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There comes a day where somebody does something embarrassing in public and someone else always makes them feel even worse about it.

Today was that day for Tyler. He had just gotten a latte and was ready to go to his first day of work. When he goes to run, he bumps into another person and his coffee goes everywhere, including on the other person.

"Are you serious? Watch where you're going, man!" The person yells. Tyler looks up, and sees the guy glaring at him. He had a bit splash into his red hair too. Tyler would gave giggled if he hadn't just spilt his coffee all over this guy who doesn't seem to take run-ins too well.

"I'm sorry!" Tyler mumbles, grabbing napkins and dabbing them against the white, short sleeved button up. 

The guy slaps Tyler's hands away and rolls his eyes, stomping out of the coffee shop. Tyler glares and continues what he was doing in the first place: running to work. It would be a bad look to be late on the first day, and Tyler wanted to look good. He wanted everyone to like him, even though he was just an assistant. 

When Tyler gets to the huge building, he pushes open the glass doors and greets the receptionist. He walks over to the front desk and says, "I'm the new assistant?" The receptionist smiles at him and tells him to go to the 5th floor. He nods, jogging to the elevator and presses the button. 

The elevator dings when it reaches the correct floor, and Tyler holds onto his satchel with both hands as he walks quickly by all of the felt walls with people's offices inside of them. He gets to the main door, knocking and opens when he hears a 'come in!'. 

Tyler freezes when he sees the guy from the coffee shop standing next to the boss. Neither say anything, and the guy hasn't even looked at Tyler yet.

"Tyler Joseph?" His boss says. Tyler nods, and the man smiles, "Welcome! I'm Bill Dun, but Mr. Dun is preferred," Tyler nods again. His eyes widen when the guy looks up. The guy's mouth opens and a glare settles too. Tyler feels more fright now than he did before. He feels grateful when Mr. Dun starts speaking again, "This is my son, Joshua Dun, too! You'll be not only my assistant, but his too whenever he needs it."

Josh smirks, and Tyler nods nervously, "Will do, Sir."

Mr. Dun gets Josh to take Tyler to Tyler's little office, after he hands Tyler the business card to buy stuff with. And when Tyler sits down, Josh sets himself upon Tyler's desk, but on the opposite side. Josh hums, tapping a finger against his chin, and Tyler whines in his head.

"I want a coffee," Josh says with fake enthusiasm, "Because I didn't get mine today after some clumsy idiot bumped into me," Tyler groans, and Josh gapes at him, "I'm your boss now, don't groan at me. And I want that coffee now, too!" 

Tyler gives a fake smile, nodding as he walks out of his office and heads back to the coffee shop that his day started going bad in.

When he comes back with a coffee, Josh takes it instantly and sips it, "Is this caramel?" He cringes. Tyler nods slowly, perking an eyebrow in confusion, "I hate caramel. I wanted a mocha. Go get me a mocha," He orders.

"I literally just got back from there, and spent company money on that, and you complain about it because it's caramel?" Tyler scoffs. 

Josh furrows his eyebrows, walking over to the trash can and dropping the coffee into the bin. Tyler huffs while Josh snickers, "Mocha, now, and maybe you could get something for yourself too; since whatever you bought drenched my shirt."

Tyler goes back to the coffee shop and gets weird stares from the people who have been there and have seen Tyler go back and forth. And when he keeps walking in and out of his work building, the receptionist chuckles.

He sits in his desk chair, staring out the glass doors and stares at Joshua from a distance as the red head drinks his stupid little mocha. Tyler doesn't notice that he's glaring or gripping his cup of coffee too hard until the cup pops and he jumps out of his seat. 

Now Josh is watching Tyler, and laughing.

Tyler stomps his foot and wears a pout and his coffee for the rest of the day.


Throughout the week, Josh orders Tyler around like a dog. Mr. Dun has barely requested anything out of him either, but he also has no clue of his son ordering the assistant to no end. 

Tyler still manages to stay the least bit cheery. But he wonders if Josh would have been nicer if he hadn't spilt his coffee that day. He doubts it, but it's a nice thought. 

Two weeks after he started his job, Josh knocks on the see through door and enter's his office. Josh skips over and sits on Tyler's desk again. Tyler gets worried when Josh lifts his leg up onto the desk, bending it and then dragging his left hand over it. He gulps, turning back to his laptop and tries to ignore Josh until there are fingers snapping in front of his face.

"Pay attention to me, you stupid peasant. Those are your orders for today. Also dad's letting me take you outside of work so we can walk around," Josh says boringly. Tyler sighs, closing his laptop and placing his satchel around his shoulder and neck, "It doesn't mean you're off duty though. You're doing whatever I say."

