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She's your Tamer.

Not "was", as in "once was, but is no longer." She's still your only master. You will only ever bow your head in apology to her. You will only ever kneel in respect to her. Only she can order who and when and where you attack. Even across time and space, your devotion to that girl is ever strong. Even as your mystical leaves tear attackers to shreds, even as your windswept paws carry you vast distances in a heartbeat, you still pine after the human who gave you a home.

Yes, even with how your strength has grown, making you the strongest Child-Level Digimon for such a massive distance around, you miss her. You used to think humans were weak, in every sense of the word. Frail in body, soft in mind, tender in emotion. How ironic that a little slip of a girl with an icy mask could inspire you to push your body to its limits, then break those limits, again, and once again. She lit a fire in your heart with her frigid armor, and it fascinated you watching how those impudent boys melted that shell. For a time, you were certain that it would become your biggest mistake: You'd been raised on the notion that friendship and love invites weakness into one's heart.

Oh, how wrong you were. Whenever her life was in danger, you would stop at nothing to save her. She was, and still completely is, the one thing most precious to you. You found Guilmon and Terriermon good company, still wish you could see the boys again, that girl who was used by the D-Reaper still bothers you - Making you wonder whether she's okay, how she handled losing her second partner - But your Tamer will always sit on the throne of your heart, that one being in all of Creation who you can say you love.

Her strong will, her hot temper, her struggle with accepting losses and setbacks, that tiniest of pouts she gets when her mother isn't able to spend time with her, quickly replaced by a veneer of cool acceptance, that tiniest of smiles she gets when she wakes up on a Sunday at her grandmother's house and it's gently pouring the rain...Everything about her made you complete, and it was only the conviction that you will find a way to see her again that originally made it possible to fight and train. For the sakes of returning to her side, you can and will surpass all obstacles, traverse any limits.

The Digital World has grown tepid - At least, in your area. There are few Digimon left who can hope to challenge you in this arid mountain range. In the peaks where you keep to, a dry, crunchy layer of snow and ice covers everything. Below the perch where you meditate, any fall would promise a painful deletion on the craggy fangs of stone jutting upward. Its silence is perfect for your meditation. But while the quiet here is deep and lasting, a roaring silence that robs breath from those unfamiliar with it and fills them with awe, terror even of the few Digimon who dare to inhabit it, it does not give you peace.

When you lived with your Tamer, there was often silence - But only that superficial silence that humans are acquainted with. From her grandmother's house, you could hear a medley of insects scritch-scratching on the stone and wood outside, the birds and frogs singing, and very far away, children frolicking in nature. In another defeat of your original ideas, such an incomplete silence gave you deep-rooted peace. In the threatening silence of your new "home", where the silence is like throttling chains that enforce their existence without remorse, you can never find true tranquility.

As you descend from the mountainside, you enter a dry, parched, cold scrubland, where in its mysteriously hardy fashion, the grass still thrives on little to no water. High above, the sky still pulses faintly with a huge web of glowing circuits. Nothing at all like the dynamic sky of the human world, constantly changing its colors and patterns with the time of day and the amount of clouds. You remember the first time you were caught in the rain. Your Tamer nearly choked on her food when she saw you glowering out of your wet fur - And promptly burst out laughing when she got a good look at you after drying you off.

You did not, at the time, believe it funny that the Digimon who was to become strongest looked like the French poodles you occasionally saw on the television set in the living room of your Tamer's household. In retrospect, perhaps it couldn't have hurt to actually laugh once in a while. Upon recalling the memory, you wish that your disapproving glance hadn't quieted the girl's laughter so quickly. You don't think you ever saw her laugh again.

This place is too quiet. This place is too parched of ability. Without the humans, the Digimon of this world cannot and will not reach their full potential. And you cannot grow in this place where you don't have any challenging opponents - Besides your comrades, who you cannot bring yourself to fight without holding back at the last minute, and who themselves do the exact same.

You will not cease your pursuit of what you know is right. Humans and Digimon can exist peacefully. Even those who challenge the peace that can be reached will be defeated by those who pursue bonds fiercely enough.

Even if the entire world will change, you will regain your lost paradise.

You are Renamon, and you will soon be returning to Ruki.

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End of Prologue