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Heavy Traffic in the Express Lane

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Eventually, Death stopped bothering to watch.

"He's back! No, he's gone. No he's back! Nope... nope... Back again!"

This new Dispatching Reaper was keen, but highly distractible. That will require adjustment. "Tobias-"

"It was a taco that time!"

Sighing, Death set down his poutine. "You needn't narrate every one of Dean Winchester's myriad brief passings today."

"Not even the cool ones?"

Death pinned Tobias with a stare. "These deaths aren't part of the factual world, and nothing to do with me. It's simply an angel, playing a very dangerous game."

"Oh? What game's that?"

Death picked up his fork and speared a cheesy, dripping fry.

"Motivating a Winchester."

- - -
(that's it)