They exit the building and walk around the city. Tyler finds it boring since Josh is ignoring him, and not even sparing any glances. He should be glad about it, but he isn't. He prefers having the company of his laptop. 

"What's the point of this?" Tyler mutters. Josh looks over to Tyler and shakes his head, "Can I not get an actual answer?"

They walk into a park, and Josh stops them in the middle of it, "You're just like my dad! Oh my God," He growls. Tyler steps back a bit as he watches Josh throw a fit, "I'm so tired of it!" 

"J-Joshua?" Tyler frowned. Josh calmed down after looking at Tyler's scared expression and sighed. Josh rubbed his eyes, and Tyler reached over and took his hands away, "Don't do that. You'll irritate them, stupid."

"Don't touch me again," Josh spits, pushing Tyler away, "You're just an assistant who can't do anything right," Tyler nods hesitantly with tears in his eyes, and when they get back to the building, Josh goes to the elevator while Tyler heads to the restrooms.

Tyler runs into the closest stall and locks it, sitting on the seat with his knees to his chest and he cries. It's probably a baby thing to do, but Tyler's never felt so degraded before. 

When he recovers and walks out of the restrooms, he sees the receptionist give him a small smile as he enters the elevator. He nods at her before the doors close. And when he gets to the fifth floor, he doesn't see Josh. So he goes to Mr. Dun's door and knocks. 

"Come in!" Mr. Dun says, and smiles when he sees Tyler. Frowns when he sees the red eyes and tear stained cheeks, "What's wrong, Tyler?" 

Tyler shakes his head, chuckling, "Nothing, Sir! Just wanting to know if you have anything you need?" 

Mr. Dun motions his index finger in a 'come here' manner and Tyler walks until his hips are touching the desk. Mr. Dun leans forward, "Go home. Take tomorrow off. You need it," His boss whispers. Tyler nods, sniffling and thanking his boss.

Tyler walks out and ignores the red hair he sees while Josh goes to go into his dad's office. 


Tyler gets a text from Mr. Dun the next day to take two days off instead of one. Tyler replies with 'are you sure Sir?' to which his boss replies with an 'of course'. So Tyler is laying in his bed for the rest of the day, having an some cop show play in the background.

Sadly, what Josh had said didn't leave Tyler's mind. He thought maybe that Josh's ice shield around his heart was crumbling, but it wasn't. Tyler was only two weeks into his job, and he shouldn't expect Josh to warm up to him so quick. But if he's being honest, he thinks that Josh shouldn't have been such a big baby over having coffee spilt on him.

Instead of lounging around all day, Tyler decides to get up and make some coffee to wake him up. And it's a nice morning spent in a white shirt and sweatpants until his doorbell rings. Tyler groans and walks to the front door, pulling the chain out and opening the door. 

Josh is standing there with a light smile, and holds up a bag of donuts and a tray holding two coffees. Tyler, who's stunned at the moment, pauses to take all of it in. Josh grunts, "Are you going to let me in, loser?" 

The moment is over when Tyler nods and walks to the side to let Josh in and set the coffee and donuts on the living room table. Then Tyler jogs to the kitchen and turns off his kettle. 

When Tyler plops onto the couch next to Josh, he grabs his coffee and doesn't eat the donuts just yet. Instead, he talks, "Why are you here?" And Josh pauses halfway through chewing a donut, and then continues and swallows it, "How did you even know I live here?"

"Dad told me that you came in looking like a mess yesterday. Decided to visit," Josh shrugs, and mumbles something about having a list of the workers addresses. 

Tyler laughs without humor in his tone, "Are you sure your dad didn't just ask you to come here?"

Josh looks over and sets his coffee down, "Do you really think I'd do something like this because of an order?" He asks. Tyler nods, snickering when Josh actually looks offended, "What if I genuinely wanted to visit, bring donuts and coffee, check up on you?"

"Because that's not you, Joshua!" Tyler yells, "You've spent your time making my own a living hell, just because I spilt coffee on you. Not once did you care about my well being. Not even when you said I couldn't do anything right, and when I was left to cry in a stall because you made me feel like I had failed as an assistant. I have every right to believe that this is an order." 

"Well, Tyler Joseph, have a nice time by yourself," Josh stands up, grabbing his coffee and going to the door. He leaves without even saying goodbye. Tyler doesn't expect the goodbye, he just doesn't believe that Josh would visit him on his own accord. 

