracted and rubbed it against the bulge in his pants, earning another lusty groan from him, along with a gentle head toss, but, once again, he let out a strong snarl and you reared back. Wanting nothing more than to please him.

Well, that, and an orgasm. You really needed one of those right about now.

He placed a hand on your stomach and rubbed in a soothing motion. Alpha's have such an odd fascination with an Omega's stomach. Always dreaming of seeing their mate swollen with their pups...the thought had crossed your mind for a moment until Steve butted his way back in.

"I'm not the one in heat here, sweetheart, 'm gonna take good care of ya. Don't you be worryin' about me." he said in a soothing voice, his brooklyn accent growing thickly as his arousal grew, his hands pulling your shorts down along with it. He looked at your face while he gently spread your legs apart, now fully peaked in his rut as there was nothing covering your newly-found scent, he resided himself in gently prodding your entrance with his pointer finger. You wanted nothing more than for him to drive you into the bed, to knot you like you needed, and while his finger felt nice, it provided you little relief.

"Steve... please" you whined softly, trying to move your hips forward to accentuate your request, nearly screaming when Steve stopped all of his touches and simply looked at you, at your trembling form.

"You're such a beautiful omega. My omega. (Name)..." he cooed, and being called by your placement caused you to let out a involuntary moan that somewhat sounded like his name. He glanced down at his hand that was covered with your slick and brought it up to his mouth, tentatively licking his fingers. He closed his eyes and grumbled in pure, lusty, content, and gave you a dirty look that made you blush hotly.

"So wet, jus' for me, huh? Look, all o' that slick, gettin' ready for a big knot. Mine, perhaps?" he said in that silky, sweet, voice of his, his head bending down so his he could mouth at your neck, nearing your bonding gland. Your only response was to let out a pleading "Yes" and to writhe from the sexual frustration.

" 'm gonna knot you so good, have you beggin' for my seed. It's gonna be real good, (Name), for both of us. Man, your smellin' so good right now.." he continued, slowly easing his way in, taking care not to hurt his omega, but he could only hold off the animal need to claim for so long. until he thrust the rest of the way in, letting out a desirable groan. You keened at the feeling of finally being filled, feeling his throbbing length inside of you. He continued to nuzzle at you neck, while you wrapped your hands around the back of his, already bucking your hips to give better access. Of course, there was a little twinge of pain, but your body had prepared itself so thoroughly that it didn't last for more than half a second.

The first mating between an alpha and an omega is always quick, heated, and dirty; Only having the intentions to satisfy each others needs.  Steve went slow for a few thrusts, getting a feeling of what you like and building a rhythm. When he felt that you were ready, he moved his hips quicker, rocking himself out of your core with vigor. Steve's thrusts were strong and fast, the sound of skin hitting skin echoing through the room as he held onto your hips tightly. Your body had already been so worked up, that it only took a few more thrusts before you felt the warning signs of your orgasm faintly.

"Alpha...fu-...fuck!" you cried, arching your back up. Your body was so hot, your blood positively boiling beneath your skin. The only scent that you could make out was Steve's musky Alpha scent, and that only turned you on more, driving you closer and closer. Their was a throbbing in your clitoris, and Steve's knot had begun to swell, and you could only focus on that, getting so close to getting what you needed. Steve groaned your name into your neck and pounded harder into you, and all you could manage was to lift your neck instinctively.

It was so hard for Steve to not blow his load when he first smelled your scent. One that was a mix of cinnamon and honey. One that made Steve's mouth water to lap at the source of it and his member grow hard to fuck the one who had it.

"(Name). Omega....Hell, so good..." he moaned, his knot swelling to a larger size. It was to the point that it caught on your walls every time he pulled out, creating a wonderful sensation for the both of you. He lightly bit at you bonding gland, that had now swelled so it could easily be spotted. Easily be bitten into by a strong mate. His thrusts were becoming more forceful, and you were just about there. All you could focus on was his scent. His knot. How your walls tightened around him greedily....

"C-Can I?" he whispered, looking at you with his sparkling baby blues. They were darkened with a hint of lust, the pupils blown wide. He was searching your own (E/C) ones for the answer.

You don't know how, instinct maybe, hell, that's probably exactly what it is, but you knew what he meant.

He was asking if he could bond with you.

If he could be your Alpha.

If he could have you as his Omega.

If he could someday see your stomach swollen with his pups...

You stretched your neck out and shook your head yes, and that was all the inclination that it took for him to breathe your scent in deeply and bite into your bonding gland, the taste of iron running through his mouth as he let out a loud groan and his knot finally locked.

You screamed as your orgasm finally claimed your body, all of the sensations overwhelming you. The pain from the bite. The pleasure from his knot. The way your walls held him like a vice. The warmth of his seed spilling into you. But, the sensation that overwhelmed you the most was the complete bliss that your body was sent into. The "bond-high" that newly- bonded couples experienced shortly after every bout of mating. You shivered and shook as he carefully rolled over, his knot twisting pleasurably inside of you as he took you with him, laying you so that your legs were entwined with one another's. You two shared a gentle kiss, one that spoke all of the words that you couldn't manage at the moment.

You leaned your head into his chest and relaxed as he pet your back soothingly, and you laid in absolute peace. When the knot eventually eased down enough so that Steve could slip out, you mewled and curled around him, wincing at the pain you experienced when your raw and bloody bonding gland rubbed against the sheets. Steve sighed before asking.

"Why haven't you ever had a heat before, (Name)? Why is it so late?" he asked, pecking your forehead with a kiss. You smiled and let out one of your own sighs.

"Must've been a side effect from the mutation. You know, genetic engineering, and all that shit. Hydra didn't help neither. With all of those chemicals they put into me for tests..." you rambled off, taking in a shaky breathe. Steve pulled you closer to himself.

"(Name), your safe now. You know that. No ones gonna harm you again. Not when they find out that you've got Captain America as your Alpha." you giggled and blushed at that, soaking it all in. You happily snuggled with Steve until you were finally able to nod off from the exhaustion of your first heat, even though you knew that you'd be up again soon, wanting nothing more than to eat, and fuck. Them two being the only instincts that would run through your body for the next 5 days or so....

~Extended Ending~

No one bothered you two, thanks to Clint claiming to everyone that he had smelled you and Steve , your room emitting an obviously potent bonding scent.

Why he was crawling around in the vents above your room, you didn't want to know.

Tony had watched the whole thing, sitting in front of his monitoring screen because, well, he's Tony. But even he didn't bother you two. Knowing better than to agitate an Alpha when he was with his mate. That wasn't going to stop him from picking fun for the next month or so, though.

Bucky begrudgingly had to give Natasha $75, as she had won the bet. He knew you and Steve had the hot's for each other, but dammit, he never thought that Steve would have the balls to actually go through with it. He wanted so badly to punch his friend for making him lose the bet that you and Steve had no clue about, but he mostly wanted to congratulate him on his victory of claiming you as his mate.

You two belonged together.