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I sat in the extremely crowded cafeteria of XX University, reading my tablet as I ate my lunch. Of course, I don't know why I even bothered reading the news on my device since it consisted of the same type of stories that were being featured for the past month: the recent events revolving around the famous players of Life 2.0, namely the champion of the Battle Tournament, Yi Min, and Prince of Odd Squad. Ever since Infinite City Duel Incident, all the media ever talks about is the whereabouts of the famed warriors as they have not logged in since then. This new face of evil in Life 2.0, that player named Fan from Moon City, also appeared declaring war on Prince and his domain. This new rebellion as well as Prince's lack of presence in the game is tearing the Central Continent apart, almost at the brink of a civil war!

"Excuse me," Said someone, bringing me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see two guys about my age standing in front of my four seat table which I was sitting alone at. One had jet black hair tucked into a baseball cap with glasses that were simply just too large for his face; wearing a hoodie that was equally too much for his thin frame. He was on crutches with his left foot in a cast to the middle of his calf, making him unable to carry a lunch tray that his friend was carrying for him instead. This friend was taller than him, wearing a beanie and black thick-rimmed glasses; generally more normal looking than his black-haired counterpart. "can we sit here? Everywhere else is taken." The black haired guy asked.

"Uh, sure. Don't see any harm in it!" I replied, moving some of my belongings closer to me that I had scattered across the table. They both sat down, with the black haired guy resting his crutches against the table. I glanced over at their lunch trays, curious as to what they had bought. The first one was pretty simple, it had a hamburger, fries and a soda on it since today the school was selling American food. When I looked at the other tray, which was placed in front of the black-haired guy, I nearly did a double take by the sheer quantity. He had at least three hamburgers, two things of fries as well as two slices of pizza as well. He dug in nearly immediately, a hamburger in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other. "A-Are you going to eat all that...?" I couldn't help but ask.

He looked at me inquisitively, tilting his head to the side slightly. "Hmm, yeah. Why? Did you want some? They still have plenty up there!"

"No, no. Just... Just curious." I replied, slightly disturbed. Who could eat that much in one sitting? And stay that thin at that! Does he have a tapeworm or something? I wondered.

I returned back to my tablet to look at more news sites as the two ate, though as to why I don't know. Every now and then I would sigh out loud as I went to another news feed only to find essentially the same stories once again. Is this what all people care about today? Celebrities? I mean I never had anything against either Prince or Yi Min, so I hope nothing bad happened to them, but this is ridiculous. It's been a month now, I'm sure more has happened outside of a pair of glorified gamers deciding to not play a game for a little bit. Apparently my sighs were not unheard when the black haired guy spoke up, "Is something wrong?"

"Hm..." I wasn't quite sure if I could speak so shamelessly about two famous players in front of two strangers. But they're both men, so at best they probably idolize or respect them unlike most of the girls here who squeal or faint at the mere sight of them. I reasoned. "Well, to be honest I'm kind of frustrated with the news feeds lately. It's constantly 'Yi Min this' or 'Prince that', as if they are the two most important beings in the world!"

Oddly, both of them tensed up with the black haired guy looking anxious. "Tch, of course no one cares that Zhi Sano disappeared too..." the taller guy mumbled before his friend elbowed him in the arm.

The black haired guy relaxed a little bit, an expression of empathy on his face. "I completely agree with you! People die every day of wars, disease and famine, yet all they talk about is silly celebrities!" The black haired guy gave a small laugh, "I mean, they don't even know what they're really like in the real world!"

"Yeah, I mean Yi Min may shamelessly take people's snacks!" The taller guy joked, which resulted in a strange death glare from the black haired boy. The taller guy seemed to look over past the black haired guy towards the floor, squinting his eyes a little bit. "Hey, I think you dropped some of your change!"

"Again?" Asked the black haired boy, acting exasperated. "It's these damn pants, I swear. If it wasn't for my stupid cast, I could wear my normal pair..." He mumbled as he leaned down towards the floor to pick up the coins.

"OH MY GAWD IT'S HIM! IT'S REALLY HIM!" A couple of girls suddenly screamed a couple of tables over from us, looking right at the black haired boy. He suddenly shot straight up, his hat completely gone and his glasses in his hand. With the hat and glasses gone, it exposed his messy jaw length hair and a face that could make any man jealous and any woman lose their composure.

"No way, you're..." I mumbled, realizing who was actually sitting at my table now.

"Damn it, Feng Wen! Your hat fell off again! And why did you take your glasses off!?" The taller man griped, ripping off his hat and glasses to quickly stow them away in his backpack.

"Because they would have fallen off as well, Hong Peng!" He replied, his eyes growing larger as he saw the girls quickly getting up. "Hong Peng hurry, you know the plan!" Feng Wen quickly grabbed his crutches as Hong Peng swung his backpack over his shoulder. In one motion Hong Peng scooped Feng Wen into his arms fireman-style, and preceded to make a dash for the exit. Before they had left the cafeteria, I saw Feng Wen wave at me and shout, "Thank you and nice to meet you, by the way!"