Tyler looks at the five donuts left, and he picks them up and throws them away. Throws his coffee away too. It's revenge for the first time that Josh threw away his caramel latte, Tyler tells himself. 

He almost feels regret, but he reminds himself that Josh hates him, just so he won't feel bad. And that Josh was told to visit Tyler. Because that's how Josh is. He's not polite or kind. He's rude and deceitful.


On his last day of vacation, he heads back to his work building. He's not going to Josh or Mr. Dun. He's coming for the receptionist. Tyler's remembered her lunch hours, and he wants to talk to the lady who smiles at him while everyone else frowns at him. 

When Tyler reaches the lady's desk, she takes off her headset and alerts Mr. Dun about her lunch break. She stands up and smiles at Tyler, "Tyler! Aren't you supposed to have today off?" She asks. Tyler nods, "Oh, well, do you want to have lunch with me?"

"Yes, please, um..." Tyler mumbles. 

"Jenna, Jenna Black," She giggles, "Nice to know that we're proper acquaintances now!" Tyler shakes her hand and the two walk out of the building to get something to eat, "So are you feeling any better?" Jenna asks.

"I am, thanks for asking," Tyler smiles, "It was just a bad day."

The two make small talk until they reach the same coffee shop that Tyler's incident happened. They order coffee and sit down at a table by the wall length windows.

"You've had to hang out with Joshua Dun an awful lot. I'm assuming he's the one who made you cry?" Jenna whispers. Tyler sighs and rests his head against his palm, "He used to be so nice until about two years ago. So nice that he made his dad look mean."

"What happened?" Tyler asks, suddenly interested. 

Jenna shrugs, "Don't ask me. No one knows except for Joshua himself," And Tyler nods, looking down and finishing up his coffee while Jenna eats her scone.

Afterwards, the two head back to the building and Jenna goes back behind her desk and smiles at Tyler, "Nice talking to you, Tyler! Check in some other time, yes?" Tyler smiles at her and nods, but looks behind him when Jenna frowns lightly. Josh is just exiting out of the elevator when he spots Tyler, "Have fun," Jenna mumbles.

Josh quickly walks out of the building, and Tyler chases after him, "Joshua! Please wait!" He calls out. Josh doesn't stop walking, and Tyler keeps calling out his name, "I'm sorry!" He says. Josh halts to a stop and turns around, then Tyler crashes into Josh and they hit the wall behind Josh, "I-I, um, I'm sorry-" Tyler sputters.

Josh has a glare on his face even though his cheeks are red. He doesn't shove Tyler away though, "Why are you sorry? I'm the one who should be apologizing, in your books, aren't I?" He mutters.

"No. It was wrong of me to think that you got orders to visit me and you didn't," Tyler says, stepping back to give Josh some space. Josh fixes his shirt and lets a smirk rise on his face.

"But they were orders. I was lying," Tyler's face drops, and Josh snickers, "I wouldn't see you on my own account. That's stupid. Which reminds me," Josh trails off, and picks at the watch around his wrist and takes it off, handing it to Tyler, "Get my watch fixed, sweet cheeks. Was waiting for you to get better to do it but you seem perfectly fine now. Here ya go."

Tyler fumes when Josh happily walks away, closing his hand in on the watch and stuffing it in his pocket. 

It takes Tyler two hours to find a place that actually fixes watches, and when he gets there, they tell him that the watch is perfectly fine. Tyler nods with an angry smile on his face. He snatches the watch back.

He goes back home, grabs a pot from his cupboard and lays the watch on his counter and smashes it with the pot. Tyler's never felt more alive. Smashing watches shouldn't be as entertaining as it is.


When Tyler returns to work the next day, everyone smiles and greets him. Then Josh walks into his office and plants his palms on Tyler's desk. Tyler smiles innocently and clasps his hands.

"Where's my watch?" Josh asks.

Tyler sighs happily, "Well, when I went to the watch shop, after looking for one for two hours by the way, they said your watch was perfectly fine," Josh grins evilly, but it falls when Tyler continues, "Unfortunately, it got smashed to pieces last night, somehow. Dunno how that happened."

Josh leans over and grabs Tyler's tie, pulling it forwards so Tyler is nose to nose with him. Neither are aware of everyone in the office cubicles outside staring at them, "I have had it to here with you," Josh pinches his fingers together in front of Tyler's face, "Tyler Joseph, how dare you cross me like that."

Tyler smirks, "It's just a watch, Joshua Dun. I don't see what the big deal is," Then he gives a fake gasp, "Or maybe it's not about the watch. You just wanted me to be miserable last night, huh?" He asks.

Josh bites his lip, and Tyler restrains himself from looking down at the action. Then Tyler gets pushed back into his computer chair as Josh exits the office. Everyone in the cubicles continue to their work and Tyler stands up to pull down the curtains behind the glass walls for privacy. He hates Josh so much.

Later that day, Tyler finishes his shift and visits Jenna after work. She tells him that the yearly business party is coming around. It's a day for all of the workers from every floor to celebrate for no apparent reason, but it's a day before they get their paychecks so Tyler's not completely turned off to the idea. He tells Jenna that he'll go, and Jenna squeals and hugs him over the counter.


After another week of dealing with Josh being a total jerk to him, Tyler gets ready for the party. It's getting to December now so he throws on a black sweater and his tightest skinny jeans, along with black vans. He doesn't look very festive for the upcoming month, but he'll prefer going as a vampire than a candy cane.

He knows Josh will be there, but it's not a work day so he can't get ordered around. Unless he becomes trash and feels like he can't decline Josh's commands, but so far that hasn't happened. 

Tyler grabs his jacket and walks out of his apartment, and heads to the work building. He wasn't actually informed of which floor they'll be partying on, but he's guessing it'll be his floor since it's where Mr. Dun stays. 

When Tyler arrives, he goes into the elevator and presses the five button. The doors begin to close until an arm pokes through and then red hair is zooming in. Josh smiles until he sees that he's with Tyler. His smile turns into a cringe, and Tyler sighs quietly. They watch the doors close and getting to the fifth floor seems longer than usual now.

Tyler still likes to take small glances at Josh. He dressed decently, better than Tyler. He worse a long sleeved white button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Only half of his tattoo was on view, and he had on black skinny jeans with boots. If Tyler didn't feel an ounce of hate for Josh then he would've been wishing to get pounded into against the elevator walls. 

The elevator finally dinged and the doors opened, and Tyler was right about the party being on this floor because everyone was here. It was very crowded, and Tyler couldn't even see where his office was from there. He had lost Josh too, which wasn't exactly a bad thing for Tyler. Until he realized that he only know three people in the whole building.

So Tyler made his way through the crowd, apologizing to anyone he accidentally bumped into, and before he knew it, he was being pulled over into a group of people. Jenna was smiling at him, and put an arm around him, "Debby, Ashley, this is my friend Tyler! He's the assistant slash intern," She exclaimed.

Debby and Ashley smiled and said hi, and Tyler stuck with those three for a while until he excused himself. He pushed his way through the sea of people and made it to his office door. Luckily the curtains were down so nobody could see inside. 

Tyler opened his door and entered, the music outside being muffled by the glass now. He sighed and fell into his computer chair, spinning lightly with his head leaned back. The lights were off, so it was very dark in his room except for a window that had a view of some other skyscrapers in the city. 

"Boring party, isn't it?" Josh mumbled, entering and quietly closing the door behind him. Tyler was too tired to argue about coming into his office unexpectedly, so he just nodded. 

Josh walked over and sat on Tyler's desk like he usually does. Tyler noticed a few of the top buttons were undone on Josh's shirt, and his breathing increased a bit. Then Josh lifted a leg up so his foot was against the desk with his knee bent. Tyler looked to the side until Josh bent his head to the side and rubbed around his neck that Tyler had a great view of now. 

"After sixteen years, these parties get really boring. It was fun when I was eleven. Everyone paid attention to me then. Then I got tattoos and piercings and they all started to not care," Josh sighed. 

Tyler's eyes widened, "Is that why you started acting out?

Josh looked at him weirdly, "Yeah, I guess?" 

Tyler smiled cockily, tilting his head to the side, "That's why you threw a fit in the park. Because I wasn't paying attention to you properly," And Josh rolled his eyes, Tyler barely being able to see it, "You're needy, huh?"

Josh groans, nodding his head slightly, "So what? You can't blame me."

Tyler shakes his head, standing up and walking over until he's directly in front of Josh, "We actually aren't fighting," He grins. Josh nods and smiles. Josh brings his leg down and Tyler places his hand on both of Josh's thighs. Tyler hears the other's breath hitch, "I just want to know why you hate me so much."

Josh leans forward, pressing their foreheads together, "Because everyone likes you. My dad thinks of you like a second son. I'm beginning to feel like the second son, for that matter," He says quietly, "But it's weird talking about you in a sense of being my brother since I really want to kiss you right now."

Tyler giggles, pressing their noses together, "I swear I never tried to take your spot. I just wanted a job. Even though you made the first few months the worst months of my life," And Josh laughed until Tyler leaned forward and sealed their lips together. 

What started out soft, turned into a rough and heated make out. Josh leaned backwards and shoved all of Tyler's papers off of the desk and laid backwards. Tyler hovered over Josh, and felt Josh's legs hook around his hips. 

They made out for the remainder of the party, against Tyler's desk.


The next day, Tyler gets his paycheck. He thought he was only supposed around a hundred dollars, but his paycheck came up with three hundred. He gasped, pulling out his phone and going to Josh's contact.

I got $300 on my paycheck?? I thought it was supposed to be $100!

Then a little speech bubble came up on the other end and Josh's message came up:

I may have convinced dad to increase your pay specifically ;)

Tyler sends Josh a video of him blowing the camera a kiss.

Then he calls Jenna and squeals with her over the phone.


The next week, it's Tyler's birthday, and when he gets to work, there are balloons and confetti's being shot around the room. Tyler jumps back but laughs once he realizes that they've thrown him a surprise party.

Mr. Dun is at the head of it all and goes to hug Tyler, "Happy birthday, kid! We're glad we have you with us," He says. Tyler smiles and nods thankfully, then hugs Jenna, and deals with everyone else wishing him a happy a birthday. There's someone he wants to see specifically though.

Everyone goes back to their normal seats when Tyler gets to his office. He opens the door and jumps when he sees Josh sitting in the computer chair. Tyler smiles and walks over, sitting in Josh's lap and nuzzles his nose into Josh's neck.

"Happy birthday, Ty," Josh says. 

"Thank you, Josh," Tyler kisses at Josh's neck, and feels Josh's neck tense. He keeps placing the kisses until Josh picks him up and sets him into the chair, "Josh-"

Josh presses his finger to Tyler's mouth, "Today I order you to stay quiet and let me please you," He smirks, and sinks to his knees and under the desk. Tyler throws his head back as Josh presses his palm against Tyler's semi-hard on.

"O-okay," Tyler breathes out when Josh unzips his jeans and reaches into his boxers and pulls out his dick. Josh pumps it a few times before kitten licking the tip.

Tyler whimpers as Josh sucks the tip into his mouth, and swirls his tongue around the top, taking Tyler's dick deeper into his mouth gradually. Tyler threads his fingers through Josh's hair and grabs tightly, breathing and whining heavily.

Then Tyler's door clicks. Mr. Dun is walking through, and Josh is still bobbing his head on Tyler's dick, "M-Mr. Dun! What a-a nice surprise! Why are you h-here?" And Tyler thinks he must look terrible and fucked out, with his face all red and hair sweaty, along with the fact that Josh is gagging quietly around his dick and keeps swirling his tongue around, driving Tyler to the edge. 

"I just wanted to say that you've been one of the best assistants I've ever had, and- are you okay, Tyler?" Mr. Dun asks. 

Tyler chuckles, pulling Josh's hair even tighter as a signal to stop, "Of course! Just a bit hot because of the heating in here!" 

Tyler feels Josh chuckle around him, and his thighs shake from the vibrations. Tyler's mouth shapes into an 'o' as Mr. Dun looks around and nods slowly, being slightly confused.

"Alright... But what I wanted to say is that I'd like to promote you to one of our publicists! I think you'd have a great shot with journalism, is that okay with you?" His boss asks.

Tyler nods quickly, feeling heat pool in his stomach. Josh increases his speed on bobbing his head on Tyler, and Tyler feels ready to come, "That's perfect! I can't wait t-to start, Mr. Dun. Thank y-you!" 

Mr. Dun smiles and says bye and goes back to his office. Once Tyler's door shuts, Tyler releases a loud moan as he comes into Josh's mouth, "Holy shit," Tyler sighed, leaning his head back as Josh zipped his pants back up and sat on Tyler's lap. 

"Congratulations, baby," Josh cheers, and Tyler leans up again to kiss Josh. Josh smiles into the kiss, "Guess you can't be my assistant anymore?" He says when he pulls from the kiss.

Tyler shakes his head, "No way. You're working for me now," Then smiles as he pulls out the business card from his pocket and slips it into Josh's hand, "Buy me a caramel latte. Get something for yourself too, maybe," He smirks.

Josh laughs, nodding and pecking Tyler's lips before leaving.


Two years later when Josh is the head of the company, and Tyler is the main publicist, and Jenna is Tyler's assistant rather than receptionist, Tyler feels pretty glad that he took the job as the cheaply paid assistant who spilt coffee on his future husband on the first day.